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Hi, the front right tire of my civic has been leaking for this winter. The low tire pressure lights will be on about once a month, usually it happens when the temperature drops down. Beside the leaking problem, the tire is in good condition, I replaced it in 2011 with a Bridgestone tire. Do I need to replace this one or I only need to patch it? If I need to replace it, do I need to replace a pair or only itself. In 2011, the mechanic only replaced one tire, as all four tires are almost new. My car is 2009 civic. I guess the leaking is caused by my bad parallel parking habit, I might hit the curbs sometimes. Thanks a lot for your suggestions.


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    You probably have a slow leak due to nail. Take a good look around bottom of exposed tire, then drive a couple feet to look at spot that tire was parked on. Also could be faulty valve stem. Take it in to have it looked at at any tire shop before replacing tire.
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