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Mazda MPV Club: Photo Gallery

Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,092
edited March 2014 in Mazda
Please share your MPV photos!

To include a photo in a message is still the same as in the old Town Hall. You cannot upload photos directly from your computer into a message within a discussion. Your photo must reside elsewhere. Some have used (free!) to load their photos into a private folder and then post them within a message.

Here's how:

To get this:


Use this coding, but replace the ( and ) with < and >:

(img src="")

Or: (img src="Photo URL address")

To make your photo a link like this:


do this:

(a href="Page URL address")(img src="Photo URL address")(/a)

Remember, posting copyrighted photos is a no-no. Unless, of course, you own the copyright.

Hope this helps!

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  • javadocjavadoc Posts: 1,167
    Very cool Karen. Now if I can just keep the MochaVan clean long enough to snap a pic of it...


  • tboner1965tboner1965 Posts: 647


  • tboner, I remember that!!! You were pretty p'd off as I remember.
  • tboner1965tboner1965 Posts: 647
    I was really PO'd the first 48 hours of ownership with the dealer damage, and the nimrod who decides to take out her shopping frustrations on the passenger door of the newly acquired van.


  • I remember the dealer damage, and the parking gate at the zoo,(? I think it was the zoo), but I don't remember the frantic shopper story.
  • tboner1965tboner1965 Posts: 647
    The day after we bought the MPV, we took it to Warrenton, MO visiting the outlet malls. Mrs TBoner needed to return an item. So I parked and kept the baby company while she returned the goods.

    A shopper and her man (husband, boyfriend, lover???) returned to their Jeep Cherokee. I guess she maxed out her card or something because the flung open the drivers door and hit the MPV hard enough to rock the van.

    I got on the horn, rolled the window down and let her know I wasn't really pleased with her carelessness. She looked at me like I was from Mars.

    No damage to the MPV, but my blood pressure went up.

    It still wasn't 24 hours since we took delivery and this was the second of three incidents in that first 24 hours. The last was the turn signal lamp falling out because the previous days damage at the dealer.

    I hope these are the worst things that happen to our van.

  • Now I remember. I think the zoo incident just stuck in my mind. So, after a while has gone by, can you see the humor in it? No? Come on! The picture is a classic! :)
  • javadocjavadoc Posts: 1,167
    Here's MochaVan (and Rolf) finally, as requested oh so long ago. Finally got them together, and clean at the same time, and no snow on the ground, to snap a photo!



  • msgjvhmsgjvh Posts: 196
    Hmmm now if only my subaru legacy wagon would turn into your Volvo I would be a happy guy! But alas I am torn on my next car. 2001 Mustang Convertible, Protege 5, Volvo C70 or a 2002 T-bird. Tough choices! I need a kewl retirement car! Maybe a BMW Z3! Or the Audi TT. I am sooo confused!

    Ohh back to MPV topic, It's a nice stable that your starting buddy!

  • javadocjavadoc Posts: 1,167
    Myself, I'm holding out for a very old Porsche...I'd love a 356 ragtop, but would settle for a 911S. Gotta wait till we're empty nesters though (20 or so years, sigh). Go for the Z3, IMO.

  • image

    It's a 2001 Mazda MPV LX with about 3200 miles on it.
  • Rear (with Declan):


    Passenger's Side:


  • lsinclsinc Posts: 270
    Congrats! Looks like my MPV except mine is Silver. I too have the GFX package which I feel makes it look sportier.

    By the way, cute kid. Yours??

    Enjoy your new MPV!

  • Thanks for the compliment. My wife had to have green (just like her old car). And yes, that is my son Declan; he loves to "help dada fix the car."

    Mazda really has a winner with this vehicle--it's a very enjoyable ride.

  • lsinclsinc Posts: 270
    I really like my MPV and it's got almost 10k on it. Even the salesman that sold me the van asked where the heck I go. I bought my MPV April 5 of this year. It had ten miles on the ODO when I pulled into the driveway. :)

    I haven't had one little issue with it. No warranty fixums. To me that says alot.

    I guess I should take photos and post them before it's too old. :) LOL!

  • tccmn1tccmn1 Posts: 278
    I ALSO have a Silver LX with the GFX package....mine does not have the 'chrome' strip in it though. Is that because mine is only an LX and these are ES's?
  • Mine (really my wife's) is a LX. Who knows, maybe they added the silver mid year.

  • mazda_guymazda_guy Posts: 183
    there is plenty of space even to take a nap while driving 1,700 miles non-stop from Florida to Nebraska
    mazda guy
  • subearusubearu Posts: 3,613
    post your pics of your MPV's, new and old. c'mon I know you have pics of 'em!

    Our '02 Midnight Blue Mica ES

  • I love the picture of the car, especially with the kids' playset in the background. What a great color car (goes with the bright plastic, too (ha)
  • subearusubearu Posts: 3,613
    you should have seen the rest of the yard/patio, my 2yo daughter had her little picnic table out, sandbox, little swing, little slide, kiddie pool, rocking fish.... the list goes on. The space where the MPV was - that was the cleanest spot of the driveway that day.


  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 9,281
    Just have to type the URL of the pictures into the chat and anyone clicking on the URL will see th pic in a new window! (Edmunds Town Hall Chat manual, page 537)

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  • lazyfoxlazyfox Posts: 90
  • big_guybig_guy Posts: 372
    So, is the image of the three stooges a permanent graphic on the side of your van or did you digitally add it to the photo? Just curious.
  • lazyfoxlazyfox Posts: 90
    Just added digitally. ;-)
  • tcc21tcc21 Posts: 69
    Nice pic. I have an MPV - 2004 just like yours - with pinstriping and the GFX package. Sweet!
  • nedgenedge Posts: 1
    hi is there any one who can help me with my problem with my 2.0ltr mpv .
    i get a weak spark on port1 and nothing on 2,3,+4 ?? i have changed the coil packs but still no joy :(
  • jipsterjipster Louisville, KentuckyPosts: 5,728
    Try the "Mazda MPV starting/stalling issues" discussion... this is the "Photo Gallery" discussion dawg.
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