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2006 Hyundai Azera Windshield Wiper Problem

I have a 2006 Azera Limited. The windsheild wipers worked one day and not the next. No warning that something was going bad. I get washer fluid when I pull back on the control arm (off steering wheel) but the wipers do not engage at any speed. No movement at all. No griding. slipping, binding to suggest something has detached is or beginning to fail . . . just no response.

I checked the 25A "WIPER" fuse in the interior fuse panel and it is OK.

I am not sure where the wiper motor is located as it is not easily seen in the engine compartment. Next logical step would be to probe out connector to wiper motor and verify wiper control switch is working properly. Is wiper motor under the plastic exterior vent cover on the windshield or is it accessed somewhere inside vehicle (e.g. behind glove box)? Any recommendations on how to debug/solve/repair?



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