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Infiniti FX45 Infiniti FX35



  • Unless this is the "redesigned" retractable cargo cover, I think you will be disapponted with the fit. I purchased the cover and returned it the next day. The cover left a 10" gap from the front of the cover to the rear seat and another 8" gap from the cover to the rear hatch

    I was told Infiniti is redesigning the cover to be more like the Murano cover.

    hope this helps
  • reds2k1reds2k1 Posts: 3
    aleksd1, would you mind emailing me at of the dealers and possibly the salesmans names that have quoted you the FX at invoice.

  • I could understand a gap between the rear seats and the cover. Could this be corrected by reclining the rear seats till they reached the cover or was there something blocking this from happening ?

    As to the rear end of the cover, one should think Infiniti would have measured it to be exact . Thanks for the input and I'll post when I receive it. Hopefully, it is the NEW DESIGNED Version !
  • aleksd1aleksd1 Posts: 37
    Does anybody know about speical financing on FX35?
    There's an ad in my local paper, quoting 1.9 and 2.9 for 36 and 60 month. Anyone else seen anything like it?
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,041
    It might be on a dealer-to-dealer basis. Others have reported that there is a dealer incentive on them.

    However, the incentive page on the NVPP (which is normally accurate) does not indicate any customer or dealer incentives on the FX for the month of August.
  • It's true here in Atlanta. I bought mine @ 2.9% for 60 months on Aug 2. The dealer told me it's new for August.
  • arhfx45arhfx45 Posts: 27
    When I bought my FX45 in July Infiniti's best rate was 4.5% on the FX although they had 1.9% or 2.9% on some of their other automobiles. 4.5% was OK for me as I paid mine off before the first payment was due anyway.
  • wibblewibble Posts: 569
    Details of Infiniti's lower interest rates are on the Infiniti web site. The offer lasts though until 9/2/03.
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,041
    See Infiniti's Limited Engagement regarding the APR offer. The offer applies to 2003 FX35 (not FX45), I35, and the G35 Sedan.
  • aleksd1aleksd1 Posts: 37
    Message posted by 3rdbass sounds like a dealer trying to persuade members here that it's ok to
    pay $900 over invoice, while every dealer I called is willing to sell at flat invoice!!! (examples would be Infiniti of Ventura, Advantage Infiniti of Santa Monica, etc). Just my opinion.
  • sbindleysbindley Posts: 28
    Anyone hear of release dates for the 04 models?
  • clpurnellclpurnell Posts: 1,087
    From what I understand they are being built now and should arrive mid september.
  • More likely, the price was a give-and-take compromise between the selling price of the car and the trade-in value offered for the Maxima.

    Due to the extreme surplus of used cars, most people are put off by the real trade-in values for cars these days, so the dedaler will offer more to make the customer feel better, but must make it up on the selling price of the new vehicle.
  • njexpressnjexpress Posts: 170
    Per the TCO values, the first year depreciation for the FX35 is given as $10, 041 for zip code 08854. The values presented are based on a TMV of $650 under MSRP. This is aproximately $3,275 over invoice. I have tried to analyze the first year depriciation values of the FX, MDX, RX and the Murano and presented WHAT I THINK IS THE TRUE BOTTOM LINE here. Your thoughts are welcome.
    Step (i):
    Based on the posts from around the same zip code (NJ-08854), it is being assumed that we should get one for roughly $350 over invoice. This brings down the depreciation to (10,041-2900) = $7,141.
    Step (ii):
    Values presented below are based on an Average of 15K miles per annum @ $0.15 / mile (I am trying to throw some intelligent numbers here - 15 cents a mile is what I believe they adjust excess miles during leases etc… As always, I welcome your thoughts here…). That adds up to $2,250 per year in terms of "Cost of owning an automobile". These will be the fixed $$$ spent anyways, on any car, if a person wants to own one. The only way one could avoid these costs can be if (A) Buy a car and garage it straight away and clock zero miles per year or better still (B) Don't buy one ;0) Make sense? Once again, I make these 15 cents a generic figure whether it's an economy car or a Luxury car. So, if you apply that against the depreciation then, (7,141 - 2,250) = 4,891.
    This is what I consider cost of owning an Infiniti over any other model - That is my true depreciation. Are you lost yet? If so, DO NOT bother to read on ;0)

    If I applied the same logic to other vehicles, Here's the numbers I came up with:

    Acura MDX - Based on the reported $2000 off MSRP on the forums Vs. Edmunds TMV @ Sticker, the true cost to own a 2003 Acura MDX (base - which in itself has most of the goodies) over any other vehicle comes to $1,200 per year.

    Lexus RX330: I let my optimism run amok here. Based on the best ever reported deal in the entire forum (Plano, Tx) Vs. Edmunds TMV of $350 below sticker, the true cost to own a 2004 RX-330 (AWD with premium plus, headlamp washers) over any other vehicle comes to $3,118 per year.

    Nissan Murano - Based on deals reported @ $500 over invoice Vs. Edmunds TMV@ $1200 over invoice, the true cost to own a 2003 Nissan Murano SL AWD (Leather, Moon roof and Dynamic control Package) over any other vehicle is $4,717.

    The common assumptions in all the scenarios is is that:
    1) You walk away with the slowest selling color / options list (or lack thereof) in the lot and make the dealer's day- That works for me, as long as it is one of the four vehicles above ;0)
    2) I may be off by a few hundred dollars, depending on your specific zip code.
    3) I suggest you only take the guidelines above and crunch your own numbers from the scratch for your vehicle / trim - I am considered weak in Math by those who really know the subject ;0)
  • shenkarshenkar Posts: 159
    What exactly are "TCO" values, and where does one find such values? Many Thanks.
  • clpurnellclpurnell Posts: 1,087
    Ok I like your train of thought above. However I think you need to deal from MSRP and not TMV. I "think" edmunds bases it's depreciation from MSRP not TMV. Also I would tend to base my calculations on real world depreciation splitting the difference between the "books" avg trade and private party values or take retail and subtract 2-3000 from it. I will do an evaluation of the RX300 and MDX based on this method. I don't think you can do it for the FX and Murano yet simply because there is no comparable older model. It would be like comparing a G35 to I35. Any depreciation "gueses" by various sites on these cars are just that until we see adequate vehicle turnover.
  • clpurnellclpurnell Posts: 1,087
    This is how I would break down a depreciation calculation. However when comparing depreciation there are many factors that could come into play. If you finance interest rate play a major part because if you go to trade in the loan balances would be very different on a 2.9% loan than an 6-7% loan so while one car may have a better depreciation curve the actual out of pocket amount on any given day could be drastically different. But here is my best shot anyway assuming cash buyers.

    First a little blurb on the FX depreciation. I have a RWD FX35 tech MSRP was 44,345. I paid 40,530. Currently Terry says its worth about 35,500. On paper looking at MSRP my depreciation is 9,155. But my out of pocket depreciation is 5,000. Figure if I sold it myself I could get 1,500 more for it it takes my out of pocket down to ~3500. now based on my payoff I am upside down a little over 1500 dollars so all in all the depreciation is not that bad if I had to sell it because of financial trouble or just wanted to get out of the car. below are 3yr analysis for the mdx and rx.

    A 2001 MDX MSRP was 34,370 at that time most of these sold for sticker. So lets assume the avg purchase price was 34,370. has the following data
    Used retail 29,700
    used pparty 25,415
    used trade 22,885
    Used retail 28,254
    used pparty 26,322
    used trade 24,226

    Avg trade 23555
    Avg pparty 25868
    Avg Retail 28977

    Avg between trade and pparty 24711
    3 yr depreciation from MSRP 9659
    3 yr depreciation from Purchase Price 9659
    (.15c per mile avg car depreciation) 5700 (38K)
    MDX Depreciation over $3959

    RX300 in 2001 had a base MSRP of 35,655 + 3000 in options (leather, roof Cd changer) avg discout of 1500 off msrp. Would leave a purchase price of 37,155 has the following data
    Used retail 28,835
    used pparty 23,905
    used trade 20,705
    Used retail 28,212
    used pparty 26,198
    used trade 24,240

    Avg trade 22472
    Avg pparty 25051
    Avg Retail 28523

    Avg between trade and pparty 23761
    3 yr depreciation from MSRP 14894
    3 yr depreciation from Purchase Price 13394
    (.15c per mile avg car depreciation) 5700 (38K)
    RX300 Depreciation from MSRP $9194
    RX300 Out of pocket Depreciation $7694
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    TCO is True Cost to Own. Here's the link:
    True Cost to Own

    Clpurnell, "The purchase price employed is the vehicle's True Market Value® price in your state (including typical equipment and destination charge)." link

    Hopefully the TCO tool will be tweaked someday to let us enter our own numbers into the formula.

    I keep track of all my auto expenses, and the TCO prediction just happens to exactly match my cost per mile to drive my minivan :-)

    Steve, Host
  • njexpressnjexpress Posts: 170
    HI all,
    Thanks for taking the time to read thru it all!!
    Ravi, Please see the link above for TCO (Thanks, Steve!)
    CLPlumell, Thanks for taking the time to investigate this further; Like I have indicated before, this is not a bullet proof calculation method. It's just my own attempt at making the dealer see some logic when pricing a demo model. I would suggest that everyone take this with a grain of salt and fine tune it in any way you see fit / applicable, depending on your specific scenario.
    Finance charges were not calculated as part of the depreciation for any of the vehicles. You will still accure them on any vehicle, and it will be somewhat the same on say, a 25K loan.
    BTW, I made a typo on the MDX values: The $1200 figure is based on an actual buying price of $2500 below sticker. That seems to be the going rate here.
    Just remember: You really have to negotiate tough to get these prices on any of the vehicles. be prepared to walk away from 15 different dealerships, that typa stuff....
    But in an extremely competetive market like NJ, this is certainly doable, except for the RX, it looks like. I did happen to deal with an educated sales person @ the Lex dealership and he said at the end of the test drive that they do "$1K off sticker but they will not lose a deal for another $300". I liked the Cust service and promised to contact him back, should I go with it. I also indicated that I am ready to look all over the eastern seaboard for a good deal and he said he will do what he can to get my business. I will be testing the FX the day after and share my views!!
  • I have found the KBB and Edmunds values for used cars to be completely unrealistic, especially for trade-in value (At least here in So. Cal.)

    I have had a running argument with the KBB people about this, but they cannot present a coherent reason why the REAL amount dealers will give you is about 30% less than their stated value. Just be prepared for this at trade-in time, and consider this in your estimated trade-in calculations.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Kelley is another story, and they have different numbers for consumers and dealers. You gotta pay to get the dealer numbers. Here's yet another link:

    What is the "Kelley Blue Book" Price?

    Steve, Host
  • Thanks, Steve, for the input.

    This is EXACTLY my point regarding KBB/Edmunds - WHY even offer the online prices if they are not based on reality? Why mislead the consumer? It would be better for us if they didn't even post these fictitious prices.

    Perhaps Edmunds could do everyone a HUGE favor and start a new pricing advisory - TTV - "True Trade-In Value" - What people really got trading in their cars as reported by the new buyers.

    Sorry to be off topic - but this is a sore point with me.

    By the way, I am seeing a lot more FXs on the road here in L.A. - they are still awsome to me and I can't wait for my current lease to expire at the end of this year!
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Our TMV prices for used vehicles are based on real world transactions. Lots of those are extrapolated from the car auctions, but they are still real numbers.

    And they are adjusted depending on whether you are doing a trade, or a private sale, etc.

    But we don't buy cars and neither does Kelley. Our numbers are updated monthly, but the auctions are on-going, and occur weekly at least in most areas. But we're usually right in the ballpark - often Terry or another dealer in Real World Trade-In Values can give you a number good for today.

    Steve, Host
  • My wife and I just took our FX35 rwd w/o the sports package (18-in wheels) on a long trip out West, and I thought I would report the gas mileage/comfort level/utility, etc. Total miles traveled in two weeks: 3,808.2. Some of it was in the mountains around Taos, NM, and we got stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic more than once. Still, the overall mileage according to the trip computer was 23.6, with an average speed of 54 mph. Needless to say, I was more than pleased. I was also quite happy with the comfort level, as I drove one day for more than 13 hours, and the total for the trip was 70.5 hours of total driving time. At no time did I suffer from the lower back pain I've gotten in that much driving in any of our previous cars, which says a lot to me about the comfort of the seats.

    We took an Audi A6 with quattro on a similar trip three years ago, and the total mpg on that was around 22, even though the rating on that car was 26 on the highway. Another huge difference was that the Audi leaked from underneath, which we discovered after driving through some standing water, the washer for the headlights broke, and the car had an annoying tendency for the alarm to go off when it got overheated in parking lots.

    Finally, we had the FX loaded to the gills the whole trip. There's no way any of our previous vehicles would have been able to carry all of our luggage, food (I have a special diet), and the various things my wife found to purchase along the way.

    Bottom line: The mileage was much better than I expected it to be; the comfort level was more than adequate; and the utility was fine. BTW, I saw only one other FX along the way, about three G35 coupes, and about a half dozen G35 sedans. Other SUVs were a dime a dozen, as you would expect.
  • jpiatchekjpiatchek Posts: 177
    Thanks for a good report.I have never driven but 600 miles on a trip in my Fx35 with tech. The best I've been able to get on the Highway is about 20.5-21 mpg. However, I cruise at about 80 or so. How fast did you mostly drive on the highway? I, like you, like the extra space. Was able to load an 11' area rug in mine today.
  • So, is it really possible that as the new FX's are coming out, that we can purchase the `03 for UNDER invoice, or is this really too much to expect. I feel that if I can get a fully loaded FX45 for around 600 over invoice, that it may be a good deal, but I was wondering if it really is considering the built in depreciation. Any help would be appreciated. This day is a great day for me as it was the final day that I considered a Porsche over the FX. Now, I have seen the light, and decided on the FX, at least for two years, then take another long look at the TT. I think the TT will be buggy for about 2 years. CD based Nav in a $90,000 vehicle...I dont think so.
  • Basically, I drive the speed limit, which means 75 on the interstate in NM, 65 or 70 elsewhere. I get up to 80 (or 90) only in passing, which means I don't drive at that speed very long.
  • clpurnellclpurnell Posts: 1,087
    Here is an e-mail I received from infinti today.

    Dear FX owner,

    We designed the FX to make a statement. In turn, the press has
    made a series of their own. In fact, Motor Trend called the FX35
    'one of the most entertaining SUV's on the planet'* while the
    Robb Report noted that the FX45 'can be thrown into curves with
    a gusto that no traditional SUV should attempt.'** Now, its your

    You've had a chance to experience your FX first-hand and we want
    to know what you have to say. What are your thoughts and where
    has your FX taken you? Better yet, what about your fellow owners?
    What trails have they blazed, and have they crossed paths with

    We're featuring real FX owners on, and you could be
    one of them. We want to hear your stories, see your pictures and
    let you compare notes with the exploits of your FX driving
    partners across the country.

    Simply reply to this email with your favorite FX thoughts,
    impressions and even stories. You can even attach a photo--of you
    and your FX, a personalized license plate, just about anything
    that shows the adventure in you and your sporting machine.

    It's a chance to share in the FX experience with owners all over
    the country, and to put your own FX in the spotlight. Even if
    only to make yet another statement.

    We can't wait to hear about it.


    Your friends here at Infiniti!
    Note: To ensure receipt, if you should plan to submit any
    related imagery or other content over 40KB, please remit an
    email directly to the following address:

    *Motor Trend, September 2003
    **Robb Report, July 2003

    Note - by responding to this email, you agree to the following:
    I represent that I am 18 years of age or older and own an Infiniti FX35
    FX45 and that I own, and have the right to post the text, persons,
    photographs (collectively, the "Content") that I am submitting to this
    website. I hereby grant to Infiniti all rights, title and interest in
    and to
    the Content. I understand that Infiniti may modify the Content,
    including by
    cropping the photographs and/or editing the text. I also understand
    Infiniti may use the Content on its website and in other forms of
    and advertising, although this use is not expressly guaranteed. In
    I agree to release and hold Infiniti (and its employees, officers,
    affiliates and agents), harmless from any and all losses, damages,
    claims, and actions of any kind related to the use of the Content,
    including, without limitation, claims based on publicity rights,
    or invasion of privacy.
    For general questions about Infiniti, Infiniti vehicles, and Infiniti
    Dealers please call 1-800-662-6200.
  • skip30skip30 Posts: 33
    What kind of real world gas mileage can be expected from an FX 45? Is it that much different than a 35?
  • JBaumgartJBaumgart Posts: 890
    I drive mostly in the city and suburbs, with a lot of stop-and-go driving and some local highway travel mixed in. According to the trip computer, I average about 15.5 mpg. On the highway, it would be closer to 20, but I have yet to actually measure it. My one long uninterrupted highway trip involved towing my boat, so I didn't bother. According to what others have said about the FX35, you would do about 17-18 in the city and low twenties on the highway. The RWD model would be slightly better, maybe 25 while crusing on the highway.
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