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Just out of curiosity, how many of you have had your power steering motor go out? Anyone have any luck getting GM to pay for the repair?

Mine has just started to go out on my 2008 HHR at 90,000 miles. Right now, the light comes on and I can pull over and restart it and it's fine, but how long will that last? I googled it after it first happened, and that's when I saw that apparently GM knows this is a faulty part but swears it's only an issue on the other cars that have it not the HHR, yet there are hundreds of HHR owners who have posted about their power steering going out AND it was recalled in Canada.

I know at 90,000 miles things are going to go wrong, but I am incensed that I'm expected to pay for a part that GM knows is crap. If the part is bad, they should fix it in any vehicle that has an issue, not just the Cobalts and Pontiacs.


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    My 06 hasn't had any problems with it (147,000 miles on it). Most of the power steering issues I have seen on the HHR are due to frying stuff by improperly jumping a vehicle
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    I have never jumped a vehicle. I just think it's odd that GM would say "Oh, this part is bad in the Cobalt and Ion, but it's fine in the HHR." If it's a bad part; it's a bad part.

    However, on my lunch break my power steering went out four times, but came back on as quickly as I could restart my vehicle, so I am going to have to deal with this whether GM does or not.

    I'm hoping that they won't want to lose a lifetime customer (I've had two Cavaliers and a Sunfire prior to the HHR, not to mention my whole family drives Chevrolets) over an $80 part, but we'll see.
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    Are you thinking about getting this checked into by your dealership? Please keep us posted as we're available to check into anything you may have questions on pertaining to your specific vehicle. We can be reached at [email protected] (include your name, contact information, and the last 8 digits of your VIN with your inquiry).

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
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    I am trying to get ahold of my dealership to have them check it out. I'm guessing since there have been so many problems with the motors that is the issue, but poking around the forums others have suggested fuses and things like that. But it seems like a lot of HHR owners have had similar issues.

    I am just worried because it is getting worse. At lunch today, my power steering went out four times in less than an hour and I didn't make any hard turns. It resets itself when I turn my car off and back on, but that's not really an option when you're on the interstate.

    I don't have my VIN number in front of me, but I will get it for you as soon as I can.
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    After reading around here and seeing folks say that it's an $80 part and there are detailed instructions on how to fix it, I figure that I can convince my friend who's handy with cars to help me.

    So, I call my local dealership to order the part. Holy guacamole, he wants $389.95 for the power steering motor! WTF? No one on here has paid that much for the entire repair, I don't think.

    On the plus side, he was $15 cheaper on the cargo net than anyone else I'd asked.

    However, I thought GM parts had pretty standard prices from dealerships. Needless to say, I think we know where I won't be buying my next car.
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    In again for a price check. The clerk might have just entered the wrong part # or wrote a bad number in it.
    A wrong part # can make a big difference and if the parts department didn't notice, he only gave you the price that he saw on his monitor without revering to the name of the part.
    I once went to a G.M. dealer to buy a "gas cap" and the sales clerk came back with on and told me;"That'll be 89.99$" without realizing what he was saying...that when I ask him to check it over again. That's when he told me that he had made a mistake while entering the part number.
    Instead of 89.99$ it came up to 9.49$. What a difference.
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    Follow up: There is clearly something electrical going on with my car. In addition to the power steering going in and out, the "Service ESC" warning goes on and off and the check engine light is going on and off too (my mechanic that works on my car says there's nothing he can see causing that one). I'm also having issues with the remote starter, but I think that's because those are the absolute biggest piece of garbage General Motors has ever made (yes, including the Nova and the Sunbird).

    Anyhow, I am going to have my friend check all the fuses and if there's nothing amiss there, then I will be sucking it up and paying a dealer to take a look at it.

    I wish I could find a newer one still under warranty and I'd trade this thing in. Unfortunately GM doesn't currently make a car I would drive. Between the end of Pontiac and the end of the HHR, I may have to hoof it when I'm done with this car.
  • lulu76lulu76 Member Posts: 12
    I am taking my car into the dealership tomorrow to have them look to see what codes come up. It is going to be $80 for diagnostics, but my friend who fixes cars says you have to have the dealership look up the codes when all those lights are coming on.

    I am hoping it is an easy fix, but to be honest, I am figuring the dealership will try to rip me off. I have made it clear they are not to do any work without telling me what's wrong and how much it will cost and that I will shop around if I don't like what they say, so perhaps that will help.

    As much as I like GM products, the guys in the repair shops always treat women like idiots. When I was well-connected back in Detroit, I called someone very high up because I was once told I broke my Pontiac with my purse. That didn't go over well.
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    The power steering in my 2009 HHR goes out w/o warning, at various speeds. When it started I contacted my local dealer and Chevy and was led to beleive that this was an unusual occurrence. Since then, I have seen hundreds of complaints, similar to mine, dating back to 2006. The power steering motors in these cars are faukty and dangerous and Chevy knows it. They have already recalled the same ones in Ions, Cobalts, and Malibus and have only failed to recall all of them because they have not yet been made to do so. Hopefully, they will take responsibility for wrecklessly endangering so many trusting consumers and adress this issue before someone gets killled, if it hasn't already happened.
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    Have you ever tried to get this repaired at all? Let us know if we can check into anything for you! We can be reached at [email protected] (include your name and contact information, the last 8 digits of your VIN and mileage, and a summary of the situation).

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
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    Patti, go to the dealership and tell them exactly what you told me, which is what I did. They changed the part and only charged me for a service call, which I felt was fair. I'm sure they just turned it in to GM as a faulty part (since it has been recalled on every other GM vehicle). If you have any trouble, get in touch with the Sarah and the rest of the Chevy Customer Service team. You just have to stand your ground on it, because the first service advisor I talked to acted like I was an idiot but then next thing you know, they are fixing it!
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    I have a 2006 HHR that I purchased last October and have just started having the exact same problem 3 days ago. Not only that but one of my co-workers has a 2008 and she also has had the same problem. It does seem that this is a defect with this vehicle. I am taking mine to a dealer approved shop tomorrow and see what they say. I do think Chevy should make this right, I've seen sooo many complaints about this. Any suggestions from Chevy?? :confuse:
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    I went to the dealer approved shop today and found out that the power steering motor is going. Thankfully its covered by warranty and my dealer has approved the fix and the shop is going to put in the new part tomorrow. Such a dangerous have to be able to control the vehicle. I feel much better now! I hope this helps someone!
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    Hi angelad1,

    Sorry to read that you were experiencing an issue with your vehicle. I'm glad to see that you had the issue resolved on your Chevrolet HHR. Enjoy your weekend.

    Marlea Wilson
    GM Customer Service
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    I purchased my 2008 Chevy HHR from a dealership in KY in February 2013, with around 55K miles on it. Due to the amount of miles I also purchased an extended GM power train warranty. Toward the end of May, I was driving on the hi-way coming off an exit, going between 45-55 miles an hour veering to the right, when the power steering in my car went out. The mileage screen flashed power steering and I could hardly steer my car to get off the exit onto another hi-way. I drove my car home and parked it in the driveway. The next morning I got up and started my car, drove it and it was ok. However, the next day the power steering went out again and has every day since then. In the beginning I would turn my car off, wait 1 to 2 minutes, start my car and it would be fine. Starting last month, the power steering goes off every 2 to 5 minutes regardless if I re-start my car or not.... It does not matter if I am trying to make a turn, or driving down a straight road. I can have the AC on, the AC off and the power steering goes out within 2 minutes of me starting my car. I was told in order for my GM power train warranty to be covered, I had to my car to a Chevy Service station, which I did on 6/27/2013 and was told that the power train warranty did not cover the power steering electric motor. Since the incident I have been researching this issue, and have read that is a VERY common occurrence for the HHR's, but GM has done nothing about it. I have also emailed and spoken with a Chevy complaint person and was also told nothing would be done about it. Seems to me this is a safety issue, of the same kind the Chevy Cobalts were recalled for... Why is nothing being done for the Chevy HHR's with the same issue?
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    Same problem here. 2008, started doing this around 103,000 miles. I have no blown fuses, never did any improper jumps (since people blame these as being the causes.)

    Very annoying, just cuts out randomly. Cycle the vehicles power and it works again... for an undetermined while.

    These cars appear to have crapy electrical systems. A couple of times my temp gauges weren't working, then went back on. And about 5 times or so my A/C blew hot air for a few hours, then got super cold again.
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    I feel your pain. Every repair I've had, I've Googled and hundreds have the same issues. Now its getting dangerous. Drive and loose power steering. Kinda hard to get off of road without it. I called Chevy and they wont take ownership. Told me to take up the issue with the dealer.. These guys aren't going to work for free. I told them its a known issue. Chevy said they don't the recalls unless basically forced to depending on the number of complaints and accidents: "I'm sorry you feel this way, however GM does not issue recalls. Recalls are issued by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) based on information gathered throughout the year regarding vehicle issue's, accidents, etc." (ARE YOU KIDDING ME?) GM, just GOOGLE "CHEVY HHR POWER STEERING" watch the vids and read the complaints. so far expense, $80 just to drive the car in to dealer and $300 for part. After I get the final total Ill pay it, then taking receipt to our local TV NEWS Station in Los Angeles. Now Power Steering and Steering Console issues? The news will have a field day with some of the videos on the web... So yes, Patti, i feel your pain... btw, my HHR is an 09, with 39k on it..
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    Ours started a week ago - same as the others. Warning is displayed, power steering stops, and we have to find a stoplight or get off the road to restart the car. This IS a serious safety concern and I really don't understand how Chevy can deny responsibility for replacement when the same part has been recalled on other vehicles. We have dealt with the known brake rotor problem and just replace as necessary, but that problem does not cause you to lose control of the vehicle - the power steering problem does!
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    I purchased my 2006 HHR brand new and recently turned it over to my Grandson , about 4 weeks ago the power steering went out and as a lot of you have stated it re-set after restarting the engine only to go out in two minutes or less . We had it towed to a Chevrolet dealership and they checked it out , there were 7 or more error codes coming up as they scanned it and the main computer had to be replaced , after that was in the only error was for the Power Steering Motor which also had to be replaced . The cost for these repairs was almost $1,000.00 ! I sent an email to Chevrolet explaining the problem and asking why there has been no recall when the same vehicle was recalled for this motor in Canada and also for the Cobolt here in the USA .
    Their response was a joke ! They did not answer any questions and basically told me that if a recall does happen I can apply for a refund . THANKS CHEVY ! Oh and here is a heads up for all you HHR owners , the dealer also informed me that there could be a problem with the Steering post assembly (a $900.00 repair) , thankfully this was not the case but when we picked up the car I was reminded by the service person that this could occur in future . I translate that as : We know there is an issue here but like the Power Steering Motor we are not going to do anything about it because the would cost us money . Concerning the jump starting someone brought up , why did it not blow the fuse before it fried the motor ? I would not buy another Chevy product after this , no wonder people are going with Toyota , Nissan , etc . , at least they own up to problems and correct them .

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    We have a 2009 HHR and the Power Steering just started going out last night and it is a pain.

  • charliewilcharliewil Member Posts: 2

    I called the local dealership and they haven't even tried to call back. it is Ferman Chevrolet of Tarpon Springs, Florida

  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Member Posts: 4,252

    Hi charliewil,

    I'm sorry to hear that you are having concerns with the power steering in your vehicle. I understand that you have reached out to the dealership and you haven't heard back from them. If you would like, we can reach out to your preferred dealership regarding your concern. Please send us an email to [email protected] with your full contact information, VIN, current mileage, and the name of your preferred dealership if our assistance is needed. We look forward to your reply!

    Kristen A.
    GM Customer Care

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    I have had my 2006 HHR for almost 3 years, right around 100k miles it began to have issues with the power steering, first symptom is a chime, power door locks open automatically and the car speed will drop from whatever it was to around 15 miles per hour. Needless to say super dangerous! After turning car off it goes back to "normal" and then happens again out of no where, the symptoms now include: loss of all electrical communication (odometer, gas and A/C), this happens without notice. Took the car to the local certified Chevrolet dealer, was told that it was a "cluster" so $553.00 later I was handed the keys to my car and with the certification that it was repaired, 2 days later it happens again. Called the dealership was treated so poorly by the Service manager that I was near tears, long story short the dealership sent a wrecker to pick up my car, 4 days later I was told again that they decarbed the car (unauthorized repair) and that it was ready for pick up. When initially driving the car, it felt stronger so I deemed it road safe until my son was almost HIT when it happened again. I went to drop the car off again this morning and the service manager was no where in sight, I had to call for a follow up and was told via voice mail that nothing has been determined to be wrong with the car. I did some research and found an article dated March 2014 where GM recalled HHR 2009/2010 and has replaced some 2006 due to the power steering. I called GM Customer service to report this finding since I have an open case with no call back as of yet. I also requested a loaner car and was informed that none were available at the time....of course. I would really like another dealership to look at the car since I feel like I am getting the run around at this particular one, this is horrible. no word on the refund either .....
    Extremely unsatisfied loyal American Car consumer

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    This doesn't sound to me like a power steering problem but rather an electrical situation that is affecting multiple things. The electronics in vehicle can be very sensitive to changes to power supply (low voltage type of thing). I think I would be looking at a battery that is showing its age, or battery cable connection issue, or problem with charging system (perhaps intermitent which might explain why symptoms com and go).

  • nicoleh70nicoleh70 Member Posts: 2
    To follow up on my concern dated August 2014 - the part that was repaired on the car was in fact the transmission control module that directly affected the car - after 3 months of not having a car and a series of excuses and almost $600 out of pocket and endless rides or having to car pool because no loaner was available we received a letter from GM/Chevy in January 2015 that there was a discretionary recall and now they are calling to tell me that the expense incurred which was totally unnecessary will not result in any reimbursement - I ONLY buy American to keep my money in this county and still get treated so poorly - I hate to deal with them (GM/Chevy) they are so rude, condescending and disrespectful- I guess this is standard because it is the same treatment I got directly at the dealership!
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    Where to start! About six months after I purchased my 2006 HHR with approximately 85K miles on it, I came out of work and started my car and heard a dinging sound. Next my power steering light came on. Next my check engine light came on. Then, my power steering malfunctioned. There was a loud clicking noise that came from behind the glove box area. When this happens the car drives in a jerking movement or reduces power and the speedometer rapidly fluctuates. Sometimes stopping it and restarting it will resolve the issue. The first time I took it too the dealership they kept it for 3 days but could not duplicate the issue. I was told to bring it back while the problem existed. The first time I took it back the dealership replaced the power steering module. I also received a notification that I would be reimbursed for the deductible. The week that I received my reimbursement check, the problem occurred again. This time the dealership replaced some sensors. 3 weeks ago the light popped on again and I took it in. They could not work on the car that day but ran a code check which this time stated there was a transmission problem. The light went off and it drove perfectly. 3 days ago, all of the above issues reappeared and remain. I took it back to the dealership this morning but do not think that even they know what the real problem is. Help!!!1
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    Just last week, I had my 2007 Chev HHR power steering light come on. Yes very hard to turn the wheel but I learned to drive on a car without it years ago. We were able to get it home and got into dealer today. They just called and they are covering the repair of it under recall policy. I checked prior to taking it in and thought it would not be covered. The recall was for newer models. If you have this issue, take to your local dealer to see if you will get the same. They also found some other things wrong which we already knew about from a prior visit. The estimate when I called prior to visit was $130 for part and $125 for labor. In turning ignition on and off the power steering message never went away like other people have posted.
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