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Infiniti FX45 Infiniti FX35



  • clpurnellclpurnell Posts: 1,087
    Finally happened to me after 3 months and almost 7500 miles. Happened to my wife at the mall trying to get the stroller out just now. What kind of peeves me is I had my infiniti into service 2 weeks ago but they couldn't do the hatch because they didn't have all the stuff for the fix. Also got a dent because it was my daughter trying to open it (had informed my wife to be on the look out) I find it really strange because it has been out in the sun longer and on hotter days here in H-town but hadn't warped. Moral of the story is if you haven't had the recall done do it as soon as possible even if you haven't experienced a problem in months. I still love this car though and I have had a total of 2 problems in the first 7500 miles that is the least amount of any car I have owned. This is an awesome machine.
  • stanny1stanny1 Posts: 962
    It's been over a week. I miss my DG 45. I had lots of denting. As clpurnell experienced, it's unpredictable.
    Make sure YOU open the hatch only. It does not take much leverage to do $$$ damage.
  • dptbonesdptbones Posts: 21
    The salesman we both mentioned also has given me two extensive test drives. One in a 35 one in a 45. He has earned my business also if I go that way. Although I also would like to drive a fast car, I have three children and would not be able to get my whole family in the Fx. Our other car is a Sequoia so we can always use that car, but the size of the Escalade EXT and the H2 would allow all of us to travel together. Its not a small issue. Also with the specials on the Cadillac its hard to pass up. Someone mentioned leasing, but the reason I spend so much time researching is that I like to keep the same car for several years. Leasing is an expensive way to buy cars, but a good way to keep them three years and get a new one. I've enjoyed not having a payment on our 4Runner for the past 5 years and so has my children's college fund.
        So I need to make a difficult choice. Comfort and speed over economics and practicality. I can't get over the fact that I could have a brand new Cadillac or H2 for about $35,000 after the accelerated depreciation. And the 0% financing on the Escalade is free money.

    Wish me good luck. Tell the salesman that I may still be by to order my '04. He'll remember me if you mention the local Orthopaedic surgeon that he gave two test drives in the past month.

    By the way, did he drive you under the Bayside bridge in the mud? Unbelieveable.

  • cjs2002cjs2002 Posts: 341
    thanks for the help ya'll ... how could I get a hold of this dealor in Texas.... I don't mind the drive since I'm goin out that way to arizona in a month or so anyways... thanx
  • surfsuppsurfsupp Posts: 10
    Dr. Bones and 93fsu1- Keep us posted on how the 04 ordering goes. Sounds like he's a good salesperson.

    Bones- hope you ultimately decide to go with the performance and the toys found in the fx. on some other boards, several posts about how fun it is to have 'em both.

    93fsu1- let us know what you find out about ordering for 04. seems pretty quiet in terms of being able to order one just yet. may have to wait a month or two more yet.

    cjs2002- the dealer in texas that does huge ecommerce business is Grubbs DFW Infiniti. I've written them about ordering, but haven't heard anything back yet.
  • 93fsu193fsu1 Posts: 97
    Yep, drove under the bridge. Took some curves over 50 mph that were posted at 25. That sold me on the car. Usually it is very painful for me in most cars, especially in turns and bumps - bot Nissan/Infiniti seem to be the only company that makes seats that are comfortable for me.

    I'll let everyone know what happens. I will probably call in a couple of weeks - have some home remodeling to finish first.
  • JBaumgartJBaumgart Posts: 890
    Took my FX45 in for an oil change the other day, and the service manager informed me that my car came up on the hatch recall. Although they do have all of the parts in to do the repair, they are still waiting for a special tool that's needed to carry it out, plus he said he didn't want my car to be their first one (guinea pig) which made me wonder how they will choose which owner's car WILL be their first learning experience...Apparently it's about a two hour process and they will call me when they they are ready. So far no signs of any warping, but I suppose here in Minnesota the cars are a little less susceptible, plus I rarely have to park it outside.

    No problems with the car otherwise after 4000 miles.

    P.S. The dealer did screw up a bit on the oil change. I took in my own Mobil 1 but the tech didn't use it, despite it being written up on the order sheet. Even though they offered to dump the regular oil, I was in a hurry so I left it in - the service manager said he would "make it up for me" next time.
  • hootspahootspa Posts: 11
    My local dealer was unable to correctly repair my leaking/creaking sunroof; they claim a little leak is normal! They also claimed that Infiniti technical is aware of the sunroof creak problem but hasn't come up with a fix yet! I sprayed some silicone in a few areas and will see if this helps.
  • jeffmust2jeffmust2 Posts: 811
    Go back right now and ask that guy/gal how long since they left the Dodge service department!
  • clpurnellclpurnell Posts: 1,087
    We could use some help on the Vs thread against angry Cayenne owners :D
  • slummyjslummyj Posts: 57
    Which dealer did you go to? I don't want to be the first one they use to fix the rear hatch! Maybe it's a good thing we are having a relatively cool summer.
  • JBaumgartJBaumgart Posts: 890
    I'm having my FX serviced at Jim Lupient. I plan on waiting a while so they get some experience with the repair.
  • daschtickdaschtick Posts: 63
    Exactly, what does this conversation have to do with $80,000 cars that have been in accidents?

    BTW, I'm with you on the $30,000 limit for a car, that is why I'll probably be buying my FX pre-owned.
  • corkfishcorkfish Posts: 537
    Sorry, I posted it in the wrong forum. I meant this for the Cayenne forum.
  • aleksd1aleksd1 Posts: 37
    I'm getting very close to buying a new car and
    trying to decide if I should wait on 2004 FX35 or get it now. My local dealer did not have any special finincing, even though he was willing to give me a good deal on the price. At the rist of alienating some people on this forum, I also got to say that I was not very impressed with the interior of the car. It does not feel luxurious at all,kinda generic. But considering that I liked the ride and handling, I'm reluctant to reject the car just because it does not have wood trim and does not feel as upscale as my 10 yo J30.
    If you have any opinions on 04 vs 03 or the quality of interior, please share.
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,041
    If you're really into wood trim, there is a good aftermarket kit that one can get for the FX. Pics can be seen here.

    Hosts (edited) :), it was easier to put the link to the pics rather than the link of each picture.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Works for me Crikey, but Tidester and me are just hosts, if you'll pardon the grammar. :-)

    Steve, Host
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059 was easier to put the link to the pics rather than the link of each picture.

    I'll say! It's nontrivial to extract pics from Multimedia Flash.

    tidester, host
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,041
    Oh, you could grab the pics (and of course, the URL), it's just a PITA.
  • slummyjslummyj Posts: 57
    A few weeks ago I had an "incident" with my FX35. I talked to the dealer's service dept., they said they would check it out and get back to me. Of course I have heard nothing. I e-mailed Infiniti and also got no response. Here is what happened. My wife and I went out for dinner. The restaurant had valet parking. When we came out of the restaurant the car was only about 5 feet from where we had left it. The valet said they shut off the car and it would not restart. Actually, the ignition switch would not turn. I have the tech package. It would not move without a key, with the tech key or with the valet key. Trying to turn the steering wheel made no difference. Pressing the shift lock button made no difference. I called Infiniti's 800 number and they sent a tow truck. This was Sat. night so the dealer wasn't open, but we had the car towed in and I figured I would call the dealer Mon. morning. As we were getting into the cab to get home, I got a call from the tow truck driver. He had the valet key and said he tried what works on his car when the car goes into a security mode. He said he put the key in the driver's door and locked and unlocked it 3 times and did something else that I don't remember. He said the ignition switch freed up and the car started. We took the cab to the dealer and picked up the car and took it home. It has not happened since. I have not been able to get an answer what happened to cause the ignition to lock up and what to do if it happens again. Could the valet drivers have done something with one of the menus in the nav system? I have not been able to find anything about this in the owner's manual and like I have said, neither the dealer nor Infiniti have responded. I certainly expected better treatment from them. Any ideas of what may have happened?
  • clpurnellclpurnell Posts: 1,087
    Where you using the Keyless go and then gave the valet the valet key? If so this could be your problem. The best way to deal with valeting is either use the valet key or the actual key from the intelligent key and give the valet just the key and not the "fob". I think there is a little glitch if you have the car on with intel key take the key away and then try to start with valet key. It might think you are being carjacked and once it cuts off you cannot cut it back on unless you do what the tow truck drive did. It kinda makes sens if you think about it. some one car jacks you while you have the intel key as soon as the car gets turned off it's immovable if the inteli key isn't present when you turn it off
  • How does the Navigation system on the FX35/45 compare with Acura and Lexus? Acura/Honda is considered the best by both a leading consumer magazine and the premier computer/electronics publisher. Lexus and Infiniti are usually a notch below and the rest (BMW, Mercedes, Porsche.) get really low marks. The complaints I've heard most about the Lexus system are:
    1. Certain functions are disabled while driving. This is intended to be safer, but actually causes more dangerous situations - precluding passengers from acting as navigators and offloading responsibility from the driver.
    2. The routing algorithms are more likely to head drivers in the wrong direction (when compared with Acura).
    3. The user interface is not as intuitive, nor is it as useful as Acura's.
    4. Acura/Honda' systems can be voice control in all 2004 vehicles (and the 2003 Accord and MDX). Lexus only offers voice-activation in the highest end models - not the RX 330 (their FX competitor).

    Can any one address these issues with regard to the navigation in the FX35/45?
  • psb1013psb1013 Posts: 92
    I really have no complaints w/the Infiniti NAV other than I wish it had voice-control like in the Q
  • slummyjslummyj Posts: 57
    Thanks for the answer. I was using the keyless feature with the fob in my pocket. When I stopped the car, I gave the valet the valet key. I thought maybe the car had gone into some safe mode, but I wonder why I can't find any information about this in the owners manual. It certainly doesn't inspire any confidence in the dealer when they had no idea what I was talking about. It was like "oh, another nutty customer!". You would think that the dealer or Infiniti would at least respond with some type of answer.
  • psb1013:
    Can you use the navigation system normally while driving? Or do they limit what you can do when the car is moving? Can you enter another address while driving? If you have a list of destinations, can you re-order them while driving? If you enter in the name of a movie theater, will the nav show you the phone number so your passenger can call enroute and see what's playing? The Acura system allows all this. The inferior Lexus does not. Where does Infiniti stand with the FX35/45 nav?
  • cmdpmcmdpm Posts: 9
    i have an '03 MDX w/ Nav (i am considering changing to an '04 FX).
    this is the first time i have used/owned a car w/ a nav system so i cannot give you a comparison, but i do like all things tech and can say that i am very impressed.
    the voice activation is good but limited; less full featured than the '04 accord nav.
    the system does allow changes on-the-fly which has come in handy for me when encountering traffic jams on I-95 as i can ask it to give me an alternate route(s)-or reprogram destinations completely.
    it offers 7 million points of interest and all 48 states on one dvd---amazing!
    overall it is a surprisingly accurate system but does make occasional minor errors.
    ironically, i will not order the nav on the fx as i cannot justify the cost-and it may not be as good as the MDX nav.
  • cmdpm:
    Thanks for the good input. You are correct that the 04' Accord and O4' TSX navigation systems have more features. You have pointed out some great features and benefits of the Acura nav. Now let's see if anyone can tell us how the Infiniti nav compares.
  • jpiatchekjpiatchek Posts: 177
    The September issue of Motor Trend compares the FX35 RWD with the RX330 and the MB ML350. They declare the FX the winner. They tested the FX35 with RWD and 18" wheels and tires.0-60 in 7.3. Wish someone would test the AWD sport package. They make mention that the Rx330 has lots of tech options you can buy, but mention nothing about options for the FX. The as tested prices of RX330 and ML350 were considerably higher and more heavily optioned. Good to have a favorable outcome, but not a real good article IMO.
  • arhfx45arhfx45 Posts: 27
    I was disappointed as well that they didn't get a tech package FX35 which would have been in the price range of the tested RX & ML. The lack of reference to the FX's tech options seemed almost as if they had not properly researched the vehicles prior to writing the article. I am in agreement with their results, they appeared fair & well stated. But, possibly my opinions are swayed by my experience with FX ownership.
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