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Infiniti FX45 Infiniti FX35



  • clpurnellclpurnell Posts: 1,087
    and I live in the hot humid mess that is Houston. It has been in the high 80's to upper 90's since april (when I bought the FX) and have no problems with the A/C
  • I've been very happy with the A/C in my FX45. Even though I have black paint, this summer it quickly brought it to a comfortable temperature after sitting in the sun in 90 degree temps.
  • FYI for anyone interested.

    Just called around to several dealerships in the south to find out arrival dates for FX45. The dates range from early November to as late as NEXT YEAR. So, to all those drooling over the idea of having one by XMAS...better get a bib to catch the drool.

    Anyone know any details regarding HOW the suspension will be made a bit more comfortable, or is it possible that this is just smoke and mirrors ? Just wondering.
  • clpurnellclpurnell Posts: 1,087
    They will ship cars out with 32 PSI in the tires all the way around :P
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    lol, you mean they won't ship with 45 psi to prevent flatspotting? Best double-check them when you pick your new one up!

    The New Vehicle Spotlight ad on the main page this week is the FX btw.

    Steve, Host
  • It's amazing how people can experience things so differently. My wife and I have commented several times about the swiftness with which our FX35 is cooled by the AC, and we live in the DEEP SOUTH--read high temperatures and high humidity, although not as bad as in Houston, thank goodness. Also, we've found the seats to be among the most comfortable we've experienced in cars, and we've owned quite a few. The worst seats by far, IMO, were in the 1996 Infiniti I30. They had absolutely no lateral support. It took me a year before I could ride in the thing for long distances w/o developing sciatica and a backache in short order. I drove our FX35 more than 3800 miles on a 2-week trip this summer with no discomfort from the seats whatsoever. I will say, however, that I'm not a large person--weigh about 140 and am about 5'8" tall or maybe 5'9" on a good day.
  • Hey guys...I'm new and this is a great resource here, Thanks in advance! I'm looking to get a FX35 with 2wd/ leather, sunroof, 17" that a "sports package" or a "premium package"?
    What would invoice run for that...any idea? Is it ridiculous for me to think I can get it for $500. over invoice? I'll be buying instead of leasing (I drive alot), and putting down around $10K. So any help would be great. I've tried looking for used, but their still so new...few and far between. If anyone has any dealer recommendations around Ventura to LA., let me know! Thanks again!
  • A/C is great . I live in the Bay Area so it really does not get that hot but this summer was on the warmer side and no problems with the A/C on those days . Seats are one of the best for me . I think they are even more comfortable then my LX470's . Definitely better then my BMW's . 6'0" and 210 lbs ., so these seats might have been designed for guys like me ...? Heard a minor squeak in my sunroof the other day when I had the stereo off and the sunroof shade was open . Infiniti should have talked to Lexus on how to engineer a good sunroof . Infiniti only puts a rubber seal (similar to those put on the doors) around the sunroof . This rubber seal is not as solid as the Lexus rubber seal , causing more movement when the FX is driving on rough roads thus the squeaking . I put some Lexol rubber conditioner on the rubber seal and the sound was gone . I have a strange feeling this will be a bi-monthly duty or maybe Infiniti will recall this later ??? Still love my FX45 and everything else is perfect !
  • I read the motorweek site regarding the FX45. IT talked about the excellent handling on dry pavement, but said the performance on snow was poor almost like skiing. Can anyone pleae comment on how their FX45 with 20" tires handles in the winter. Maybe snow tires will do the trick.
  • carnaughtcarnaught 'zonaPosts: 2,338
    work on their sunroofs. The molding completely fell on me while driving my G35. To add insult to injury it happened again after being fixed the first time.
  • When I bought my FX45 back in March, there was almost an inch of snow around my neighborhood. The FX had no problems as far as traction---AWD system works great. My previous BMW X5, in comparison, was terrible in any kind of snow condition. Even still, I will buy some dedicated snow tires for the FX because those 20" all-season tires will not be too good in deep snow.
  • That is totally unacceptable from any manufacture ! I have never heard of this and I hope my FX45's sunroof molding is not the same . You would THINK with all the engineering out there on making a quality sunroof , Infiniti would pick up a few pointers .

    Most people in the early 70's did not buy sunroofs / moon roofs for the main reason they leaked ! Since the 80's manufactures have solved this problem but I see Nissan might have been sleeping during these decades . So far so good but if I do have problems like you posted , Nissan will wish it didn't sell me this FX45 .

    4,100 miles, no problems yet and smiling while I'm driv'in !
  • Have you looked into seeing what's available as far as winter tires are concerned? I'm thinking the same thing, and wouldn't mind buying an extra set of wheels, probably 18 inch so I could go with narrower winter tires for better traction. So far I don't know of any that are available in the FX35's standard size of 265/60-18. This would be cheaper than buying 20's also, assuming somebody makes one in this size.
  • clpurnellclpurnell Posts: 1,087
    tire rack has a set of winter 17's with alloys with snows. someone on another board got the set for about 1200.
  • 29632963 Posts: 37
    When the lease ends on my Infiniti I30t in the next few months, I'll be upgrading to an FX-series SUV (hopefully the V-8).

    I love the Bose in my I30t, although the rear parcel shelf that houses the subwoofer tends to rattle at times. I know there's a TSB for this issue, but when I learned that the fix included the complete dismantling of my back seat and parcel shelf (just to install a few strips of sound dampening foam), I opted to forgo this repair (for fear that I would end up with new rattles that didn't exist prior to the fix!).

    My wife drives an '03 G35 sedan with the Bose system, and I don't think it sounds as good as the audio system in my I30t.

    For those of you with the Bose in your FX35/45's, have you enjoyed the sound quality of your stereo's? Does that spare tire subwoofer-like unit really work?

    I've asked a couple of local car audio dealers about upgrading the Bose system in my wife's G35, and the general consensus is that you either leave it alone or replace the entire system (ouch $$$). Bose units, so I'm told, are not designed to accomodate (as an example) an aftermarket powered sub unit to enhance bass.

    Any experiences with your Bose units (both positive & negative), along with information on successful enhancements or changes made to improve sound quality (if possible) would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!
  • The Bose system in my FX45 is better then most stock systems in my previous and current vehicles . I have a Nakamichi System in my LX470 and my FX system beats it hands down . The only negative I can see is there is no MID-range adjustment , only Treble and Bass . You still get a good sound but I think at lower volume levels the addition of MID's would help . It also seems to me the FX Bose System sounds best when "cranked up " . The sub woofer is really good , no vibrations . Out of 1 to 10 , I rate it a 9 . Bring a CD next time your at Infiniti , you might be extremely surprised .
  • Agree with ichiban470 - for a stock system especially the much maligned Bose name - it sounds very good. I find that it's much improved compared to my two previous cars (A4 and allroad, which each had Bose systems). I think the center front speaker really helps to add "presence" and helps to envelope the sound around the listener.
  • clpurnellclpurnell Posts: 1,087
    I agree with the above posts. While Audiophiles or ML fans will give it failing grades I think the bose is fantastic. It blows away the infiniti system in my 300M and is the best stock system I have ever had. The cd changer is pretty flawless even though I know problems have been reported with the G systems. The bass is there I have to keep it under midway setting and the mid and highs are ok too. Movies sound awesome over the thing though they tend to have to be cranked a little louder. I compared to the Acura/Bose unit and it blows it away. I would rate it an 8.5 overall.
  • carnaughtcarnaught 'zonaPosts: 2,338
    I too agree with the G35's sunroof molding falling on me after being fixed, was unacceptable.

    On a more positve note (no pun intended), I think that the Bose system on the G is quite good overall and would recommend it.
  • Just got a E-mail from " Colgan Custom Mfg. " stating they have designed a front end mask for the FX45/35 . You can order it with either a leather grain or the new carbon fiber grain . The carbon fiber grain will cost $10.00 more ( Note : it is not made of carbon fiber , just the look .) .

    It is a two piece and will have openings for the fog lights . You can order it with or without a front plate cut out and they will begin shipping them in October . Two days UPS , once it is made . For those interested here is the contact # : 1-800-447-2727 Ext. 21,22,26,or 36. M - F 8 am to 4:30 pm PST .
    or go to :

    I will post once I receive it . So far no chips on the front of my FX45 and I want to keep it that way . Didn't go with the 3M Stongard (did I spell that right ?) film protection for two reasons . 1. Not sure how long it will last and what long lasting effects it may have on the paint and... 2: It will take a day for the dealer to correctly apply the material on the vehicle .
    My nephew put it on his new BMW so I'll see how he likes it after a year .
  • I've had my FX45 for 3 mos. and 9500 miles so I've gotten a good feel for how it meets my expectations. Being a technology freak, I am constantly amazed at the handling and features. But if there is an area where I am mildly disapointed, it's with the Bose system. The base is good and the positioning of the sub-woofers in the wheel wells is highly effective. I think the mid and high end are a little blase with regard to brightness and note distinction however. The best factory installed car stereo IMO is the McIntosh system that Subaru has in it's top of the line Outback VDC. The Lexus Mark Levinson system gets high marks but I haven't heard it. I too would be grateful for tips as to how to improve the Bose.
    Also, I've read several comments regarding the "overly hard" suspension of the FX. I too felt it was a little harsh at first but after the car & I getting used to each other, I can't imagine that softening it would not detract from the performance. It is solid but it contributes to the remarkable handling of the FX45 and after a while, it becomes a non-issue.
  • I just returned form a 1000 mile trip with my FX35 tech. Drove from Springfield, Mo. to Chicago and back. I ran 80 to 85 mph most of the trip. Got alsmost 21 mpg on the way there and about 20 on the way back, including driving in the city. The seats were very comfortable and 8-9 hours at the wheel was no problem. The navigation in the FX works wonderful, even in the crowded streets of downtown Chicago. The ride was not the least bit punishing even on some pretty bad sections of Hiway 55. The gas was pretty expensive in Illinois so I ran 87 octane and the FX ran just fine. On the way back to drop my pasenger off we had to take some pretty curvy backroads. A couple of imports ran up on me aggressiveley and the FX left them behind in the curves. Unbelievable how the FX handles. A real joy to drive on the road.
  • Can someone out there who owns an FX with the tech package tell me whether the DVD player accepts DVD + RW, or the minus RW type of recorded DVDs. Thanks. I looked in the owners manual that is posted online, and it doesn't address this.
  • highenderhighender Posts: 1,365
    There are fervent believers of the RX330, BMW, ML, CAY and FX. I still think the fx has great style and best in class handling...period. Porsche should take notice, and has. I just filled out a detailed survey about each and every aspect of Cay, and think they will try to iron out the bugs. So has Infiniti, probably try to increase hp and improve ride quality,without sacrificing the 0.87 g glue to the road ability. All manufacturers are taking notice.....and we will all benefit with excellent cars in the future. The topics we debate about are all relative....compared to 10 yrs ago, all these cars are excellent.
    thanks for listening, this is my first posting on this forum.
  • Just starting to look seriously at a FX35. While I have read some of the most recent posts, I may not be aware of all the issues facing FX owners. Any recalls or mechanical problems I need to consider before purchasing? I was very very close this week to purchasing RX330 but some of the transmission issues may have scared me away.

    What about reliability problems or other reliability concerns. Anyone purchase in Dallas area and have dealer recommendations.

    Thanks in advance.

  • I have an FX45 with about 7,500 miles. So far, no problems, except since mine was an early build there was an issue with the rear hatch which if left out in the hot sun could buldge out and cause rubbing when it was opened. This did not affect my vehicle this summer, but the dealer (about two weeks ago) applied the Infiniti recommended fix, as my serial number was one that indicated that this problem could develop later on.

    There also was a recall to a certain narrow run of the early builds which required a bolt underneath the vehicle to be checked and tightened, but mine was not affected by this. I know of no other recall-type issues that have been issued so far, other than these two.

    Everything on mine has worked without any hint of a problem. I think it will prove to be very reliable and I'm looking to keep it for another 5-6 years.
  • Thanks for the input.

  • clpurnellclpurnell Posts: 1,087
    Well I did a 475 mile trip and while rolling into my garage I passed 10k miles. First in the trip. Took my wife and kids to Sea World San Antonio this weekend. The FX as always was a great road trip car. It swallowed a large pullman, stroller, pack and play and a baby bath tub along with a small bookbag and basketball I "won" at sea world. The car handled great got 19.2 mpg for the whole trip including driving around the city. The highway mileage was about 21 mpg.

    This car has never had a anything mechanical wrong with it. The only problems I have had is the hatch warping and the moving squeaking seat. Thats pretty much it. Both have been fixed, the hatch was a bit of a headache but it is done now.

    This has been by far the best car I have owned.

    To answers a few of the Questions above.

    DVD+/-RW - The FX plays DVD-R we watched three of them on this latest trip with 0 problems. I do not know about the rewritable versions as I have only tried the write once version.

    Like I said above no major problems with my fx. I would call the problems I had build quality problems more than reliability. I guess that is the risk you take buying a first year model. Mine is also an early build (3/03) but I have been extremly happy with it.

    Pricing - The 03's should be available for 5-750 over invoice for tech packagae cars. And undeer invoice for fx45 premium cars (incentives available)

    Overall this is the best 10k miles I have spent in any car.
  • What kind of build quality problems would you be talking about? I've never owned an infiniti. They are second behind lexus in quality ratings. I would be coming from a lexus and am concerned I might not be happy with the quality of this rig.

  • stanny1stanny1 Posts: 962
    The first year problems of the FX have been mostly addressed in later production.
    You are lucky that the largest Infiniti dealer is in Euless.
    I had to drive from San Diego to Euless to buy mine but it was worth it. I saved over $100 on my monthly payment.
    Besides, they know their stuff.
    I think you will be happy in an FX, as long as you don't mind the stares and questions you'll get.
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