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My 92' Cont., with 3.8 L, produces heavy gas smell especially during the hot weather, the engine is hot, and right after the driving into the garage with engine stop. It happen more when the gas tank is low (~7 gals or less). The engine seems to run fine, the car starts without problem. Gas consuming at about 20 mpg on high way 14 in the city driving. I don't think we over fill-up the tank at all. I saw someone asked about gas smell about the Sable, in another conference, but no comments were provided. Is this a common problem for Ford 3.8 L? Can some one provide any direction on what to look for? Thanks!!


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    Check the Evaporative Fuel Cannister...the filter box that traps excess vapors from your injection could be malfunctioning, and maybe it is still warrantied (doubtful, but...).
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    I remembered someone mentioned about the gas cap malfunction can cause the gas smell, is this true?

    How about daily short distant driving, could this also cause excessive condensation in the cannister and eventually generate gas smell?
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    Hmmm...I don't think short trips could cause this unless you are really experiences fuel contamination in the engine's crankcase...that is, actual unburned fuel sloshing around in your engine oil---a very very bad situation.

    I would think that a malfunctioning gas cap would trigger your "check engine" light, but I can't say for sure on your model. Your smog station could check the cap real quick for you.

    As for the cannister, even a loose return line could cause this, or the filter might just be old and clogged by now.
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    Just replaced the cannister, cost $52 + tx. The old one smell gas but there was no trace of condensation, it was total dry. I think the pressure build up in the gas tank, especially in the hot weather and the tank is empty (less pressure build up with full tank because there is more liquid in the tank to heat up), and when the engine stop the pressure build up and releases through the cannister. Maybe the gas cap is malfunctioning, however there is no code from the computer. Maybe the whole thing is normal.
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    There is no pressure buildup in the gas tank if the evaporative emission control (charcoal cannister) system is working properly. Any fuel fumes pass through a hose from the tank to the cannister and are absorbed in the carbon media. After the engine is started and warmed up and the throttle is off idle, the fumes are purged from the cannister to the engine. If the gas smell continues after replacing the cannister have all the hoses and gas cap checked like Mr. Shiftright suggested, and have the EVAP controls checked.
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    If all that checks out, you may have to go on a lift and look for a leak...if the smell is strong enough for you to smell inside the car, it warrants your close attention.
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    I will monitor the gas smell problem with the new cannister. Before replacement of the cannister, the gas smell seemed worst when the engine just shut off, no gas smell when the engine cool down. Only one in a while we noticed the gas smell in the car while driving.

    By the way what is the EVAP? Does this have to be checked by a mechanist?
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    Evaporative Emission Control System. The charcoal cannister and it's plumbing and controls. Prevents the release of hydrocarbons from the fuel tank to the atmosphere.
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    Help! I have 91 stanza and have the same gas smell problem. I took it to local garage and they told me that they did fuel pressure test and found the fuel injectors leak (the necks connected to CAM have oily dust and gas smell). They asked for $1,300 for replacing all four fuel injectors. Someone told me that all I need is to replace inject or seal o'ring. Any comments?
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    I replaced the cannister, the gas cap, and the fuel filter was replaced not too long ago, also re-routed the hose to totally by passed the EVAP purger valve. Checked the lines, and they all look ok. The car seems to run normal when cold, hot, city and highway driving.

    Still have the gas smell from the cannister area, also notice gas smell and pressure releasing from the tank pressure release hose located near the fuel filter under the rear passenger, there is lot of pressure releasing when open the gas cap. The symtom getting worst as the gas tank getting empty.

    Just wonder if the gas return line need to pass through the air conditioning to keep the gas cooler?

    Is there someone out there with the FORD 3.8L experiencing similar problem and know what need to fix it, please help.
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    Yes, I have another comment...go to another shop immediately! That estimate is over the moon!
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