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Volkswagen Owners-Meet the Members

Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,070
edited March 2014 in Volkswagen
How long have you been a Jetta owner? What do you love about your Jetta? Tell us a bit about yourself!

My name is Karen and I'll be your host in the VW Jetta club. Please let me know if there are any discussions you would like to see included in the folder. And chat? I can arrange for your club to have their own chat here at Just let me know!

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  • akanglakangl Posts: 3,648
    Well, looks like I am the first one. I purchased my 2001 Jetta GLS 1.8T 7 days ago. Its Tonado Red......or as my cop friends call it "give me a ticket red." I live in Alaska. This is my second Jetta, I used to own a 94 Jetta GL 4 years ago. My husband grew up in a VW family, his parents always drove VWs. We bought my Jetta when we had to downsize from a minivan and the Jetta was the natural choice since its a car we both enjoy. My Jetta has 1250 miles on it right now.......we took it on a 700 mile trip 2 days after we bought it. So far its been a great car. Its getting a new set of winter tires this week since those darn Eagle LS that it came with are going to put the poor car in the ditch. Come on other Jetta your stories!!
  • Hey I'm David. Don't have my new jetta yet :-( My previous car was an 86 Jetta GLi. But, I'm getting a new Jetta 2k1 GLS, Lux, Monsoon, and maybe cold weather package.

    I cann't wait to pickup my car and let you know what I think of it!!!

  • k_h_bk_h_b Posts: 54
    I became a VW owner earlier today, about noonish :) I took home a brand new 2001 VW Jetta wolfsburg, moonroof, heated seats, and monsoon. I've put on about 60 miles today lol. Me and my buddies are gonna take a road trip tonight, who knows how far we'll get. I'm 19, From Green Bay. No stories yet!! :D
  • My name is John. I own a 2000 Jetta GL, tornado red. I just recently moved to the Midwest and needed a new car for my 60 mile commute to work in Indianapolis. I bought the car in October. I'm up to over 12000 miles. I bought the car from Dreyer and Reinbold in Greenwood, IN. I have been very pleased so far with the service. I have a check engine light come on when I first purchased the car. I was given a loaner GLS for the day and when I returned, all was fixed and the car was washed. I also had the in-dash CD player installed. Being a musician by profession, I'm pretty critical about audio systems. I'm very pleased with the Premium system.
    After having our first child, I got rid of a Mercedes 240D. I really missed the feel of a German car. I'm thrilled to once again be in a European auto.
  • Hello, my name is Tyler. I traded in my 2000 Hyundai Tiburon for a Galactic Blue 2001 VW Jetta Wolfsburg edition(I couldn't stand a 2 door car anymore!!!. I love it. There's no other way to put it. Sometimes, I find myself just driving just to spend all the time I possibly can in my car. My Jetta has the sunroof and the Monsoon stereo system. I live in Orlando, so I have no use for heated seats. I really like the BBS wheels. They are very cool. I like to drive with the windows down so I can hear the sweet hiss of the turbo. it's great! I've had the car for 8 days now, and i have 842 miles on the odometer. nothing much else to say. everyone post your stories and lets get this forum going!!!

  • Cool! This is pretty awesome. But not near as awesome as a drive in a Jetta...Yeah! On a cold day with the sun roof open and the cold wind blowin'! And, of course, the bun warmers on!! :))

    I can hardly wait for summer!! We're driving to Yellowstone for a springtime vacation this year!! Woohoo!

    Thanks again Karen for the cool Jetta room to hang out. :)))

  • k_h_bk_h_b Posts: 54
    Like I was saying, picked the car up yesterday.. put on about 50 miles before work... hehe
    After work me and 3 of my buddies took it cruising, had to let them drive :o
    Drove down to milwaukee in back... got back at 7 in the morning heh heh. It was kind of rainy slushly out.. the Car just handles phenomanally.. put on 300 miles or so :D
  • Well, today I hit 1000 miles on my Jetta. nothing spectacular yet, but I've only had the car since the 5th. so far, i've had only one minor glitch with my car. it seems the pinch protection on the passenger side window is a little too hyperactive, because almost every time I use the auto up feature, the darn thing rolls back down again. it will be fixed asap, you can guarantee that. well, till next time, happy motoring!!!

  • akanglakangl Posts: 3,648
    Got ya beat on miles!! I have had my Jetta since 2/6/01 and it turned 1300 miles today. The only problem I have had with it is the turn signals have a mind of their own, but it was that way before I bought it, actually took a test drive with no functioning turn signals. Waiting on a relay for it so no big deal. It was -15 this morning (I live in Alaska) and the Jetta started pretty good with minor grumbling, the engine heaters weren't plugged in.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,070
    I spoke to Dana/Community Manager and they are trying to get all the Club chats set up on

    Tuesdays: 4-5pmPT/7-8pmET


    Thursdays: 5-6pmPT/8-9pmET, 6-7pmPT/9-10ET, 7-8pmPT/10-11pmET (This last time would be kind of late for East coast, but is available if you want it.)

    The first scheduled chat would be March 6 or 8.

    Let me know what time works for you!

    Owner's Clubs

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  • I can't decide between the GLX or the GLS...any suggestions?
  • k_h_bk_h_b Posts: 54
    Personally I didnt think the GLX was worth the extra cash. The extra features it has are kind of gimmicky, auto dimming rear mirror, automatic climate control.. wood grain interior, rain sensing wipers. blah blah! The wolfsburg edition fitted my needs best and if there was no wolfsburg, The 1.8T GLS or VR6 GLS would be the way to go. Make sure you get the moonroof and sport suspension, its worth it! Also , love the monsoon.
  • Greetings Jetta owners!! Here is a quick question for your consideration. My wife, a 5'2'', 54 year old is looking at a job that has a 100 mile interstate run. Most of the miles are on busy I-75. How will the LX with the sport suspension handle semi-hilly roads with loads of trailer-truck traffic? Around town on a test drive the car seems to fit a short woman comfort wise, how will she to in the Jetta on extended trips?? Any other input will be appreciated!

    Drive on safely, Whitetrike
  • I purchased my 2001 1.8T GLS a little after January and already have over 1400 miles on it. I purchased the Sports Luxury and Cold Weather with Monsoon in a Galactic Blue Outfit fully loaded with sunroof etc. for about 22K. It has been running pretty well and the only problem I have is a mysterious creaking in the back when I go over bumps slowly. The 17" tires compliment the cars lines well although the body sits a little too high and emits some roll on tight turns. I drive in maniacal traffic every morning to work in Los Angeles and it takes at least an hour or more to get there. Trailer-truck traffic is not much of a problem since the torque on this baby lets me swing by those danger zones in a quick step. Chipping the car would give a more demanding push and for uner $500 you are sitting at almost 200 horsepower in this baby. Turbo is worth it...don't go for anything lessunless you absolutely cannot afford it.
  • Help, I bought my 2001 tdi gls in 9/2000 and have 22,000 miles on it and still get only 38 mpg. Yes, I went through the normal break-in steps. Is there any help? Is there a chip available? I will be out of warranty soon.
  • akanglakangl Posts: 3,648
    I have to say my 2001 Jetta GLS 1.8T just gets better with age. I bought it 11 days ago and it has 1700 miles on it now. Checked the gas mileage yesterday.........36 mpg on the highway!!! I was thrilled. I had winter tires put on it Thursday, what a fiasco that was, ended up with grease all over the headliner and a missing hubcap. The tire place bought another hubcap and is paying for a full detail for the car. Add that to the fact that it took them all day to realize that their tire balancer didn't work right........couldn't drive the Jetta it shook horribly. Finally sent the car somewhere else to have the tires balanced, problem solved. I felt sorry for the Jetta!!
  • I've had my Jetta (yes I've re-badged it as a Bora) for just a little over a year (1/25) and already have 24,000 miles on it. I live in North Carolina so unlike Tyler in Orlando the heated seats do come in handy and get raves from passengers in the winter. I have the car featured at my website on the VR6 Page at . I'm 39 and I've had a few cars but this one is my fave. When I'm in it it just seems like it was built around me while I sat there. I've kept a record of every gas fill up and mileage seems to be dead-on the epa estimates. The last road trip I took was from Winston-Salem to Richmond and I got just a fraction over 26mpg, which is the rating I think for the VR6 with automatic. I'd rather have a 5sp but I still have bad memories from a failed clutch on a previous vehicle, so I picked the automatic.

    I also agree with k h b that the GLX just didn't seem to be worth the extra cash. I can live without the wood and the power seats and auto climate control. All nice things and I know some want them, but too much $$$ and just a few extra things to possible break in the (hopefully far distant) future.

    Most of my driving is day to day city stuff but there's a 200 mile round trip every weekend on the interstates that's always a fun drive. I still enjoy driving it as much as the day I got it.

    Looking forward to the chats!

  • I bought my strawberry red Jetta GL about 3 years ago, and it has just over 50,000 miles on it without any problems! It's such a fun car to drive and the most reliable car that I've ever owned. I've added a few little things to it, like tinted windows, alloy wheels, a CD-changer and a custom fit subwoofer, but other than that it's totally stock. I love to crank up the seat heaters in the winter time and open the sunroof.
  • Hiyas everyone. Ok, I'm trying to convert here and the VW dealers here in NY are not helping me. Has anyone purchased a car from a VW dealership recently where the service and price was actually a good price. I am not asking for a deal here. I've been shopping for the past 2 months on the weekends and dealers are all trying to hit me with 200 to 400 under MSRP. I know Jettas/ or VW's for the matter are hot cars but we're not talking about Porsche here! Please, any advice will be great including what price I should get for the Jetta GLX with 17", sport susp, that multi-funct. steering wheel, and the hope that I will never have to use side curtain airbag. Thanks again everyone and hope to join this club soon!!
  • akanglakangl Posts: 3,648
    I purchased my 2001 Jetta GLS for $500 back of dealer cost. I was actually surprised that they did the deal since it was the only 1.8T Jetta on the lot. My salesperson was wonderful and we got a good trade in on our 99 Nissan Quest SE and our 2000 Arctic Cat ZL700 (yes, they took a snowmobile in on trade). As for the service department, well, they are truely wonderful, this is the same service department I used for my Nissan since its a Nissan/VW dealer. I have never had a problem getting an appointment....I can usually get one within a couple days of calling. There are good VW dealers out there, just have to look for them I guess. Good Luck.
  • Hey woj-

    Nice to see someone else with an older (compared to the 2000s, 2001s I keep seeing) Jetta. I have a '97 Jetta GL 5-spd and I love it! I have way too much fun driving it. I had never driven a standard before when I got it, but I was determined to learn as my brother used to have a '96 GL 5-spd and loved his.

    I got it used a little over a year ago and so far-so good. Just hit 42,000 yesterday. I do need to take her in to have her brakes checked though. My favorite part is the little song it sings when I start it up. Must be a German thing - it's very endearing. :)

  • Hey just order new gls with v6,leather sport luxury,(with the 17 inch rims)rear spoiler blue lagoon with grey leather can anyone tell me how long they waited for there car because Iam now anxious to get it This is my 1st new car anything i should know about vw's
  • 668668 Posts: 13
    My TDI has 50k miles on it. The best mileage I've gotten is 55.5mpg and the worst was 42mpg. I have a lifetime average of just over 49mpg. This car is a great commuter. It has plenty of power and is more substantial than driving a Metro or Civic HX. It is basically a Jetta GLS with the TDI engine. If you have never driven a diesel drive a TDI, it will change your mind about diesel if all you think of is the 70's era cars.
  • akanglakangl Posts: 3,648
    I owned a 98 Metro 3-cyl, cute little car. Usually averaged 50 mpg or better. I paid $6500 for it, drove it for 3 months put 5000 miles on it and sold it for $7000. When I went looking for a Jetta a couple weeks ago there was no TDI to be found, so I ended up with a 1.8T, so far its getting around 36 mpg. Maybe I will be able to get a TDI next time.
  • I guess i'm enjoying my car too much, because im only getting 18-20 mpg. oh well. you win some and you lose some. anyway, im at 1800 miles and no problems except my passenger side window that has a mind of its own(see post #9). i haven't had enough time to take care of the problem yet, but it will be fixed. I just have a quick question, does anyone know if putting an amp and subs in will void the warranty? if so, i've got two rockford fosgate 12" subs and an MTX amp for sale.
    till next time

  • akanglakangl Posts: 3,648
    I usually drive around 75 to 80 mph and still manage to get 36 mpg on the highway. My Jetta will turn 2000 miles the next time I drive it. So far the only problem is the turn signal relay which is getting fixed next week. I am looking forward to summer when I can really let the Jetta fly.......hmmm, note to self.....need a new radar detecter.
  • I knew it would happen. i got a speeding ticket. i don't even have a real tag yet, and i already have a ticket. AMAZING!!! here's the details. i was just driving, listening to the radio with my eyes on the road just minding my own business, when here comes the blue and red lights. i was doing 71 in a 45 and i didn't even realize it! the car is so smooth and quiet that you can be going fast and not even notice. has anyone else experienced this? anyway, the officer was really nice and cut it down to 55 in a 45 instead of 71. he saved me over $100. a word of warning: WATCH THE SPEEDOMETER!!!
  • I'm also investing in a high quality radar detector ASAP.
  • My wife keeps warning me that I'll end up with a ticket. I live in Indiana and drive an hour up to Indianapolis each day for work. The interstate is pretty straight and flat. Traffic really moves. I have found myself doing about 90 several times. I even have the small 2.0 GL!There is a sweet spot at about 80 mph. Then the engine gets noisier than hell, but then smooths out at about 90. (I usually have my CD player going, so I really don't hear the engine anyway.) I can't imagine having the turbo or the V6. My insurance rates would be triple!

    A radar detector will probably be my next birthday present from my wife!

    Happy motoring.
  • Yup! That's the truth, man. The 2.0 loves it at 80 and my car always wants to go there. I could drive it with the speedometer blacked out and would hit 80 everytime.

    And yeah...About 81/82 through 88 or so is pretty loud. Drones, is a better word, and then it flattens out again and wants to go more.

    And this is EXACTLY the reason I never even test drove a 1.8T or a VR6!!! Though I did test drive a WE 3 weeks ago...;-)

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