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Driving in deep, loose sand

I would like to purchase the 2014 Explorer to replace my 1998 Mountaineer but am unsure as to how the new electronically controlled drive train will function in deep, loose sand. With my current vehicle I put it into 4W-high, let air out of the tires, and have never had a problem. Anyone had any experience driving the 2014 Explorer in deep, loose sand? I have driven the 2013 (rental) in snow and 4 or 5 inch deep hard pack sand and it, not surprisingly, did just fine. The question is about deep ( 6 to 10 inches), loose sand.


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    @juschecking, I'm going to edit the discussion to try to get some more attention for the '14 Explorer.

    You may have to air down and be the guinea pig though. But the towing bill wouldn't be fun. I remember a sign at Great Sand Dunes NP saying the minimum tow for the sand road on the eastern edge of the dunes there is $450.

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    "The 2014 Ford Explorer rides very smoothly on the highway, with good composure over broken pavement. As such, Ford's crossover SUV is enjoyable on longer drives. It handles securely in typical driving situations, but overall, it feels larger and less maneuverable than similarly sized rivals."

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    The Explorer has a couple of air deflectors in each lower front corner. They are about curb height, but I think they can be removed The 20 inch tire/rims are for on road only.

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