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Acura RSX (All years/types)



  • fxashunfxashun Posts: 747
    So the "computer controlled suspension" and more luxurious interior is worth $10,000 more even though the engine is more or less the same in both. But 70 more Horsepower, 4 wheel disc brakes, extra gear in the tranny, AND more luxurious interior aren't. Boy some people are hard to please. The WRX's only advantage over the RSX is performance. It's interior is not up to par it can't be had with a roof and it does not have the Acura name plate which is still regarded "better" than Subaru. Not to mention the RSX is not a Turbo which has it's own set of maintenance/reliability issues when not meticulously cared for. It's all a trade off.
  • mdrivermdriver Posts: 385
    Sure you can "mod" an RSX to compete with a WRX, but you could also "mod" the WRX so that it would keep its performance advantage.
  • diploiddiploid Posts: 2,286
    According to edmunds, the ES300 is still essentially a Camry:

    "Still powering the ES is the 3.0-liter VVT-i V6 engine, which produces 210 horsepower and 220 pound-feet of torque. This is the same V6 that motivates the prosaic Camry, but with a few minor tweaks to make 16 more ponies."
  • diploiddiploid Posts: 2,286
    But who cares, anyway. Unless I win the lottery, I would never spend $30K of my hard earned money on a car.
  • I understand your point, fxashun. However, I'm not demanding that Acura put a stereo system that will win auto audio competitions in their stock RSXs. I just ask that the quality of their stereo (CD player, speakers, stereo's amps) be commensurate with the build of an Acura. I used to drive a '94 Altima before my current car ('99 Integra). The Altima had a *much* better bass response. I admit the high freq. audio is better w/ the Integra's dedicated tweeter speakers, but the bass blows, to put it bluntly. American cars also seem to have much better sounding stock stereos, too, such as the car rentals I get for business trips (usually Pontiacs and Oldsmobiles). From what some of the Town Hall posters write, the RSX has the same crappy bass that the Integra did. What a pity.
  • upgrade your speakers
    put in your own deck
    add a sub and an amp
    easy enough!
  • Does anyone have any pics. of the rsx with the body kits (all the spoilers).

    Also if I buy the body kit from clubrsx does anyone know how hard it is to install?

    What sucks though, is even if you get the base rsx, add auto, leather, and body kit, it comes out to like $25,000, and there are lots of cars in the $25k range that are better :(

    My parents just got the Acura 3.2 TL for $26,000. And that has 260HP.. Compared to rsx 160...
  • diploiddiploid Posts: 2,286
    Wouldn't it be better just to get the 200hp RSX-S?

    And even at that price, it's too high.

    22.5-23k seems reasonable for an RSX type S.

    Bidy kits- go to temple of vtec ( and click on the rumours link (bottom left hand corner)- you'll see several links for the RSX with Mugen aftermarket pieces.
  • The type s is good .. the problem is I can't drive manual, and my choice of transmision is the 5 speed sports shift (the exact one offered in the acura base..)..

    Does anyone know if the body kit is worth it, and how the car looks with and without it? I noticed that without it, its very "high", having a very high clearance level (or just looks that way..)
  • diploiddiploid Posts: 2,286
    I too would get the base Acura RSX. Actually walked past 3 in a parking lot at the mall. As I've said before, these things look better in person than they do in the internet pictures.
  • godeacsgodeacs Posts: 481
    an Acura 3.2TL for $26K?...What year? 260 HP only comes on the S model ...come on, that's $2,630 BELOW invoice on the base S model. Here the base TL sells for $2K OVER invoice....That dealer won't stay in business very long selling at that price!...details please....I assume you must have hit the wrong key....-)
  • godeacs.. My parents baught the 2001 Acura 3.2TL end of Feb. when the 2002 were comming in. (or about to come in), for $26,400. Not type S.. sorry.. Still.. Acura RSX S-Type with the body kit, and some misc. stuff like moon roof visor, comes out to $26,000, and i still think '01 Acura 3.2TL is a better value..

    ranald... Their forum's weren't working when i was looking through.. they are now.. thanks..
  • According to my local Honda dealer, the Prelude is history, it will be replaced with something called the SI. There was only one Prelude (a Type SH) on the lot when I went for a test drive priced at $26,000. (take it or leave it).
    I attempted to drive a 6 speed Celica GTS but could never find one in the dealerships I visited. According to one salesman I spoke to, the factory had taken back their allotment of 6 speed GTS
    because people were blowing the transmissions (ie: going directly from 6th to 3rd)
    The RSX does look like a Cavalier from certain angles, but that is only thing they have in common. The car feels very rigid and tight on the road, no squeaks or rattles, very little engine or wind noise gets into the cabin. The car feels as fast or faster then a Type SH
    A Type-S RSX with a rear deck spoiler, and mudguards (the only options I wanted) is going for $25,100 . The dealer is making approx 2000 dollars profit on this car, and there is waiting list of 2-3 months.
  • It took me three days to get the best deal possible. I faxed 13 dealers the price I wanted to pay and waited for their calls. I ended up being a battle between two dealers. I will be ordering the RSX Type S with fog lamps, wing spoiler, gold emblem kit, Gold type-s emblem, gold exhaust finisher, and destination for $23,645. Many dealers did laugh at me, but I did get the last laugh.
  • mdrivermdriver Posts: 385
    If you don't count the dealer add-on options, it seems like you paid full price. Those add-on options do have some value, but not the inflated prices that the dealers would have you believe. The dealer's cost for those parts is probably not more than the difference between invoice and retail price of the car. But I've only seen 3 or 4 RSX Type S cars at a local dealer, so maybe they are still in short supply.
  • himilerhimiler Posts: 1,209
    johnb31 didn't do too badly at that price--it's way more than I'd be willing to pay, but if he's happy...
  • Hi, I like to purchase RSX Type-S, but it seems there's no discount what so ever. The price is $23,650 solid. I wonder how johnb31 got his deal?
    I would really appreciate the information. Thanks!
  • taoztaoz Posts: 1
    I am looking for a 02 RSX Type-S just with standard equipment. What is the decent price?
  • revkarevka Posts: 1,750
    In addition to the feedback here, you may also want to check out's New Vehicle Pricing Calculator. Good luck. ;-)

    Hatchbacks / Station Wagons / Women's Auto Center Boards

  • beowulf7beowulf7 Posts: 290
    Before the RSX was officially sold to the public (I believe on July 2, 2001), Acura had a teaser preview on its site. They slowly revealed different parts of the car, such as exterior and interior pics, engine specs, transmission, Type S trim, etc. One thing they had was a CAD drawing of the RSX - in essence, what the prototype was supposed to look like. Does anyone remember seeing this? What happened to that ultra-aggressive looking vehicle?

    Between the modeled/projected vehicle and the one that roams the roads today, someone shot down a creative designer's plan. I would have to agree that the RSX looks like a Cavalier or Civic from a side profile. (From the front or rear, it has distinctive styling.) Acura had a chance to make a statement to the Eclipses and Celicas of the world. At least the RSX-S *drives* better, according to reviews (still haven't test driven it yet). But it certainly doesn't *look* better.
  • himilerhimiler Posts: 1,209
    Nice sheetmetal with complex forms costs much more to manufacture. After seeing the slab-sided RSX, you've got to ask yourself where the styling team went for vacation.

    And, having driven a Type-S, I can confirm that the new car drives more like the current Civic than the Integra did.
  • diploiddiploid Posts: 2,286
    The same thing happened with the current TL. Teaser pics & artist's renditions showed an aggressive vehicle- edges of the headlights were sharp, windshield was raked backwards at a low angle, big rimmed wheels, and body creases that emphasized the subdued nature of the car.

    The actual model was almost the same looking car- except the edges were softened, the windshield's angle was increased, smaller wheels were used and the body creases were hardly noticeable unless you really looked.
  • As a Canadian living in California, just for kicks, I logged on an Acura dealership website in my hometown (Toronto). Low and behold, the price is cheaper and the car comes with heated front seats and heated mirrors! Not sure if daytime running lights are standard in the US car but they are on the Canadian car.


    $31,000 CAD MSRP
    Exchange: You can get $1.50 CAD for each $1.00 US at all of the Canadian banks.
    => $31,000 CAD / 1.5 = $20,667 US for MSRP

    Thought I would share this piece of data. I am surprised that Honda would do this in light of the fact that cars manufactured for Canadian and US markets are basically identical due to government guidelines.. emissions, safety, etc.

    I wonder if readers in the border towns like Buffalo, Detroit, and Seattle are better off to cross the border and buy a car... They too would need the heated seats unlike people in AZ and FL.
  • robertsmxrobertsmx Posts: 5,525
    One thing they had was a CAD drawing of the RSX - in essence, what the prototype was supposed to look like. Does anyone remember seeing this? What happened to that ultra-aggressive looking vehicle?

    Acura/Honda teaser shots are normally based on actual models, and I don't remember seeing one for the RSX. The first time Acura revealed the official picture of RSX was the launch of the RSX prototype. You may have seen a rough sketch of the RSX upon which the styling is based. Those sketches are usually impractical, but exist only to suggest what the production version will be based upon.

    I would have to agree that the RSX looks like a Cavalier or Civic from a side profile.

    Really? Let us see...



    Acura had a chance to make a statement to the Eclipses and Celicas of the world

    IMO, Acura did. The Eclipse already looks outdated to me. Celica doesn't appeal to me either. I may have appreciated its styling a lot more when I was 16-17. The RSX styling seems to strike a balance between what young buyers' demand (not sure what age group Acura intended with the RSX, but looks like it is 25-35) and mature looks.

  • sgrd0qsgrd0q Posts: 398
    There is always going to be a difference between the Canadian and the US prices. Even if the prices are the same today, they will likely change in the future due to the fluctuation of the currencies. (Remember exchange rates fluctuate every day, but they do not change the car prices every day in order to adjust to the yen, for example.)

    So right now the Canadian prices for most cars are quite lower.

    I was toying with the idea of buying a car from Canada. Someone who bought a car in Canada and imported it here in the US told me there is some paperwork and a small duty involved in importing the car.

    There are a few other issues that I could think of:

    Warranty: Some car manufacturer will honor the warranty in the US, others won't. As far as I know Nissan/Infinity will honor it, Honda/Acura won't.

    Financing: If you don't have the cash to buy the car outright you need a loan, and many US institutions will not give you a loan for a Canadian purchase. For instance e-loan will not do that. I've heard that some banks will do it, but you have less of a choice, and possibly, worse rates.

    Speedometer/Odometer: Is in kilometers, and while this is legal in the US (as the speedometer also shows MPH) this may be annoying for some people. I've heard it is not very easy to correct that - may cost in the 100's.

    That's just about what I know. I've never actually imported a car though.
  • mdrivermdriver Posts: 385
    I'd find it hard to imagine that the warranty coverage wouldn't extend to the US since it does the other way around. You may also find that the sales tax in Canada is higher than the US, but may not be applicable if you plan to export it and pay US duty and provide evidence to back that up. The odometer would be a problem. That would have to be changed because a car with what looks like 160,000 miles would acyually have 100,000 miles on it (1.6KM = 1Mile). And then there's the trade-in. You would have the opposite problem trading in a US car at a Canadian dealer. So, the end result is, it probably isn't worth the savings. Here's a better idea: Emigrate to Canada.
    Daytime running lights are required on all Canadian models. The US hasn't made this proven safety requirement mandatory. And the US says it has the best standards in car safety?
  • diploiddiploid Posts: 2,286
    I can understand if you're driving and you run into fog and forget to turn your beams on, or if you go through a tunnel.

    But other than that, I personally don't see any use for daytime running lights, besides using them when I'm driving along in a funeral procession.
  • fb77fb77 Posts: 1
    Being a transplanted Canadian, I've seen many cars with and many cars without daytime running lights. Trust me, when you're on a two-lane highway, it's much easier to tell from a distance if a car is coming or going from you with its headlights on. Why do you think there's so many accident reduction projects that ask you to turn your headlights on for safety? Even in broad daylight, a pair of headlights coming at you is noticeable...
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