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Ford Focus ZX5



  • biker16biker16 Posts: 26
    The ZX5 in new york was made in europe. The SVT hood was bent by some idiot at the NY show, Can you imagine what these people do to those cars?
  • biker16biker16 Posts: 26
    Tenative spec list May 2001

    Std Equipment
    2.0 16v Zetec engine HP=130@5300 RPM Torque=135@4500
    Multi-port fuel injection
    5spd man trans
    3.82 final drive ratio
    Front disc rear drum power brakes
    13.2-gallon fuel tank
    Front and rear stabilizer bars
    Power rack and pinion steering
    Independent front suspension with McPherson strut
    Rear Control Blade Independent SLA suspension
    P205/50R16 all season tires
    Body color front and rear bumpers
    Fog Lamps
    Tinted glass
    Dual power mirrors
    Body side molding
    Rear wiper washer
    Air Conditioning
    Driver and front passenger air bags
    Front armrest with center storage
    AM/FM stereo 6-disc in dash CD player
    Rear defroster
    Front and Rear floor mats
    Power locks
    Front bucket seats with drivers side lumbar support and manual height adjuster
    Split/Fold-Down rear seat with split flip-up rear seat cushion
    Cruise control
    Tilt/Telescoping steering wheel
    Leather wrapped steering wheel
    Dual visor mirrors
    Power windows

    ABS with Advance Trac
    Side air bags
    Anti-Lock brakes
    Power moon roof
    Leather seats

    Egg yolk yellow cc
    Liquid grey cc metallic
    Infra-red cc
    Grabber green cc metallic
    Sangria red cc metallic
    Malibu blue cc metallic
    Twilight blue metallic
    CD silver cc metallic
    Pitch black cc
    Cloud 9 white cc
  • seminole_kevseminole_kev Posts: 1,722
    I didn't see the Duratec 2.3L listed as an option? ;-)
  • occupant1occupant1 Posts: 412
    sounds good...wish those tailights were down where they belong, I mean, the street racers won't be able to see them that high! I'd have to get the car lowered so they could see my lights..LOL...!!!

    I have driven Focuses, I like the basic ZX3 except I would make two changes, swap those hideous double-five spokes for the LX's steel wheels and hubcaps, and swap that CD player for the LX's cassette deck. I do own CD's, but you just can't get some of my favorites on CD, local bands I like, older music, and what's the point of going to Salvation Army or Goodwill if I can't buy a half a dozen tapes for five bucks?!!
  • fdthirdfdthird Posts: 352
    3 solutions...

    1 - Get a CD writer for your computer

    2 - Get a wireless device that broadcasts your tape on an FM frequency that you will then be able to pick up on your radio


    3 - Pull the radio and put in one from an LX (see EBAY)

  • compensatecompensate Posts: 212
    The ZX5, in my opinion, is not a hatchback - it is a wagon! To me, a true hatchback has a sharply sloped rear window/hatch. Notice in the picture of the ZX5 that the rear window does have a slight slope, but the non-window part of the "hatch" is vertical.

    Not trying to offend Focus lovers, but one of the few true 5-door hatchbacks offered is the 2001 Elantra GT. Even the new Protege5 is more of a wagon in form.

    Just my observation...
  • rsparrowrsparrow Posts: 60
    For one thing, it's the same exact body as the ZX3, just with two extra doors, and nobody calls the ZX3 a wagon.... Now the Protege 5, on the other hand, I have a hard time trying to picture as a 'hatchback.' Perhaps without the roof rack... :-)
  • compensatecompensate Posts: 212
    rsparrow, I agree that the ZX3 is a hatchback, because it has only 3 doors. However, the one picture I've seen of the ZX5 seems to look more like a wagon to me. I think the picture I saw was at an auto show, so it may not have been the same as the real production version.
  • mpgmanmpgman Posts: 723
    Perhaps they are all WAGbacks?
  • fdthirdfdthird Posts: 352
    Hey...who cares!! If you like it you buy it..if not you don't!
  • seminole_kevseminole_kev Posts: 1,722
    2002 Pricing is now on Edmunds - New car section. Includes the ZX5 with options.
  • pocahontaspocahontas Posts: 802
    Hi seminole_kev- Thanks for spreading the word!

    To everyone- You'll also find a direct link to Edmunds's 2002 Focus ZX5 information/pricing in the Additional Resources on the left side of this page. Hope this is helpful. ;-)

    Hatchbacks / Station Wagons / Women's Auto Center Boards

  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    Curiously, does anyone know why the ZX5 would be over $1000 more than a ZX3 equipped the same way? They both have power everything, keyless, cruise, and 6-CD in-dash changer. Two extra doors and power windows couldn't possibly cost a grand more to make! The ZX5 is even more expensive than the ZTS. Anyone care to shed light on this? I find it odd that Ford would try to charge so much more for the ZX5. A mistake if you ask me.
  • mrolandmroland Posts: 129
    Hey now,
    The lease runs out on my Saturn in Spetember. I have to thank Ford for bringing out the ZX5 in just the right time, with all the right stuff. Even if the ZX5 is $1000 more than a ZX3, it still undercuts its two main competitors by about $2000, the Protege5 and the Golf. I have driven both and neither is as comfortable, fun to drive, or quiet as the Focus. I can't wait to place my order.

    Who would have thought that Ford would have brought us the best small car, that is more reasonable and fun than a VW? Is this the same company that sent us the escort 10 years ago?

    I am soo glad they are making it in the 5-door finally. Enough gushing for now, but this is a great car at a great price.

  • mpgmanmpgman Posts: 723
    I recently bought the new Hyundai Elantra GT 5 door hatch and love it. For $16K, the equipment list is staggering: full power, leather, ABS, traction control, moonroof, fog lights, alloys, Michelins, 4-wheel discs, trip computer, side air bags, excellent center arm rest and console, backlit purple VDO dash lighting, variable intermittent wipers and intermittent rear, AM/FM/CD 6 speaker stereo, theater lighting, etc. Plus the excellent warranty. I was waiting for the ZX5 too, but was disturbed by all of the recalls surrounding new Ford products. Getting 33-35 on the highway and 26-28 in town with the automatic and the coldest A/C unit I've ever experienced on all the time. Go for a test drive before you buy the Ford. You might have a decision to make.
  • compensatecompensate Posts: 212
    I agree with what mpgman said above. I bought a 2001 Elantra GT and am not disappointed. It is at least worth a test drive. If you don't need ABS/traction control, moonroof, or automatic, the MSRP on the 2001 GT drops to around $14,500 (including destination charge). Everything else mpgman listed above is STANDARD equipment.

    Check out Hyundai!
  • csandstecsandste Posts: 1,866
    to pick either the ZX5 or an Elantra GT when I was forced (my 87 Nova died) to make a quick purchase. Compared the ZX3 to the Elantra GLS (no 5 speed GT's in St. Louis) and went with the Elantra although it was a close call. Both cars extremely roomy, but the customer responses to the Elantra on this and other threads indicated that it might be more reliable. Although the Focus had more aggressive handling, the Elantra is extremely comfortable and sophisticated. I certainly would at least look at the Elantra GT before getting a ZX5.

    It had some slight hail damage and I've been driving a loaner last generation Sentra this week while the body shop makes some adjustments. No doubt Nissan under Renault's leadership will be coming out with some really great cars in the near future (witness the new Altima), but I'm struck by how crude that 98 Sentra is compared to both the Elantra and the Focus. Build quality seems OK considering it's had 40,000 miles of rental car abuse. However it's cramped in most dimensions compared to the others.

    I'm really concerned that Japanese cars (at least available in this country) are getting more and more conservative. This one was really not much better than my 1987 Nova.
  • profiveprofive Posts: 3
    Hi I just ordered a ZX5 here in Toronto, Canada with side air bags, leather seats, and sunroof.

    The dealer offered me $500 off MSRP, or X-plan pricing if the ZX5 is eligable for x-plan. Does anyone know the website that I can apply to be a member and get x-plan.

    Also, has anyone in Canada been able to get X-plan pricing for a ZX5 in Canada? Thanks! and looking forward to my ZX5!
  • mrolandmroland Posts: 129
    I was at a local ford dealer, and they still don't have pricing for the 2002 Foci. How does Edmunds have this info but not the dealer? How was the gentleman in Toronto able to order one of these, ie a ZX5? Are there any Ford insiders reading this so I could put my order in? I know what I want Ford, the antiquated dealer system is making it difficult for me to order it.
  • biker16biker16 Posts: 26
    The dealers are lazy they don't keep upto date on the cars. just use your order codes ,from edmunds, and order one

    I have a QTVR ZX5 on my web site / webpage

  • focusmatt2focusmatt2 Posts: 106
    I wonder if they're trying to purposely offer rebates. Sometimes the domestics do that on purpose. The Grand Am if you pay sticker is as much as a Camry, but they never expect it to go for more than a Sonata.
  • mcbuttermcbutter Posts: 13
    I too contacted several Ford Dealerships and none of them knew what I was talking about when I mentioned the ZX5. I sent them a link to the ZX5 page so they could straighten themselves out and then I moved on to the next dealership on my quest for the ZX5. I finally found one who was able to place an order for me (on August 2nd in Los Gatos, California) - I put down a deposit and am expecting it in 7 or 8 weeks (so they say). If those other Ford people had been aware, they would have made an easy sale!

    Anyway, I'm looking very forward to my new "Grabber Green" ZX5! (I also used the X-Plan, so it is eligible.)
  • mrolandmroland Posts: 129
    I don't understand "use order codes from" Edmunds. I sent out to Ford Direct and Autobytel through Edmunds with no response. Maybe I need to have dealers bid on my purchase? I may need to visit a couple of more dealers in my area. Any more specific help would be appreciated.

    Now what does the "Grabber Green" look like? My girlfriend and I suspect it is like the Myst Green we saw on a 2000 VW Golf GTI VR6 a couple of weeks ago. I like the Malibu Blue the most. Someone around the corner from me just brought home a ZX3 in Malibu, and I keep drooling. (they got an autotragic, missing out on one of the best parts of the Focus, I think)

    Thanks for the offer about the Elantra GT. I am vegetarian, so I would steer clear of a car with standard leather. I may test drive it anyway just for kicks! It doesn't have nearly the pizazz of the ZX5. Nothing looks close to this car. There is nothing on the road that looks like a ZX3 from behind.

  • biker16biker16 Posts: 26
    go to edmunds

    price out the car with the options you want.


    the order guide below to find all of the model codes and match the option codes to options you selected at edmunds.

    the ZX5 model code is


    ZX5 is on page 7of 12.

    good luck.

  • mcbuttermcbutter Posts: 13

    Maybe you can just email all the dealers in your area directly with the options you want and have them send you a quote (maybe a problem since half of them won't know what you're talking about) - that's how I ordered mine. It was supereasy and hassle-free.

    As for Grabber Green, I'm not sure what it looks like exactly either. It used to be on the original Mustangs (, but every picture I've seen is a different shade of green, yet all called grabber green. But it's some form of green so I had to get it. I agree, Malibu Blue is nice, too!

    Good luck on your quest for the ZX5!
  • mrolandmroland Posts: 129
    I wasn't able to access that link. Maybe I will try directly getting into the Downes Ford website and see where it goes.
    I did find a Fordtraining site that mentioned the order code as PL37. I clicked into the site it recommneded for pricing but got nothing. It needs a password. Any ideas for breaking it?

    Is the ZX5 going to have the same nice front seats as the ZX3 or the crappy flat buckets from the Sedan and Wagon Models? Should I save up for some recaros?
  • seminole_kevseminole_kev Posts: 1,722
    be the sedan seats in the ZX5. I actually like the sedan seats. It's nice to have the lumbar adjustment. ZX3 does have better side bolstering though.
  • biker16biker16 Posts: 26
    I am OUTRAGED that Ford motor Company is not replacing the Zetec E in the focus with the modern Duratec HE, in the Ford Mondeo and being built in Dearborn, Michigan and in Mexico.

    By holding back these world-class engines from the Focus, Ford is NEGLECTING compact car market in North America. In 2001 Honda introduced the new Civic with all new high efficiency engines with 39 mpg Hwy and 0-60 in 9 sec. In 2000 Toyota installed a new 1.8L engine in the Corolla that makes 41 mpg Hwy and goes 0-60 in 8.8 sec. The 2002 Focus the Focus will continue to use the base SPI and the optional Zetec E. The SPI engine dates back to the Escorts of the mid 80s and the Zetec E was designed in the late 80s and its engine block is even derived from SPI's engine block. These engines are hardly competitive, the SPI has good economy but it is slow (0-60 >10 sec) the Zetec E is quicker but has poor economy compared to the competition (34 mpg Hwy) and still slower than the Corolla. The engines are noisy, coarse, and rough, they are average engines in an above average car.

    It is amazing that Ford will wait 2 years or more to replace the current engines when they have been building the all-new Duratec HE engine in Mexico for over a year now. Ford has even stated in press releases that they will replace the Zetec and SPI, with the Duratec HE. While they are waiting, the competition is giving the consumer cars with better performance, economy, and refinement and Focus sales will suffer. Sales are already down 28.6% in July and 11.7% for the year. Ford is FAILING to keep the Focus the best in its class and the engines are the problem.

    Duratec HE engines are the Fix.

    1.8l Duratec HE
    125 hp @ 6000 rpm
    125lb/ft @ 4800 rpm
    41-mpg Hwy.

    2.0l Duratec HE
    145 Hp @ 6000 Rpm
    140 lb/ft @ 4800 rpm
    40-mpg hwy.
    Economy numbers from the Mondeo

    More info @ ]

    Quote from Prof. Dr. Rudolf Menne, the Duratec HE engineering director.

    "The new Duratec HE engine is the cornerstone of our long- term petrol engine strategy, and it is the result of an intensive process to develop a new range of powertrains that are absolutely on the technological edge"

    Duratec HE engines represent a considerable step forward in terms of refinement and NVH reduction, and the result is smooth, quiet operation even during spirited driving.

    These engines are exceptional; they should be in the Focus now. Ford is making a grave mistake in thinking the Focus can compete without these engines.

    Without these engines Ford's world Class Compact will quickly become a mediocre Econobox.


    please Sign
  • mrolandmroland Posts: 129
    I ordered my ZX5 last night. Malibu Blue with Medium Graphite interior. The gentleman at fred Beans in Doylestown PA was very helpful. He was more interested in getting me what I want, rather than selling me something I didn't (i.e 2001 Pitch Black ZX3 with no moonroof).

    Anyway, he gave me a copy of the complete lineup of standard and optional equipment for the 2002 Focus line!

    The ZX5 seems to have some very special seats. They are listed as Sport Buckets with dual map pockets and kangaroo pouches (!) and driver side lumbar adjustment. The ZX3 also has sport buckets, while sedans and wagons have "low back".

    As far as colors go, it looks like ZX5 is only available with Medium Graphite or Medium Parchment interior. The Dark Charcoal is not available, this follows the scheme set up for the other top modes, ZTS sedan, and SE/ZTW wagon, which the ZX5 is equipped and priced equivalent too.

    the colors:
    Liquid Grey
    Infra Red
    Grabber Green
    Sangria Red
    Malibu Blue
    Twilight Blue
    CD Silver
    Pitch Black
    Cloud 9

    Note: Liquid grey, Malibu, and CD silver only available with Medium Graphite Interior. All others available in both.

    Now, the sheet lists Egg Yolk yellow as a ZX3/ZX5 color, but only available in Dark Charcoal. So I guess it is out for the ZX5. Its a bit confusing. In case y'all were curious, JAckpot gold has been dropped (replaced by liquid grey) and Light Sapphire has been changed to French Blue. Grabber Green replaces rainforest Green on all models.

    ZX5 order code is P37/600a

    Any further questions on any Foci, I have it here on my desk.

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