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Infiniti FX45 Infiniti FX35



  • mia321mia321 Posts: 2
    gen64, is your message about FX45 with a tech package price quote of $48,677 an April Fools joke?
  • daschtickdaschtick Posts: 63
    **I posted this message at some other boards also, so forgive the Mazda review, unless you find it interesting.

        I had some free time today, so I thought I'd go try out a couple of vehicles that I am interested in.

        First off, was the Mazda 6, V6 manual. I originally sat in this car at the auto show, and fell in love with it's excellent seating position and comfort, along with it's size and ergonomics. After reading several good reviews about it, I decided to drive one.
        The suspension produced great ride and handling characteristics, and it definitely was very comfortable, although I felt the steering was almost a tad bit heavy, as if Mazda was trying too hard to imply sporting intentions. Also, the gauges looked great, and it seems to be priced well.
        But....I really did not care much for the power train. The V6, although I felt had decent overall power, was not that responsive, and was slow to build revs. I much prefer the feel of the 'old' VQ 3.0 liter engine in the 95+ Nissan Maxima to this. I was also surprised by the long throw shifts, and long travel clutch. It was also easy to have the wheel tug at your hands at stoplight starts if there was ANY bump in the road. Overall, I walked away with a lukewarm feeling toward this car, and I almost wonder if this might be a better car with the base 4-cylinder engine.

        Next was the Infiniti brute, FX35. I had no intentions of driving this car, but I was curious to see what it looked like. WOW, 20" wheels are HUGE! Since there was no car on the floor, a saleslady offered to open one up on the lot (BTW, which had 15 FX's on it). After looking inside, I was surprised by the amount of room, especially cargo room, which looks almost non-existent from the outside. The backseat was also very roomy. The view from the driver's seat was really cool, with that big hood out front. You could sit "sport-ute" high (good for the wife ;)), or G35 low in the front seats also. The saleslady told me that I had to drive I did!
        This thing drives nothing like it looks! Boy, does it handle! The 3.5 engine is so responsive, that it feels pretty good even with 4200 pounds to move (although, I'd love to try the 4.5 V8). The rear-wheel drive bias is a great plus also. The ride it a bit more firm than I expected, but the braking/handling/steering response combo is nothing short of remarkable. The gauge pod is somewhat Audi-esque, and the controls feel typical Infinti. At $40,000, it's pricey, but it did include the "Sport and Premium Packages", which include 20"wheels, leather, electronic tilt/telescopic column, Bose 6-disc in-dash stereo, and some other goodies.

       Now here's something that I found really interesting. I was in "the library", when I dug out my February issue of Car and Driver, and I re-read the article on the FX45. I flipped the page to find an article on the Mazda 6i (4-cylinder), so I re-read that one too. What I found amazing, was that they had documented that the behemoth FX45 outperformed the much praised Mazda 6 on the skidpad and 70-0 braking, similar to what I had noticed.

    Mazda 6i: Skidpad 0.86g, Infiniti FX45: Skidpad 0.87g
    Mazda 6i: 70-0 Braking 169 feet, Infiniti FX45: 70-0Braking 160 feet

    Of course, the FX took the 0-60 at 6.3 seconds vs. 7.9 seconds also, but the Mazda was only a 4-cylinder. **These observations are not done to knock the Mazda 6, which does handle very well IMO, but to illustrate just how well the monster Infiniti drives.

    To say the least....I WANT ONE, and I'd be more than happy with just the V6. Now all I need to do is convince my wife (because it would be her primary car), as to how "practical" it is. This experience just goes to show how a simple test drive can really make or break a car.
  • clpurnellclpurnell Posts: 1,087
    Well today I drove the FX35 for the third time this time it was an awd sport. I also drove the x5 3.0 and the new lexus rx330. The BMW was nice tight handling and actually pretty good pickup from the 225hp i6. However it did not blow us away. It also stickered at 47k for one comparable to a "premium" FX. The rx330 is just not my type of car. Very light steering, large turning radius, anemic performance but it did have the softest and quietest ride also this one stickered at 40k with just the premium package. The dealership I went to however was totally abismal I will not even waste words describing it further. The Infiniti exceeded both vehicles in every way performance wise and was just a little noiser than the x5 and rx but not by a large margin. I will probably take possesion of a FX in less than 30 days. Congrats to all you owners you own the best crossover out there bar none.
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,041
    The wait will kill you... I hope you don't take too long. We love our FX35! No second-guessing corners now.
  • clpurnellclpurnell Posts: 1,087
    I have actually been waiting on this car since the 2001 Chicago Auto Show where it was just a concept. I told my wife if they actually brought that out with the 20" wheels we would get one. After driving it and comparing all the competitors MDX,X5,RX300/330,xc90 etc. I can honestly say this is the best vehicle for those who really enjoy driving. I just can't believe BMW can sell x5 3.0's for the same price of FX45's. It might be sooner than 30 days but now I have made up my mind I have to have enough time to get the best deal for me.... Now the only question is what should my plates say. I'm thinking "SPCLFX" any other suggestions :)
  • psb1013psb1013 Posts: 92
    For those of you on the fence between the FX45 or the FX35 w/the Tech package, I say get the FX45! The price difference is usually only $4K-$5K and you get a lot more for the money: V8, Premium package, Sports tuning, etc. The difference in mpg is also pretty small: 15/16 for the 45 vs. 16/17 for the 35. My previous BMW X5 3.0i did only 15 mpg in the city! Not to mention the "exclusivity" factor as there will be a lot more 35's on the road than 45's. I got my FX45 w/Tech package for $51K (vs. $47K for a loaded FX35 w/Tech package) and that includes extras like roof rails, splash guards, wheel locks, rubber mats, cargo area protector, and cabin microfilter.
  • ohiosuvohiosuv Posts: 33
    Is anyone concerned with what appears to be aggressive discounting of the FX35/45? For a new vehicle, it's kind of surprising that anything other than token discounts are available. This suggests to me that Infiniti is having trouble selling the vehicle, which indicates the buying public is not embracing the vehicle design. If this is the case, while one can purchase the vehicle at what appears to be a discount, this "discount" could be illusory and may become painfully apparent when the FX is sold in a few years at a steep discount from cost.

    Frankly, I kind of like the FX but when my wife said it reminded her of a hearse I lost interest. (I think she's "dead" on!) In addition, there is too much risk in ownership here. If a more "masculine" car-based SUV-ish vehicle is what you are looking for, then it seems to me the X5 or the new VW Touareg are the logical choices.
  • clpurnellclpurnell Posts: 1,087
    Ok what may be bionic cheetah to one may be a hurse to another but to suggest that a BMW that costs 10k more or a 40k+ VW I drove the x5 this weekend and was not impressed also a co worker has one with less than 20k miles and had to have her whole fuel tank replaced cuz she couldn't put gas in it.rker has one with less than 20k miles and had to have her whole fuel tank replaced cuz she couldn't put gas in it. I would never buy a first year VW anything even though I love their interiors. Plus the vw with 6 cylinder wouldn't be close in performance with the fx because of it's portly nature. The discounts may have an effect on resale but I doubt it will be that severe. Similar discounts were/are available on the G35 and it's resale has held up very well. I don't mean to sound critical but all these suv's depreciate and I think the fx will hold it's own in that category.
  • clpurnellclpurnell Posts: 1,087
    Plus the deals here I would suggest are not the average deal. By default those that peruse edmunds are going to do better than the pure impulse buyer. The thing is the impulse buyer out number us here probably by 10 to 1. if they didn't there wouldn't be a such thing as "adm", 7 year car loans or etc. If you go to any infiniti dealer there first offer would probably be msrp or msrp-500/1000. The ones getting 2-3k here have done their homework and deserve that kind of deal. The general car buying public honestly don't do that well in car negotiations and just buy what they like. these deals are not the norm. I can get a pilot/oddy/mdx for 1500-3k off sticker you think those will have terrible resale??
  • psb1013psb1013 Posts: 92
    At least in my area (in one of the suburbs of Chicago), the FX is selling extremely well. When I bought my FX45 from my dealer a few weeks ago, the wait to order one w/exact options and colors was something like 8-12 weeks minimum. My dealer's lot was full of recent trade-in's like X5's (including mine!), ML's, RX300's, etc, etc. I only got a "discount" of $500 and that's because I'm a local resident. With everything that the FX has to offer for its price, I highly doubt they'll stay on the dealer lots for very long.
  • gen64gen64 Posts: 5
    This price was given to me by salesman over the phone. It is a real deal.
  • peteri44peteri44 Posts: 15
    We considered a lot of them: XC90, Touareg, GX470, RX300/330, Murano, MDX and we drove whatever was available. We settled on an FX35 w/Tech Pkg in Ivory Pearl/Willow. It looks good, drives great and has all the bells and whistles. While some dealers in Chicago were acting like they were dealing in gold, we got a very good deal. If you look at an FX35 w/Tech and the dealer has no floor plan/mktg element to cover, there's $4700 between invoice and sticker--not even considering holdback. If you come across a dealer with an inventory, you should be able to make a good deal.
    Go to and you can spec out any of their vehicles and search all dealers up to a 150 mi radius and check their existing inventory.
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,041
    For those of you on the fence between the FX45 or the FX35 w/the Tech package, I say get the FX45! The price difference is usually only $4K-$5K and you get a lot more for the money: V8, Premium package, Sports tuning, etc.

    Let's be a little accurate here...the only difference between an FX45 and an FX35 with Technology Package is just the *engine*. The FX35 with Technology Package also has the Premium and Sport packages that the FX45 has.

    MSRP for FX45 with Technology Package, roof rails, cargo protector and splash guards is $52,870. MSRP for FX35 with same options is $46,145. The difference is $6725. Is the V8 worth $6725? That's up to the buyer.

    The difference in mpg is also pretty small: 15/16 for the 45 vs. 16/17 for the 35.

    FX45 15/19
    FX35 AWD 16/22

    While city mileage is only a 1 mpg difference, highway mileage is 3 mpg. To me, it's a lot but it might not be to some.

    Real-world mileage figures are what counts, though. I just filled up my FX35 AWD and got 305.5 miles on 16.279 gallons which translates to 18.77 mpg mixed city/highway driving. The 'FUEL ECON' computer read 17.5, which seemed a bit off.
  • peteri44peteri44 Posts: 15
    Loaded 45 v loaded 35--differences are money, engine and emblems--that is it. Unless you drove behind the FX you would never know which was which. I would bet that Infiniti will close the gap (probably by raising the price of the 35.)
  • Very nice vehicle. It had the tech package and was like 44k sticker. One thing I noticed was the front grill was chrome plated plastic. Anyone else notice this?

  • last saturday to be sure about the FX-45 i drove the X5 4.4. The car is beautiful, great room, power, riding. However the FX-45 is better and in Toronto all the dealers have a 6-12 weeks to deliver.
  • psb1013psb1013 Posts: 92
    YES, there is a quite a difference in performance. I test drove both the 35 and 45 in city and highway driving before settling on the 45. Not only in straight-line performance but also in highway passing, the 45 accelerates much more vigorously than the 35. Specifically, I would say that from 0-30 mph, the cars would be almost neck-and-neck, but after that, the 45 leads away. Recently, Car and Driver timed the 45 at a blazing 6.3 sec 0-60 (beating both the X5 4.6i and ML 55 AMG at 6.5sec). The reps at Infiniti claim the 35 will do that in the low 7's. (Still very respectable). Sure, the $6K or so difference between the 35 and 45 may be a big deal for some, but when you think about the fact that for the price which, incidentally, won't even get you a base X5 4.4i, you're getting performance to rival and even surpass those Ultra SUV hot-rods! For me, only the V8 does justice to the sleek and menacing style of the FX.
  • psb1013psb1013 Posts: 92
    I don't know if any of you FX owners experienced this but the laser cruise control on my car drives my Valentine One radar detector crazy! (Even though it's off!) I even tried using my friend's Passport 8500 instead but that too was constantly buzzing. Anyone similar results?
  • dklaneckydklanecky Posts: 559
    Try driving with a V1 behind someone with a laser cruise control, NOW THAT WILL DRIVE YOU CRAZY!

    It was so annoying that I had to pull over and let the laser cruise control go by so I could drive on my way in a reasonable fashion.

    At first I thought some "kid" was shooting my V! with a laser pointer or something:-)

    You's think they would work on different light frequencies or something. I wonder if the "ask Mike" over at V1 could answer this one?
  • daschtickdaschtick Posts: 63
    Car and Driver Magazine noticed the exact same thing.....their V1 acted up all the time.
  • varichvarich Posts: 6
    I recently purchased an FX45 w/tech. I have been using a Valentine 1 without difficulty. The radar cruise control has not interfered with it. I made sure that the V1 would work with it prior to purchase as I had also read the Car and Driver article. The radar is always on in this vehicle - it primes the brakes if you are getting too close to a vehicle in front of you, anticipating your application of the brakes.
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,041
    The radar is always on in this vehicle - it primes the brakes if you are getting too close to a vehicle in front of you, anticipating your application of the brakes.

    You lucky folks with the Tech Package have this feature -- Brake Assist with Preview.
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,041
    One thing I noticed was the front grill was chrome plated plastic. Anyone else notice this?

    Yes, the front grill is chromed plastic. It seems to be a weight-saving and maybe, a cost-cutting measure. Still looks decent, though, since most people initially think it's metal. :)
  • I was at this morning. I plugged in $0 down, MSRP-$3000 as selling price, and 15K miles/36 mo. I was offered the monthly of $570 something. It also offered me a 39 mo. special which drops the monthly to $537.
  • mia321mia321 Posts: 2
    Cobrabrowe, yes I noticed that the front grill was plastic. Did you expect it to be of stainless steel? I don't think that nowdays a lot of car manufacturers are using stainless steel for the front grill. At least in the cars up to 60K. I guess cost and weight as somebody has already said. Just to make sure I checked tonight on H2 and it was plastic too.
    Does anyone think there is something wrong with the plastic grill vs. stainless steel?
  • carnaughtcarnaught 'zonaPosts: 2,327
    Most of even high end cars have (ABS) plastic grills. They are both attractive and durable. BTW, when's the last time you saw a new car with chrome bumpers?
  • psb1013psb1013 Posts: 92
    In my opinion, I think that there's way too much "chroming" going on in the auto world wheels, chrome moldings, chrome guages, chrome moldings, makes the cars look like "pimp-mobiles." (i.e. Escalade). If anything, I wish Infiniti made the large, front grille gun-metal or titanium in color to make it more "stealthy." As far as the plastic issue is concerned, for a performance-oriented car like the FX, anything to save weight (and thus, to enhance performance) is a big plus in my book.
  • psb1013psb1013 Posts: 92
    Recently, a female co-worker of mine had a chance to see my brand-new FX45. Even though she found my car to be "cool," she told me that she could never find herself driving one because it looks too "masculine." (She drives a RX300 BTW). I was shocked to hear my wife say the same thing on the day I bought it. I then came to the conclusion which my sales rep. told me was true: Infiniti purposely designed the FX to appeal primarily to males in their 30's and 40' can see their intentions all over on the FX: Huge wheels, big engines, hard ride, loud exhaust, small cargo area, tons of gadgets, and the low, aggressive styling. Whereas, for example, if you look at the RX300 (or the new RX330), which BTW according to Lexus was designed primarily for women (which is why you see 90% of them driven by women), you see the emphasis on ergonomics, cute styling, easy handling, high visibility, quite ride, and practicality (pretty much the opposite of the FX). Personally, as one of the dwindling number of males still driving SUV's these days, I find it refreshing that Infiniti would take such a gamble to create a car that appeals to us. (Even the Hummer has been de-masculinized...hence, the H2)
  • daschtickdaschtick Posts: 63
    After driving an FX35, I came home glowing with excitement, and gave the brochure to my wife. I was concerned about what she would think, as this would be HER primary car (but my secondary car). She thought it looked really cool, and suggested that we look at one together! She's also a sucker for a good exhaust note, but that's probably only because she's put up with my automotive addiction for the past 13 years!
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