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Chevy Lost Another Long Time Fan

I purchased a '09 HHR with 36K Miles from a dealership. Within 60 days, one minor problem then another graduating to major issues averaging once a month. Now, approx. 18 months of ownership and not even 60K miles on the odometer even a friend that is a service advisor looked at the car and said sternly - GET RID OF THAT CAR. Example: Within the last 90 days it has both front axil seals, the steering column (x2 - 1st one malfunctioned within 90 days), left right shock, left front strut replaced. A little over a month ago I had new tires, so with the strut etc. replacement I had to pay for another alignment since it wasn't covered. I've always been a GM, especially Chevy person, after 40 years, they have lost me. Mechanics, friends AND TOW TRUCK DRIVERS who either has owned or knew someone told me not to buy an HHR. I like the look of the Equinox but after reading about them, AND listening to everyone - especially the tow truck drivers, I'm looking elsewhere. A few people just love their HHR/Equinox, but I have found 10x the number of people that have had numerous mechanical issues too.


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