Honda S2000 Limited Production assertions

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Noticed a message in S2000 Rev problem that S2000 is limited production? I was told the same thing by dealer when I went to test drive. Was told 5000 made last year and only 5000 this year and that this year was last year they were going to make this car? Was even told that this would cause resale value of car to GO UP. Any truth to these statements?


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    Limited production does not make a car's value go up, no. There are plenty of rare cars that are worthless. It is only DEMAND that makes value go up. Furthermore, 5,000 cars per year is NOT limited production by classic car standards...that's a LOT of cars on the marketplace. This is especially true of modern cars, which last so much longer than the older ones did. They only make 1,200 Vipers a year but they have not gone up in value, nor have Porsches or Ferraris or whatever.

    Also, dealer's don't know what the factory is going to do...often the factory doesn't know what it is going to do. All this talk is worth no more than what comes out your tailpipe. Only time will answer your questions. If they cut production at 10,000 total cars, yes in perhaps 15 years or so the values might start to rise, after the car has fully depreciated.
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    Hi All,

    Can you recommend a good mechanic for a '89 944 in the Boston Area and not dealer. Dealer prices too high for me at the moment until I pay off the Porsche. Need the mechanic to be able to do oil changes, tune-ups, etc.

    Thanks for the help
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    Hi newporsche! Please see my response in your duplicate posting!

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