Toyota Tundra Problems

ratboy3ratboy3 Member Posts: 324
I will post a problem when I experience one. I'm sure it will happen but I hope not soon. Truck is only 6 mos old.


  • amoraamora Member Posts: 204
    If no problem by now, you will probably have a trouble free truck...
  • appaloosa1appaloosa1 Member Posts: 2
    My Tundra turned 1 year old last December and so far I've had the following problems:

    Plastic piece that snaps onto the bottom of front seat came off.

    Twice, the truck didn't start the first time I cranked it. Those two times it started on the next crank.

    I had hoped the gas mileage would improve with age, but I am getting around 18 mpg or so.

    In other words, I have had no problems worth reporting. So far, I am very pleased with the truck. There aren't any rattles, hums, whistles, or other noises that weren't there the day I drove it off the lot.

    It performs great when hauling a load and is a real pleasure to drive.
  • eharri3eharri3 Member Posts: 640
    was that a problem in the winter? I seem to remember one magazine that did a long term test of a Tundra had the same problem... wouldn't start on the first crank. Of course, Toyota spin DR's said the truck is actually designed to start this way so the oil can circulate.
  • gportergporter Member Posts: 14
    After 13 months & 17,000 miles, I have had no problems. It starts the same, even at 20 below, which us Minnesotans had the misfortune of dealing with at Christmas. I have never been happier with a vehical, it makes the ride and brakes on my 97 Camry LE feel cheap. Only wish the gas mileage was better and it wasn't so fun to kick down!!
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    Hi all,

    I've read all your comments about the Tundra that you have bought. I am looking for some opinion on the Tundra. I am planning to buy the new 01 Tundra SR5 V8 4x4. Never had a truck. Hope to here from you. Thanks!

  • diverjohndiverjohn Member Posts: 1
    I have recently purchased a new 2001 SR5 Tundra with the V8 engine. I have owned a lot of vehicles in my 67 years but this is the best. Quiet, plenty of room, powerful engine, acceptable gas mileage, smooth ride ------ what else would anyone want?
  • obyoneobyone Member Posts: 7,841
    what other trucks have you owned? Last model year?
  • ratboy3ratboy3 Member Posts: 324
    you're lucky you get 18mpg. I can almost do 16mpg on mine. but this one is a daily driver through residential area. I'm 5 miles from work.
  • pkoopmanspkoopmans Member Posts: 2
    I have been saving my money and would like to buy a 2000 SR5 Super Cab 2WD. Since Edmunds doesn't have the data on it, what is a reasonable price? And what about availability?
  • tundraownertundraowner Member Posts: 4
    2001 Tundra SR-5 Access Cab V-8 2WD

    I have experienced the following problems with only 1,803 on the odometer...

    -Roughness or vibration from drivetrain when leaving a stop

    -Front windows rattle when 1/2 way down

    -Drivers door doesn't close correctly

    -Center Console lid latch broken

    -Glove box latch color is poorly matched
  • tundraownertundraowner Member Posts: 4
    The Tundra V-8 Access Cab is large, solid and well built. Here I my likes dislikes...

    -No 5 speed available, Automatic transmission only with the iForceV-8! WHY??

    -Tracks poorly in corners, can't take corners or windy roads. Sloppy in emergency handling.

    -Slow off the line (iForceV-8)

    -Clean but Boring interior, no toys even as options! Why no Sequoia parts bin sharing here?

    -I can't get comfortable in this truck for long trips. Captains chairs have NO LUMBAR SUPPORT!!!

    -Stereo is long distance from wheel, steering wheel volume control would be nice when hauling.

    -Stock Bridgestone Desert Dueler tires are WEAK and awful! Why does the cheaper Tacoma get better Goodyear Wrangler GS-A tires.

    -Steering wheel distance and driving position uncomfortable for a 6'3" person. Telescoping steering wheel would help.

    -Big Blindspot from seatbelt anchor


    -FINALLY, a serious full size truck from TOYOTA!

    -Toyota Quality, Lexus look derived parts and design ideas.

    -Once it gets'll beat almost anything at the stop light.

    -Clean, bold good looks.

    -Reasonable pricing

    -Large interior

    -Proves trucks can be built with better fit and finish...Must have Ford, Chevy and Dodge execs running scared or trying to build a better truck!

    My Tundra is a 2001 access cab SR-5 2WD V8.
  • tundraownertundraowner Member Posts: 4
  • tundraownertundraowner Member Posts: 4
    I notice owners of other full size trucks like Ford, Chevy, and Dodge give dirty looks and attempt to cut of or race. SORRY GUYS I DROVE YOUR TRUCKS AND FIT AND FINSISH, THE PAINT, THE QUALITY OF MATERIALS IS EMBARASSING. I'd buy a Domestic truck tommarrow if it looked like the TUNDRA and lasted as long as Toyotas do without ANY problems.
  • grayduckgrayduck Member Posts: 6
    went to a dealer today to purchase a tundra. i was stopped in my tracks when i found out that the tundra is not available with limited slip or locking rear axle. any advice on this? has anyone used this truck for off road muddy conditions? how does it compare to the other trucks in it's class?
  • bessbess Member Posts: 972
    See the big3 vs. Tundra discussion here. Although some folks in this discussion have had negative comments about the Ford/Dodge/Chevy, you'll see that all 4 of these trucks are very close.
  • rooster9rooster9 Member Posts: 239
    There is supposedly an available limited slip rear end available from TRD. If there's not, there will be shortly. There is also aftermarket lockers available.
  • wantatoyota1wantatoyota1 Member Posts: 1
    I want a manual transmition,
    You can’t get that with the V8
    So I go for the V6, Fine
    I want an 8 foot bed
    You can’t get that with the Extend cab
    So I go for a Regular cab V6 fine
    You can’t get that with ABS “Special order” according to my 3 local dealers.
    Wake up Toyota, That is standard on every other truck.
    You can’t get that truck with Captain’s chairs
    You can’t get even get 60/40 split seat you have to use a solid bench
    There is no reason for this!!!
    I asked for a power package on this truck and was laughed at.
    I want a Toyota Tundra but unfortunately I will buy a Nissan Frontier
    It has everything I need as standard, It is not as nice but I can live with that.

    Brian, Boston MA
  • tundradudetundradude Member Posts: 588
    Not getting ABS is no loss. The same goes for power package. However, that 60/40 option would be nice. That way I can sit back from the windshield when the wife is in command.
  • samiam9samiam9 Member Posts: 1
    I just got a new 2001 V8 4x2 Tundra...i love it but it makes a noise that sounds like a clunk everytime i start the truck after it has been parked...probably about three seconds after i put it in gear and start moving...any suggestions to what this could be?
  • eharri3eharri3 Member Posts: 640
    Every time people point out optiuosn they want that you can't get on a Tundra for one reason or another Tundra owners tell people it's not really necessary anyway. It obviously was to the guy shopping the Tundras, or else he wouldn't belooking to drive home in a Frontier. Face it, Toyota tells customers what they can have. ford, Dodge, and Chevy let customers decide what their needs are.
  • rooster9rooster9 Member Posts: 239
    I don't know, I ordered my Tundra exactly how I wanted it, right to the option.
  • rooster9rooster9 Member Posts: 239
    Does it make the clunk after you hit the brakes?
  • z71billz71bill Member Posts: 1,986
    Toyota has no choice but to limit the different option packages / variations that they offer. For example - I would bet Ford sells more long bed X-cab versions of its 1/2 ton than Toyota sells Tundras of all models. No way Toyota can afford to procuce two different wheel bases - the numbers are just not large enough to suppport the development cost. This does not mean the Tundra is a POS - it just means your choices are limited.
  • ken0ken0 Member Posts: 29
    In question of Rooster - what did you do to get Tundra rigged out exactly the way you wanted it?
    Every time I try to "build" one it says that you have sacrifice "this" to get "that" and I want both
  • tundradudetundradude Member Posts: 588
    Everyone has their own opinion of what they want and some people value certain options more than others.

    I have the power package on both my cars, but I think it is pointless in my truck.
  • georgevettegeorgevette Member Posts: 15
    I am a little out of place here in that I am a Sequoia owner but what I am asking about is for parts which are the same with each vehicle. I am plagued with a roaming vehicle at highway speeds. It is a chore keeping it straight on freeways; of course this is one of the main reasons I BOUGHT the Sequoia was for its rack and pinion steering!
    Also, I have a constant light fluttering vibration at all speeds, constantly, which is driving me nuts!The vibration started right after the right front hub and front differential were replaced at 500 miles...
    Any thoughts or anyone else experience the driveline vibrations? Taking back to dealer on Monday, for its 4th visit in a month.. Love my Sequoia except when I have to drive it!! :-(
  • lewmlewm Member Posts: 3
    Have a 2001 4x4 Limited with about 1500 miles. Also hear a clunk after i back it out of my garage, put it into D, and start moving forward. Also, the driver's door handle makes a squeaking sound when it is opened. Had it replaced under warranty, but squeak returned after a few days. Any explanations would be appreciated. Thanks.
  • rooster9rooster9 Member Posts: 239
    The dealer ordered my Tundra how I wanted it, every option I wanted I got.

    I remember back in '99 I tried configuring a '99 Ford F-150 and was amazed at the limited options they had. I couldn't get certain things with certain other options. One that really left me wondering was that I couldn't get the silver paint color with the 5.4L engine. What the hell does the paint have anything to do with the size of the engine? Then everytime I would put the options I wanted on an XL F-150, it would kick the trim level up to an XLT or Lariat. It just plain sucked.
  • bulldogs91bulldogs91 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 V8 Tundra. What type of gas should I use regular, plus or premium? I want to use regular but my wife thinks we should use plus. What are other V8 Tundra drivers using. Thanks
  • rooster9rooster9 Member Posts: 239
    87 octane is fine for your Tundra. It says right in the owner's manual to use 87 octane. That's what I use.
  • eharri3eharri3 Member Posts: 640
    luck out, because they tend to want popular arrangements. If you want a setup that isn't in wide demand, you're more likely to get it somewhere else. Not saying it's good or bad. If it suits you that's fine.
  • tundrathunder1tundrathunder1 Member Posts: 19
    Is the clunk you hear coming from under the hood on the right side? If you have ABS the system runs a self diagnostic every time you start up and put it in gear. That is the clunk or noise that you hear and it is normal.
  • lewmlewm Member Posts: 3
    Thanks for the info tundrathunder1. But the noise is coming from the rear.... sounds almost like a bad u joint.
  • pocahontaspocahontas Member Posts: 802
    Fyi, this discussion was created for Toyota Tundra owners to discuss, and hopefully resolve, their truck problems. Let's all please respect that. And now, back to the subject of Toyota Tundra Problems. Thanks.

    Pickups Message Board
  • lufkin2lufkin2 Member Posts: 1
    I havn't had that problem with my Tundra. I did have a Cherokee that drove great until I changed to Kelly Springfield's. The jeep went nuts. It felt like I was driving on marshmallows. Have you changed tires? Just a thought. My truck handles great.
  • tundrathunder1tundrathunder1 Member Posts: 19
    I am not sure what the locker room analogy is all about. If you look at my first post to samiam9 I suggested the abs self diagnostic because it is a common question. I suggested tundra solutions to samiam9 because my tundra had a clunk in the rear end and to repair the problem I had to disconnect the drive shaft and lube the splines. Since my truck is a 4x4 I was not sure if the fix applied to samiam9's because it is a 4x2 hence the suggestion to go to tundra solutions. I don't think I am being overly sensitive I just didn't want to lead anyone astray. BTW my tundra also has a problem with the paint being susceptible to chipping rather easily however my understanding is a lot of manufacturers are having the same problem due to voc emissions having to be reduced in the painting process. On a more positive note if in fact I have any more problems and the post says tundra problems I sure will let people know on this site as well as others.
  • duckcallerduckcaller Member Posts: 107
    The first time I had to brake hard with my Tundra - not locking up, just braking quite a bit harder than normal - I noticed (didn't hear, just felt) a light clunk from the back. Have since felt it many times. I mentioned it to my dealer when I took it in for my first oil change and the manager said it's the rear brakes adjusting back after having used more force than normal. It doesn't occur - or I don't notice it - on normal braking.

    The Tundra ABS is pretty awesome. I was trailering my boat to the lake last summer when I encountered (in Alabama this really does happen) somebody backing up on the interstate after they'd missed their exit. I panic braked when I came up on the guy and the rear tires locked, the front ABS kicked in by the book and I was able to steer my rig around the offending car - all the while with the rear tires locked up... around 50 feet or so, I figure. Aside from practically wetting my pants and stopping my heart, everything was fine. With that incident in mind, I'd say there's no problem with the Tundra brakes.
  • z71billz71bill Member Posts: 1,986
    I thought the Tundra had 4 wheel anti lock brakes as an option - are you sure your rear wheels were locked up?
  • duckcallerduckcaller Member Posts: 107
    I'm away from home right now, so I can't just go out and check my owners manual. I THOUGHT I had front ABS only. Is the 4 wheel ABS an option to the 2 wheel ABS? I don't know. I figured two wheel ABS would be standard and 4 wheel an option. I looked at the Edmunds page and just can't tell from that. I have the Limited - but again, I can't tell from the way Edmunds writes it up as to what is standard and what is an option.

    I DO know this - in the aforementioned incident, I definitely heard skidding from the back two tires and definitely left rubber on the pavement for about 50 feet. But I was able to continue steering throughout the skid - that's what I figure ABS is supposed to allow you to do. Incidentally - I don't have trailer brakes on my boat trailer, so it wasn't THOSE brakes locking up on me.

    And again - I definitely felt a clunk from the back end when I eased off the brakes.
  • rickclarkrickclark Member Posts: 1
    In cold weather, below 32 degrees with radio off off and engine is started a clanking noise at idle and a louder diesel engine sound is noticed when taking off. Noise quits as soon as engine warms up 3-5 minutes.
  • duckcallerduckcaller Member Posts: 107
    The deisel sound is normal - I haven't heard the clanking sound though. You're also getting terrible mileage while it's warming up, so take it easy. You can tell when the Tundra has warmed up because it allows overdrive and you'll start to get warm air out of the blower. And it stops sounding like a diesel...

    I went through a brief time after I first got my Tundra where it would be "hard starting" as many others have attested to. I would not call it hard starting - the engine cranks for MAYBE three to five seconds before it catches... and then wouldn't keep running after I let go of the key. Hasn't returned though it does tend to crank a bit before the engine starts. Dealer says this is part of the design - to circulate oil throughout the engine block prior to running.
  • z71billz71bill Member Posts: 1,986
    Tundra offers 4 wheel ABS as an option - the standard equipment is no ABS.

    Per Edmunds - Anti Lock Brake System
    Four-wheel ABS, Includes: [RL] Daytime Running Lights $630

    My guess is you either have no ABS or yours is not working.

    I also though on trucks without ABS that there was a valve of some type that prevented the rear wheels from locking up. This is a normal problem with pickups because they are so light in the rear. Maybe someone who owns a Tundra knows for sure.
  • ratboy3ratboy3 Member Posts: 324
    If it has ABS and you locked up the rear.. it's not working properly.
  • duckcallerduckcaller Member Posts: 107
    My truck has the ABS option and I just took it to the dealer today to have the oil changed at 10k miles... asked them to check it out. When I mentioned it to the guy at the counter he agreed that I shouldn't have left ANY skid marks on the pavement. Said that towing a trailer might have had something to do with it. Not sure why this would make a difference.

    Will let you know what they say when I pick it up later.
  • ajhasnowajhasnow Member Posts: 3
    I recently purchased a slightly used 2000 4x4 Tundra 9,300 miles, with SR5 and towing packages, no ABS. It is my first truck, and first 4x4. I have noticed that, (what I think) the transmission seems to slip slightly at low speeds, ie creeping in traffic waiting for a light to change, almost like the transmission is having a hard time making up its mind where it wants to be. Also I noticed when I let off the brake after a stop there is usually a "shudder" as I start to move forward. It goes away as soon as I move. Could be the brakes "breaking" in. Any one familiar with these problems?
    Also I went to check the tire pressure last night and checked the door frame for the recommendations, and the said 28 psi front and 35 psi rear with P245 70 R16 tires. I have P265 70 r16's on the truck any difference with filling them? All the tires were 28 psi. I filled them all to 35 psi. Is there any problems with that? I use the truck for Highway and back road driving and do not plan on much off road use, no where near by to do any. Any suggestions would be nice.
  • duckcallerduckcaller Member Posts: 107
    Picked my truck up this afternoon and the dealer says my ABS is working fine. It's raining so I "tried it" in the parking lot. At about 20 mph all four did the ABS thing - no sliding. Could dry pavement at 60 mph be different? I don't know. Anyway, no problem that I could find. Still wondering why I had lock up on the interstate.
  • z71billz71bill Member Posts: 1,986
    Your brakes should only take 500 or so miles before they are fully broken in.

    Tire psi - IMO 35PSI in the rear is too high if you normally run empty. Your rear tires will start to develop a worn stripe right in the middle. I have a Chevy 4x4- book calls for 35 psi in all tires, after 4,000 miles the rears had worn down in the middle. I rotated the tires, reduced PSI down to 30-32 in the rear. Truck now has 18,000 miles and I can still tell which tires were originally on the back of truck. I do pump them up to 40 psi when I plan to haul something
    heavy or if I am towing.
  • modvptnlmodvptnl Member Posts: 1,352
    Believe it or not, vehicles with ABS can and will leave skid marks. They may be broken marks as the system is cycling. BTW, if your back was locked up and you were steering around another vehicle you would have swapped ends so fast there would of been some other skid marks to worry about!!
  • obyoneobyone Member Posts: 7,841
    type: other

    mod, can you fill in the blank...LMAO!!
  • ajhasnowajhasnow Member Posts: 3
    Thanks for the advice on the tire pressure. I will put it to good use. Should save me having to replace these tires before their prime. I am having the truck back at the dealer for detailing and to correct any problems I have found. I will have them check out the brakes and transmission.
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