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Acura RSX (All years/types)



  • beowulf7beowulf7 Posts: 290
    I still find it hard to believe that the brilliant engineers at Acura (I'm not being sarcastic) would not have caught this "bug", especially when considering that the RSX was being developed for years as the successor to the Integra. If it the break-in period is that significant, is there a chance that Acura would have a recall on RSX-S engines? Even more, is it possible that Acura would release a "2002.5" version of the RSX(-S) which solves this problem?

    I also have a general comment about engine break in. Why don't auto manufacturers break in the engine for us before selling us the car? I assume that it takes 1000-1500 miles for sufficient break in. Since engines are covered for 36,000-100,000 miles (depending on the make), having the engine pre-run for 1000 or 1500 miles doesn't seem like a bad idea. That way, once you get the car, you can drive it to its full capabilities (i.e. red-lining the engine).
  • soberssobers Posts: 496
    So even if manufacturers make the engine non-brake in one you will need to watch sudden stops or brake grinding etc....

    Also now a days brake in period is supposed to be VERY short.....may be 400-600 miles which you can put in less than a week.....

    Also vbiloation of brakein period does NOT void your is just believed to be better for longer life (150+k miles) of an engine (by brake-in superstitous people!!)
  • scnamescname Posts: 296
    What's the break in period on RSX? My Honda dealer tells me to change break in oil at 3750 miles on my CRV02 I thought thats long long long.
  • My dealer told me the break in period was 1000km (622 miles). Going to hit that point tomorrow.

    Oil changes for every 8000kms (~5000 miles).

    To all the RSX owners, what type of mileage are you folks getting? If you reply, could you also let me know which model you have?

    Currently, I'm getting around 26mpg with a Type S.


  • Dealer told me break in is 600 miles but I waited till 1000 miles. After that it's Yee-Haw time!! This car is a blast to drive compared to my 00 Accord V6.

    As for mileage I'm getting around 26-27 combined city/hwy driving. Btw, this is on the TYPE S model.
  • these cars r having trouble with oil consuption and u need too chech your oil every time u get gas . rsx type s that i have uses 1 qt every 500 miles
  • Does anyone know at what RPM the vtec kicks in for both the Type-S and Base Models? Thanks.
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,041
    You mentioned that you have sought legal counsel, what action are you taking? Are you going to try and get American Honda to buy the car back from you? Or do you want them to give you a brand-new unit? If you're not at liberty to say, I understand.

    It's hard to believe an engine manufacturer such as Honda would have such a design flaw. Although, nothing is perfect, of course.
  • As being a technician I know this car will never be the same. The car is at the dealer now and I saw for myself the loose pistons in the cyls. I am interested in them buying the car back or give me a new car from one of the dealerships owned buy the family that sold me the car. They own several in my area and just interested in getting a reliable car.As for this one they got the trans,engine, and the entire cradle droped out of the car. This car should be used for safty testing. They should take it back or replace it . I think they should throw some dummys in it and send it into a wall. Always been a honda fan but very disappointed at this model car . As said before this is a problem some high peformance engine builders run into alot when experimenting with a new design.No one is perfect and even honda as all manufactuers have had problems in the past.We all know that they are one of the most reliable cars out there but I think they need to address this problem. Cause i asure u this is not just one car that has this problem. They r putting a new engine in but I asked if they did and modifications and they tell me no .So there for this car will burn oil once again when I get it back.This is why I am refusing this car. I like every thing else about this car other wise .It will run with any sports car in the same price range and will stomp on it . Is alot of horse power for a 2 liter. If i could just keep the oil in the engine. It would be a great car.
  • fxashunfxashun Posts: 747
    The RSX was out in Japan for at least 6 months before we got it if there was an inherent problem this soon you'd think they'd have caught it by now.
  • Beaowulf7, i was at the acura dealer two days ago and asked about a "2002.5", the car dealer verified with his manager that there will be no 2002.5, and the 2003's will be released in spetember. That's not to say they wont change their mind.
  • To anyone living in canada- recently my neighbor purchased an Infiniti QX4 in Canada for 8,000 dollars less then the US sticker price, with the same options. I was told the price difference was due to the exchange rate of money. My neighbor said he has spoken with lots of people who have done the same thing. I live about 3 hours away from Canada, so i was wondering if this holds true on the Acura's as well, how much is the sticker price for the 2002 rsx-s there?
  • only1harryonly1harry NYPosts: 1,140
    are always LOWER than US prices. I was thinking of doing the same thing with a Civic EX coupe I recently bought. The Canadian stickers may sound high but they 're really not once you translate them to US $$. The Canadian EX sticker was about $20K Canadian. That translates to $14K US! US sticker is $16.9K. A $2900 difference! Had I gone up to Canada and talked them down, I probably would've gotten the car for $13K US. I was able to get it for $200 over invoice ($15,495) here in NY so I didn't bother driving up to Canada which would 've been a 5.5hr drive (Montreal). I wasn't sure of what the laws are and everything or even if a Canadian car is totally legal in the US without having to change anything. I would assume the speedometer and odometer are in KM, because when I was in Montreal in the late '80's everything was in kilometers. Next time I 'm in the market for a more expensive or luxury car I will definitely do some more research and see what it takes to bring a car here from Canada. $8K is definitely worth it! I don't know why Americans always get screwed by Honda.. In Canada they have a special Edition Civic EX (called EL there) with leather seats/steering/shifter, CD changer, alloy wheels, 4-wheel disc brakes, heated seats, mirrors, etc. for $15K US!! That car would be over $19K here. I just don't get it. I think it must have to do with the per capita salaries or something, or the salary wages of those building the cars. It must cost more to build American Hondas in Ohio than it does to build the Canadian Hondas in Canada. I would imagine the RSX wouldn't be too much cheaper because it's built in Japan but it might be worth looking into. You never know. Besides, I 'd rather look at the speedometer and see 120(km) rather than a boring 70-72 and I can say I 've hit 200 (120mph) when people ask how fast I 've had it up to :-)
    '99 Integra GSR
    '06 Civic LX coupe
    '11 BMW 335i coupe xDrive
    '13 Honda Accord sedan (wife's car)
  • robertsmxrobertsmx Posts: 5,525
    The kick-in applies to RSX-S only. Both use continuously variable (intake) valve timing, so there is no kickin from that point. However, RSX-S also has a VTEC (exhaust) x-over at about 5000 rpm, so thats it. Base RSX has just one shot from idle to redline.
  • I know the cars from Canada are legal and pass our emissions and everything but does anyone know if the Honda/Acura warranty holds in the US, or does it void if the car is from Canada
  • beowulf7beowulf7 Posts: 290
    If you haven't read the article yet, you might want to check out:

    The Tiburon, at least from the pictures and predicted specs, is looking like a better car than the RSX-S. At the least, this new generation Tiburon can eat up some of the RSX's market share. It looks like a poor man's Ferrari 456, which makes for better styling than the RSX's Civic look. Its 17" wheels are superior to the RSX's 16" joke. 2.7 L engine may or may not be superior, but it should be quieter. Hopefully, it won't have the annoying oil guzzling problem that some claim the RSX does. I don't know how its 7-speaker Infinity sound system compares with the RSX-S' 7-speaker Bose package. Oh yeah, those sexy dual-exhaust pipes on the Hyundai!

    How will Acura respond for the 2003 RSX? C'mon Acura, we know you can give us a pleasant surprise! IMHO, it will require more effort than merely putting in a center console/arm rest. I don't mean to be so hard on Acura since I drive one of their vehicles myself. Nevertheless, Hyundai, of all manufacturers, has raised the bar. Let's see you jump it, Acura.

  • 719b719b Posts: 216
    unless i fell asleep for a few months, i don't know where all of a sudden the rsx is an oil burner. one unfortunate driver must have bought a lemon. read the hyundai board..... they're all lemons there. the rattles alone would drive most of us nuts.
    since when are 16" wheels a joke?
    the 2003 tiburon is a nice looking car. if you are impressed with cosmetics you'll love to show off your dual exhaust and 17" rims as you're waiting for the tow truck for another trip to the dealership.
    give me proven reliability anytime over flash.
  • soberssobers Posts: 496
    Hyundai is a good buy for someone looking for a used Hondas. i.e. get a new car with warrranty instead of used Honda/Acura & THATS IT !! :-))
  • beowulf7beowulf7 Posts: 290
    I didn't mean to diss RSX's tires because they were only 16"; I wanted to highlight the fact that Acura uses poor performance and substandard tires for their Integras/RSXs.

    Yes, the Hyundai was a joke in terms of reliability and workmanship. But they are trying to change that. Why doesn't Acura offer a 10-year 100,000-mile power train warranty like Hyundai?

    I admit I was (and still am) also a skeptic with any Korean car company when it comes to reliability. However, they deserve a second chance, and as the article implies, the 2003 Tiburon might make people think differently of Hyundai.
  • 719b719b Posts: 216
    it sure would be nice if all manufacturers would offer a warranty like hyundai. the simple reason is that hyundai had to do that to increase sales. do you think hyundais would sell without that warranty?
    with acura's reputation for reliability, they don't have to resort to a lifetime warranty.
    anyway, i still don't understand why anyone would compare acura with hyundai?
    the acura is a different class of car and would win in any comparison test.
  • Can RSX owners comment on the level of road, wind and engine noise? Consumer Reports said that the noise level was considerable.
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,041
    I've done this...I moved to FL in 1998 from Toronto and imported a Canada-only Acura 1.6EL. only1harry, this might be the special Edition Civic EX that you are referring to, but it is not branded a Honda, but rather an Acura. It is the Acura 1.7EL now, see

    Anyway, all that NHTSA requires is documented in

    Basically, if the car passes EPA standards as specified by a letter from the manufacturer, the car can be imported. I think US Customs collect a duty (which I did not pay since my stay was on a temporary basis, at the time the vehicle was being imported).

    As far as manufacturers are concerned, I think Acura discourages buying in Canada and importing it to the US. I'm not sure how they enforce it, but you may have to show proof of Canadian residency to be able to buy. I think Nissan is a lot more lenient with this (hey, it helps the revival plan).

    As far as warranty goes, official Honda statement is that they will not honor the Canadian warranty but I have yet to be denied warranty claims by the 2 Acura dealerships in my area. Of course, repeat business may have something to do with it. Nissan warranty is transferrable, just call Nissan customer service and give VIN# of vehicle.

    And finally, because of the currency exchange, cars sold in the U.S. at invoice price tend to be higher in price than that of cars sold in Canada at MSRP. Thus, a little bit of negotiating results in prices way below US invoice. Everyone gets charged 15% sales tax (8% provincial and 7% goods & services tax), the 7% GST is refundable, per
  • the noise in the car is noticeable. I think it all depends.

    I don't notice the wind that much, but I do notice the engine and tires. It's quiet, but it is there (not sure if that clears it up).

    Haven't driven the car on a really windy day yet, but like I said, I don't notice the wind noise at all.

    The engine is loud if you rev it up, below 4000 and it's relatively subdued. I didn't find it any noisier than any other car I've driven. OK, I lied, it is a lot louder than a Town Car.

    But when you get an RSX, you're not really lookin' for a Town Car in a Coupe are you?

    Great car, got no complaints so far.
  • I am unfortunate to own one of these rsx type s . I am telling u all this car has a flaw with the motor .Piston slap due to the metal the engine parts are made of they dont expand as they should when heated up .This is why my car burns oil . I love the car . But I am not pleased with the oil consuption problem. It is very hard to find a problem in this nature because it is internal. I am a technician for mazda and all our engines have piston slap due to variable timing set up . But this particular car has to much and that is the problem with mine . You think this is not going to be a problem with a new engine in the car you are dreamin.I argued with them about the new engine i am getting and even the acura technician thinks it will be same thing with my new engine.but we got no choice at this point but to let them put it in.When i get the car back i will post if its got the same problem . I love the car but you all will see in the end . Remember check your oil and if anyone else has this problem please post it . If you own one check your oil . If it has some missing you know the problem is most likely piston slap.O yeah thats a joke to compare a piece of crap hyundia to a rsx they can only dream of making a true sports car.
  • revkarevka Posts: 1,750
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  • only1harryonly1harry NYPosts: 1,140
    a Honda or Acura that has had a blown engine or tranny with less than a 100k mi. on it and I 'll show you a pink elephant. Why do you think Honda & Acura dealers push for extended warranties? Because they make tons of money on them. They know nothing serious will go wrong with the car. I wasted $600 on a 100k mi./no deductible on my '97 Civic. Sold it w/140k on it and not a single problem. I abused that car pretty badly too. It's an insurance policy and there 's probably 1 in 1,000 chances you 'll have to use it. Same with my brother and his '95 Integra LS. $695 down the drain for extended warranty. Actually that's not entirely true. He had a leaky valve cover gasket and they replaced it under the extended warranty. Acura got charged $50. So I decided not to get an extended warranty with my '99 Integra or my '01 Civic. Hyundai knows that nowadays 100k is not much for an engine & tranny and that 's why they extended the basic warranty, on the powertrain only! There are many other parts to the car like electrical, emmissions, cooling, etc. that are not covered by this warranty and those are the parts that go first, not the motor/tranny. Anyway comparing Hyundai to Acura is totally ludicrous.
    '99 Integra GSR
    '06 Civic LX coupe
    '11 BMW 335i coupe xDrive
    '13 Honda Accord sedan (wife's car)
  • thanks crickey- the information really helped, i plan to buy my rsx-s there, it knocks atleast 3,000 off and thats always good! I have heard more people do this with nisans/infiniti's but ill take my chances with the acura.
  • I had always checked my oil after my car had been running for awhile. That's the way I was taught (can't remember from who) and that's the way I've been doing it.

    Now, somewhere recently (once again, I can't remember), somebody said to check your oil when the engine's cold (i.e. hasn't been run in the past few hours). So, which way is it? With a hot engine or a cold one?


  • carguy62carguy62 Posts: 545
    FWIW I always let it sit for a little while to let the oil drain down. Not cold (although I think it would be fairly accurate when it is cold)....but certainly not hot.
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,041
    ...and let us know how you make out. Where are you planning to buy the RSX? If in Toronto, go to Acura 2000 in Brampton -- use to get information. Talk to Paul Policaro, the owner of the dealership, and see if you can get a good deal. I bought my Acura 1.6EL from him after shopping all the other Acura dealerships in the area. He was the only one willing to sell the car with a modest profit, everyone else wanted my shirt and firstborn too.

    I'm also thinking of making a trip to get an MDX, so I'd be very interested how you make out. Good Luck.
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