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    I'm having this problem, too. I've read online 2 different places that there is a recall on the latch for the tailgate, but when I look at the official Jeep recalls, I don't see anything about it. Has anyone got any information on this problem? (I realize this is a really old thread.)
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    WTF? I have notice that all last winter that my back window would open but not the tailgate. Now that it has gotten warm my tailgate is opening again...what a pain in the [non-permissible content removed]. Any suggeations?
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    I haven't heard of any Day Time running light modules for the Liberty. That's something I would be interested in too. If I come across this item, I will post it.
    I own a 2007 Liberty. I wasn't looking to purchase another vehicle but my neighbor bought this vehicle and lost his job so I did like it and was able to save his credit,I think...The mileage is only11,000 and I got a real good deal.
    I have only one problem and I don't know if this applies to this particular vehicle but my windows go very slow, all of them. I had Jeep replace the motors and regulators on the two front windows while it was still under warranty. They still go just as slow but I did, however, receive a letter from Jeep letting me know that if I ever have another problem with any window they will fix it free of charge for as long as I own the vehicle.
    One more thing, I noticed that a lot of people keep their 4 wheel drive engaged all the time. Personally, I have never touched the 4 wheel drive shifter. If I were to go off road in the desert then I would. Any suggestions? This vehicle spends most of the time in the garage but I do use it occasionally.
    Brian, San Diego CA
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    "Chrysler Group LLC will halt production of the Jeep Liberty on Aug. 16 and begin retooling its Toledo North factory to produce an as-yet unnamed successor to the sport utility vehicle.

    The to-be-named replacement to the Liberty is among the most important new models next year for Sergio Marchionne, chief executive officer of Chrysler, based in Auburn Hills, and Fiat, its majority owner."

    Production of Jeep Liberty will halt on Aug. 16 (Detroit News)
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    Don't know. Don't really care about the next Liberty. Show me some quality.

    But what if it is the H4 that never was. What if it has real parts and built like bear. What if the ball joints, steel, and welds are first class. Is it an attempt to take sales from Subaru. Rhetorical.
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    Hi all

    I have owned a 2010 Jeep Liberty Limited since January 2010. We have had problems with the temperature sensor (I believe). The problems associated with this issue are:
    -The auto sense fans (heat/ac) do not work properly, run when shut off, don't run when on high power and high heat; includes the defrost: can't see, safety issue. not cool. Cold winter coming: no heat/control over heat, not cool.
    -the auto sense lights do not work-which means, when it's dusk, the lights don't come on, causing other motorists to flash me. Safety. Not cool.

    This usually happens without warning. The first time we brought it in for this (late winter, 2011 I believe), the service department attributed the problem (blown/burned out temp sensor) on a build up of ice in the cooling fan-froze up, overheated the sensor, causing problems. However, the problems began again in 2012 (around late February) and as we had little to no snow accumulation, nor were we off-roading and "playing" in the snow, I found it hard to believe it was the same problem. They fixed it again. Now, it's November 2012 and I'm noticing my fan is acting up again. I was unable to successfully defrost my windshield during a drive home tonight in the rain. My thoughts are: if I want the fan to be on high and blowing out 78 degrees in November, even if its 47 degrees out, it should blow out hot air on high, correct? The dealer assures me it is not a recall issue nor do they have any information from the manufacturer or other consumers that this is a problem. I am now frustrated (especially since the warranty is used up) as it's a safety concern. Any guidance on this would be appreciated as I am unable to locate any problems with this particular issue. Thank you.
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    Hello, i recently bought my girlfriend a groupon gift of a remote car starter install from Midas for her 2012 Jeep Liberty. She has scheduled the appointment, but the guy said she would also need to buy an alarm bypass module for $120 in order for them to do the install. I could not find any solid info on if this is needed. I suspect its a scam to get more $$$ out of the service. I did see some of these online for $30. I smell scam...
    Does anyone know if this is required for the install?
    Thanks in advance for the reply..
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,457
    "Federal safety regulators have asked Chrysler to recall the 1993-2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee and 2002-'07 Jeep Liberty. Last June, NHTSA expanded its investigation into Chrysler fires and upgraded the matter to an engineering analysis, citing 15 deaths and 41 injuries allegedly caused by rear crashes in some Jeep models. The focus was originally on the 1993-2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee, but the investigation now includes 1993-2001 Jeep Cherokees and 2002-'07 Jeep Libertys."

    Chrysler Refuses To Recall 2.7 Million Jeeps, Despite Pressure From Feds
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