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Volvo 850 Wagons



  • ousous Posts: 6
    Thanks so much. Tomorrow is scheduled to be a good day and I was planning to get the battery out and slow charge it. You may have averted the sounds of panic screams from an old man.

  • You don't have to take the battery out to slow charge it unless there is another reason, You can purchase a trickle charger which will keep the battery maintained over long periods of time.
  • ousous Posts: 6
    Old habits, old men.

  • New habit, old man, wiser man.
  • ousous Posts: 6
    So I charged the battery in car with the wires attached. The old gal fired right up. And the code demand popped right up on the face of the radio. No mention of the code in the orginal owner's manual.

    To the dealer it goes? Singing to myself is not an option as Spring is on the way and such a pretty season does not deserve such an ugly old voice.

  • gborocbgborocb Posts: 3
    I recently bought a 97-850 GLT Wagon with factory cassete and 6 disc changer in rear. CD changer went out but instead of repairing or replacing, I want to replace with in-dash OEM CD player. I would like to know if there are CD players from other Volvos that are compatible.
  • jr714jr714 Posts: 24
    My '96 850 Turbo Wagon came stock with the SC-815 Tape/CD Stereo. I recently sold it and bought the SC-816. I believe the 816 was stock on all 97's and newer and they were stock on V70's and S70's as well for a number of years. Once you see a picture, you can tell which ones to look for. They all look very similar, but the 815's I think came only in back, while the 816's came in grey also. The 816 is a more powerful unit, it has 25 watts more power and delivers a fuller, richer sound IMO.
  • gborocbgborocb Posts: 3
  • gborocbgborocb Posts: 3
    Should have known better,but I bought 97 850 wag without having my mechanic check it out. Turns out I need to replace rear main seal. Have been quoted price. Need to know what is reasonable for this repair.
  • ahatleyahatley Posts: 3
    When leaving 1994, 850 wagon for three days without starting, it will not start. It will turn over and with a long time at cranking, it will start to sputter. It usually takes a couple of fully charged batteries to get it going. It is getting spark and seems to have gas under pressure. Once it starts, all is ok again and it restarts. But leaving it a few days is the problem. any ideas.
  • bpiribpiri Posts: 8
    I'm looking at a 850 wagon automatic trans. they say and the picutres look good.
    they mention the car isn't driven in the winter and keep in garage in Mass. They say its taken out once a month just to keep it up.
    Is there anything I should look at and learn about before buying this car?
    The price is low and they say all maintance has been done down to timing chain and rotors and tires.

    Any suggestions would be very helpful. As we need a good car for my wife to get to and from work that will last and safe. They are only asking 2,600 + -obo.

    thanks for reading
  • jojojobrojojojobro Posts: 1
    My 1995 volvo 850 turbo has 190k miles on it and it still feel as tight and rides like it did at 100k or 75k for that matter. My thoughts The volvo 850 turbo wagon is one reliable auto if i could go back to the day i bought it i buy it again. I AM POSITIVE i'll be a volvo fantic for life;)
  • mjhazzmjhazz Posts: 1
    I just bought my first Volvo - a 1997 850 wagon. so far, so good. low miles, good deal. I can't find the cupholders! can someone tell me where they are supposed to be in a 5 spd? car didn't come with a user's manual - good thing i live down the road from a volvo mechanic, huh?
  • I have a '96, and it pulls forward from under the center armrest cushion.
  • niekdniekd Posts: 1
    My 850 has the same issue: compressor and fan speeds 1-3 do not work, but fuse 31 is good. Did you find a solution?
  • drdewdrdew Posts: 3
    lookin at a 94 850 wagon, it's across state. wondering if anyone knows how to determine early or late 94 from
    VID, as i hear volvo made a change to the model midyear. also any advice on specific points of interest when looking at vehicle. thanx.
  • drdewdrdew Posts: 3
    local dealer says last 5 digits in VIN 37527 and below are early, 37528 are late, thanx. in case anyone was wondering.
  • 1992 / 740 Wagon / 220K+ miles. Reasonably well maintained. Until recently the car had run well and started very reliably.
    I was returning home last Saturday from a shopping trip -- so the engine was warmed up and running fine.
    I was slowed down from 30->15 and was making a 90 degree turn into the subdivision from the main road.
    At first I thought the steering system had failed but an instant later I realized that the engine had stalled and I was coasting around the corner. I coasted to a stop and the engine restarted after a couple of tries. I drove the last half mile rather gingerly but the car made it back to my house and it's now sitting in the driveway.
    I haven't driven the car for the past few days, but I since I made it home I think it's fair to say the problem is intermittent.

    1) How should I go about diagnosing an engine stalling problem like this?
    2) I don't think it's relevant to the engine stalling, but on inspection I notice that there is quite a bit of oil in the coolant reservoir. There is a black sludge-like layer floating on the coolant. I have noticed traces of oil in the coolant for the past few months -- but nothing like this. Other posts on this suggest a blown head gasket (or possibly a bad radiator?). However, there is no evidence of white fumes on startup, the engine oil looks fine, and the car starts up very well and no recent noticeable reduction in power. The car does not leak oil, leave oil patches after parking, and I can't see any obvious evidence of oil or coolant leaking from the head gasket.
    So what's the best strategy to diagnose this issue?

    Much obliged --
  • Is there a separate window washer reservoir for the rear window in an 850 station wagon or does the reservoir in the engine compartment serve both the front windshield and rear window?
  • I think it is in the rear with a seperate tank- should be able to access by removing floor or corner panel. The V serious does utilize the engine compartment reservoir.
  • In my '96 850GLT there is no reservoir in the back where the reservoirs were in older wagons (rear right side below the deck level). There is only some sort of backflow-preventer/check valve for the hose that runs to the washer nozzle. It looks to me like the front does both ends. Mine is clogged/pinched, or something because I get insufficient pressure/volume to the back. I guess that if it really bothered me, I'd do something about it. Maybe next Spring.... Good luck.
  • unamiunami Posts: 2
    Hello and thanks for any advice,

    My 1998 Volvo 850 Turbo overheated on the way home. It ends up that the outflow on the radiator cracked off in the hose. I turned the heat on and proceeded to drive home (about 8 miles) now that the radiator has been replaced, the car will not start. There is no oil in the cooling system and no coolant in the oil but the car is no longer getting any spark. What could have happened?
  • If the volvo has sat up for a week or longer, it may not start because this could be a sympton of them and not due to the overheating repair.

    I have had my 850, 1994 not start when it sat a few weeks or the battery went down. In either case it just took a hot battery and a lot of cranking while repeatably pulsing the accelerator pedal. Sooner or later it will sputter and catch up. Make sure you are getting gas to injectors and have a spark. You may press the fuel rail pressue valve to make sure there is pressure in the injector rail. Andy
  • unamiunami Posts: 2
    Thanks Andy. The car, did in fact, sit for a few weeks without being started. I charged the Battery and cranked the crap out of it but got nowhere. There were no issues with starting the car before the overheating. A neighbor stopped by and said it now appears that there is no spark coming from the distributor. Never had that issue before,so now I'm fresh out of ideas again!
  • HELP! Replaced both O2 sensors, the gas cap, the filler pipe gasket had hoses checked and repaired 2 loose connections and one small hole, had another hose reconnected that had come loose and disconnected, repaired the cam seal on the distributor end, replaced all plugs, plug wires, cap & rotor and now, after about 500 miles, the "Check engine" light is on AGAIN! UGH!! Any suggestions? (When it came on after 500 once before it was hose that had come disconnected...air cleaner I think)
  • Drove my '93 Volvo 940 wagon into a parking garage at a hotel radio worked. Two days later when we left a few blocks down the road I noticed that the radio wasn't on, the phone charger outlet (like a lighter) doesn't work. Checked the fuses under ashtray they are all okay. However, the little amber security light on the radio seems to blink okay. I would love to get him noisy again. Thanks so much.
  • Dear all - i am the second owner of a 1995 volvo 850 Turbo wagon. My family and i live in new york city and we have used the car for the past five years. The odometer as stopped but i believe that the mileage is just under 200,000 miles.

    My concern -several days ago my wife was involved in an accident resulting in considerable front end damage to the volvo.

    in speaking to my body shop the cost of the parts (headlights, radiator , airbags etc. etc. is running about $2000)

    in looking at craigslist, I see a number of 95 850 wagons for sale for around $1000 . question --will the parts of an 850 wagon be compatible with my 850 Turbo?

    I also see a 94 volvo 850 turbo-would that be a better fit
  • Can someone tell me if we can bypass the airconditioning belt on the main air conditioner. It is frozen and it broke the mail belt.
  • 96850glt96850glt Posts: 20
    Surely this has been answered by now. If not, it can be done. I bypassed mine for about 9 months while I weathered winter and a search for a good used compressor. I took some string, measured the length minus the A/C compressor, verified the length with a measuring tape then simply searched for one at my auto parts store. After the fact, I realized that there is probably one made for Volvos without A/C. Duh! When I got the used compressor installed, the shop threw the short belt away. I went back to claim it for what I sadly expect will be future use, again.
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