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  • I am looking at buying a 2001 3/4 ton suburban with the 8.1 motor and the 4:10 rear end. I cant get an honest answer on what to expect for gas milage. I have been told any where between 5 and 16 mpg. Thanks~
  • ianshawianshaw Posts: 119
    My good friend owns a 2002 Suburban, 3/4 ton with the 8.1 engine and the 4:10 rear end. He has been getting approximately 10-11 mpg when NOT towing. When towing a 26 foot camper, he is getting 4-6 mpg. In general, he has been dissapointed with the fuel economy. However, the thing does have power!! We went on a camping trip this summer where I took my 2002, 5.3l Tahoe, towing a 2300lb tent camper and he took his Sub towing the 26 foot camper (it probably weighs 7,500lbs). That suburban easily outran the Tahoe up the summit between Cheyenne and Laramie, Wyoming. I was impressed. He would have beaten me to the camping spot, but for the fact that he had to stop for gas every 5 minutes!!!
  • mkarpmkarp Posts: 22
    Am looking to purchase a used suburban but am concerned about the milage you owners are getting. Can anyone with a 99 or 98 diesel let me know what your real world mpg has been? Is there anything I would need to be worried about by purchasing such a truck with 75-85,000 miles? What type of maintenance issues if any? Thanks for help.
  • highenderhighender Posts: 1,365
    used, and it was highly modified by Stillen Motorsports.....loaded to the max with everything on it....supercharger, 5 TVs, DVD, VHS, alpine NAV, 5 headphones, Dynamat everywhere, K&N, etc.

    My question is : do you know how they measure the cargo cap of 132 cu ft.?? How can a Suburban, the king of cargo space, have less space than a minivan, which have anywhere between 120 to 158 cu ft. ???
  • Let me start by saying that every manufacturer measures there cargo capacity differently (some with a little elfin magic). The last time I read on it there was no real "industry standard", or if there was it left plenty of leeway. That being said, part of the reason that there is less space in the Suburban versus a minivan is because the Burb is a body on frame rather than a unibody construction. I also don't know of any minivans that have a V8. V8's generally take up more space than a V6 which means less interior room. Finally, there is also the issue of ground clearance. If you raise up a vehicle to gain ground clearance (ala Suburban/Tahoe) it will take away interior room over a minivan (assuming that both roof lines remain the same). I don't know if this helps or not, but just some suggestions.

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  • highenderhighender Posts: 1,365
    yes, it helps.

    I had a previa which can take 7 adults and 3 full size suitcases, plus misc smaller bags.

    the suburban could take 8 adults , 5 full size suitcases and many smaller bags.

    last time when the Continental Singers(a Christian music group) came, I was able to take in 5 singers , plus all their luggage, and it was alot, when you are on the road touring the US for 3 months.....! No way my Previa could have donne that.....not with the small cargo area.

    You hit on an important point: how do they measure cargo space ? I was reading the salesman spec sheet for the Previa, and it said that ; with the 3rd row folded up, and the 2nd row bench removed, it would get 157.8 cuft. but that means it could now only seat 2, including it would not be a fair comparison to a Suburban, unless theyt also measured with all 2nd and 3rd row removed.....right ??
  • I did a google search and couldn't come up with anything about a standard for measuring. I do know that Consumer Reports fits a metal frame in the cargo area of a vehicle to measure the cu area. I think that they also do a grocery bag capacity on vehicles with a trunk. I'll check my CR's when I get home to verify.

    I did come up with this article though:

    IIRC, a couple years ago the federal government made Toyota change some of their marketing information about capacity because they were being, umh, let's just say creative.

    I'll try and dig something else up, but if somebody knows more please pitch in.

    by the way, if you're ever in my neck of the woods with the Stillen or the Ceyenne, I'd be available to give you my opinion on those! :)

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    The Fraternal Order of Procrastinators
  • highenderhighender Posts: 1,365
    yeah, I'll drop by if you are in CA...we can switch for a few days....:-) which state are you in(don't mean to pry) ....

    thanks for all your info and the really helps.

    let us know what you get..... :-)
  • Need to know who out there has this set up (2WD) and what kind of mileage you get.
    I'm looking at this truck and just want to know what I'm getting into.
  • We recently got a used 2002 tahoe, with the 5.3, z71 package. Brought back to dealer after one week because it made an awful scraping noise at slight acceleration, espcially noticable when a/c on. They repaired the wiring harness boot, which "fell inside the dash". However two days later, the noise is back. Less noticible and not as regular! Of course it would not make the noise the second time we brought it back to the dealer! (they are being good about the situation but its annoying!)Any thoughts or experiences with this?
  • tooheytoohey Posts: 1
    I have owned a 1995, 1999, 2001, and now a 2003 Suburban Z71. I have the rattle in the glove box in my 2003 Z71. I also have experienced what feels like a loose steering column with a rattle in the steering wheel area of both my 2001 and now my 2003 after about 12K miles. Has anyone experienced this annoying problem?
  • nmatsonnmatson Posts: 17
    I have a 2002 1500K suburban and had a rattle in the steering when cornering over a rough surface at around 29K miles. Dealership had a replacement steering shaft for it - apparently a known issue although not a recall they only fix it upon owner complaint.
  • I just had a repair shop offer me a trade that is worth a minimum of $20,000.00 for my 1994 Suburban 2500. It has 120,000 miles, that body and interior are rough, but it runs perfect. It has all towing options offered by Chevrolet. I can't imagine what's going on but will probably take the offer tomorrow unless someone can advise me differently. I am certain of the offer's value. It could be closer to $25,000. What's up? Some kind of urgent insurance deal?
  • I have a 2003 Suburban with 20,000 miles on it. I have noticed a noisy vibration with steering wheel when making a sharp slow turn-around. Anyone notice the same problem? It's not the kind of noise that occurs when power steering fluid is low. Also, I have also noticed a clunking noise which sounds like it would be coming from my driver side front spring when backing out of my drive way. Anyone have this issue?
  • I own a 2000 chevy tahoe, I had the same problem with turning, it almost sounded like a popping noise, we took it to the chevy dealer and they had to put a kit on it to get rid of the noise, but its been a year and the noise is coming back. Im not an expert on the matter, but I understand what your talking about.
  • jefe3jefe3 Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 Tahoe that rattles and feels loose in the steering column. The Tahoe has 28000 miles, I probably had the problem in the last 7-10K miles and finally took it to the dealer. The dealership admitted this being a common problem in Tahoes/Suburbans/Trucks. There's a backorder on Intermediate Shafts, so hopefully when part comes in the problem is solved. The good thing its under warranty, the bad thing is GMC/Chevrolet have done nothing to inform the public.
  • Hi, I have some very serious concerns about the Tahoe and wonder if anyone else has experienced any of these problems.

    I read the posts and had a lot of the same problems that a lot of you had, noise in the dash, popping when I turned the steering wheel, but all of this is irrelevant to me now because so much on my tahoe failed me on Tuesday morning.

    I must tell you though that I truly loved my Tahoe LT, our plan was to pay it off (eventually, as it was $45000.00) and give it to our son when he turned 16 and buy a brand new one. I am still crying over the loss of my Tahoe!

    Ok, I was on my way to work in the rain, apparently I hit water in the road, my Tahoe hydroplaned and the back end began coming around on the driver side, I corrected it, or overcorrected as we are assuming and began spinning the other direction. I saw walnut trees coming and the car wouldn't respond to my steering and I guess I was sliding (backwards?) in the mud because the brakes didn't work. I shut my eyes and felt the crash, I hit 5 walnut trees, severing 2 of the first ones I hit, the tahoe then rolled atleast once, landing on the drivers side in the mud. All I saw was a shattered and broken windshield and I knew it was bad. I thought that soon my onstar would activate and I would get help, because I could hear cars driving by.(that's right, not stopping) I then looked for my rear view mirror and couldn't find it, it was outside the windshield! I tried to roll down the passengar window, it wouldn't roll down so I could climb out of it. My center console broke open, everything had fallen on me and out of the tahoe in the crash, it wouldn't close again, it just broke open. I tried to use my talk button for onstar on the steering wheel but I was so disoriented that I couldn't remember you have to say "call" or "dial" I tried saying 911 and emergency, It gave me the weather! I was so terrified, still in my seatbelt. Someone finally stopped and I was able to climb out the rear window which was completely broken out, wiper still working. The first thing I saw was my third row rear seat in the mud! It had been ejected out the back window during the accident. This really scared me, we have 2 kids! everything that was in the rear of the tahoe was thrown out. everything in the dash and console was thrown out of the car. My airbags FAILED, my Onstar FAILED, thank god for my seatbelt. After climbing out I was able to find my rearview mirror, still attached outside of the broken/shattered windshield and push the emergency button. (12 minutes after the wreck!) She couldn't hear me very well, but sent help to my location! Thank god she knew where I was, because I couldn't remember! All of these things went wrong. The driver side roof caved in and the rear left tire when the turned it back right side up was bent horizontal! I contacted GM about all the stuff that went wrong and failed. They were supposed to forward my complaint to the appropriate dept. and get back to me in 48 hours, I haven't heard from them yet! I am terrified to drive, I hurt and can't move my neck or shoulders, but I am still alive. I see the pics of the tahoe and wonder how I am alive today! So, I need to warn you and know if anyone else has experienced such failures. I still wish I could have my Tahoe back, it had every possible feature and I really love it! Hopefully GM cares enough for their car owners to fix these things! My Tahoe rolled onto the onstar antenna, it still didn't activate. It scares me to death!
  • All of a sudden my 2003 burban front blower (A/C, heater) wont work. The fuse is fine. Who knows where the blower relay switch is? Is it expensive? Hard to replace??


    Thanks millions from a newbie...
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    What caused the crash to begin with?
  • timetime Posts: 1
    Hi papermouth. It has been since oct. since you listed your problem. Yes, I have had it also. To make a short story, the problem was a anti-theft board (listed in you manual) costs were about $300.00 to run the test and have the tech change the circuit. Time
  • It was raining pretty hard and I was on a country road, the back tires hydroplaned.
  • jay_24jay_24 Posts: 536
    Rear wheel drive many times causes the rear end to spin around when it looses traction. Any RWD car or truck would likely do the same or similar thing. Solution? slow down. Its pretty much like driving on snow or ice.
  • mtbonmtbon Posts: 12
    You are not the only person I have heard of that has had trouble with a Tahoe in the rain. What year, miles, speed and tires did you have? I know of 2 others that have rolled their Tahoes in the past year or so. It seems that once these vehicles lose control, there is no getting it back and a rollover is imminent.

    Fortunately you are alive and in 1 piece. All those safety items failing is a definite concern.
  • The steering wheel and dashboard airbags are only designed to deploy during a frontal or near frontal impact. They are not designed to deploy during a side or rear impact, or during a rollover. Onstar is activated when the airbags deploy. Since your airbags did not deploy,, Onstar was not activated. Sounds like everything worked properly. Your owner's manual explains these issues in greater detail. Thank goodness you were not seriously hurt.
  • At 25,000 miles we just put in the second intermediate steering shaft on our 2002 Tahoe. Felt the bumping, grinding, loose feeling as going around corners. Warranty expires in August. Don't know what to expect in future. Will this problem reoccur every 10,000 miles for as long as we have the car? Could it also be an EVO sensor? Any other suggestions to cure it permanently? How much should the intermediate steering shaft repair cost (when the car is not under warranty)? Thanks in advance.
  • Hey there,

    Was wondering if anyone could help me program my garage door opener on my 1999 Tahoe. I used a friend's manual (Ford F-150) because our buttons look the same, but mine didn't work. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Suzanne
  • topdjtopdj Posts: 1
    well I recoved from a loss of control on a black ICE covered bridge, I was in 2 wheel drive about 65mph
    everything looked fine just some blowing snow here and there, back of the truck starts to come around and I hear the engine rev, I quickly hit the 4 wheel drive button and give it some gas
    fight the over correction a few times and pull out
    I was sweating bullets. and left it in autotrac the rest of the 400 mile trip.
    so I almost lost my Z71 Tahoe
  • mblack1mblack1 Posts: 1
    I also have a 2003 Tahoe with the same complaint, unfortunately it is outside of the service warranty. I was hoping that Chevrolet would pay for this problem since obviously it's not just me. I know they was something wrong when the dealer told me the part was on back order.
  • I own a '03 Chevy Tahoe Z71. With the rising cost of fuel, has anybody tried one of these programer's. I work with a gentleman that used one on a '01 F350 4x4 and increased is fuel mileage dramatically. He said that he was getting close to 28mpg. I realize that there is a difference from diesel and gasoline motors, but I previously owned a '00 F350 2X4 and on a good day got 15mpg. (Both F350's were 7.3L diesels)

    I just want to know if anybody has tried one on theirs and recieved similar results or not. If I could bump my mpg to at least 22-23mpg, I think that it would be worth the intial investment of + - $350

  • johnn4johnn4 Posts: 1
    I just purchased my first Suburban. 2001 1500 LT really just a basic but clean truck. The currently has stock rims but with a Mastercraft block tread design tires. They have to go ! Noise and vibration. Please help with suggestions for good replacements. Will not see off road so tread can be very conservative.

    Question #2 It has a slight oil leak on the front drive shaft, drivers side inboard or output area of the 4wd shaft. Common ? Easy fix ?

    Thanks - John
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