Lincoln MKX Maintenance and Repair

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Hi, am I able to permanently change the display to be metric? When I change to always resets when I turn the car off? Not sure if it's an easy fix that I am missing? Thanks!


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    Is anybody having an incessant rattle in the rear of their MKX? Repair couldn't fix it even after taking the tailgate off. I read somewhere on that it is because of an ill fitting tailgate. Also, 50% of the time the driver seat does not return to the proper position when inserting the key as it should. Any thoughts? I have only 4400 miles on the car.
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    Got questions about issues with your MKX? Please post them here (and if you have solutions, please post those too!).
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    I don't have the rattle but I have noticed the seat not returning, but only when my boyfriend has drove it and he sits with the seat all the way back.
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    I had the same rattle when the MKX was brand new. It turn out to be the rear sun roof. A piece of plastic around the glass was lose or brook, pointed it out to dealer and they fixed it with no problem.
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    I don't have the rattle BUT I do have the problem with the seat. I thoght I was going crazy - is returning or not - now I know it is the MKX not me. Haven't taken it in yet. :sick:
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    I'm sorry to hear about your concerns with your Lincoln MKX. I’m not aware of either a general rear rattling or a seat return concern with the MKX. I would recommend that you take your vehicle to your dealership to investigate. If the concerns are not resolved to your satisfaction, please contact the Ford Lincoln Mercury Customer Relationship Center at 800-392-3673 (FORD) for further assistance. We appreciate your loyalty.
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    I have a 3 month old MKX. After 1000 miles, it developed a crack in the roof sheet metal, from the vista roof outward to the right rear door channel. Anyone else have similar problem?
  • texasestexases Member Posts: 10,647
    Wow. Never heard of something like that. Any chance of posting a picture?
  • ccrockccrock Member Posts: 7
    I have had an MKX for 2 weeks. I love it thus far. A strange thing happened with bird droppings on the front bumper [urethane]. I did not attempt to remove them for 2 days then nothing worked. Bug and tar remover were uneffective. The dealer tried compounding, lacquer thinner, and finally wet sanding. The brownish stain seems to have permiated the clearcoar finish. There are 5 separate and distinct spots, each about 2-3 cm. The dealer says painging the front bumpper is the only option. My comp ins will pay but the deductible is 500. Any thoughts from anyone?
  • mschmalmschmal Member Posts: 1,757
    You should get a quote on the bumper yourself. They may be able to spot it. The new paint hasn't had time to fade so there really isn't any blending necessary.

  • ccrockccrock Member Posts: 7
    White cholocate.
  • ccrockccrock Member Posts: 7
    The dealer is repainting the bumper under warranty. Still noone knows why it stained like it did.
  • mschmalmschmal Member Posts: 1,757
    I feel like White Chocolate does not like plastic.

    I recently delivered an Explorer Limited and I could have sworn that that plastic wheel surrounds where a slightly different color than the body, a little toward the pink side.

    But since the customer never mentioned it, it could have been my imagination.

  • txlyntxlyn Member Posts: 2
    I, too, have a 3 week-old '07 white chocolate Lincoln MKX with unremoveable stains from the back bumper. (I parked under a tree and it dripped, or birds ate the tree's berries and relieved themselves on the rear of the vehicle.)
    I tried every imaginable cleaner with no results, so now the car has been in the paint shop for 4 days getting the bumper repainted. The dealership also has another white chocolate MKX, still on their lot, that they are having the bumpers repainted for the same problem.
    I'm thinking the problem is the paint color. Makes me re-think paying extra for "White Chocolate!" :confuse:
  • akirbyakirby Member Posts: 8,062
    Bumpers are typically painted by a different supplier. Sounds like maybe they messed up the clearcoat.
  • ccrockccrock Member Posts: 7
    Thanks. I get it back today from the paint shop at the dealership. I have printed your note to take to them.
  • txlyntxlyn Member Posts: 2
    Mine is scheduled to be finished by the dealer's paintshop today also. Here's hoping I don't get anything on the front bumper!
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    You should be aware that by using your email address in your subject line you are inviting the email harvesters to pick it off providing spammers with yet another victim.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
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    The e-mail address was put there by the message board. I did not pick on that. Thanks.
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    Is any one having a problem with condensation inside the tail lenses. I have been getting it on both the r/r & l/r lenses. Had the l/r replace and the replacement developed the same problem. Today I had condensation across the hatch lens and the tail lights. It eventually clears, until it does it looks like crap.
  • gacdjmgacdjm Member Posts: 2
    I have noticed that my tail lights do not seem to be sealed very well...There is always moisture around the first 1/4 inch but not made it all the way yet, and yes it clears but looks like crap also :sick: . I have not made it by the dealer to look at yet and also my passenger side speaker has popped out.
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    I purchased a new 2007 AWD Lincoln MKX around September 2007 and I currently have 10,000 miles. So far I have had the trim on the rear roof window replaced due to a flimsy piece of tape that did not fully secure the black plastic trim from rattling.

    Now I have a problem with a strong acidic rubber smell coming from my vents. It generally occurs during very cold days and at first I thought it was the exhaust from other cars until I repeatably get the strong smell on various cold days.

    Other forums (a ford EDGE forum)
    suggest the AWD power takeoff unit has a faulty seal or gasket. To me this is huge. I am posting this to document my situation and to see if anyone else has a putrid rubber burning smell coming from their Lincoln MKX/Ford Edge.
  • jacobson1jacobson1 Member Posts: 4
    I have an 2007 MKX and have had it in 3 times for the right turn signal not engaging all the time. They cant find anything wrong with it. Just wondering if anyone else has the same problem, I to have a rattle in the sun roof. I also have noise coming off the windshield (I think thats where its coming from) sounds like small grains of sand hitting the windsheild but did not notice it until it got cold outside.
  • ccrockccrock Member Posts: 7
    I don't know anything about the turn signals however the sunroof rattle is a common problem. The plastic around the back sunroof [not the one that opens] comes loose. It was fixed by my dealer by putting foam insulation on both sides. There is a factory service bulletin about this. Sorry I don't know about the windshield noise. I love the car and am impressed by the quality.
  • jacobson1jacobson1 Member Posts: 4
    I have my MKX in for some service work. FYI for all that are pulling their hair out over the seats. I was told that there is a TSB for that problem. I appears the owners manual was written incorrectly and now has a revised copy with the correct info.
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    Just a heads up I have a 2007 MKX with a little under 20,000 miles and my wife and I were driving home one night and the traction control, ABS, and Powertrain warning lights all came on then started to go crazy. The next morning I took it to Ford, well it seems to be the rear speed sensors are crap. Well ok I thought they should not have went out yet but an easy fix.... WRONG!!!! ford has stopped production of the Edge and MKX because they have discoved this problem with many more MKX and Edge. So there is a nation wide emergency for this part, because there is no sensors anywhere and ford is not producing them. We have a ford rep helping us because as of today our MKX has been out of commission for two weeks. The only good thig so far is that my state has a lemon law and if the truck is down for two more weeks they are required by law to replace our truck with a new one. This is horrable and if your truck's awd or lights are comming one gret ready for a big delay.
  • jacobson1jacobson1 Member Posts: 4
    OMG!! I have had my MKX since 7/07 I have it in 10 times for pretty much for the same reasons. The rattle in the sunroof, The right turn signal doesn't always engage (in our opinion is a safety issue), the rear tweeters of the sound system cut in and out when you go over a bump, an annoying noise that appears to be coming from the dash, and the seats not returning. Well let me see the first owners manual was printed wrong so a TSB from Ford came out with the corrected info. about the seats. But the other 4 issues they wont fix, including the rattle in the sunroof that is also on a TSB, because they cant duplicate it when THEY drive it. I have never been so disappointed, angry, and frustrated about any other vehicle I have owned! When I bought the Lincoln MKX I thought I was getting the creme de la creme of vehicles along with superior service, but all I got is a pain in my back end! I will never buy, own, or promote a Ford vehicle ever again!! The customer care associate Kathleen says she has done everything possible to make us happy and can not refer us on to any one else. What a waste of BIG money and my time. :lemon: :mad:
  • jeyhoejeyhoe Member Posts: 490
    Sorry to hear this. I had a single problem with my Lincoln LS that I finally had to go to the district and finally the Lincoln "Customer service hotline" about. Net result was they first admitted it was a problem, then later decided sthat, ince they couldnt fix it, they'd just say it was in spec.

    If I were you, I'd find out what the lemon law requires in your state and then strive to meet those requirements. Bring the dam_ thing back every day if u have to until you force them to buy it back. Then get something from a company that gives a RIP about their customers. THough Lincolns are all I currently own, I do NOT consider them in that category and probablly wont buy another either. There's NOTHING worse than some dumb-*ss at the customer service line saying "I dont care if you spent over $100,000 on Lincolns in the past few years. There's nothing we can do for you". They might as well just put in a recording.
  • jacobson1jacobson1 Member Posts: 4
    Thank you! I will look into the lemon law in Minnesota. I appreciate you help.
  • shotimeshotime Member Posts: 3
    We finally got our MKX back after 2 weeks and alot of fighting with ford customer service about the production of the speed sensor we needed. It seems to be running great but today I noticed that all of my taillights-R-L-and Center all have condinsation in them. I already took it to ford to have it warrentied and I am at witts end with this truck. I want to drive it back and say keep it. I have had many fords and Lincolns in my years and this is so far the worst. I have two Taurus SHO's that have never had this much trouble in all the years I have owned them.

    Mad Lincoln Owner Here!!!!
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    So, I have had my 07' MKX now since July and love it. It is amazing living in Hollywood, CA and actually having people check out your Lincoln.

    That being said every first year model has kinks. I have fixed the rear sunroof rattle by stuffing in klenenex and fixed the rear piller rattles by spraying silicon spray on the door jams. Now a NEW rattle has emerged even louder and more annoying than the others. It sounds like its under the rear seat in between both seats. It is a consistent rattle that sounds like metal on metal and rattles non stop! In fact, the only way to stop it is by driving with the rear seat down! My wife and I pulled out the entire trunk lining, tire and foam to look for it and could not figure it out.

    Has anyone else experienced this rattle?

  • albany1albany1 Member Posts: 1
    I Just thought I'd let you know what that smell is all about, I have the same car (2007 MKX) about same mileage and was getting same nasty smell, brought to my local guys for inspection and oil change and they told me that the front axel seal was leaking. So I called the dealer and brought it in just last week and Yes thats what it was and the smell is because the leak is dripping on the exhaust. They replaced (no cost) and said they cleaned off pipe as best they could and smell should go away 1 week or so, smelt it today so Wednesday is a week so hopefully it goes. Hope this helps.
  • shotimeshotime Member Posts: 3
    Well after we got our truck back from the speed sensor problem and we took it in for the taillights. One week to the day our axle seal went out. Took a day and a half got it back then the sway bar link broke on that side from dealer stupidity. So the next day after we got it back we went back to where we bought it and trade it in on a 06 Navigator we did go down a year but no big deal for me. So far no heartache on this truck they gave us such a steal because of the lemon law we pretty much swapped them out. I did love the way it turned heads but that novelty was wearing off. I hope others don't have as much trouble as we did, it just shows you that when you rush to get something into production you miss a little quality and bugs.
  • robw64robw64 Member Posts: 76
    I've had my '07 MKX since November 12, 2007. So far, the vehicle has been great and the mileage has averaged 22.5 on the highway and 18.5 in mostly city driving.

    We had the sunroof rattle repaired (very simple repair....needed a better adhesive than was used at the factory).

    The climate control has developed a squealing sound that continues even if we turn off the A/C. It's a very low volume "eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....." sound, but once you're aware of it you can't hear anything else (no one else hears it until I point it out). I'm taking it in on Friday morning. I'm hoping it's just a minor adjustment.
  • robw64robw64 Member Posts: 76
    The squeal was squelched with a few drops of lubricant in the climate control system (the fans, the belts, etc.). So far, no other issues with the car to date. I was pleased to see Ford rank so well on the initial quality indexes.
  • vinnieg1vinnieg1 Member Posts: 53
    I just purchased my new 2008 MKX and the front brake calibers were already warped. Has anyone had a similar problem? They machined them and all is well for now but I wonder about rotors warping so soon.
  • belfastbelfast Member Posts: 18
    Just had same sounding and area rattle fixed in mine loose bolt in the rear right door.
    hope ths helps.

  • jeyhoejeyhoe Member Posts: 490
    Say vinnie, I see you bought a Lincoln MKX. Did u trade your LR2 for it and can u tell us why?
  • vinnieg1vinnieg1 Member Posts: 53
    The MKX is a lease with 3 years 45,000 free maintainence including the brakes etc. so since I have a 39 month lease I should be OK but I will ask them why they didn;t put new ones in the next time I am there.
    The LR2 was traded for the MKX but not for any fault to the LR2. I loved it but needed to make the change for personal reasons.
  • tompersetomperse Member Posts: 1

    I own a 2007 Lincoln MKX and am experiencing the same rattles as you. The dealership here in Amarillo, Texas was able to fix the sunroof/sunscreen rattle by taking it to an upholstery place. I'm not sure what they did but I can find out.

    My driver's side door rattles, creaks, squels, etc. Sometimes when I'm turning into my driveway it sounds as though it's going to pop open. In the shop today to investigate yet again.

    My backseat rattles. I found it to be the rearseat release handle on the driver's side. It's really bad when it's cold but that's what mine is. Trying thumping yours or banging on it to see if it makes the noise you hear.

    Love the car - hate the craftsmanship - very, very disappointed!

  • belfastbelfast Member Posts: 18
    We had same problems...driver door AND left rear door rattles were traced to the same bolt in each door not tightened at assembly something to do with the window track system. as for the re and re and re occuring roof rattle it is now reason to replace the car with another brand and I hope NO roof rattles or at least if a rattle someone will care about and fix it.
    good luck Belfast :D
  • fleurdelisfleurdelis Member Posts: 9
    On my 2007 MKX with 14,000 miles, just had a rear wheel bearing replaced under warranty.

    First detected a low pitched growel or grinding or whirring sound, that was especially easy to hear once reaching 30 mph or more. My first thought was it might be coming from the rear differential. My suspicions were heightened when I searched the web and found 2 instances (on of low mileage Ford Edge owners who had rear ends replaced in May / June 2008.

    When I took it to the shop, one of the head mechanics took it for a drive and told me it was my tires and that he suspected the start of cupping of my tires. Only when I pointed out what some Ford Edge owners had experienced, did he agree to put my MKX on the lift and check the differential. While on the lift, they also got around to putting a stethoscope to the wheel bearings and determined that the right rear wheel bearing was bad (at only 14,000 miles).

    The repair shop called in an order for a wheel bearing. In the meantime I went to my Michelin dealer, who checked out my Michelin Latitude Tour HP 18 inch tires, and proclaimed them to be free of cupping and in good shape for 14,000 miles.

    Next day, after putting in the new wheel bearing, the noise is gone.

    I am thankfull that replacing the wheel bearing got rid of the noise, but somewhat chagrined that this should happen after only 14,000 miles.
  • ok3mooreok3moore Member Posts: 8
    I ordered my 07 MKX in Feb. of 07. I got all the bells and whistles! I have had nothig but problems since the first week of ownership. It has been out of service for 30+ days. First for a bent disc in brake plate, molding came loose around the window, sunroof rattles (been in shop 10+, 5 repair attempts and still not repaired), power sunroof would not close, Wheel speed sensor replaced, stains on the bumper(still there), driver door creaks and squeals(not repaired), backseat creaks(not repaired), rattle in tailgate, sunroof molding came a loose, deformed trim panels, thumping and popping sound from the dash, and a metallic metal sound coming from the rear(not repaired). Complained and A Ford Specialist came to repair it (dealership said to take it up with FORD) he did not hear any of my concerns when he drove my truck! What a waste of my time. Now I have a court case aganist FORD to buy back this luxury crossover vehicle. We'll see what happens.
  • ok3mooreok3moore Member Posts: 8
    I'am having the same problem with the rattles and I've had enough! I'm making Ford accountable for their actions. Monday, Oct. 20, 2008. I'am taking Ford to court under the Lemon Law. I'am asking all of the feed-up and dissapointed MKX and Edge owners to take a stand.

    My name is Kim Moore, I live in Illinois and I own a 2007 MKX.. If you would like to let Ford know how you feel about your recent purhase: e-mail a statement with your problems resolved and unresolved to [email protected] including your name and state so we can let Ford know that we're feed up! And other consumers know what kind of vehicles Ford is producing.

    Please help fight the cause!
  • ok3mooreok3moore Member Posts: 8
    I feel your frustration! I'am in the same boat. My 07 MKX has been has been in the shop over 30+ days for rattles in the doors, dash, tailgate and sunroof, wheel sensor malfunction, sunroof stop working, navigation system knocking around in the dash, bent brake plate, loose molding ect.
    I have written on my MKX windows telling consumers to beware! Ford should be ASHAMED! and 30+ days in the shop!
    On Monday, Oct 20, 2008 I'm taking Ford to court under the Lemon Law.
    My name is Kim Moore, I live in Illinois and own a MKX. If you would like to let Ford know how you feel about your recent purchase: e-mail a statement with your problems resolved and unresolved to [email protected] including your name state and vehicle model so we can let Ford know we are feed-up! And other consumers know what kind of vehicles Ford is producing.

    Please help fight the cause!

    I will let you know all the details about my case if you are intrested in making Ford accountable! Maybe the Lemon Law is for you too!
  • akirbyakirby Member Posts: 8,062
    I'm not dismissing your problems but it really sounds like you've had 2, maybe 3 problems that should have been fixed by the dealer the first time around. It sounds like your dealer is either making the problems worse or at least not fixing them. Many people had the sunroof rattle and it was fixed in one visit.

    Have you considered trying another dealer? All dealers are not the same.
  • ok3mooreok3moore Member Posts: 8
    Yes! I'am living your metallic rattle and other rattles everyday. My truck has been in the the shop 15+ days just for rattles and 15+ days for other issues. Every time 1 goes away 2 more show up. It's a on going problem. Ford finally sent out a (FSE) to drive my truck to pinpoint the rattles and repair them. I was sent a letter from Ford stating " the noises heard were normal." Give me a BEAK!
    On Monday, Oct. 20, 2008 I'am taking Ford to court under the Lemon Law. I would like Ford to know that I'am not the ony one experencing the rattle problems.

    My name is Kim Moore, I live in Illinois and I own a 2007 MKX. If you would like to let Ford know how you feel about your recent purchase: e-mail a statement with your problems resolve and unresolved to [email protected] including your name and state so we can let Ford know there is a problem with their LUXURY Crossover Vehicle.
  • ok3mooreok3moore Member Posts: 8
    I don't understand what would another dealer do for me now. Nobody wants to deal with a truck with all these problems that they did not sell.
  • akirbyakirby Member Posts: 8,062
    Any Ford dealer is authorized to perform warranty repairs. If you explain that your selling dealer isn't fixing your problems I'm sure they'd love the opportunity to gain a customer if they can fix them for you.

    You may have a lemon but if it was me I'd at least give another dealer one shot to fix it. Unfortunately there are a lot of incompetent and uncaring dealers out there. Maybe the economic crisis will get rid of a lot of them over the next few months.
  • ok3mooreok3moore Member Posts: 8
    A Ford (FSE) did a inspection and took my truck out for a drive. He stated in his report ,"no abnormal noises were heard". So, now what would you do?
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