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Ford Focus Recalls and TSBs



  • Ok, at least I know that I'm not alone. I own a '00 Focus SE Sedan. I purchased it with 26 miles. To this date, here are the things that have gone wrong.

    Replaced ignition twice (once under warranty) 3 yrs apart
    Front coil spring broke (yesterday)
    Rear wheel cylinder just went as well
    Brakes and tires replaced every 18 months

    I too feel that there should be something done to compensate us for the problems. I like my car, but can't afford the repairs. I just put out over $1000 to get my car to pass inspection. That's ridiculous for a car that's not that old.

    I'm with anyone who would like to pursue this.
  • cpgdancpgdan Posts: 1
    I also had the ignition lock up..and I also feel you should fix (not replace) it and keep the car. I have had my zx3 for 6 years and 90k miles. I won't say problem free, but very low cost of ownership in general. I had a local locksmith rebuild my ignition tumblers for $80 (and that was a house call). That was 3 years ago and not a problem since (with orignal key). Only other issue was rear wheel bearing last winter (there is plenty of warning before they go...several hundred will hear it). I have been getting 45k+ miles per set of tires and 50k+ for breaks. Clutch take-up is not showroom smooth, but no slipping after 90k miles.
  • mu681137mu681137 Posts: 1
    Awwww.....I have replaced 3 ignitions to 2 seperate cars. 2000 and 2003 Focus. The 2000 was replaced in Atlanta, GA by a guy named Cowboy, he guarantees the ignition for the life of the car. Cost about $300, including an extra key. The 2003 was done twice in Houston, TX...first time at the dealer which lasted about 6 months and second time with an individual who replaces them for a living....well, that one is going bad too. Taking the 2003 to Atlanta, GA for Cowboy to fix right! Everyone that I know that has a Focus has replaced their ignitions too. I complained to Ford, they said the same thing....I laughed at them and sent them my bills. But Ford keeps offering me "specials" to buy another Ford......NOT me! I'm buying Honda instead. Have one and getting another one soon.
  • I have a 2003 wagon (I guess that makes no dif) when an ignition switch you get any warning..or does it not work and leave one stranded? I guess there is no mileage est to failure, is there? TIA
  • Since several of you are having so many problems with your foci, I hope maybe someone can help me. I have only had the fuel pump problem a year ago that was covered with the recall until now. I have a 2000 ZX3 with an automatic on the floor. About half of the time that I go to shift out of park the button will not depress to go into gear. I realized after a bit of poking around that there is a "just in case" slot I can poke a screwdriver in to engage it, but it gets aggravating looking like I am rigging my car to drive each time! Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • creakid1creakid1 Posts: 2,032
    "the 'mazda' engine is the 2.3 liter version. the other engine size is 2.0 liters. easiest thing to do is check the owner's manual. the engines do look different."

    That's right! The Mazda-engineered Duratec 2.0 didn't come out until the '05 model year. So if the '03 Focus has 2.0, then it's the problematic Zetec.
  • I have a 2003 ztw with the Zetec engine..what are the usual problems and at what mileage do they start to occur? My car has only 15k miles..TIA
  • What did Ford do when u sent them your bills? Anything?? I am a young student and have had to fork out student loan money for 2 ignitions now getting kinda upset!!
  • ABSOLUTELY!!! i cannot afford to keep replacing these had my car for only three years and already put two new ignitions in it.
  • I have a 1992 Ford Escort (which I love) and am about to replace because of rust. A couple of times, I would put the key in the ignition, and the key wouldn't turn. A mechanic told me to just jiggle the steering wheel a bit and then try the key. This has worked for me on the few occasions that the steering column essentially locked up.

    Also, I noticed that the ignition "keyhole" gets kind of dry. (My brother broke the key forcing it once.) My mechanic told me to squirt some WD-40 in there once in a while. I've been okay ever since. But this is the only car that I've ever owned that's needed this.

    I am thinking that this ignition problem has been around for a very, very long time and that Ford has not fixed it yet!
  • snubsnub Posts: 4
    I have a SE 4 door (ZX4) and have just come across this similar problem today, last night my car was fine, this morning, I couldnt get the key in the ignition, I "co-erced" it in a bit, and got it in, though sticky/tricky, and the thing is locked up, steering and all.
    I had no warning about this prior that something was fatiguing or wearing down. I called the dealer and they said this happens a bit with all foci, "however",the rep said, "at this time it is not considered a recall?"... Crap!. they estimated about $300 inc labour for the fix to the "tumblers" I think it is?
  • snubsnub Posts: 4
    Well, alternative to taking the car to the Dealer to get fixed, I called in a Locksmith here in town (Edmonton, Alberta). They fixed the problem by drilling out the old and re-installing a replacement(after about 2 hours of work) for $200 CDN, PLus they guarantee their work and are with the BBB (Dial Locksmiths of Edmonton). New Key was not needed. They say they do 2-3 foci a week with the same problem. Better prices than the dealer and no tow fees!. I wouldnt pay ford to do it anyway!...As soon as I find out whom to write to, I'll be writing a letter to Ford.

    BTW, my car is a 2000/yr model and has 65000 K's
  • snubsnub Posts: 4
    This is my letter to ford...

    Yesterday, My vehicles ignition locked up without warning. The Dealership quoted me $300 for repair and that "they see this mechanical failure happen with the FOCUS alot, yet, it is not a recall item or TSB". I have researched this complaint and have come across a multitude of similar or exactly the same complaints all over North America. "Forums Galore" to coin a pun.

    I spoke with several dealers and locksmiths which led me to conclude that the failed cylinders resulted from a substandard manufactured cylinder which rapidly deteriorates with use and eventually fractures and jams.

    Ford apparantly is well aware that these fragile cylinders are made of substandard materials and are breaking and jamming at an alarming rate.

    I Had no option but to get this fixed (by a locksmith, smaller estimate cost than Dealership, whom does 3-4 of the same fixes p/week on focus/s). I do not believe this is a cost that should be absorbed by the consumer, as I have also found out that MANY owners have had to have the repair done more than once, sometimes at the dealer and sometimes with a Locksmith. The cost for my repair was $197 + GST. I would expect Ford to re-imburse me for this amount upon submission of reciept. Please forward me the correct address to whom I may send the Bill.

    I have tolerated the MANY numerous recalls and defects regarding the FOCUS's quality and safety control issues,including having to replace the over-sensitive airbags, windshield in a 5 KM hit, however, this most recent incident, if not attended to By Ford in a Forthcoming manner, will be the one that forces me to cease purchasing Ford Product in the future (I have been a loyal ford customer for close to 20 years).


    Simon R Jones
    Edmonton, Alberta
  • snubsnub Posts: 4
    PLease ensure that if you have had this ignition problem at all, go to the following link and sign the petition for Ford to do something about it!

    Ford Ignition Petition
  • destrianadestriana Posts: 8
    I also have been having rear brake squealling noises. Started @ 33,000 miles now have 43,000 miles. It has been at the dealership 3 times for replacement of brake parts, pads, etc. Was told there is a TSB out on this issue. Just left the dealer approximately 2 weeks ago and the braking squealling is back again. The dealer told me it might come back again...Don't know what to do, still owe another 2 years on it. Any ideas of how to fix the brake issue?
  • destrianadestriana Posts: 8
    Have been having this problem since 33,000 miles. Now have 43,000 miles. Have had it in the dealership 3 times and had the brakes pads, shoes all upgraded with the TSB from Ford. The last visit they even attached some kind of magnets to the brake area and told me that the squealling may come back and it did. Soooo sick of it and it is very annoying coming to a stop to hear that noise. Still owe on this car, any advice on how to fix this problem? Thank You
  • maepmaep Posts: 2
    I started having problems with my ignition sticking and not being able to turn the key a few months ago. On May 31st I parked my car at my daughters house and tried for a whole day to get the key to turn and it wouldn't. I called 2 different Ford Dealers in Edmonton, 1 where I bought it and another closer to where the car was. Where I bought the car I was quoted $300-500 for the repair (plus towing it there would have probably cost another $150). The closer dealer quoted me $400-700. This particular dealer's service department was very rude to me when I asked them how come the price difference and if they would arrange the towing to which they said no. They would not give me a timeline to when the car would be fixed! I was also moving and my boss came out to help move my things into my new residence and said he would go home and research the problem on the internet. He called me later that evening and said that a woman from Edmonton had called Dial Locksmith to fix her car and it cost $200! So I called them the next morning and they quoted approximately $200-300. Early afternoon I met them at my car and the very qualified and pleasant technician proceeded to drill out my ignition and only charged me $175.00!!! I would totally recommend them to anyone in the Edmonton Area as they are quick and you save the towing charges and hassle with Ford. I also will be looking into where to send a letter to Ford with my complaint. They must get 1000's of them!!
  • ja_nortonja_norton Posts: 1
    I experienced this problem 2 months after purchasing a used Focus. The first time it happened, the 1st locksmith contacted by AAA refused to help me citing ignition problems were extremely common in the Focus and they could not help me. They recommended having it towed directly to the dealer. Fortunately, a 2nd locksmith was contacted and he was able to get the key to turn by spraying WD-40 into the ignition, putting the key in the ignition and tapping the top end of the key with the handle of a screwdriver. I've used this technique for the past 6 months and have a can of WD-40 in my car at all times. The problem has progressed to the point where I have to pound the crap out of the key in the ignition about 20-30 times before I can get it to turn. I was using my hand until it started bruising, now I'm using the manual that came with the car. I'll have to get it fixed very soon, but hopefully this technique will help someone in a jam!
  • haataahaataa Posts: 2
    :cry: When I tell people that I have a Ford Focus ZX4 SE, I feel proud... up until today. My key is stuck in the ignition... I can turn the car on, but I can't remove the key. I've wiggled and jiggled... for nothing. I see that this is a common problem (that I wish I would have know about before my purchase last year) with a common temporary fix, shelling out $300+ to get the ignition replaced... not happening over here because I'm a broke college student. So now I get to decorate my steering collum with Hawaiian Lei's that double as a disguise for the KEY THAT'S STUCK IN THE IGNITION!!! WTF!!! :cry:

    I did some more reading... yeah, my CD player went crazy on me in May but I was under warrenty and the Ford dealer got me a new one the next day... after yelling profanities at the ONLY COMPANY IN THE STATE OF INDIANA THAT CAN REPAIR CD PLAYERS IN FORD AUTOMOBILES!!!... and I had to demand a next-day appointment just to get it taken care of. :mad:of my vents... and I thought maybe I was crazy, but like others out there, my AC doesn't blow out of all of my vents. :confuse:

    What's next my fellow Focus owners??? I've read about breaks... and ignitions... and vents... and air bags... Please... no more problems... please... I'm broke!

    Broke College Student With A Well Decorated Focus In Indiana
  • I have a 2003 Ford Focus and have been having this same problem since February. I've taken it to be fixed twice and the problem only comes back. What can we do about it? Have you had any luck getting this fixed, I can't stand it anymore.
  • bdymentbdyment Posts: 569
    Have you tried a good quality after market brake lining? That should work.
  • Thank you for your reply. I truly apprciate it. Another TSB came out in July 2006 and I took it back into the dealership, good thing I had checked on the computer because the dealer will not call you in for sure. They replaced the rear wheel cylinders and replaced the rear pads again for the 3rd time and have not had a squeellllllling noise since! YEA!!!!! It was the rear wheel cylinders the whole time!
  • I have a 2000 Ford Focus and our local dealership told us that ford does not know what causes the brakes to squeal. I have replaced mine numerous times and they start it right back up, it gets embarrassing!!! It's a shame Ford doesn't know how to fix them.
  • Guess I spoke toooooo soon, the squeeling has returned yet again been almost 2 weeks since the dealer replaced the rear wheel cylinders. This is my 5th time to the local Ford dealer had it allllll done, pads, shoes, drums looked at etc. and last but not least the wheel cylinders on the rear. I was reading that CA had a class action suit regarding the Ford Focus 2000, 2001 on the internet! Sooooo sick of it and I still owe another 2 years on it! FED UP!
  • kramcoskramcos Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 Ford Focus SE. About a year ago the interior light stopped working (new bulb didn't help) and the window defrost on the rear window stopped working. According to the manual I have this could be the CTM (Central Timer Module). I found out that this part is $50. The dealership said it would be a minimum of $100 to look into the problem. Has anyone had this problem? If you did, what was the cause? Thanks
  • tom71tom71 Posts: 46
    I bought a new 2006 Ford Focus ZX4 ST sport model in January 2006. I like the car and it runs well, and I like
    the extra power. I'm sorry to say, I've been unlucky with some pesky warranty problems. Two problems fixed the first time, but my car has been plagued with an intermittent problem with the TRACTION CONTROL dashboard light coming on lit solid when it shouldn't Ditto for the ABS and brake lights. The Ford dealer has been great about trying to remedy the problem but have failed to date. Now the 4th try will be with the aid of a traveling Ford Service Rep on Tuesday.

    Does anyone else out there who owns an ST model Focus, have problems with the intermittent errant "Traction" control light coming on, and ABS Brake lights when they shouldn't be?

    At this point, if they don't fix my car the 4th try, I'm going to either hire a lemon law attorney, or use the arbitration system.
  • tom71tom71 Posts: 46

    Is you're Focus out of warranty? If not, the ignition key being stuck issue should be covered by the warranty. It sounds like Focus's (especially earlier model year ones), have had this problem a lot. If you're car is out of warranty, I would ask the Ford dealer if they will fix it
    at no charge. Sometimes a dealer will for cronic problems
    that they have a "Technical Service Bulletin" for. If they
    won't fix it, I suggest to write a complaint letter to the Ford district office in Dearborn MI. Good luck.
  • i'm pretty sure I'm still under warrenty but the ignition key isn't a warrenty issue... it costs a "cool" $300... each time it happens. :(
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 11,852
    that should be covered under the warranty.
    2017 Ford Fusion SE 2014 Ford F-150 FX4
  • maepmaep Posts: 2
    The ignition problem where your key won't turn is NOT a warranty item after the first 60,000 km in Alberta. You have to pay for it yourself, Ford dealers are very expensive for this! In Edmonton call Dial Locksmith who will do it for under $200 usually. Ford charges anywhere from $400-700..I've been thru it all at the end of May!
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