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Jeep Owners: Recalls & TSBs

twylietwylie Posts: 619
Just a cut and paste into the new forum


A TSB has finally been issued for the NV3550 transmissions in the 2000 model Wrangler. A copy of the the TSB #21-003-01 can be seen at the following link. If you are having problems with you trannsmission, take a copy of the TSB with you to the dealership and get it fixed. Here is the link:


thanks onlyinajeep!



  • shawkins2shawkins2 Posts: 1
    i love my 2000 wrangler sport. at approx.34k miles i was on a roadtrip and noticed that the coolant level dropped significantly. i can actually feel the heat on my feet before the guages indicate that the engine is hot. i have since gone on 2 more roadtrips and again i am losing coolant. i have taken it to 3 different dealerships on 6 occasions...symptoms cannot be duplicated. anyone else out there having similar problems? what should i do?
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    Radiator cap? Have they tried replacing your radiator cap? Just guessing here, but it would be a simple thing to try.

    I am trying to think what is different about highway driving as opposed to stop and go city driving, and the one thing I can think of is the sustained higher RPMs of highway driving. Since the water pump speed is dependent on the engine RPMs, maybe pressure is building up in the cooling system, and the radiator cap is not releasing the excess pressure like it should? This would force some coolant to be discharged somewhere, I would think.

    This is all just a layman's speculation, and I do not pretend to be a mechanic. Someone with better knowledge might shoot this theory down.

    Please let us know how this turns out, OK?

  • hansm14hansm14 Posts: 16
    Why hasn't the transmissions been recalled when so many people have had problems with theirs around 60000 or so miles?I did.Thanks.
  • I'm about to by this car. It's red w/black molding, just like the one in the movie w/Kirt Russell. It's loaded w/leather and power everything including a Premium Sound stereo system w/CD. The owner was very honest and showed me all the maintenance/service records including the recalls for the 97 models, it was all taken care of. However, it looks like this high-maintenance car needs to be on a tight service schedule to keep it reliable. Is this normal for Jeeps? The car looks very clean and the report from came out clean. I've been always been a Jeep fun although I've never owned one before. I love this particular model and I actually already put down an offer and we'll be closing the deal soon. However, after all the problems I'm reading about, especially on the 99s and 01s models I'm getting scared. Can anyone with experience with the 97 models give me some advice before making a $10K mistake... Thank you!
  • sq6sq6 Posts: 1
    I am interested in buying a Jeep Wagoneer late 80's early 90's,the ones with the wood on the side. I don't know anything about them and would appreciate any help!
  • div2div2 Posts: 2,580
    You might start with No personal experience, but they seem like a good resource.
  • njbamadogznjbamadogz Posts: 26
    Hello everyone. Just wanted to update you on the status of my 2005 Jeep Wrangler Sport and the resolution arrived at re: the ongoing problem I had with water leaking through the tops of the doors.

    After MANY failed attempts to repair the problem (which included installing new seals, re aligning both doors at the dealership's body shop and replacement of the soft top) my attorney got the dealership to purchase the car back from me. Took five months, but we got it done! (Told you I would not give up until a resolution was found!)

    There are numerous 2005 & 2006 Wranglers that have SERIOUS water leaks (more than what would be considered a "normal" amount of water leakage for a Wrangler) and Chrysler may now be forced to acknowledge the problem in light of my case.

    If your new Wrangler is leaking, I encourage you not to "settle" and keep the leaky auto. You paid good money for the auto and it should not leak (my 2004 Sport never leaked right up until the day it "died" in an auto accident. So don't let anyone tell you that's the way it goes when you own a Wrangler.) Keep complaining and bringing it back to the dealership. Keep all your paperwork which will create a paper trail. And, finally, hire an attorney if you need to. (Dealerships tend to listen to attorneys more than customers, unfortunately.)

    If the dealership (and ultimately Chrysler) qualified this auto for a buyback, it proves my original theory that there is a serious defect in these Wranglers causing them to leak so badly.
  • We purchased a new JCG in March 2004. The vehicle has the 4.7L HO engine. City MPG average is 11.5 and Highway is 16.5 to 17 MPG.. We have several friends who have the regular 4.7L engine and our averaging 15.5 to 16.5 MPG in the city and 21 to 24 MPG on the highway. No help from dealer so far. Is this the norm. I hope I did not buy the wrong option as we love the rest of the vehicle. Help!
  • Since I purchased my 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee I have had to replace the windshield over 10 times (in less than 3 years) and was wondering if anyone has experienced similar issues. I do a lot of highway driving but always have and never had this type of problem with a vehicles windshield.
  • jeepman3jeepman3 Posts: 3
    I purchased a new 2005 Jeep Wrangler 6cyl with auto. on Feb.28,2005. At 1,700 miles, the camsensor oil drive had to be replaced as the oil pressure dropped. Now at 3,100 miles the same problem, except this time very little power. The dealer has been in touch with Jeep. Neither one can figure out this problem. :mad: :mad:
  • youn0813youn0813 Posts: 28
    That sounds about like mine. But mine is a 2004 normal V8. City driving is really horrible, but freeway driving I get around 19 I think... I get low 300's with a full tank (city/freeway driving combined). One time I got a little over 320 with about 19 gallons. That's about 16 mpg. How many miles do you get with a tank?
  • I have a 94 Grand Cherokee with 180,000 miles. At random times it will not start. After 15 -20 minutes it starts with no problems. It will always start first thing in the morning. THe crank sensor, fuel pump and relay censor have been replaced and I still have the same problem
  • I own a 2001 JGC Laredo wirh 61,000 miles. Today I had the oil changed and the service tech told me that the transmission pan looks to be rusting/rotting out. Does anyone else have/had this problem and can this be a warranty issue? Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions
  • Ok, I'm new to the world of Jeep. I bought an '05 X Series last week. First weekend out, it sputtered, lunged and stalled....(automatic transmission!) Took it to the dealer, they said, oh yeah, oil pump recall...."fixed" it....went to pick it up...same problem...... Buyers remorse is on my mind. Someone outthere please tell me they are experiencing the same problem! And that this is fixable...!

    Concerned first time Jeep owner.... :confuse:
  • i have a 99 jeep grand cherokee. i was wondering if any one had a problem with it cutting off while you where driving? sometimes it will start right back up some times it needs to sit for a while. i am getting tired to being on the side off the road because my jeep feels the need to stop and rest.
  • I've had an 05 Rubicon (soft top) since June, it's my 2nd Jeep. (Had an 95 Wrangler). Finally it rained for days and my passenger and driver side floors were soaked. (2 inches at least) Not a plug problem. Dealer is going to take a look, but I would like to know if anyone else has had this. I think it's the doors leaking. Not coming from top. I haven't even taken the doors off yet. Let me know if you have had the same issue.
  • My cooling fan motor and solenoid died out of the blue and caused the Jeep to overheat. I have only 76K on the car. The garage where I had it repaired had no difficulty getting the parts as they were readily in stock at the local dealership. He said its common for the cooling fan motor to fail but there's been no TSB or recall. Any one else experiencing problems like this? This is my most recent problem. Prior repairs have been to replace brakes and rotors at 33K miles, Transmission rebuild at 38K, and kick-down cable at 50K. Now my a/c is also on the fritz. It takes about 20 minutes before it will kick in after sitting in sun on a hot day.
  • I have the same probelm with my 2005 Wrangler Sport (soft top)! This is my second Sport. My 2004 was totalled last July. As soon as I got the settlement check, I bought this Sport. My 2004 never leaked, but this one sure does. I know because we've had a lot of heavy rain here in NJ lately.

    Took it to the dealer about two weeks ago. Showed them where it was leaking from (plastic brackets around the door have a rubber "gasket" where the two parts meet -- this is where the water pours in.) They kept it for a week, originally saying they couldn't find the leak. Then they saw it leaking and told me they had to "wait for a part" but they didn't know when the part would come in. They actually told me to put a tarp on this "Go anywhere, do anything" vehicle when it rained until the part came in.

    I called Chrysler to complain and first they acted concerned, saying they were actively researching the cause of the problem and how to fix it. (I told them that other brand new 2005 X's and Sports on the dealer's lot had water in them also after a heavy rain and there was obviously a defect.)

    Then today when I called Chrysler, they told me it was "normal for a Wrangler to leak...that's why they have drain plugs in them" and that there was nothing they would be willing to do to fix the problem. I heartily disagreed with them and told them I would have my attorney contact them.

    Anyone else with this problem?
  • I have a 2002 GC Laredo and the cooling fan blew up last night. One of the pieces blew a hole in the radiator and took a chunk out of the power steering pump pulley. This vehicle has less than 50K miles. I am of the thinking that this should not have happened. Has anyone else heard of this happening? .
  • i have a 2002 jeep liberty. i does the same thing. But know the oil light comes on when in on a hill. When i took it to the shop to have them look at it they told me it was the throdle sencer, but they could not find anything when they hooked it up the computer. Join the Club.
  • I had the same problem with my 2005 Rubicon Unlimited with a factory hardtop (which has never been removed). I originally thought the water was coming in through the vent on the front cowl. Took it into my dealer who did a water and compressed air test. As it turns out, the leak was under the folding windshield. It would only leak during torrential rains coming from the right direction. They ordered and replaced the gasket under the windshield and hopefully the problem is fixed. Under warranty. Obviously, the factory misinstalled the gasket.

  • My 2005 Wrangler sport is making, what the jeep service people are calling a "fluffy" noise. It sounds like a rythmic ticking especially while accelerating. It doesn't happen all the time and is more pronounced at times. They are telling me this is a normal engine sound. Does anyone else experience this? Any input would be welcome! Thanks!
  • I actually saw the water coming in on both sides of the Jeep through the plastic framing around the doors. (There is a rubber gasket on the top of the frame and the water was just pouring in there.) I know many, many 2005's are having this problem -- I snooped around a car dealership parking lot after one of the torrential rains we had here in NJ and all of the X's in the lot had wet floors.

    Chrysler initially admitted there was a problem and has now changed their tune. I have been to two dealership service depts. and neither knew/knows how to fix the problem. So right now my Sport is sitting at the second dealership -- has been there for a week while they "trouble-shoot" and "wait for parts to come in."
  • I just bought a 2005 Sport (12 miles out the lot) last week. I too found it odd to hear that noise coming from a "new" engine (I hear more of a knocking noise). I was thinking of taking it in, but I'm not too concerned at this point, since I got the warranty :). Other than that, I love driving the hell out of it.

    Let me know if you find out anything else.
  • john81john81 Posts: 60
    If you follow troubleshooting techniques, it is not a "hardware" problem, but seems to be intermittant or possibly temperature/wiring sensitive.
    What I would do is to get a Grand Cherokee book and isolate all wires which have connections through the firewall. Then meter out all the wires on both sides of the firewall. I do not know if a diagnostic machine actually meters each wire, sensor, switch or contact which leads to the main computer chip controlling temperature. What you are looking for is an electrical short. This short is related to a temperature sensor or electrical system to control temperature.
    In order to duplicate the gripe, you need to determine length of motor operation, speed, temperature at shut-off or something that might coorelate to the gripe. The technician needs some help in isolating the gripe in order to program the diagnostic machine.
    A common problem with jeeps are faulty connectors passing wires through the firewall. If any wire is shorted or has a high resistant short, it will shut off at various random times/operations. Quiz your technician, because he's probably clueless on what he should be looking for.
    This problem is also occurs when joy riding through water and the firewall gets splashed with water or mud.
    See if that helps.
  • I had same problem but with a hardtop. I was also told that hardtops tend to leak by the manager. (This was after 4 attempted repairs). They switched my hardtop with another one from another new Jeep. Before they made the switch they brought the other new Jeep through a car wash. It leaked. They switched the tops anyway. Still leaks. Do you think that this is cause to file lemon law papers?
  • What year do you have? I am still trying to work something out with the dealership where I bought my Sport, but Lemon Law :lemon: may have to be the way to go. You have to check the Lemon Law in your state to see if you have met all the requirments -- and it is not a quick fix by any means. In the interim, you still have to deal with your car's problems and make your car and insurance payments (to keep your credit rating.) The sad thing is, I LOVE my Sport. It's great except for the fact that it leaks like Niagra Falls everytime it rains! ;) :cry:
  • I have a 2005 Rocky Mountain ed. (X) Wrangler. I wrote Chrysler about the problem and they said there was nothing they could do. Lemon Law requires either a dangerous problem with the car (which I don't have) or the problem substantially reduces the value (which I might). I'm having a great time with the car, but I'd sure like to have a top that doesn't leak and leave puddles on the floor of the car.
  • Nothing they can do...that's what they told me in so many words. Actually, the rep who spoke with me on the phone said it was my problem. He also said Wranglers are designed to leak. That really made me laugh out loud.

    It's all absolute nonsense. Chrysler is blowing us all off because they know they have a major problem with a lot of their 2005 Wranglers and are just hoping all of us who bought the defective cars will go away. Which I won't, by the way! ;)

    The amount of water these leaking Wranglers are taking in is beyond what would ever be considered "acceptable" (if, in fact, taking in any water is acceptable) or "normal." And water damage most certainly will signficantly reduce the value of the cars, as the interiors will eventually rust out and the cars will start to stink. Try trading in, or reselling a car with rust all over the floorboards, or one that stinks like mold.

    If all 2005 Wranglers were, in fact, "designed" to leak, then all of the 2005 Wranglers should be leaking everytime they get wet -- but they don't. I am currently still trying to work with the dealership where I bought the Sport in hopes of getting this issue resolved. Will keep you posted.

    BTW: right now my Sport is in my driveway, wrapped up nice and tight in a brand new Home Depot tarp in anticipation of the rain we are supposed to have here again in the Garden State this evening/tomorrow. :mad:
  • Have 2003 Grand Cherokee LTD w/ 50K miles. Have noticed that the heater can be set, but only driver side is blowing heat, but not the passenger side. Only cool/cold air is coming out right now. Dealer mentioned something about blend duct door unit and est. labor (10 hrs.) and part to be around $200 for around $1200 total. Already have heard that warranty does not cover. Any helpful hints other than telling wife to dress warm?
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