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Chevy Silverado/GMC Sierra - Owners hangout



  • which 2001 Chevy truck to buy. 2001 SB,ExtCab 4X4 (loaded) 2500 w/ 5.3 or 1500 w/ 6.0. Don't trailer over 5000 lbs and will probally supercharge whatever I is the 2500 really going to last me longer due to the increased size of the individual components? I would get the 2500 with the 5.3 but it is not offered in 2001.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    neither is the 6.0 in a 1500 less you want to spend $40 for a C3.
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Posts: 4,162
    what I was thinking....unless he means the 1500HD?

    - Tim
  • eric2001eric2001 Posts: 482
    2500 didn't have 5.3 ever, and the 1500HD is a Crew Cab only, so must be the C3 - answered your own question?!?!
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Posts: 4,162
    2500 Did have a 5.3 99/2000.....Non-HD style body...7200 GVW 5.3 2WD

    - Tim
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    ray had a 5.3 2500 '00 silverado. Black if my memory serves me correctly. and yep 2wd only.
  • I traded my 98 chevy Z71 exCab in on this truck..It stickered for 34000.00...No problems except for the windshield seems to be a rock magnet..One chip repair already and a few nics..1000 miles...Going to Daytona 2200 miles round trip in a week or so pulling a tandem trailer 7 by 12,elec brakes,7 ft high,around 5000 lbs..It towed the trailer on a test run in Tow/haul most excellent..I really like this truck...

  • hunter98hunter98 Posts: 273
    2000 1500 GMC Sierra Ext Cab SB 4x4 Slt 4 dr 5000+ lbs empty. 5.3L 3.73 265x75R16 Michelins. Drove 450 Miles to Louiville Ky. Last weekend. Myself and Dad in the truck. Drove 65-72 MPH, got 13.7 mpg. I average per tank around 13 and range from 11-14.5. My 99 with the 5.3 got a good 2mpg plus better mpg under identical conditions. It was a 3 dr and weighed a few pounds less. Every motor and truck is different.

    If you are that concerned with gas milage buy a new 2wd ext cab 4.3L auto 3.42 rear end. And you should get 20+ on the highway.

    Best of luck

  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    16 city
    18 hwy
    lead foot
  • 87lion87lion Posts: 166
    2WD x-cab, auto, LB, 3.42. I'm getting about 17-18 mixed driving, over 21 highway.
  • Have you checked your vin number for calibration updates..That could help your mileage..
  • chevy4mechevy4me Posts: 203
    16 mpg mixed driving around 19 mpg highway empty
    average miles per hour 24.50 (per hour meter)

    Dean What is your mph avg.?
  • titus1titus1 Posts: 45
    for the extended cab is probably the best setup for fuel economy. definately not the V6 though.
    here to help
  • hunter98hunter98 Posts: 273
    I have to disagree on the fact of the V6 not being the best fuel economy. I know several people with the six banger that get 20+ all the time. Look over the posts on edumunds and other sites. They get really good milage with the 3.42 or 3.08 rear end. Why would it "definately not be the V6" V6 200 hp, 4.8L 270 hp. when at peak rpms. HP cost milage, plain and simple, as long as the motor isn't lugging. V6 in an empty 2wd truck, 3.42 rear is ideal. I will stick to my 5.3L and live with it, but my next truck will most likely be a CC duramax in about a year.

  • titus1titus1 Posts: 45
    you're basing your facts on the V6 by what you read on the boards? LOL

    ask people that have one in real life and you'll find that it gets no better mileage than the 4.8.
    how often does someone run at max rpm/hp? down around the real rpm, where both engines are run, you'll find that the 4.8 and V6 are comparable. put them on a shallow incline and the V6 starts suffering. not that everyone drives on inclines either, but that the V6 will always have to rev higher to push that size truck under a lot of conditions that the owner is bound to use it for. therefore, if you talk to people that made the mistake of buying the V6 equipped ext. cabs, you'll find that an honest answer to gas mileage is that the V6 does no better, probably worse.
    here to help
  • Mileage in my '99 Chevy Astro AWD is horrible. Great power and great vehicle but I get the same mileage as my '86 K-20 pickup with Rochester 4bbl in warm weather! Go with the 4.8!
  • bought 2 2000 ext. cabs for work trucks with V6 that he now is trying to sell. they get terrible gas mileage. put a about 1,200 lbs. in the back and forget it, especially if going uphill.
  • Peanut on Post #115 indicated he knew of a dealer willing to sell for $200 under invoice. Are there any such dealers in South Georgia or North Florida areas. Secondly, how would you price a 2000 Sierra with 6000 miles small v8 and sportside package?
  • dch0300dch0300 Posts: 472
    When I type in my VIN # at the GM Vehicle Calibration Information web site I get a list of Calibration History for a many items (Operating System Software, Engine Calibration, etc.) and in each one if the items there is a list for Part Number, CVN, Bulletin #, and Description. Some of the items have numbers in them, but some of the CVN and Bullletin # have N/A.
    How do I tell if I need the update or not?
    What does CVN mean?

  • hunter98hunter98 Posts: 273
    I stand corrected.
  • If there is a part number for your vin..That means it is an update for your truck..My truck has 2 updates available for it..I will wait till it needs something else or more updates before I have the dealer mess with it...
  • I'm considering a 2001 Sierra C3. Has anyone driven one, priced one, or purchased one? I've been quoted $300 over invoice - which sounds like a decent price for a limited production vehicle. Comments?
  • minikinminikin Posts: 389
    Also just posted this on the accessory (?) board -- The theory's worse than practical reality. Been tuning the front end height of Chevy 4X4s by adjusting the torsion bars for 15+ years with no substantive negative steering geometry, ride, or tire wear effects (except the older S-10's which worked better with the ball joints relocated at full lift). The current generation 1500 Silverado's are worse than past models for nose down rake unloaded, but with six full turns on the bars to almost level out the front end the camber and toe still stay well within spec and the ride and handling is unaffected; at least with the Z-71 retrofitted with a decent set of shocks.
    -- Don
  • If you're going to haul or tow anything (why else would you have a truck?) the V6 gets really LOUSY gas mileage, and doesn't have enough power to get out it's own way. It's a loser!

    Probably the best mileage combo is the 5.3 2WD with 3.42 gears, or the 4.8L with 3.73 gears.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    Obviously 4.8 3.42 AND 5 speed manual. Don't think they make it that way anymore though...
  • dmdbitdmdbit Posts: 23
    I agree with Oby. I have an 2wd with the 4.8 and 5spd.I consistently get 20.5 mpg back and forth to work. My trip is mostly interstate.My highest tank was 23 which was a trip empty.

    mike b
  • I get 20 mpg city/ 27+ mpg highway(3.42 / auto/2wd) but I always drive with an empty box - use the truck only as a commuter. Worst gas mileage was 18 city, when I let the truck idle to warm it up many times. I drive conservatively, most people don't. For light loads and light towing, a V6 is fine, especially with the new tow/haul transmission. When I want to haul heavy loads I use my 73 3/4 ton 454 beater. When it dies I'll rent a truck when I need to put a load on it.
    How many people haul heavy loads every day with their truck? Maybe 5%. Most people use their trucks like cars. When you haul/tow heavy loads you put a lot of wear on your truck - I would rent a truck if I was going to really abuse it. The V8 is a macho thing - mine is bigger than yours - each to his or her own. Rent a V6 from UHaul, load it up, see how it goes. Then make an informed decision for yourself. Renting any vehicle for a weekend before you buy it is always the best way to check out a new vehicle before you lay your money down.
  • If a V6 meets your needs that what you need but I wouldn't have one. A V8 is not always a macho thing as I have a 5th wheel and a gooseneck and haul my tractor and other items on it, and a V6 would be useless to me. Making that kind of statement just goes to show that you think others have the same needs as you. I guess your 73 454 was a macho thing for you but not for alot of us. Happy motoring to you. Dave
  • Why do some people have to put labels on others just because they think differently? There are a range of engines available because different people have different needs. Yes, most of the time my truck is empty, but I don't mind having a 5.3 all the time. There will be times when I'll be really glad I have one. Even if it's just because of the mountainous terrain we have here. I made my decision and I have no regrets. Please don't fault me for it just because you have something different.
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Posts: 4,162
    for mostly dry commuting.....oh well....I'm just a hog I guess?....but the 3/4 suspension comes in very handy for me a whole lot of times...don't have to rent a beater either...


    ..who cares what each other get?....can't we all just get along?

    - Tim
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