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Nissan Sentra Problems

anon70anon70 Posts: 82
edited March 2014 in Nissan
Hey, 1st post in this new Topic Section :)

About 100000 miles ago, i accidently shifted into 2nd gear and i didn't notice. i was driving 75 mph for about 5min when i got suspicious that something was wrong. i felt ALOT power when i went uphill and i usually don't. I immediately shifted back to (D)rive.

Anyway, the result was that when i go from 1st to 2nd or 2nd to 3rd, i feel the car shifting.

my odometer is now at 185k miles and i finally changed the transmission fluid and filter for the 1st time. (Went to a garage.)
There were bits of metal in the filter. (Btw-did i really need to change the filter since it was metal screen? Could i have just washed the little bits away and reuse?)

Now i REALLY feel the car shifting at 2nd gear.

1) If it dies, how much for a tranny?
2) Buy another or rebuild mine?
3) and where to get it, and who do i use to service it? (aamco?)



  • My wife has a 92 sentra. the trunk is leaking. The dealer said its usually the tail lights. They told me that I need to take them out and then use their product to re-seal them so that they don't leak (something like silicon, but not silicon, kinda tacky substance - $15 a tube, one tube per light). Can I use something else? Has anyone else had this problem and solved it.

  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 58,496
    that's pretty messy. Can you just replace the tail light gaskets on that car? Much easier. But if the gaskets are not sold separately, then the sealant may work. I prefer a latex based sealant called Phenoseal, which you can wash off easily with water. Much easier to use than those gooey sealers and does a good job. You can buy it at any paint store that sells caulking, etc.
    It's not an automotive product.

    Phenoseal comes in a tube for use with a gun, but you can just squeeze it out on your finger and go around the old gasket. The dealer's right, though, you need to take the lens assembly out to do this.

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  • Thanks for the suggestion. I didn't look to see if there are any gaskets. From what I can tell there are none. Anyway, that is something I will look into. I was just going to use some clear bathroom calking!! I'm cheap, what can I say!
  • After 159,000 miles my 92 SER is just about coming to her end. While driving home from Boston to New York the transmission started slipping while in 5th gear. I made it home and brought it to my mechanic who told me that the transmission is on its last legs. The 5th gear is the first to go followed by 4th, 3rd etc. He told me that the car is still driveable and may last for some time. I am now using it as a station car. The cost to repair using a rebuilt transmission will be over $1,000. I do not believe that the car at this point in time is worth the cost to fix
  • Seem to have an oil leak coming from the timing chain cover. I have the 1.6 engine. What kind of job will I be looking at to fix ? Has this happened to any body else with this engine? I now have 105k miles on it.
  • I bought my new Sentra GXE fully loaded with ABS and side air bags. Four days after I bought it the air bag light starts flashing and the dealer says the left side air bag has failed. They said it would take 3 or 4 days to get the part. That was two weeks ago and I am still waiting. I contacted Nissan consumer affairs and they refuse to respond to me. The dealer says the part is on order and can't do anything about it. I am getting tired of driving a rental car and just want my new car back. What else can I do?
  • I have a 87 Nissan Sentra. I have recently have had problems with a misc fuse which blows intermittently and causes the turn signals, gas gauge and back lights to discontinue working. Once the car stops, I can not start it again unless I change the misc fuse in the fuse box. Have put in new ignition switch. Does anyone have an answer to this problem?
  • fishweigelfishweigel Posts: 3
    49k on a 96 Sentra and have an intermittent antifreeze leak from the head gasket. Took it to the dealer, said he never saw one leak before and wanted $800 to fix. A lot for an in-line 4 engine with lots of working room under the hood. Of course warranty expired last September (5 year) even though the 50K limit has not been reached.

    Anyone else experienced this problem? Seems strange for such a well made engine.
  • adc100adc100 Posts: 1,521
    The leak on the SR20DE is probably fairly rare due to both heads and block being aluminum.
  • I've read a couple messages about leaky trunk. Here's what I did. I bought latex typical sealer in tube from Wal*mart and went around outside of rear light things. Leak stopped on one side and was ameliorated on other but still leaking. I'm going to try Phenoseal as recommended by another user.
  • To fix your leaking trunk: there are about 4 8mm nuts holding lights in from the back,remove those and disconnect wiring harness.It takes a little persausion to get the lights out with all of the black silicon(available anywhere)on them.Clean as much as possible off and reapply generously(about 1 tube per light)to original areas.If you look real close you can see where it is dry,or you can see a dirt "trail" where the silicone is...that is where it is leaking,be very generous in these areas.Don't forget to clean rear body panel where the lights mount.IT'S MESSY!!
    Timimg chain cover leaks are common(I have a 94 XE 1.6 liter and it leaks,also)They are not too bad to do,about a 4 or 5 hour job to do it right and clean all areas properly.There is no gasket,they use silicone gasket on the timing cover so parts are cheap(valve cover gasket,rings,belts)I've done about a dozen or so and all in all it is not a bad job to do just time consuming and messy to do it right so it won't leak again...EVER.Good luck all!!
  • I just got this 1995 Nissan Sentra (my 1998 Mazda 626 TRANSMISSION failed) and after 2 days driving
    driver side window will not roll up. How do I take the "roll up handle" off so that I can take the door siding off to repair whatever is causing the deraling of the window glass? There seems to be no screw or covered screw on this roll handle and I already damaged it a bit by trying to take it off. How do you do that? How do you take the door panel off? Please email to
  • sfidasfida Posts: 1
    I have a '99 Sentra Limited Edition and I absolutely love it. But I have an irritating problem. I was hit on the right side in the front by a Ford Aerostar. It struck square on the axle, and shoved the car so hard into the curb that it bounced over it, so that the left side of the front half of the car was sitting on the median. Since then, the car has made a noise halfway between ticking and thumping under braking of any kind. I suspect it's unrepaired crash damage (that happened twice to me in a single accident 2 years ago). We took it back to the dealer (where it had been repaired) and they told us "it's normal for cars to make noise when they get older". Anyone have ideas about what could cause such a noise, and what a fix might be? I might be able to provide better details if I'm asked a question...
  • importerimporter Posts: 3
    I have 93 Sentra XE with transmission problems. Got the car 18 months ago from the NORTH HOLLYWOOD DEALERSHIP (didn't even have the driver license yet). After about 3 weeks of JUST WARMING the car (car was not driven) Check engine light appeared. Couldn't take it to the dealer, because of the license. When did the computer check on Nissan dealership they told me my injectors were leaking, which was not true. In about couple of months found out that my shocks were totally dead! Had that terrible smell inside of the car because of injection problems. Some time ago I accidentally did the same thing anon70 did: was going 55mph on 2nd gear. I also drove the car kind of hard, so about 6-7 months ago, when shifting from 1st to 2nd gear, the transmission started kicking really bad. So if somebody knows where to get a good transmission for cheap, please, help!!! Since I got the car I've changed the oxygen sensor twice and now need to change the air flow meter. If anyone knows how you can adjust it (if you can) please, tell! The car also uses up too much gas (about 20 miles per gallon, 1.6 I4) which is probably caused by the air flow meter. Somebody also wrote about not accelerating when making a turn. Had that problem too. Then it disappeared. I think it's the air flow meter again. And by the way, I paid for the car $4500 in Jan. 2001. So, if you guys want to buy a used car with high mileage, check it and not once! And by the way, don't trust those dealers, especially in North Hollywood, CA. :-))
  • paquetpaquet Posts: 5
    I have 20K on 2000 Sentra. The brakes pulsate on application. Experience with this problem on other cars leads me to believe it's rotor warp. Will the warranty cover this?
  • I have a 93 nissan sentra that over heats all the time i replaced the water pump 3 times and the last time I put a nissan water pump...then I changed the thermostat 4 times and that wasn't the problem...then i changed the radiator and that wasn't the problem...we thought it was air bound and that wasn't the problem...we thought the head was clogged and the head wasn't clogged...we thought the engine had aluminum chips in it and clogged the radiator but the engine isn't alminum... if anyone can help please email me at
  • I have a 93 nissan sentra that over heats all the time i replaced the water pump 3 times and the last time I put a nissan water pump...then I changed the thermostat 4 times and that wasn't the problem...then i changed the radiator and that wasn't the problem...we thought it was air bound and that wasn't the problem...we thought the head was clogged and the head wasn't clogged...we thought the engine had aluminum chips in it and clogged the radiator but the engine isn't alminum... it over heats in 15 min at idle not even at hwy speed...if anyone has a temp senser diagram please send it to me....if anyone can help please email me at
  • davejaydavejay Posts: 18
    I know CV joins that are worn out 'click' when you're turning...after an accident like that, it doesn't seem unreasonable to think the CV joins were damaged enough to produce this 'click' under the stress of braking.

    Any mechanic at all, for any make or model of car, who claims that a strange noise or behavior (especially after an accident such as yours) is the car getting "older" is incompetent, lazy or unethical.

    Take your car to another dealer or mechanic and have them try to determine the source of the click, WITHOUT explaining the history with the other dealer (be honest that it was in an accident in the past, and that you think it might be related. An honest mechanic needs accurate information to correctly assess your problem.)

    The fact that you didn't have this problem before the accident, and started having it right after the accident, makes it clear (at least to me) that the two are probably related. Don't settle for a bs answer -- get a second opinion.
  • jfigueroa1jfigueroa1 Posts: 209
    by any chance have you check the fan motor?
    is your fan electic?
    you might want to check if your fan is working
    if you have an electric one it should come on once the car warm up check the relay or the motor.
    greetings from sunny Miami.
  • I bought my 2001 Sentra GXE new, in April of 2001. It was a PROBLEM from the start. First off I bought the car from Bennington Motor Car, where I got screwed with the price, and the techicians couldnt not fix a car to save their lives. The first 12 months were a was in the shop 26 TIMES. I tried to get the lemon law but nissan has so many loop holes in their contract that there is no way to do it, not even with legal advise.
    Here are some of the problems I had with it....

    -2 days after I bought it.....clicking noise coming from drivers side, front wheel
    they said it was nothing but there was a recall that finlly took care of the problem about 3 months later.

    -Trunk WOULD NOT CLOSE this was an on going problem. it would bounce back a good 3 or 4 times before it caught.
    garage said it was a latch problem and was didnt work.
    trunk was "misalligned"

    -Breaks pulsated....which I brought the car to the shop and I signed a paper, (which i asked what it was and was told it was just for permission to work on the car, when in fact it was a warrenty waiver) SCREWED AGAIN BY NISSAN.
    Rotors were worn, but not the break pads *intresting* machanics said it was warp from highway driving when the car heats up and than hitting a puddle and it cools quickly *rolls eyes*
    anyways, it was covered under the lil thing they like to call "warrenty" and I was told they had replaced the rotors, but when in fact i found out that they had only been turned down, not replaced when the breaks went again (see below)

    -wouldnt start......

    -after a long road trip the hubcap melted to the rim.

    -belt squeeled. Took to Bennington Motor Car, and they tighted it, but apparently to much cuz when I got to Massachusetts, it broke off cuz it was TOO TIGHT!!! Car had to be towed.

    -belt tensioner broke

    -belt to loose, fell off

    -starter went at about 14,000 miles

    -breaks went again- had to replace rotors, no break shoes though.......this time it wasnt under warrenty and you can only get them through NISSAN MOTOR I was screwed with those prices...
    $340 for new rotors.

    -seat belt broke

    -lost lighting to dashboard, what told it was an "out bulb". Replaced worked fine, but lost shifter lights about 5 hrs after driving it off the garage lot. Replaced that too....than 2 days after getting that replaced, the radio lost its lighting, and the dome light wasnt working now. GOOD JOB!!! They deined it was ever an eletrical problem.

    -Factory CD players EJECT button broke off...GOD DAMN IT!!

    -Alarm would go off randomly. This is intresting seeing as the ALARM SYSTEM NEVER WORKED IN THE FIRST PLACE

    -trasmission was sticking...seemed to always get stuck in 2nd gear

    -Over drive broke...

    -Oil leak...faulty seals

    -motor in passengers side door broke

    and than there was the RECALLS....
    I think that there was about 4 or 5 of them on my car, which I hear issnt that bad considering FORD FOCUS has about 7.....which BENNINGTON MOTOR CAR ALSO SELLS.

    I have owned a Ford Escort, and it was a POS but I dont think that it compared to the Nissan.

    Luck would have it that i totalled it with 38,000 miles on it when I plowed into a car stopped in front of me at about 65mph. THANK GOD ITS GONE!!

    Oh yeah, and in the accident....NO AIRBAGS!!!!!!
    Not a single one. Lemme remind you that I hit a stopped object head on, at 65mph. Smashed the frame to hell, along with the entire front end, nope no airbags, no airbag light, no nothing, but an ambulace ride to the hospital and pounding headaches, and a $500,000 lawsuit on NISSAN.

    One other thing that turned me off to nissan was the fact that I was just ignored everytime I tried to call NISSAN OF returned phone calls, no updates, no nothing. I can be sure of one thing. Never again will I own another nissan.....anyone considering this car, i strongly advise against it, and trust me, im not the only one....a friends sister, as just as many issues with her 2001 sentra gxe.

    Closing I will say this.....Your better off buying an American Product, but rather buy the New 2002 HYUNDAI ELANTRA GT. :)
    (at the same price, better warrenty, leather, moonroof, cd, cruise, power everything, awesome sound system, much much more, and much sportier, and betting looking than the ghetto boody nissan sentra)
  • #1 My 94 sentra trunk leaked. dealer repaired it with black goo around tail lights 3 years ago. it is leaking again.#2 I have replaced alternator,starter,c.v. joints,all sorts of parts partaining to drivers window not rolling up in cold weather{electric windows},front oil seal,and front brakes,front brakes,front brakes,front brakes,front brakes!!!!!!OH and finally the rotors.105,000 on the clock. uses no oil & still 28mpg city/hwy. All in all I am very happy with it still. I do believe girl racer got a lemon.
  • rpp1957rpp1957 Posts: 1
    I have a 94 Sentra 1.6 that misses off the line under a light load. It also misses when cruising between 40 and 50 MPH, or when driving on the freeway and letting off the gas. The car doesn't miss until it is warmed up. The Ignition system seems intact (new plugs, wires, cap, and rotor) even though it feels like an ignition miss. The Kicker is that when the vacuum supply to the EGR valve is removed and plugged the car runs perfect (Except for the Check Engine Light being on). I replaced the Egr valve, the vacuum control seloniod, and the back pressure transducer all with no change in the symptoms. Any advice or ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  • You might check for a cracked,broken vaccum hose. Or one that has come loose. I have several on mine that need replacing,because they are weather cracked. Also when I wash the engine,water gets in by the spark plug and grounds out. But When it does this it is more than just a miss. I can not recall having similar problem with mine. It sure sounds like plug wire rotor D-cap etc.problem. Really look over those V-hoses though,cause there is lots & lots of them all under the hood. You have to inspect them quite closely because they will fool you. GOOD LUCK!
  • Sounds like it might be the PCV valve. The PCV valve comes off of the engine right next to the oil filler cap. It is on a line that runs to the fuel injection system. Remove the hose and take off the valve. The valve should allow you to blow air in the direction from the engine to the fuel injection system. If it doesn't, it needs to be replaced. If it allows air to blow in both directions, it also needs to be replaced. A new one will set you back about $15. I would try this before looking for a vacuum leak. Vacuum leaks can take an eternity to find. I am currently having the same problem. I am going to replace the PCV valve tomorrow and if that isn't it, I will start looking for a leaking vacuum hose.

  • Has anyone experienced this. When my 01 Sentra SE, with 28,000 miles, is at idle and the heater fan is on a strong odor of gasoline comes thru the vents. I have had the car back to the dealer on 2 occasions, but they have been unable to find any leaks. Can anyone enlighten me before the end of the warrenty period?
  • I have a 2000 Sentra GXE with automatic trans. Recently it has the problem as this: when the car is in P or N shift, there is a knocking noise either from engine or transmission, but if put the car in D or R shift, the noise gone (step on the brake, the car is not moving). When the car is in move, everything seems fine, no noise and runs smooth. Anyone had experience this or know what cause the problem?
  • Hi, I do not mean to be rude. But, haven't you heard of HONDA.

    I had my Civic Coupe EX 2000 for 72,000 miles. I drive 80 miles a day 5days/week.

    NEVER HAD A PROBLEM. Nock on wood.

    Only a flat tire once.
    Tires were slick at around 50K miles. I installed 17" wheels and high performance tires.

    Also installed an MP3 player, and new speakers.

    This car will have about 120K miles by the time it's mine. I hope to be able to enjoy it for at least 4 more years after that.

    I believe girl_racer should be awarded for her valor an patience. I do believe she got a freaking orange, not a lemon.

    Please girl_racer DO NOT GET A HYUNDAI ELANTRA GT. See, my rationale is as follows:

    If you get a HYUNDAY, you get an excellent warranty. If the rotors, or the water pump break you get a replacement for free. It sounds great, but what are you going to do when your SPIRIT and HEART break as the enginee in the little HYUNDAY does not perform?
    Listen, just test drive a 2000 Civic, or Corolla, then try the Hyunday.

    Get an older Camry. I'm getting my wife a 2000 Camry LE for $9K. (I should not say I'm getting her a Camry. She's paying for it, but I did all the homework)
    It only has 30,000 miles on it, and it drives great.

    This is a great time to get a car you though was unreachable. I never though my wife and I could afford a second vehicle, but after much research, we did.

    Well, just take your time, and chose wisely.
  • I have one and i can't wait to get rid of it. I have had the car less than a year and I have had lots of problems. First it was the brakes - got them fixed - or so I thought and now I am having problems again with them. Now the belts are going and I was told that it would be almost $200 to replace - mostly because they are hard to get at. ...and I think the A/C is starting to go. Does anyone have any of these problems ? Does anyone have any idea what I could get for my car as trade in or selling to a private party ?
  • I have a 02 GXE with about 8500 miles. Every time I park the car I hear a humming noise coming from the gas tank filler cap. The dealer tells me this is normal because I park the car in my garage. My wife who drives the car the most, tells me she also hears the sound when she parks on parking lots. Anyone else have this problem? The dealer tells me its pressure from the gas tank but I've never had another car that made the
  • Does anyone have a hole in the back seat behind the front passengers seat???? Neither the wife or me smoke in the car. The hole is larger than a pencil head, about the size of a cigarette. It doesn't appear to be a burn mark. It looks like a hole put in the material for a purpose. At the bottom of the hole is foam, before the foam is a round piece of thin metal, metal to like keep the hole round. Any ideas?????? Maybe at the factory this hole was used to pull the cover onto the foam seat?????
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