GMC Acadia DVD CD noises

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I have a factory installed DVD/CD NAV. When the CD/DVD player is not in use. There is a constant noise as if it is trying to play the disc. This happens with or without a CD/DVD in it. The dealership is telling me this is normal. But the noise is distracting.

Any one else have this?

its a 2012 Acadia Denali. This is my 3rd Acadia but my first time with the NAV. Never had in previous vehicles.


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    Congratulations on yoru new Acadia! We hope that aside from this concern with the DVD/CD noise that you are enjyoing your vehicle.

    If you would like for us to check into this with your dealership for you, please contact us via email at [email protected] and we will do so (include your name and contact information, the last 8 of your VIN, and a summary of the concern).

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
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    I recently bought Acadia SLT-2 2009; It is 45000miles done already.

    Untill now I am happy for its drive; but here are some questions...

    1) It has DVD,Navigations... can some body tell me that this vehicle has single DVD slot or it has DVD/CD Changer.. so I can put multiple DVD / CD??? If yes; then how; and where it is......
    If not; then can I purchase it from market and fix it in the CAR while my Factory fitted still in the place...

    2) It seems... it does not have any USB slot.... If yes.. then where I can find it in the Car.... and if not.. then can make it from market with my exisitng DVD/Navi... in place...

    3)IF this car has Bluetooth enabled... Because when I am running the Voice Recognization.... the only voice if coming that "System does not get any voice.. please speak again.." it is have some mic problem or this Vehicle doesn't have any Bluetooth...???

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    Good morning Hussaine,

    For your first and third questions, we would have to get the last 8 digits of your VIN to look at the build of your vehicle. Please send this information to us at [email protected]

    For your second question about the USB slot, my resources show that this was not on the 2009 Acadias. There is an input jack available, though (located on the lower right side of the faceplate). To use an auxiliary input device, connect a 3.5 mm (1/8 inch) cable to the radio’s front auxiliary input jack.

    GM Customer Service
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    Hi Sarah,

    Thanks for your reply.

    I already sent you my VIN at your email ie [email protected]

    Looking forward to get your replay at your earliest.

    Next; well there is no USB slot in this model; but can I install it by any Gadgets....

    and regarding CD/DVD changer... if it is not there in this model; Can I buy any from market which does work fine ????

    Ejaz Hussain
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    My Acadia does not allow the sound to be faded to the back where the people who are actually watching the movie can hear it. If they use the head phones it is fine, but if you have a car load of kids watching and you try to fade the sound to back so you can drive and they can hear it does not work.
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    We recently purchased a 2012 GMC Acadia Denali and I noticed the same noise this morning (..sounds like a CD is trying to scan/play) and I hadn't heard it before. The clock on the navigation screen also has been acting up. I have had to update the time twice in the past day and a half.

    Hope this is not the beginning of a huge problem!

    Any help on this?


  • Schultza0802Schultza0802 Madison, OhioMember Posts: 1
    My 2012 GMC Acadia CD player is making a noise like it’s running but will not accept a disc.  Anyone with info on this and how to resolve this problem?
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