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Ford Focus Recalls and TSBs



  • fgaydosfgaydos Posts: 319
    Had an awful thing happen. While parking the ZX3 after a hard run the throttle went nuts without my foot on the gas. I had to stomp on the brake to keep from crashing into other parked cars.
    Something happened as the tranny is broken now, at least I cannot get it over 40 and the light came on. Nursed it back home but needs to go into the shop in the morning. Looked under the car and saw a belt or loop hanging down...
  • reallybobreallybob Posts: 29
    Hi gang,

    Last October I bought a new 2001 Focus sedan. Shortly after the purchase I began smelling burning oil or rubber, the odor especially noticeable in stop and go traffic, or after climbing a hill and stopping.

    I took the car, (a beautiful Infra-Red LX) to the dealership with that complaint. After a brief inspection the mechanic found that the "right inner axle seal" had been leaking. After waiting for about 24 hours I was called and told that a new seal had been received and that I could bring the car in for the repair. I did. A week later I brought the car back to the dealership with the same complaint of a strong burning odor. I was told by the mechanic that the replaced seal was defective so he would have to replace it. About 5 days later the dealership received the new seal and while installing it found that the oil pan gasket was leaking, so had to order a new gasket.

    About a week later they replaced that gasket. I noticed shortly after taking the car off the dealerships lot that the smell was still very obvious. I decided to give the car a week to burn off any residue... after that week ended I returned the car to the dealership, again with the same complaint. This time the mechanic found that the "main seal" between the engine and transmission was leaking. After about a week a replacement seal was delivered to the dealership. This time they had to keep the car overnight, giving me a loaner car to drive.

    To make this already long story shorter, I returned the car again with that same old complaint. Doing some research the dealership was able to locate SOMEWHERE that there had been a recent "campaign" put out on this model of the Focus recommending the installation of some kind of filter into the A/C heating ventilation system of the car as the intake (apparently) draws air from the engine compartment.

    While waiting for this filter to be delivered to the dealership I was driving the car in heavy stop and go traffic in Seattle. While stopped at an intersection I noticed a gray smoke coming from the engine compartment of my car. The first time I'd seen smoke. I mentioned this to the dealership when I delivered the car to them for the installation of the filter.

    They installed the filter and steam cleaned the engine. I notice the smell, still, though it's not as obvious. If the smell continues into the coming week I will once again return the car to the dealership with that same old complaint hoping that they'll FINALLY find a solution.

    Anyone else out there having this problem? The burning eyes, coughing and nausea is getting to me!

    Sorry for the rambling,
  • reallybobreallybob Posts: 29
    BTW: The mechanic also tightened the exhaust manifold bolts when he installed the filter.

  • jayguyjayguy Posts: 6
    Anybody hear about some new Focus Recalls coming? A friend said he heard something about a few more recalls, one having to do with wheel bearings and one having to do with a premature deployment of air bags due to a short in the fuse box when the rear wiper is used. Anybody else hear about these?
  • cori56cori56 Posts: 1
    I was all set to buy a 2000 Ford Focus this weekend when a friend of mine sent me some very disturbing information regarding recalls on the 2000-2001 Models. Imagine my surprise when I confronted the salesman about this information & he said that he was not aware of any of these problems. Right! In any event,the recalls that I was warned about are problems with the rear wheel bearings, deploying airbags during a very slight crash or no crash at all, airbags exploding causing some drivers to have been burned, problems with the speed control causing excessive acceleration which could result in a crash,& engine fires. Needless to say,I won't be buying a Ford Focus!
  • khtkht Posts: 13
    Had the fuel pump replaced at 30K, then it started to go at 54K on my 2001 ZX3. The dealership located a TSB for the exact same symptoms I was having (almost to the letter) and quickly replaced it, this was the first of this sort of problem they had seen. After not being able to reproduce the problem during a quick test drive the tech compared my car's repair to the current list of TSBs.

    the problem: The car would abruptly lose power (and begin to decel) while accelerating around sweeping high speed curves, usually while trying to merge with freeway traffic. It only happened while there was less than half a tank of gas in the car.

    The dealership said that it was a recent TSB and the problem reoccurred because my original fuel pump was replaced with the exact same flawed model. So everything seems to be working great, the slight general loss in power is gone, but now I am getting a few mpg more to average about 32 in mixed driving not a bad side effect though I am curious as to the cause. So I guess I have to wait another 30K to be confident this has fixed the problem.

    Also I was starting to hate my car when the fuel pump problem reappeared, but this new dealership changed that. They have hours until midnight Monday through Saturday and are open Sunday. They offer a free shuttle service or a free loaner (all taurus SES's). They also noticed, on a previous visit, that my car was due for an upcoming recall and took care of it while it was in for an oil change. My car even when it is in the shop won't take time out of my life, though hopefully this is the second and last unscheduled visit.
  • chrisvachrisva Posts: 1
    Re #36 The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) hasn't actually issued a recall yet for the four items you mentioned (inadvertent air bag deployment, burns from air bag deployments, engine compartment fires and the fourth is actually rear wheel bearing failures that can cause the rear wheel to fall off) they have taken the first official step to a recall by opening an investigation. See I was one of the "lucky" Focus owners who had an inadvertent air bag deployment on a 1 month old 2001 Ford Focus! Although Ford insisted we had to have hit something, there was ABSOLUTELY no crash impact, no body damage, no compression of the front bumper springs, nothing! Ford has tried to deny the issue and refuses to have the car fixed. My insurance adjuster as well as the dealer themselves all agree that there is no evidence of any impact. Based on that, I submitted a complaint to NHTSA and they have opened an investigation. It may take 6 more months to get to an official recall, or Ford could decide to recall/repair this problem themselves. This is a real shame as we loved the Focus while it was driveable. It still hasn't been fixed after several months (though my insurance would take care of it) because I refuse to have it fixed with the same potentially defective sensor module that could go off again. Our air bags deployed due to a fast stop going 35 mph. I can't imagine what kind of serious injury could occur if the air bags deployed during a panic stop at 60 mph!
  • jams1526jams1526 Posts: 1
    Hi, I have a fleet of Ford Focus'. 8-2000 and 18-2001. Last summer when it got warm in the spring all the fuel pumps died. No power,starving for gas, etc... Well now it is spring again and so far this year I am on number 10. Last year Ford paid for all of them. This year Ford does not want to pay for any Lets see how many go down the next couple of days!?! Then to add insult to injury another dealers call me today and said my 2002's are in...Bummer. We could also get into wheel bearings, igination switches, headlight sockets, or many others. Be careful on hot days, early to mid afternoon, half a tank of gas. maybe 100 miles. Keep it out of overdrive, keep the tank full. If you let it sit for a wiil start again
  • Well, actually, I had to.
    I drove to Florida from NY with my Dodge Avenger to look for job opportunities and the Avenger died. So, I bought a Ford Escape, only to lose my job up north and make paying for the Escape impossible. So, lucky enough, the dealership allowed me to trade out into a Ford Focus.
    Its a great looking car. Only 14,000 miles, still has mftr warranty left, and it seems to drive well.
    But, I didn't know anything about the recalls associated with them.
    So my concerns are...
    -How many recalls were made for the 2001 Focus?
    -How can I find out if any recalls were serviced on my vehicle?
    -And, can I have the car serviced for the recalls even though I don't have in my possession any recall notices?

    Thank you!
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    You can check the listed recalls via this page.

    Since you bought this vehicle from a dealer, I would think that they would have taken care of any current recalls before selling it. After checking the NHTSA site, ask the dealership if they did the recall service. Any future recall notices should be sent to your current home address.

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  • I purchased my 2002 Focus LX on 8 May 2002. So far I have had to replace a driver's side rear wheel bearing, a power steering pump seal, 2 front end alignments and now I have a very bad vibration and clunking noise coming from the passenger side wheel. This vibration only comes at speeds between 70-80MPH. At 69mph, no vibration, at 82mph, no vibratioh. This is very annoying causing me to speed excessively on the freeway to keep it from shaking. A very loud "clunk" noise also comes from the passenger side wheel well area when I drive over a bump or small pothole. I haven't ran it through any severe pot-holes nor any serious bumps. This started as a very quiet clunk which I brushed off as the suspension making noise compensating for the bump but now it has progressed to this much louder and very noticible noise. You can even hear it with the window down and radio up. I have also noticed that it will shift very harshly when approaching 55MPH. This only occurs when you are slowing to a red light which will turn green and you accelerate back to speed. As soon as it passes 50 it lurches into a higher gear causing the engine to scream for a second or two and lurch forward then kick back down and this is without depressing the accelerator harshly. I am very concerned about the reliability of this vehicle. I really love the car overall. Great stereo, looks and awesome mileage, but if maintenece issues are going to be come common place, I may indeed trade it in soon. I have it leased for the next 3 years so I may try and get out of it if this become a problem. Has this happened to anyone else? Does anyone have any possible thoughts of what may be causing this? Any information will be greatly appreciated. I will be taking it into the dealer this week but I would like some background information (if there is any) before I take it in. Thanks.


    If this helps anything, it has a little over 17,500 miles on it, mostly highway. On the freeway I cruise anywhere between 75 and 80.

  • I also had this loud clunking noise when hitting a small indentation in the road with my '00 ZX3 which I was very happy to finally get rid of after all the problems.
    The prospect of having my fuel pump go at 'ANY TIME' was too much for my nerves.
    That's why I traded in for a new Hyundai Elantra GT. The best move I ever made, I love the car.
  • I got my Focus fixed today, hopefully. :)

    On the receipt it states:
    "Customer says that there is a burning odor in the car, also sees soot under hood on the hood separator. SERVICE BULLETIN NUMBER 14846 applies for burning odor from oil seepage at cylinder head exhaust manifold bolts. Performed above repair, OK now."

    See ya 'round,
  • Today I picked a paper up off my floor only to notice it's all wet. It doesn't appear to be from the roof or windows, it's coming from the floor and it is soaking wet. Did anyone else have this problem?
  • vadpvadp Posts: 1,025
    since it's not a safety related problem.
    Relatively common problem. There is at least one TSB issued for that trouble.
  • All of these recalls, yet not one has applied to my car.

    That's not to say my car has been "trouble-free":
    1. The left headlight and right fog light had to be replaced due to excessive condensation, all under warranty.
    2. The horn quit working, for reasons unknown, but was replaced under warranty.
    3. The engine serpentine belt squeals loudly, but all the dealer seems to want to do is squirt it with belt dressing, even after I've complained and asked for a new belt to be installed. Typical Ford service?
    4. The rear brakes squeal loudly, and are getting so loud that it's embarrassing to drive. The car has only 33000 miles on it. The brakes can't already be bad. Can they?
    5. There are numerous squeaks and rattles inside the car.

    Am I the only one with the brake squeal, belt squeal and horn failure problems?
  • I have noisy brakes also. Dealer claims this is normal. I have to disagree.
  • I also have the exact same clunking noise that you are experiencing. I have had it since the car had 500 miles on it - now I have 36800. I've had it into the dealership 4 times but they claim they can not reproduce the noise. They did find that my steering linkages were excessivly worn at about 24000 miles, and replaced those, but it did not improve the noise. I find that it is worse in wet weather. I work in the auto industry, so I know how rediculous this sounds. Basically, since I've had it so long and had so many DIFFERENT people (read: Ford and non Ford service) look at it, I'm pretty confident that it's not going to cause a catastrophic failure. That doesn't make it any less annoying. I just go over driveways and speed bumps slowly, and grin'n'bear it when it happens in regular driving. I see it like this - it's a Ford. There's a reason people made things up like "Found On Roadside Dead" etc. Lesson Learned: Don't buy another one.
    P.S. Your vibration sounds like a classic balancing problem or possibly a bent wheel.
  • class3class3 Posts: 14
    My Wife has a 200 ZTS that we've owned since new in November 99.We currently have 57K on the car. Since new, we've had a new tranny at 27K, 4 sets of wheel bearings done. We're now on our second set of diagonally cupped tires <the fealer doesn't see anything wrong with this and insists it's alignment> We rotate the tire every 5K and had it aligned several times. Our complete gage clster has been replaced recently due to tach, spedo, and all gages "pinning" uopn startup. NOW, the rear driver's side door won't close, and when it does, it will open with little pressure on it. My 12 yr old son almost fell out of the car at 40 MPH.. NOW.. the best part, FORD has a LONG history on this "Car", and with this history, they insist it's NOT A LEMON. I've called the NH Attny Gen's office and found that I can't doe anything about it, since i've gone over my 3/36 warrenty. FORD cleverly put us off for a long time so that we'd go over the warrenty and had to keep the car.. I've had the car to the dealer twice about the door, and to my surprise,, they "Can't duplicate the problem" and won't repair the drfective door. Therefore, I took a video of the problem and had it witnessed <as I'm a P I that does video for a law Firm> and the dealer now says that HIS people have to "Duplicate the proble" in order to fix it. I sure hope that Ford has a deep pocket, in case my kid, or any passneger in the car, gets injured from this.. ANY Help would be appreciated!!
  • fdthirdfdthird Posts: 352
    My son had a problem a couple of months ago with the right rear door. When you closed it the lock would not engage. He was in California at the time and a local Ford Dealer diagnosed it as a faulty power lock cylinder and replaced it under warranty. His just stopped working so it was easy to diagnose, I guess. His car has been pretty much trouble free in 2+ years and 38,000 miles.
  • class3class3 Posts: 14
    I just returned from my "Freindly Ford Dealer" and now have their complete attention. I arrived at the dealer this mid morning, armed with my trusty video camera, to which I asked to speak with the Service manager. I then proceeded to show him my version of the problem door, INCLUDING how at 45 MPH my son asked my wife to "open the door. She then pushed on the door with ONE hand, and PRESTO, the opened < I have power door locks and childproof doors enabled> I wish all of you could see the look of surprise on their faces when the tape rolled. They asked me for the tape, so they could "show the regional Rep" and I tackfully declined. I iwas immediatly setup with an appointment and appology of why they "couldn't duplicate the problem" The dealer then called the Tech over to view the video as well. I think I have their attemtion and as they say "one picture is worth a thousand words. I had them speachless. If any of you have similar troubles with your cars, I'd just "roll the tape" and watch what happens.
  • On my 2001 Ford Focus,
    I went through 3 sets of tires (all because front left wore out), front brakes 8 sets of fronts all done by dealership because left side wore out(dealership would not replace calipers because they were not sure, they claimed it could have been abs sensor but could not verify(problem that I don't have abs)), one fuel pump, both coil springs broke (causing the front end of the car to drop to the ground, could have caused a serious accident), I can not keep all the light bulbs lite(every time I change one, another burns out the next day)

    The dealership will not help. Ford won't help. I hate this car. I will not buy another Ford again
  • fdthirdfdthird Posts: 352
    Must be bad karma or something.
  • My 2000 ford focus zx3 door locks recently stoped working and now the passager side door won't open at all from the inside or out.I checked the fuses and they seem to be fine,and also the hatch you can't get into it because the inside button doesn't work and the key won't open it either.Thats not a big deal to me but I was wondering if anyone knew if the passager door was a recall or if they know of anything i could do to fix it because when I called ford about it they said they couldn't tell me anything on the phone,but if I could bring it in they could maybe fix the problem.
  • What was the problem with the burning odor in the car? I just bought a 2001 ZX3 and I smelled the burning odor. And took it to the ford dealer and they said they could not duplicate it. Please email me with the answer at Thanks!
  • taraotarao Posts: 2
    my 2001 focus runs most of the time but on some occations I will drive it park it be gone for 5 or 10 min come back and it will act like its going to start and then die. If I keep my foot on the gas it will run but when I let off it dies. When it dose this if I let it sit for half an hour or so it will start up again. Has anyone else had a similar problem and if so what was the problem because I dont know and Ford couldnt find anything. Please Help.
  • creakid1creakid1 Posts: 2,032
    My ST has this problem, & it's nauseating. At first I thought it was just the new-car smell, but it's still not going away after several months.

    Anyone has the same problem?
  • lostlost Posts: 64
    I have two 05 zx4 ses and i noticed the one with the gray interior smells different then the beige one. the gray interior had the odor that you described , but it has started to fade after two months and now its not bad.
  • This has to be your fuel pump... I also have a 2001 Ford Focus and originally had this problem. It mostly happend to me in the dead heat or in the middle of winter. I had taken it to my regular mechanic and he replaced the fuel filter. It then happend again a few days later. It would start but only would move an inch to stop and I would start the car again, only for it to happen again. This was when I realised I received something in the mail about they would start looking into recalling the fuel pump soon and if I had these symptoms, then they read off the symptoms, to take it to your nearest ford dealer. So...if you haven't had this replaced yet. i would say that you need to tell your Ford Dealer, that you need the recall fuel module completed...I hope this helps.
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