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Entertainment System on 2013 Ford Fusion Titanium

bg815bg815 Posts: 2
I purchased a new 2013 Ford Fusion Titanium at the end of January, 2013, and am having problems with my Entertainment System. The system doesn't sync or read all of the music on my iPod. It shows individual songs, albums, but it does not show or read my playlists that I have set up on the iPod. Whenever I try to manually retrieve my Playlists from my iPod, it either tries to index the Playlists (but never really does) or it gives me a "failed" message. And when I try to use voice commands to access the music in any form, it gives me a failed message. People at my dealership think it is something wrong with my iPod but I've never had a problem with it before, or now. Prior to purchasing the 2013 Fusion, I had a 2010 Fusion Sport and my iPod worked great in that car. Its as if Ford's technology changed between the 2010 and 2013 cars and now my iPod for some reason doesn't work properly. And while I don't think it has anything to do with it, the 2010 Fusion did have a hard drive in it, but I never uploaded any music from my iPod to that hard drive.

Has anyone experienced anything like this when going from an older model Fusion to the 2013 model? Does any one have any other suggestions? I would appreciate any advice anyone could provide. Thanks-Ballard


  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,040
    It did change. MyFordTouch has had a lot of problems. First - go to and make sure you're on 3.5.1. If not follow the instructions to do the upgrade yourself or take it to the dealer. If that doesn't fix it try a Master Reset. If that doesn't fix it remove the negative battery cable for a few minutes to reset everything. Try running syncmyitunes (from to fix all of your entries for better voice recognition.

    If none of that works your APIM may be bad. The dealer should be able to replace it.
  • bg815bg815 Posts: 2
    Thanks for the information, I will certainly follow up on your suggestions. But I don't know what an APIM is. So that I don't miss any chance to get my situation corrected, can you explain APIM? And thanks again for your help.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,040
    It's just the controller for sync. Just mention to the service writer that you think you may need a new APIM (although that shouldn't be necessary).
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