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1998 Pontiac Grand Prix SE code scanner failure

My 1998 Pontaic Grand Prix SE 3.1 V6 has failed emissions twice now. I replaced the EGR valve, cam sensor and want to check the code to see if anything else pops, but the code scanner (Mac Tools 9040 Global OBD II Code Scanner #ET9040) won't power up. The scanner works fine on other cars, just not mine. Is there someway I can get it to work?

I'm not big on newer computer cars. My specialty is old American muscle cars and this stuff is just irritating.


  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 58,488
    Could be a number of things.

    First check all fuses.

    then check the data port for loose or backed out or corroded pins; also check the connection behind the data port.

    On most cars if you insert a slider over pins 16 and 5 (you can buy these sliders at Radio Shack), you can then test for 12V and for a bad ground (16 should read 12V and 5 should supply the ground).

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  • Thanks, I will do that. I took it to a mechanic I trust and he has various scanners. The first didn't work, but the second one he tried did. Which seems odd to me. I need to talk to him as well.
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