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Infiniti FX45 Infiniti FX35



  • dalerb1dalerb1 Member Posts: 5
    Re: the discussion of the Vehicle Purchase Program a few pages back -- I ordered an FX45 this weekend on the VPP.

    I guess dealers have a lot of discretion on how they'll implement the program. At the dealership I visited, they will only do it for ordered cars, not cars that are on the lot. (Gee, I can get exactly the car I want AND get the VPP price? -- No problem!)

    I had called the VPP 800 phone number last week to see if my company was eligible, and the woman I spoke with verified that we were and gave me a claim number. I didn't have the number with me this weekend, but I told the sales person I was eligible and asked if they participated in the program. She checked with the finance people and came back with a "yes" and proceeded to take my order. So I'm getting the VPP price without actually producing a claim number. Thought that might be of interest to those who are not technically eligible for the program. :-)

    And to bodble2, my impression was exactly the same. As I was pulling the car back into its spot after my test drive, I remarked to the sales person that I could have used a camera in the front as well! It will take a while to learn exactly where that front bumper is when I start driving it regularly. Which will be a very long, painfully slow two months from now...

  • itchingitching Member Posts: 12
    hey revka wondering if you no or can get information in the difference from the fx 45 & the fx 35 0to 60 & the 1/4 mi. will appreciate a response. thanks
  • itchingitching Member Posts: 12
    how much can a dealership charge me in NEW YORK for advertizing?
  • itchingitching Member Posts: 12
    ldf dying to no what your looking for elsewhere i'm assuming mercedes, bmw or maybe porsche.please let me no if what you found is better(in your opinion)then the FX. thanks.
  • itchingitching Member Posts: 12
    is anybody outthere!does anyone have anything to say about the fx be it bad or good.still itching to buy.has any one heard from the host or should i say ghost!
  • revkarevka Member Posts: 1,750
    Have you had a chance to read Edmunds' First Drive on the FX35/ FX45? That would be a good place to start while you're waiting for feedback from other members.

    Fyi, as host of the Hatchbacks & Wagons board, my job is to monitor these discussions (for problems), and to help people find their way around Edmunds.com and Town Hall. Occasionally, I'll find time to just hang out, in a discussion or two, and discuss the subject at hand.
    As for my own personal opinions (likes/dislikes) on the vehicles here, you'll find I very rarely speak up, because as host, I feel it's important to remain impartial, so as not to alienate owners of any particular make/model on the boards that I monitor.

    However, since you've asked, I will say that having owned a few Nissans myself, I do feel confident about the quality of the Infiniti FX35/FX45. Haven't had a chance to test drive one yet... although I would like to at some point.

    If/when you get a chance to test drive the FX, please return to post your impressions. Things have slowed down a bit in the last few days, but I'm confident other FX owners/enthusiasts will be dropping by.... Good luck with your decision, and thanks for your participation. ;-)

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  • phastphilphastphil Member Posts: 22
    I think if you scroll up a few pages you will see first hand drives and lots of opinions. In addition someone posted the residuals of the FX from Nissan, NOT very good. MB, BMW have residual near the 62% range after 4 years, the FX posted 39%. Not a high level of confidence from Nissan on its resale value.

    As for me, I'm still looking. Tested the FX and thought it had potential. The 20" wheels and tires provided a tough ride, someone suggested trying the standard suspension with 18" wheels. This was confirmed by all the magazines in the reviews, it was one of the negaitves they all agreed on. Also, the interior could use a little upgrading, especially if you are paying $45K+

    I think the Touareg offers a lot of SUV for the money, comparing it to the Porsche. NO FLAMING, I'm not saying the Touareg is as good as the Porsche, just that it compares well - it is after all a dirivitive.

    Good luck
  • djocksdjocks Member Posts: 124
    In the process of getting an SUV for my wife.
    Stopped by Infiniti yesterday and they are discounting the QX4 a great deal. Saw a 2002 brand new loaded with everything except nav. Even had a DVD system. $32,200. Is this a great deal???
    Only problem is that they also had an FX35 for $39,100. I know this is a jump in price but the QX4 sure did look like the poor sister sitting in the showroom.
    Any comments?
  • laurasdadalaurasdada Member Posts: 4,716
    Quite a view from the driver's seat of the FX. It's (the hood) like looking down the deck of an aircraft carrier! Although I don't think that the aluminum trim looks as upscale as wood, I liked the interior, seemed high quality. I love the fact that the seat/steering wheel move to aid in ingress/egress. My 300M seat slides, but not the wheel.

    Maybe I'll test drive one of these days. Anyone have any real world MPG figures to post?

    '21 Dark Blue/Black Audi A7 PHEV (mine); '22 White/Beige BMW X3 (hers); '20 Estoril Blue/Oyster BMW M240xi 'Vert (Ours, read: hers in 'vert weather; mine during Nor'easters...)

  • bibofxbibofx Member Posts: 2
  • djocksdjocks Member Posts: 124
    anyone know the 0-60 times of the fx35?
    they publish the fx45 all over the place but no fx35.
  • bpraxisbpraxis Member Posts: 292
    Hello everyone and I hope that you are having a great day. I very much admire the styling risk that Nissan is taking with the new 2003 models. They are producing the most visual excitement IMO.

      The FX is a very interesting design but not as attractive as the Murano. The Murano looks like the 350Z to me interperted as a crossover. And it offers the better gas milage and the smoother CVT transmission.

      Yes I would very much prefer to have the dealer experience of Infiniti and superior warranty but the Murano is simply a more appealing design to me.

      And the Murano also has 81 cubic feet of storage space to the Infiniti's 63 cubic feet.

      This has got to be the most exciting time to be a car enthusiast with the greatest proliferation of exciting models ever.
  • larssunlarssun Member Posts: 14
    We test drove the 45 with the Package and I loved the handling and ride. Performance is OK and I think once the engine loosen up it will have enough power. I drive a BMW 330ci with the sport package and the rides are similar(she hates it too).Our other car is a BURB and she loves it. If there are any women out there reading this I would like your input. Wish I could adjust the ride from the dash.
    Has anyone found the spec's for this car.
  • crikeycrikey Member Posts: 1,041
    The FX35 ROCKS! This is really a sports car with more utility. It even handles like one. A couple of observations:

    1. The hood is long, I had to raise the 8-way powered driver's seat all the way up in order to get what I considered was ideal visibility. That long hood would probably give the FX35 good frontal crash tests.

    2. The suspension is really stiff in the Sport Package. You will feel the road very well. If kids are going to ride in this a lot, forgoing the sport package might be the way to go. Although, it will feel oddly different, i.e. the FX does not seem to be the FX without those monster 20" wheels :) I wish those wheels were stand-alone options.

    3. The passenger seat is LOW. My wife felt like the seat swallowed her as she had trouble seeing ahead of her. And oddly again, this was the only thing she did not like about the FX. She liked that stiff suspension, Wow!

    4. The cargo, as expected, was pretty limited. Having said that, I was able to put 4 standard-sized suitcases (not those hand-carry ones) standing on their sides sungly. I had a bit more room to spare. The same 4 suitcases were a bear to put in my current 2001 Nissan Pathfinder which has an 11 cu. ft. advantage. So, it seems that the cargo area is more useable than the numbers say.

    5. The sound of the exhaust is very similar to the G35 Coupe since it uses the same engine and probably the same plumbing, i.e. exhaust system.

    6. The seats were extremely comfortable, including the back seats, even the middle seat. The leather was indeed high-quality.

    7. Since handling was great, I think that, IMO, rollovers are not a big concern in this vehicle.

    Overall, it's a great vehicle. However, if you're shopping for more cargo room, this might not be the vehicle for you.
  • crikeycrikey Member Posts: 1,041
    Although they look similar, they are very different vehicles -- the Murano is front-wheel drive oriented since it uses the Altima platform while the FX35 is rear-wheel drive oriented since it uses the G35 platform. Both are excellent vehicles, though. And buying one or the other would depend on one's needs and priorities. This I can say -- both make a very bold styling statement.
  • jedwards06jedwards06 Member Posts: 1
    I have put on 1500 miles on my FX35 Premium in the last three weeks... about 600 miles of highway driving with the rest being city. The fuel economy reading is currently 17.4mpg. Keep in mind that I love fast starts and flying up hills. I think 20mpg would be realistic (highway/city mix) for a more conservative driver...
  • laurasdadalaurasdada Member Posts: 4,716
    Thanks for the mpg update. Similar mpg to the evil wife's '02 RX300, almost all local driving though. How's the interior noise level? One of my only complaints about my Chrysler 300M is a bit of interior noise, mostly from the Goodyears I believe.

    I enjoy your music, btw...

    '21 Dark Blue/Black Audi A7 PHEV (mine); '22 White/Beige BMW X3 (hers); '20 Estoril Blue/Oyster BMW M240xi 'Vert (Ours, read: hers in 'vert weather; mine during Nor'easters...)

  • jtuotijtuoti Member Posts: 12
    I checked out the FX today for a short period and fell in love. This is exactly what I've been looking for (at least from a looks and functionality standpoint) but I still need to drive it before I park it in my garage. Plus I am always VERY hesitant about purchasing a first year model of anything, even the ultra-reliable Lexus.

    One thing bothers me a little though...the brick colored leather didn't appear like it would hold up very well. Anyone else have the same impression? It seemed like the edges and easy wear areas (like the seats from sliding in and out) might lighten a bit. I wish they had the Beryllium (sp?) available with the black leather.
  • LanceL99LanceL99 Member Posts: 39
    About three weeks ago I accidently found myself in an Infiniti showroom sitting in the new FX while waiting for my I35 to be washed. What a beautiful vehicle! The exterior is very attractive and the interior is very well designed with plenty of room, comfortable seats, every feature you could want, and made with very high-quality materials. Driving it (the second mistake) was absolutely amazing. It handled like it was on rails (despite riding like it might be, too). The stereo was incredible and the nav system had me just in awe. I was grinning for days (hell, for weeks).

    After trying to block this out of my mind since then, I'm pulling the trigger. Tomorrow I pick up my new FX35 2wd with the Tech Pkg in the white with willow interior. Beautiful! I wasn't wild about the brown, silver, gray, red, and black is so hot. I wasn't sure if I would like the white, but after seeing it today I just loved it. The car is flawless. Notice I keep saying car; I have always hated SUVs. This thing is awesome.

    I have an I35 right now; boring... Very reliable, quite fast, but the ride is so-so, noise insulation is so-so, and handling is not very stimulating.

    I've agreed to pay $41,999 including their $499 admin fee (all of the dealers in FL charge an "admin fee") with a trade for my car of $20,800. What do you all think?
  • carnaughtcarnaught Member Posts: 3,497
    What year was/is your I35? What is the mrsp of the new FX? Congrats on your purchase and please give us your impressions.
  • LanceL99LanceL99 Member Posts: 39
    My I35 is a 2002 with 21,500 miles on it. The sticker on the new FX35 is $44,515. I'm SO excited!
  • crikeycrikey Member Posts: 1,041
    Invoice price for the FX that you are buying is $39,906 including destination. For a recently introduced vehicle, I think you got a good deal. I cannot comment on the trade-in though.
  • revkarevka Member Posts: 1,750
    And thanks for sharing your story. We look forward to hearing about your delivery experience and initial impressions.... ;-)
  • clpurnellclpurnell Member Posts: 1,083
    Sounds like you got a great deal. Best I've seen is MSRP -2k
  • LanceL99LanceL99 Member Posts: 39
    And I love it!! That thing is awesome! First, it looks so good. I really love the white; excellent choice for me. And the willow interior with the darker brown dash that wraps around to the front and rear doors is great.

    The car just drives so well! I still need to get used to the brakes and to get comfortable with the car's handling limits. I'm sure it'll be fun figuring it out! The exhaust note is terrific. I stood outside while someone drove it down the street, and it sounds (and looks) amazing. And those headlights are outstanding! My xenons in the I35 stunk; these are truly wonderful. The Bose unit is a clear standout with clear, clean sound. I'm also impressed with the limited wind noise (thusfar). The driving position is great and I fit like a glove in those very supportive, yet comfortable seats(6'4").

    The Tech Pkg is so worth the money. I love those gadgets (they help make the car even more entertaining). The navigation system seems to be good, except it tried to navigate me down a "road" that would have resulted in my driving into a canal. I also wish it had voice activation (like the much cheaper Accord), but that's okay. The rear camera is very nice, especially given the rather limited rear visibility. The keyless thing is neat but will take getting used to.

    I also appreciate little things about the car. The rear folding seat mechanism is a nice touch, the little lights by the interior door handles are nice, I like how the memory seat remembers everything (wheel, mirrors, etc.), the extremely thorough trip computer and setting options, the high quality materials, etc. I could go on...

    And, I have to confess, I really like all of the looks and stares. That's completely vain, but it's fun. I used to get waives and thumbs up in my old Audi (unreliable but beautiful) and I missed that.

    At the end of the day, I'm thrilled with my purchase and I still haven't stopped grinning.
  • carnaughtcarnaught Member Posts: 3,497
    Enjoy the honeymoon!
  • bpraxisbpraxis Member Posts: 292
    Please forgive my impurtanence but your notes seem like a professional that is writing for Infinity.

      There seems to be a lack of interest in this vehicle given the low activity in this dicussion room.

      And the dealership that I live near has at least 20 FX's in the front lot that dont seem to be moving.

      This is too bad because IMO the FX is a ground breaking vehicle in styling and I hope that it does well for Nissan.

      If I am wrong congradulations on your new vehicle purchase and many happy miles.
  • revkarevka Member Posts: 1,750
    Edmunds' Road Test of the FX45 is now available: Full Test: 2003 Infiniti FX45, Thinking Outside the Box, by Philip Reed. Check it out, and let us know what you think!

    Photo of FX45 test vehicle:

    Thanks for your comments! ;-)

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  • clpurnellclpurnell Member Posts: 1,083
    Go drive the FX. Lance is right on with everything he has said. This is THE BEST CAR/TRUCK/SUV I have ever driven. Including MDX, EXPY, ENVOY, QX4, RX300, Jag Vanden Plas, VW's. It is truly amazing. if you have driven a G35 imagine one raised 4-6 In off the ground and with 20" rims and an interior to rival Audi's. I will have one im my garage as soon as I can get out from under my %^$#*(& 300M.
  • LanceL99LanceL99 Member Posts: 39
    No, I'm a commercial lender for a bank... I do not work for Infiniti, Nissan, or any other auto manufacturer. However I take your comments as a compliment of sorts. (By the way, it is spelled "Infiniti", not "Infinity." Common error...)

    I LOVE the car. I had an Audi two cars before the FX that I was absolutely passionate about. Unfortunately, I drove every loaner car in the fleet (plus a VW) because it broke constantly. The I35 I owned was perfect, so I'm hoping the FX will be, as well. It is still fabulous to drive. I'm a nut about this car and all evening I kept looking out the window to make sure it wasn't in risk of a random door ding. (A bit neurotic...)

    I must agree, however, that the chat room is dead. What's the deal with that? In the past 24 hours I have been pointed at, gauked at, given thumbs up, waves, etc. Maybe it just needs to catch on. And lets face it, that kind of money in this economy for a sort of different vehicle might be considered bad timing. While FL has been a little sheltered from the economic problems other states have felt, it is still a little off. Does anyone else in here actually own one??
  • clpurnellclpurnell Member Posts: 1,083
    try www.freshalloy.com a little more active there for the fx. But stay on edmunds also or this would be really dead. Plus this is an infiniti it doesn't break so no one is here to bash it, plus it is so much fun to drive every one who has one is probably out driving it :)
  • blckthreeblckthree Member Posts: 153
    I picked up my FX35 AWD Friday. It is black with graphite interior. I have been a die-hard GM guy for 25 years, but I made the mistake of a test drive of the FX and the rest is history. The styling is like nothing I had ever seen before, and just like everything I was looking for in a vehicle. I had tried every SUV/Pickup type vehicle out there, and hadn’t found anything I liked. At the time, I wasn’t interested in any foreign makes, so that limited it to GM/Ford/Dodge. I had reached a point where my hopes were on the new Cadillac crossover. Until the FX! This has been a whole new experience for me; the dealership attitude toward customer service is like nothing I have ever experienced. The warranty is a year longer with more miles than any of the others I have looked at. The interior of the vehicle is outstanding. The way everything fit together, the quality of the leather on the seats, the dashboard is a softer plastic material than I am used to, the arm rests have some cushion to them, the ease with which the rear seats fold flat if you need the extra room is great also.

    I got the premium package; I didn’t feel the need for the sport package after driving it. I am very happy with the premium package’s ride and handling. It feels like it is glued to the road through turns and it doesn’t ride quite as rough as the sport package. You will notice the bumps on a rough stretch of road, but you can't get away from that with anything. On a smooth stretch of road, it is so quiet and smooth; it almost puts you to sleep. The road noise is very minimal, not a lot of wind noise, you can have a conversation and not yell at the person next to you. It is a very relaxed and comfortable car.

    It is still in the break in phase, so I haven’t really opened it up yet, but it has a feel of great power. When it reaches 4000 rpms, it seems to want to really take off from there. I can't wait to see how well it will do after it is broke in.

    If I had any criticism of the vehicle, it would be the layout of the instrument panel. In a vehicle of this price range, they should include a full set of gauges, not just a temp gauge and a fuel gauge. Where are the oil pressure gauge and the alternator gauge?

    It is definitely a head turner! I put 250 miles on it over the weekend, and it gets a lot of looks. If you don’t like attention, I would suggest you don’t buy one!
  • crikeycrikey Member Posts: 1,041
    nice to see you here from freshalloy :)

    This has been a whole new experience for me; the dealership attitude toward customer service is like nothing I have ever experienced.

    I agree, I had the same experience with a local Infiniti dealership -- very professional and customer-oriented.

    I got the premium package; I didn’t feel the need for the sport package after driving it. I am very happy with the premium package’s ride and handling. It feels like it is glued to the road through turns and it doesn’t ride quite as rough as the sport package. You will notice the bumps on a rough stretch of road, but you can't get away from that with anything. On a smooth stretch of road, it is so quiet and smooth; it almost puts you to sleep. The road noise is very minimal, not a lot of wind noise, you can have a conversation and not yell at the person next to you. It is a very relaxed and comfortable car.

    While I haven't bought an FX yet, I also feel the same way about the Premium Package. And the most pleasant noise to hear is that exhaust. Yummy!

    Still on the fence since I have a couple of toddlers to tote around. And while the FX may not be the most practical vehicle for couples with 2 kids, it has everything I would want in an SUV (well a little more cargo space would be nice) at a very reasonable price. Add to that the dealership experience and it's just very tempting.
  • psrinivpsriniv Member Posts: 41
    i have a question for you over at FA. please do respond when time permits
  • bomcqbomcq Member Posts: 7
    Posted #73 and #87.

    I agree this forum is dead, but I've been turning heads with the FX since 1/31. The Murano site has been buzzing for a while. I was looking at them but it's not nearly the vehicle the FX is. Maybe they just don't know about this site, but people love the FX when you drive by.

    People come up to you in the parking lot like you just pulled up in a spaceship. One guy said "it's got no bum." Saw another one on the road yesterday (gold color). Lots of honking and waving and smiling.

    Over 2000 mi. now. It's getting broken in. Like it more and more. Only dislike is the ride is a bit too hard, especially with this winter and the pot holes up north here in Boston.

    Still don't have parts for these things yet. Bought it with a tow hitch, but hasn't come in yet. Would be nice to get fitted weather mats before the snow goes away. Satelite Radio?

    Still can't figure how the luggage net works (neither could the salesman).

    What do you all think of the window washers mounted on the wipers?
  • xchicagoan5xchicagoan5 Member Posts: 46
    I notice in your post that you purchased a black FX with the graphite interior. This must be a change in ordering. when I spoke to my local infiniti guy, he told me that i could only get black and graphite with the sport package. I even went out to the infiniti site and it did not allow me order that combo. tell me how you did.
  • rx330guyrx330guy Member Posts: 7
    Check the Infiniti site again.

    Model: FX35 AWD
    Exterior: Black Obsidian
    Interior: Graphite
    Packages and Options: V6 Premium Package $2600
    MSRP $35,700.00

    Total Packages, Options & Accessories $2,600.00
    Destination & Handling $545.00
    Total Configured MSRP† $38,845.00
  • xchicagoan5xchicagoan5 Member Posts: 46
    this is a definite change from a few weeks ago. Thanks. Do you own or plan to own the new rx330? I have a 2000 X5 4.4i and looking to replace it with the fx35. Better performance, almost $20k less.
  • revkarevka Member Posts: 1,750
    Congrats on your new FX35! We appreciate your detailed notes, and look forward to hearing more.... ;-)

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  • blckthreeblckthree Member Posts: 153
    It was there on the dealers lot and I grabbed it! It is also listed in the FX brochure as an available option, they must have had an error on the Infiniti website, because I remember running across the same thing a few weeks back. They said you couldnt buy them that way, but I had seen them in dealers inventories.

    Good luck on your search. The graphite leather is very soft to the touch, you will love it!
  • ngkiyanngkiyan Member Posts: 19
    looking to lease th FX35 and have been pre approved by infiniti.Could someone tell me where do you find the money factor for the car because every dealer seems to tells me a little different. Are they fixed by infiniti or if each dealer can set their own rate? thanks
  • LanceL99LanceL99 Member Posts: 39
    My FX is awesome! (FX35, 2WD, tech pkg, white with willow) I've read complaints about the ride with the sport suspension, and while it is indeed quite firm, it's not harsh. I rather like the road feel it offers.

    Beyond the handling, power, relative quietness, beautiful design (inside and out), etc., part of what is really fun about this car is seeing the reactions of others. This weekend, I was literally flagged down in the road twice by people wanting to look at it and ask questions. People stop what they are doing when you drive by, random neighbors have come to introduce themselves and see the car, my friends all want me to drive everywhere, other cars pace me to check it out from different angles (a little unnerving), etc. It has gotten to a point where I notice the people who don't notice versus those that do. Being that I love the car so much, I think it's awesome that others are taking an interest, too. It is obvious to me that the general population is just now finding out about the FX...

    The thing that scares me to death is the thought of getting hit. BOMCQ mentioned a lack of parts, and I'm sure it's absolutely true. If someone were to hit my FX, I know it would be in the shop FOREVER. I have a friend who has a new 350Z (white with gray; touring, 6-spd man) and she got rear ended on the interstate while she was going about 40 (rush hour). Over $10,000 in damage (bumper, tail light, and quarter panel) and the car has been in the shop for over three months. They have been waiting three weeks just for two clips to re-attach the exhaust to the car. I would be hysterical.

    Anyway, love it, love it, love it! I've driven over 500 miles so far...
  • ngkiyanngkiyan Member Posts: 19
    I have seen the post for the MF and residual for the Fx35. What I do not understand is that when I ask the dealer about he MF on the lease and their quote is much higher than what I see on the forums. Am I entitled to the infiniti set rates if I finance through them?
  • revkarevka Member Posts: 1,750
    To respond to your posts: The cost factors will differ from dealer to dealer depending on the lending institution they're using and their own individual mark up. The lending institution also takes your credit score into consideration.

    You can check with Car_man in our Leasing Discussion to see if he has more information about current residuals and (lowest) cost factor being offered by Infiniti.

    You said: "What I do not understand is that when I ask the dealer about he MF on the lease and their quote is much higher...."

    Be sure to take into account any additional options on the vehicle, negative trade allowance (if applicable), aquisition fee/lease deposit (if applicable), transfer of title, and other agreed charges?

    If you've calucated all costs... and the dealer's figure is still higher than expected, he may be rolling additional fees (dealer profit) into his calculator. Something they commonly do, btw. If this is the case, you can try to negotiate a lower payment.

    You may want to take some time to read some of the leasing articles in our Leasing Section to get a better understanding of the whole process. Also, check out the link to Leasecompare.com, where you can compare lease costs (for free) from different lenders, or purchase leasing additional tools if you want.

    Not a bad idea to invest in your own lease calculator. It will be easier to see what the dealer's markup is; and you'll know how much room there is to negotiate. Also, don't let them tell you that your lease calculator is wrong. My 2 cents. ;-)

    Good luck and please keep us posted on your FX35 lease.

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  • clpurnellclpurnell Member Posts: 1,083
    Yes you are eligible for the base rates. Just like regular interest rates the dealer can mark them up and is probably doing so. Tell the dealer you will not take a marked up rate. You should be able to lease at the buy rate. I'm not sure where you are located but there is a dealer on freshalloy who will give you a discount and lease the car to you at the base rate. They are located in dallas texas and I think through the end of this month will ship free anywhere in the US. Do not give your money to a dealer that won't provide you the base lease rate.
  • clpurnellclpurnell Member Posts: 1,083
    I have a lease calculator built that will calculate all parts of the deal. If you or anyone else would like it please e-mail me. A friend of mine developed it and I have added some stuff to it.
  • djocksdjocks Member Posts: 124
    Does anyone have lease numbers on the FX35's?
  • crikeycrikey Member Posts: 1,041
    According to the Internet Manager for a Long Island, NY dealership, these are the IFS numbers posted for March:

    IFS: # Months /15k/yr + 1% for 12k/yr & money factor:
    FX35 AWD:
    24/61% .00210 $0 sec.
    36/53% .00210 $0 sec.
    39/52% .00205 $0 sec.
    42/47% .00169 & .00184 for $0 Sec. option
    48/43% .00186 & .00201 for $0 sec. option

    24/62% .00190
    36/52% .00190
    39/51% .00188
    42/46% .00151 & .00166 for $0 sec. option
    48/43% .00187 & .00202 for $0 sec. option
  • ngkiyanngkiyan Member Posts: 19
    I lived in the San Francisco Bay Area and The best deal I was offered for the Fx 35 with premiun or sport package was $1000.00 off Msrp.Has anyone Done better around the area?
  • dogface5dogface5 Member Posts: 87
    Which is better in performance, Infiniti FX45 or the new Cayenne(not the turbo)?
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