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Mazda Protege5



  • jstandeferjstandefer Posts: 805
    I believe the perimeter alarm does not have a shock or glass-break sensor. The sensors detect when any of the 4 doors, hood, or rear hatch has been opened while armed and then sounds the alarm. I may be wrong, but I believe that's how the perimeter alarm works.

    It is great to know that the bee-stinger antenna can be unscrewed. I have played with it at the dealership and it also has a very flexible rubber mount that allows it be "bent" down to the roof without breaking. I have tried this bending it backwards... I don't know if it will allow this going forward or sideways.
  • nomiosnomios Posts: 6
    Sporin, The bars come off very easy. However the black rails that remain and run alond the top of my silver Pro5 look terrible with out the bars in my opinion. Now if you had a black Pro5 it might be a differnt story.

    csuftitans, good luck getting your dog in the back. I have a pretty large Lab, and wouldnt think of stuffing her back there. I guess its so small because of the rounded shape of the hatch. If it was square like a focas wagon, there would be much more head room.

    I could put my dog in the back, but I might smash her when i shut the hatch.LOL
  • newcar31newcar31 Posts: 3,711
    "Eiuuuuuu, uglybutt" LOL!!!
  • tocantocan Posts: 118
    I also want the car to haul my bicycle around in, but it will fit in the hatch. My problem is when I need to carry 2 people, 2 bikes and luggage which I do occasionally. I haven't yet decided whether to go roof rack or trailer hitch mounted rack. Both have drawbacks of course. I have been using a hitch mounted rack for the last 12 years or so, and I like that fact that I can have the bike on the rack, and still get everything into the garage with the door closed. (It's great if you want to leave early; you can get everything organized the night before.) However, the bike is somewhat vulnerable to traffic on a hitch mounted rack. Roof racks of course have the problem of driving into garages without remembering that the bike is on the rack. I have never done it (not having had a roof rack) but most people seem to do it once.

    Anyway, I got a call from the dealer yesterday. The car is in!!!! I will pick it up on Saturday. (Unfortunately, I can't get there before that.) Not bad, it will be 3 weeks to the day since I bought it. And actually, since I bought on a long weekend and they couldn't start looking for the car until Tuesday, arrival at the dealership took only 2 weeks. I can't wait to drive the new beastie.

  • autio55autio55 Posts: 4
    Anyone have the definitive answer on the size of the speakers used in the P5 doors?
  • mazdafunmazdafun Posts: 2,329
    5-1/4 inch speakers go in the rear doors of the sedan. Just looking at the grille molded into the door, this size might fit the rear doors in the P5.

    If the dealership can't tell you for certain, you will have to take off the rear door trim panel to measure the one installed.
  • nomiosnomios Posts: 6

    This dealer is selling this Pro5 for only 1000 over MSRP. LOL .... Is anyone going to bid?

    I really doubt it. Please people if u are lookig to buy a Pro5, do not pay one dollar over MSRP. This is not a limited production vehicle.

  • himilerhimiler Posts: 1,209
    I drove all three of these today, and the P5 was easily my favorite. The P5 handles like my GS-R, and is significantly less noisy and choppy on the highway. (Too bad it doesn't accelerate like the GS-R!)

    The Subes handle like shopping carts, and nose-dive severely under hard braking (love those rear drums)! The base suspension tuning in the TS/OBS makes them wallow all over the road. They are quiet, though, and ride pretty smooth.

    The friggin' TS doesn't even have cruise control, which (to me)is the automotive equivalent of a hair shirt.

    The P5 interior is much nicer, with clean lines and matching textures. The P5 cupholders will hold a large DD iced coffee. The holders in the Subes are not useful due to their poor locations.
    My wife liked the interior grab handle on the passenger-side door--it's just like the doors in her 2.5RS (white-faced instruments,too). The new Subes now lack these touches.

    I found the seats in the three cars to be roughly equal in comfort, but the lower cowl in the P5 meant that the seat didn't need to be raised as high as the others. Too bad Subaru didn't put the seats from the WRX in the other wagons.

    No bodyside moulding on the TS (say "cheap")! No mudflaps for the P5, but with the side sill extensions, you don't really need them.

    Notice that I have not compared the P5's exterior styling with that of the Subes'. Enough said.

    I will wait to purchase a P5 until after the Toyota Matrix debuts. The Matrix is not as clean in design, but it will have an all-aluminum engine that will merit a comparision.
  • iamziamz Posts: 542
    Have fun driving this weekend! Let us know how you like it.

    Reading everyone's reviews has helped pass the time while waiting for my P5 (still 3 to 4 weeks to go).

  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    Check out the new Protege5 "First Drive" on Edmund's home page.
  • barresa62barresa62 Posts: 1,379
    Okay, here goes some heresy from someone who lives, eats, breathes Subarus. If I was in the market for either the TS or P5, I would probably go w/the P5 unless I absolutely needed the AWD of the Subaru for all the reasons listed in post#548. Conversely, if I had between 18k to 21k to spend I would buy the OBS w/o a second thought(ok, maybe half of a thought) The OBS is well equipped and gives me the added versatility that I like. Fortunately, I own a WRX wagon so my decision was E.Z.!! :-)

  • 56355635 Posts: 11
    Ive only seen the P5 once in person. I saw the front of it out of the corner of my eye while driving by a dealership. My question to you P5 owners, and others who have seen the P5 in person is:
    When you look at the P5, what do you think of first? Hatchback or Wagon?
  • tocantocan Posts: 118
    I think it is a hatchback. To me, to be a wagon, there needs to be more overhang behind the rear wheels. It's not just a straight end, because I don't think that the back of the Taurus wagon is any more vertical than the P5. If it doesn't hang out a reasonable distance at the back it is a hatchback.

    My personal opinion anyway.

  • autio55autio55 Posts: 4
    Mazdafun, thanks for the input on the speakers. I think the P5's sound quality is mediocre at best. That's the first (and probably only) upgrade after I get over the new car euphoria. As for cargo space, I'm a hatchback bigot. I was pleasantly surprised that golf clubs easily fit widthwise in back. Loads with no effort because of the hatch. Couldn't even do that in our old 900 Saab, but the Saab has it all over in total volume. Radio reception with the trolley car antenna has been excellent. Picked up Chicago stations over 100 miles out and in town reception is clear with little hash. It's also really flexible at a point near the base. You might be able to get away with flattening it with your load, but why risk it since it's easily detachable. Rear washer reservoir... Can't find it. Owners manual only refers to the one under the hood. A loooong tube to the back? Couldn't be. Another question for the dealer.

    Onboost91, where'd you find the info about not going through an automatic car wash with the rack? I couldn't even find any references to the roof rack in the owners manual, which is probably why there's so much mystery over removing the cross-bars.

    Mpgman, We've had our P5 for two weeks. Manual, sunroof/ABS. Put over 800 miles on it, mostly highway. For what it's worth, averaging over 30 mpg on the highway. Last tankfull was 27 mpg with a 70/30 highway/city split. However that's with no AC on (it's been unseasonably cool here). But on the other hand that's using summertime reformulated gas which I've observed has really made major drops in mileage before. I'm anticipating low 20's unfortunately during the dog days of summer in the city. Remember YMMV.

    The only other disappointment aside from the stereo has been the noise at speed. There should be a 6th gear or higher overdrive 5th. At 65mph you're spinning 3200 rpm and it's buzzy, (and it get's more bee-like with each increase in mph.)

    I too was looking at Subie TS and OBS. Equipment level wise, the OBS seemed to me to be the better comparison to the P5, but a slightly different animal due to the AWD and 'heavy duty' raised suspension. The Subie had better throttle response (torque), was quieter and felt more substantial (heavier), however I'm finding as the suspension is wearing in, the P5's becoming nicely compliant over the wonderful Chicago potholed roads. AWD was a big attraction, but when it came down to it, I needed a mpg commuter car and if it was fun to drive as a big plus. The P5 is definitely more fun in the handling department (although the Subie's AWD was near impossible to break loose). Quick steering, flat cornering. The OEM tires (Dunlop sp5000's) may be part of the equation. I'm really impressed with the wet and dry handling and they're supposed to be liveable in the white stuff. Add to the equation excellent interior details, fit and finish, looks, a dealer who started $500 under MSRP with no negotiation on my part and 1.9% financing closed the deal. To go back in time to an old Mazda slogan, it's a great little car. Zoom Zoom.

    Oh, and if it matters, Vivid Yellow.
  • csuftitanscsuftitans Posts: 215
    Protege5 in other parts of the world is called a 323 Astina or 323 Lantis. Before this new model that look like a wagon, the previous model is definitely a hatchback. So since this is the newer version of the the Astina/Lantis, then to me it's still a hatchback.

    Some pics of the older Protege5/Astina/Lantis, including the one I used to owned when I was in Sydney Australia, a 1989 Astina SP

  • tocantocan Posts: 118
    Here is a links to a very positive review of the P5. It is from

    There is also a very positive review in the Wheels section of today's Toronto Star, but the URL is too long to post. Go to, pick the Weekly Sections tab, select Wheels at the left, and the first article is about the P5.

    I pick up my car in just over an hour!!


  • rdr001rdr001 Posts: 3
    Tocan, I guess that you are located near Toronto. What kind of deal you have with your Mazda dealer? I am in the market for a new car and the PRO5 is at the top of my list.

    Thanks in advice.
  • rdeschenerdeschene Posts: 330
    Saw my first Protege 5 while in Montreal on Monday morning. Glossy yellow paint with chromed, 5-spokle wheels. A very handsome car indeed, but the amount of storage behind the rear seats seems a little limited to me. Definitely a hatchback rather than a wagon in this respect.
  • theritz2theritz2 Posts: 5
    Well, after using the instructions from previous chat about the rails I attempted to take them off. NOT as easy as it sounds! And, the little metal retainers under the plastic clamshells on each side will certainly break off from the plastic that holds them there after two or three times in/out of the rack line. After I asked about them, the local Mazda Service rep called me up and basically said he thought they were a poor design, being as breakable as they are. So, my rack is staying put for a l-o-n-g time...
  • tocantocan Posts: 118
    Yes, I am in Toronto. I bought my P5 at Gyro Mazda using the X-plan. Basically, I ended up with about $850 off MSRP. The deal is slightly better than the suggested APA deal (they have negotiated prices with certain dealerships; Gyro is one of them), but if you are a good negotiator you might get a better deal yourself. For details of the X-plan calculations see my posting 2298 in the Protege discussion on the sedan board. (Note that I was the first one to use X-plan there, so we didn't really know what we were doing.)

    Gyro say they have been selling about 4 cars a week. I must say, in the short time since they first came in, I have seen lots of them come and go from their lot. They say demand is high, and getting anything other than a fully loaded car is difficult. (I did not want moonroof.)

    Good luck in your search and negotiations.

  • tocantocan Posts: 118
    I checked with my dealer when I took possession this morning. There isn't one. It uses the same reservoir as the front windshield washer fluid. Makes sense to me.

  • himilerhimiler Posts: 1,209
    Definately a 5-door hatch.

    Tocan: I also would prefer not to have the moonroof (or even the noisy roof rack, for that matter), but remember: no moonroof=no ABS or side Airbags. Sad, but true. :(
  • 56355635 Posts: 11
    were i can see a pic of the P5 with another car in the background. This is because my mazda dealer only got 8 P5 and by the time i went to the delearship they were out. For the past few weeks i have kept calling them and everyday its the same thing, "The P5? Sure we will be getting are second shipment anyday now. Due to this i have yet to see the P5 in person and in all the pics ive seen, there is nothing to compare the P5 to in terms of scale.
  • tocantocan Posts: 118
    True in the U.S. but not in Canada. Here ABS is standard (although we don't get side air bags) so I could get ABS without moonroof.

  • tocantocan Posts: 118
    I took my bicycle out today in the new beastie. I have a touring bike with a long wheelbase, racks and fenders. I had no problem getting the bike in the hatch without removing the front wheel. I had to turn the front wheel, but I didn't feel that it intruded on the view. (Actually, the headrests intrude more on the view when the seats are up than the wheel does when the seats are down.) So I am fine as long as there is only me and my bike.

    I could probably put a second bike in for a day trip, but there wouldn't be room for 2 bikes and luggage.

    Since roof racks aren't standard here in Canada, I am trying to decide whether to go with a trailer hitch mount or a roof rack with accessories. I have a trailer hitch mount that I have used for years, but I don't know whether I can open the hatch if it is in place, since the hatch opens out, while the trunk of my Sentra of course didn't. Does anyone know how far out the hatch is at its farthest point?

    I think that I would prefer to go with the trailer hitch mount (or maybe I will have to buy a new one that is hinged) because it lets me put the bike(s) on the car the night before I have to go somewhere and still put the car in the garage, something that I couldn't do with a roof rack.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?


    P.S. It was a lot of fun to drive. This was the first time that I had it on the highway. Even though I was trying to vary my speed, I loved the way it handled.
  • To #476, protegextwo, the paramedics are on the way!!! HA, HA, HA

    To #474, rsparrow, right on, mustang v6 vs P5...apples to oranges!!!! If you want to talk about Mustangs go to the Coupe board!!!!

    To #472, atatu, Amen, P5 is Mazda/Japan!!! Had an 83 Mercury Lynx station wagon with the famous timing belt failure at 47,000 miles, as well as the ignition module failure before that!!! End of Fords for me!!!! From the problems with the Focus it does not seem like much has changed at Ford in 20 years to change my mind.........

    Have been looking at the P5 of late, local dealer had 7, black and silver, but all automatics. Looking to replace an 87 323 "station wagon" (300,000 miles!) that I finally wrecked about 6 months ago. Thanks all for the info, glad to hear some are getting good deals under MSRP...
  • onboost91onboost91 Posts: 86
    >Onboost91, where'd you find the info about not >going through an automatic car wash with the >rack? I couldn't even find any references to the >roof rack in the owners manual, which is >probably why there's so much mystery over >removing the cross-bars.

    I believe the roof-rack warning I mentioned was on the rack instruction sheet which came with my car (I found it in the glove compart). It sounds like not everyone received this additional documentation. It has diagrams which show how to install and remove the rack.
    p.s. did mazda come out with a P5 accessory book yet?
  • onboost91onboost91 Posts: 86
    I also took advantage of the no haggle S-plan pricing when I purchased my P5 and they cut about US$1300 off the MSRP on my car (auto & sunroof). The sales manager was not happy, especially since mine was the first one they sold.
    BTW, last week I got a message from someone in Washington D.C. and the dealer they called was trying to charge $2k OVER MSRP. Ridiculous!
    p.s. I believe X-plan is for Fords and S-plan is for Mazda's.
  • majorthomechomajorthomecho Posts: 1,331
    I saw a P5 at our local Mazda/Hyundai/VW mega dealer.

    It was the same yellow color as in the photo posted at the start of this discussion.

    My first thought when I saw it? Wagon.
  • rdr001rdr001 Posts: 3
    Tocan, how does one join the X-plan? Did you manage to order your PRO5 without moonroof?

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