Aston Martin Vantage after 6 years

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40,000 miles later, I have to say I'm still pretty pleased with my Vantage. Clutch blew after 3 years but they replaced it free. There have been a few surprises:

It's still backfiring on downshifts (3 to 2, mostly). When I bought it they said this would only happen during the "break-in period." Some break-in.

When the driver's side floor mat lifted up, they offered to replace both mats for $2,880. Still the strangest offer I've ever heard from a service dep't. I stuck it back down with Velcro.

The car now refuses to lock unless the passenger door is opened and closed first. Driver's side door = no difference; you can open and close it and click the remote (hear the solenoid click) 7, 8 times and both doors are still unlocked. Open and close the passenger door once... and then both doors lock. Service dep't (Galpin, North Hills, CA) said they can't tackle it until I pay $1,180 to replace both door latches. Wouldn't even check the electronics. I pointed out there's nothing wrong with the latches; it latches fine, when it locks. Maybe the solenoids? The circuitry? Nope: have to buy $1,100 worth of latches before they'll even check it.

I had this runaround with the dead clutch too; they said it'd be $5,200 for a new clutch and THEN they'd do a diagnostic. When I refused and they finally pulled my clutch pad out, the mechanic said it was the most pristine used clutch he'd seen. I think this stuff is possibly because they get so many millionaires who question nothing: "go ahead, replace it..."

Everything else running fine. Trim is good, "flappy paddles" still responsive. Radio, A/C, all good. Still getting compliments. But now that I'm out of warrantee I will be looking for an AM mechanic in Los Angeles...


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    And here I am a year later at nearly 50,000 miles. Haven't fixed the passenger door but I may be about to: the car often refuses to lock at all for 7 or 8 tries, even when the passenger door is repeatedly opened and closed.

    The SatNav gave up at about 46,000 miles. It starts talking to me when activated but the screen won't open. Nothing to do but replace it, I'm told. $2,100.

    And I've had an iffy left turn signal. It comes and goes, "failing" once a month. Over $3,000 to replace the module.

    The backfiring is quieter (usually now on upshift from 2 to 3) but it's still there. The tech claims never to have been able to reproduce it (as they have claimed regarding many noises I've taken it in for: a high-pitched squealing during pull-away, a ship's-mast squeaking in the steering shaft, a strange new engine sound like a bike's light generator...).

    It still looks great but the insurance, even after 40+ years of ticket-free, accident-free driving, is still expensive in L.A. If my few tiny nicks and dings (painted-over) don't play hell with the resale, I may move on and sell it this year. But I still get a thrill of driving it, on short trips or long.

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    Do you think after all this you'll be a repeat buyer or do you have your eye on something else?

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    I've never really "eyed" any other car. Had an Aston martin yen since childhood; 2007 was the first year I could afford one. I'd get another if I won the lottery...

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