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Lets Hear from CTS/CTSV Owners Happy With Their Ride

red67c2red67c2 Posts: 3
Hi, I'm new to this form. I joined because I was thinking about buying a CTS or maybe a CTS-V. I have read lots about their problems and now I'd like to hear from owners who are happy with theirs and don't have any of the problems mentioned on this forum. I have my own idea what might be causing these engine problems but need to hear from owners with no to little problems. If you respond, please post your year, model and for those that purchased new, how you drove the car for the first 500 miles. I'm interested where you kept the tachometer reading most of the time. Thanks for those that respond. There has to be some happy owners out there. So lets hear from you!


  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 4,141
    edited May 2013
    these days don't post. They've been driven away.

    A free-flowing CTS board that goes all over the place and actually discusses the CTS from time to time generates comraderie and much interest -- those who drive one and those who might like to participated. That board was shut down (many) years ago, and here we are.

    There are rumblings that the old ways may come back, but it'll take years for the people who are satisfied with their cars to begin posting again on a regular basis.

    In the meantime, check your oil regularly and get rid of the car if consumption goes up to unreasonable amounts.
  • red67c2red67c2 Posts: 3
    I was trying to get information on how these cts' engines were being broken in. Not doing so the proper way can lead to great oil consumption problems which seems to be a big problem from what I am reading. I was trying to get information from owners that had cts' without oil consumption problems to help prove my point. From what you are saying I guess I should have been asking the ones with the problems to get more responses. The bottom line is it would be nice to hear from both. I guess your right, more people like to post that have to vent than those that are happy.
  • mrcoupemrcoupe Posts: 27
    i was very happy with my 2007 cts i leased with white diamond ,,i bought it late in 2007 and could have got the new body,,,but once i heard the engine changed i stuck with the old v6 and did not get the direct inject and lucky i did i heard the 2008 had problems with the cam and timing chain
    now the 2007 i leased with every intention to buy but it was rwd and really was terrible in the rain and snow,i couldnt get it up the driveway with a dusting of snow on the ground,,car had good power
    and i thought handled well,,
  • miko99miko99 Posts: 5
    edited May 2013
    I drove my 2008 CTS DI PREMIUM RWD 38,000 miles. The only problems I had were a bad coil and a non-functioning window, both of which were fixed promptly. I also had a dead battery and Road Side Assistance came and replaced my 3 year old battery free of charge.

    I now have traded in the 2008 for a 2012 CTS-V Coupe, have driven for one year with no problems, but a lot of fun and admiring glances.

    How's that for a Happy Owner red67c2
  • red67c2red67c2 Posts: 3
    Hey, great to hear the good news! Last week I spoke with a gent that had over 40,000 on a 2008 AWD CTS who was very happy with his ride especially when driving in snow and rain. He said the AWD worked great. He also stated he had no oil consumption problems or leaks in his sunroof. This is the kind of news people like me who are thinking about making a purchase like to hear.
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