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MB M-Class Owners Accessories and Modifications



  • pandaipippandaipip Posts: 2
    Doese anyone knwo where can I order the Stainless Grill Guard and step bar for the 2002 ML 320. I try to order from i am not sure it is going to fit on my 2002 ML. Does anyone order it and install it perfectly? Thankz...
  • pooliopoolio Posts: 18
    Use my ML for towing Two ATV'S weight 800lbs apiece ,Plus trailer= about 2500lbs.Had installed the stock M/B hitch.Couldn't be more pleased.No! problems tows great.Stick with the M/B hitch.Then you'll have no problems.
  • mlevinedcmlevinedc Posts: 45
    Hello all, it's been quite a while since I've posted here. It's time for new tires (275/55 17) on our 2000 ML430. We've put on 33,000 miles and the fron are within a few 1/16ths of showing the wear bars. So before the winter, I'd like to get new tires. The vehicle is leased and we have another 2 years to go. Best price I've seen on the Dunlop Grandtrek's is 101ea plus shipping. Has anyone found an aftermarket tire better? cheaper? Suggestions? If I get the new tires now, I can always hold on to the OEMs and give Mercedes the truck back with the originals.
  • bertram60bertram60 Posts: 113
    are what I replaced the Grandtrek's with. They were a little more $ (from Tirerack, the cheapest prices around) but are 1000% better from a ride and wet road standpoint. As I'm in FL snow/ice is not an issue, but I believe they are highly rated. They were definitely worth the extra money just in the way they made the truck handle. They have none of the dead-on center feel that the Grandtreks did, much more of a performance feel with excellent wet road traction.
  • this for pandaipip ijust got the side step for my ml 320 2002 and they are stainless i got my from a store in ny i dont know where u are i put them on my self
  • I have a 2001 ML 320. I want to buy and install a 6-disc CD Changer.(all I have is in-dash am/fm/cassette). I have seen many for sale on Ebay at about half the dealer cost. If I buy off of Ebay , can I install the changer myself, and if so what if any problems should I anticipate? Local dealer advises against my installation because of fiber optic cable. Vehicle is pre-wired for CD. Is this a real problem or is it just a plug into the changer? I would appreciate any help/advise. Thank you.
  • I have a 2000 ML430 purchased new. I had a 8-disc CD Changer installed by Autotoys. It works wonderfully well with the factory head (radio). Your 2001 320 may need additional hardware but Autotoys should be able to accommodate you. Their website is
  • I need some new tires for my 99 ml320. The originals are by Dunlap. Any suggestions for the replacements??
  • I realize there are more important things in life BUT I have lost my black on black M-Class hat. It was treasured. Does anyone know where I might be able to find some of the "old" M-Class gear?
  • Hi, I just purchased an 03 ML320 and have a couple of questions: 1) the daytime driving lights, I guess from the previous posts, these are not enabled by default. to turn these on I must a) buy the bulbs and b)have the dealer "turn-on" this option? I'm getting the phone installed by the dealer next week. Anyone out there have any advice on the Nav it worth the money? Is there a less expensive way to get it (I've seen some ads on eBay for the DVD piece that installs behind the LCD screen). Thanks in advance.
  • kiiwiikiiwii Posts: 318
    Once you install the NAV into the MCS (screen), you need to bring your car to the dealer to version code (to make the system "talk"). It's a 5 min job, but the dealer will charge you 1 - 2 hrs. Make sure you compare the price before you version code the system.

    PS, it's very easy to install the NAV into the MCS. It will take you about 10-20 min. No need to cut wires or drill holes. It's all plug in and play. Dealer will probably charge you several hours for the install.
  • Kiiwii,
    Did you install yourself? Which year was your ML? Where did you buy the NAV? (eBay?) Was is a lot less expensive than from MB? I know what MCS is (the screen), but what does MCS stand for?
  • hi. just curious, is there such thing as thick plastic/rubber strips that can be used on the bumpers to protect from light collision? i'm picking up my ml350 soon, and since i'm not used to suvs yet, i'm kinda afraid that i would scratch it or something... thanks!
  • Are the Xenon lights worth the extra $800?
    Looking at several 2003 ML 320. Some have Xenon but wonder about the value versus cost?
    Thanks mvhanson
  • Compared MB, Yakima and Thule and decided on the latter.
    - couldn't get any good info on the MB rack
      but I believe it's a Thule. The basic MB rack
      (consisting of cross bars and connectors to
       the MB side rails) is listed at $249.
    - the Thule basic rack is listed at $199 with
      4 lock cylinders.
    - Yakima makes a round cross bar system that
       looks to be decent quality and a little cheaper
       than Thule, but I think Thule looks better,
       at least on an ML.
    - I bought Thule from Carlos Binns in

      754xt (=cross bars, connectors, 4 locks)
       list $199 Carlo's price $155

       726 Pull Top (holds 6 prs skis or 4 snowboards
        or any combination like 3 prs skis and 2
        list $159 Carlo's price $118

       2 lock cylinders for the 726 were $17

       870 Fairing (to keep down wind noise)
        list $45 Carlo's price $37

    The Pull Top, as the name suggests, allows you to slide the ski carrier out over the side of the ML to make loading/unloading easier (and it helps keep your clothes cleaner.)

    The fairing does a nice job of quieting down the
    wind noise to a reasonable level. It's not perfect but we find our ML rack to be much quieter than our other Thule system, without fairing, on a Saab.
  • biker5biker5 Posts: 199
    '02 Bi-xenon headlight is the best mod i did to my 2000
    ML320 it worth every penny I spent. I feel safe at night ,the light beam pattern is so wide and clear, purchase it for $1,300.00.
  • biker5
    Thanks, I picked up my 03-ML320 on Sat the 1st. I took to heart the recommendations and went with the one with bi-xenon's. So far have not driven out on the open road at night, but from what I can tell in town at night, I will like them. It was nice to get back to the ML after driving a rental Xterra.
  • I own a 2000 ML430. I am considering getting another remote (original ML but for another vehicle) from a friend. Does anyone know how to program/reprogram this remote? I have been told that this cannot be done since all remotes are 'hardcoded' at the factory. (Same message - #124 of Meet the Members.)
  • anau7anau7 Posts: 1
    Mercedes-Benz M-Class Accessories for Sale:
    (From a 2000 ML 320)

    6-Disc CD Changer with Skip Proof Memory $699.00 => Used $320

    Basic Carrier - Roof Mounted $286
    + Cargo Container $670 = $956 => Used $440

    I will ship the CD Changer anywhere in North America + ($20 shipping)

    The Carrier and Cargo Container need to be picked up in Bay Area, CA (not sure how to deliver?)

    Please email me for any questions:
    I have a '99 ML 320 and I would like to install the original in dash phone unit. From reading my Mercedes Owners manual as well as the original car brochure I understand, that every M-Class is factory prepared for portable cell phone and In-dash control unit system. Here are my questions:
    How difficult is to install the unit? Has anyone done it?
    Does the installation has to be performed by Mercedes dealer in order to have the phone integrated with the radio and the sound system or anything else I am not aware of?
    How do I activate the phone since I already have a local service provider? Is this done by a dealer and do I have an additional fee for the service?
    I also understand that I need an additional hand held unit needed to program the In-dash unit in my car. What else I need to purchase in order to have this unit fully operational?
    I appreciate your assistance,
    Richard S. Mleczko
  • I recently sold my 2000 ML320 and decided to keep the pricey MB cross bar roof rack system and cartop carrier since it was like new and didn't add to the trade in price. Now I have this thing, it fits all M Class (but no other) and the market appears small. Any ideas of a marketplace?
    Will in Williamsburg, VA
  • kooterkooter Posts: 1
    I just purchased a 2001 ML 430 and it only came with 1 remote. The dealer is getting me a new one but they told me that it had to come from Germany. I got the felling that they are difficult to program.
  • logbujilogbuji Posts: 1
    I just have a question about your jump seats. If you bought them after-market, do you remember how much they cost? If not, as an option do you remember how much that cost?
    They are now longer available from Mercedes. I have found a pair on ebay, I am just wondering what was their original value.

  • dlipsiusdlipsius Posts: 2
    Well, this was great to read. I had just decided yesterday to install the bulbs and see what happens. So, they need to be switched on by the dealer????? That does not seem like a bad deal considering the cost of installing a lamp set. I already have a set of PIAA driving lamps installed on my bar, but are for long distance sight. I will get with the dealer and get that switch turned on!!!! thanks.
  • fbicefbice Posts: 1
    I have a 1999 ML320, & I want to upgrade my 16 inch rims. Is there any reason that 20 inch rims would not be able to go on the ML320 ? Let me know. Thanks !
  • mricheymrichey Posts: 1
    I did a lot of shopping/research before buying new tires for my 2000 ML430. In the end, the Toyo Proxes 4 turned out to be the best (and cheapest). We had OEM Dunlops on and the difference has been amazing. The ride is much more quiet and much more smooth. Only problem I've had with them was picking up a nail in one of the sidewalls. That tire had to be replaced. Shop around, but I found them for 1/2 what other wedsites were selling their for at (they were $99 ea). The 320 has smaller tires so I'm not sure what those would cost.
  • dsorendsoren Posts: 3
    I'm looking for one, let me know where and how much, I might be interested. If not, try selling on ebay.
  • dsorendsoren Posts: 3
    I am trying to install the factory wiring harness for the trailer hitch, but it did not come with instructions, and I need to find out where they are supposed to plug into the rest of the harness. Any advice is appreciated or if anyone has the directions.
    Thanks. :confuse:
  • evaneevane Posts: 1
    I was wondering if you were successful in obtaining the instructions/diagram for installing the wiring harness. If so could you forward the information to me?

    Thank you in advance,

  • hjb11355hjb11355 Posts: 1
    I just installed a Nav drive into my 2001 ML 320. Piece of cake. My question is do you have the installation instruction to connect the rear antenna (Installed already) under the passenger seat? I put the GPS splitter in but looks like their is another part (GPS Amplifier?) that maybe i need to comnect the coax cable from the rear antenna. Are you familiar with this connection> If so do you know what I need or have installation instructions?

    Thanks in advance
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