My First MDX (almost). Need advice before buying: 2009 MDX Tech/Ent 60kM

homerrulezhomerrulez Member Posts: 67
The Acura MDX is an 09 with 60K miles on it and has Tech and Ent pkg factory installed. Have not inspected the car as its 600 miles away at a dealership but would this be a good price if the car is in excellent condition?

Tax would be another 6% and fees are $398 Doc Fee, another $95 Fee I forgot what it is, plus $400 for the registration (not sure why thats the case when ml350 msrp was 50K and 1 year registration here in MI was $155).

Now the care isnt certified and even though the dealership also has an acura dealership they franchise with a few miles away, they wouldnt offer me acura care. They said I would have to purchase it myself here in MI and that the cost would be $1800 for 2 years of acura care bumper to bumper warranty (same warranty you get when buying acura mdx new) plus $100 deduct.

Any of that true? and Also, the warranty seems high for just 2 years. Ive seen 5 year warranties in the 3k range with other companies.

Thanks again for all your help in my earlier thread. Hopefully this Vehicle will be my last purchase for a couple more years.


  • seaclusionseaclusion Member Posts: 22
    Purchased 2009 w 27K about a year ago. It was certified and warrantied. 2010 has a 6 speed tranny vs 5 sp for 2009. Problems have been rectified by dealer. 1 major problem is a dead battery issue that appears to be my vehicle only.Has been resolved. Check factory recalls re transmission torque converter and stiff steering issue. Both were completed by dealer.Ask dealer if these have been addressed. The torque converter and steering issue have been factory warranted for 108K miles
    Read somewhere that front end for all of this model have caused some problems. Have experienced some shaking requiring revisits to the tire dealer. Solved.
    Otherwise enjoy it. I have tech package
  • homerrulezhomerrulez Member Posts: 67
    I found out that I am NOT eligible for Acura Care warranty (due to vehicle not being CPO and having more than 50K miles on it) so I am stuck trying to buy a warranty from a third party. Any 3rd party warranty that is recommended? Ive had bad experiences with cars (both brand new and used) and would prefer repairs to be done free of charge. Something that is bumper to bumper warranty (except for wear and tear items like brakes, tires and stuff).
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    If I couldn't get an Acura backed warranty, I'd shop a different MDX.
  • homerrulezhomerrulez Member Posts: 67
    thats exactly what I am doing

    however, since the car is in tip top shape (had an inspection done which included drivetrain/powertrain etc...) and it came out excellent

    with that said, how would I be able to get an acura dealership to certify this car? How much would it cost?
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    edited January 2013
    If you get TMV for an MDX, the last figure will be a CPO one. For my zip code, the price difference is another $2.000 for the certification.
  • seaclusionseaclusion Member Posts: 22
    Ditto on Acura backed warranty. They can be very finicky (Ive had 2) and having the dealer and Acura is very important.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 210,422
    If I couldn't get an Acura backed warranty, I'd shop a different MDX.

    Or, if it's the car you want at the right price..... just go without an extended warranty...

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