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Infiniti FX45 Infiniti FX35



  • Fusion? This CUV is really SPORT. I;ve driven all models on a test track...compared them by driving the competition on the same track. The FX line is the #1 handling and performance SUV in the world. Infiniti projects 40K units sold this year and 60K next year. Infiniti is really accelarating the future. You folks must go and drive the FX.
  • No comparison possible. FX is RWD vs FWD or AWD, FM Platform, size, weight, fit&finish. The Murano is a great vehicle but the FX is a performance vehicle not a soccer mom mobile.
  • tom17tom17 Posts: 134
    I am going to have to check out the new FX series. I have a 90 Q45 with upgrade first gear start computer and have been VERY happy with its performance. I have had a G35 loaner several times (including over a weekend) and it is VERY impressive performance wise. If the FX is comparable, I would definately go for it. I know someone who bought a Murano and also owns a G35. They claim the Murano does not compare performance wise. Are the FX comparable to the G35 performance wise?
  • Well, I guess I will have to check out the FX if I can find a dealer...oh yeah, I think we have ONE in the Denver metro area. Sales of Infinity's around here must be lacking.

    BTW, if you think the Murano is nothing more then a "soccer Mom" car you obviously haven't spent much time behind the wheel of one.

    The FX sure is a great looking Murano. Nissan, Infinity, it's all good and all the same anyway right? :-)

    Seriously, the FX looks like a sweet ride. Enjoy!
  • felizfeliz Posts: 32
    I don't see any resemblance between the Murano and FX35/45. I haven't driven the FX35 but I've driven the 45 and it handles as well or better then my wife's G35 and doesn't have the ultra-cheap interior the G35 does.

    The Murano is nice but it doesn't compare to the FX in any way at all. I was going to buy a Murano but decided to wait and take a look at the FX and I'm glad I did. I'm going to wait and have a look at the Pacifica just to make sure I don't have any regrets afterwards.
  • carnaughtcarnaught 'zonaPosts: 2,342
    I'm not sure the "#1 handling and performance SUV in the world" wouldn't be the Porsche Cayenne.
  • I checked both the Murano and the FX35 last week and after long debate still decide to stick with FX simply just because it's of much more beauty. The only problem is: I WANT the Nav. system but definitely wouldn't pay for almost 10K just to get one since it has to come with the whole Tech package, which has a lot of nice features that I don't need. Is there any other option? I don't mind getting a Premium package but really, Tech package is way too much.
  • I want the navigation systm too, but do not want to spend 9000 for the tech package. I plan on using something like a streepilot 3, plugged into the power outlet in the center console.
  • clpurnellclpurnell Posts: 1,087
    I would stay away from the pacifica unless you are going to keep the car 5+ years, have an extended warranty and know a good mechanic. I have a 300M and I would never buy another chrysler product. The difference in dealers alone between Chrysler and Infiniti is worth any premium. Maybe Chrysler is better in canada but here the dealers are aweful.

    The only cayanne that will beat a fx is the 450 hp one that will cost you almost double and it would only beat it by about .5-1 sec is that worth another 40k not to me. I sat inside a cayenne at the auto show and left rather disappointed.

    I agree with the above people they should really let the nav be added on as a stand alone option. The tech package is nice but has too much int it and is too pricey. I mean over a sport equipped version it is 6k more. Quite a jump IMHO.
  • Just curious if anybody thought about depreciation of FX. I currently own J30 and even though the car is great, it depreciates very fast.
    I guess if you are planning to keep the car for a while it does not matter, but I personally prefer to know how it compares to Lexus or other luxury makes before making a decision. I know that most Infiniti cars have terrible depreciatio(excluding QX4 maybe). Does anyone have any info or cares to share an opinion?
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,041
    I think that a good barometer for expected depreciation can be found in released residual values used for leasing. I found such a discussion in FX35 FX45 Residuals and Money Factors where these figures were released:

    These are the numbers from IFS (Infiniti Financial Services).

    FX35 2WD

    FX35 AWD

    FX45 AWD

    As you can see, IFS (Infiniti Financial Services) expects that an FX would be worth about 41% to 43% of its initial value after 48 months. So, I would assume that this would be the going rate for the FX after said 48 months has passed. The market may dictate otherwise. In general, I find that Nissan/Infiniti vehicles depreciate faster than Honda/Toyota. It does not seem to matter to the market if the vehicles have bulletproof build quality. I think that if one buys a Nissan/Infiniti, be prepared to keep it for a long time. They are excellent vehicles, anyway.
  • Haven't seen any word about this, but would love the FX45 in a five or 6-speed manual. Does anyone know anything about this? The Cayenne manual option is crazy expensive, but if SPORT is going to be emphasized, this is a great way to do it right...Love that 8 cylinder growl!
  • if the depreciation is so bad on Infinitis, shouldn't you just buy one a year old instead of getting a new one? You could wait for the fall and buy a 2003 FX45 and save some real bucks.
  • felizfeliz Posts: 32
    I agree with you about the problems with the Pacifica being manufactured by Chrysler, I had the unfortunate experience of having owned three mini-vans. I was a slow learner.

    Apparently the Pacifica is the first Chrysler vehicle put out with a lot of MB input, in fact it even uses some MB parts. I thought it at least deserved a look-see.

    Who can understand Infiniti's marketing strategy, the rear seat DVD should be a stand alone option.

    I don't understand Infinities low resale value either. My TL-S is a year older and has double the mileage of my wife's G35 but it's worth more!! I know this because I've been checking on the values in case I decide to trade one in on a FX45 or similar vehicle.
  • We bought a T&C about a year and a half ago and it was a terrible mistake. It's been in for repair at least a half dozen time and dealer service is terrible. This was our first Chrysler and last for the rest of our lives. I've owned 3 infinitis and have an Acura TLS right now - both dealer experiences are head and shoulders above Chrysler. After driving an FX35 and owning a Chrysler, I wouldn't even consider the Pacifica. If you're concerned about resale value the new Lexus RX might be a good alternative. While I love the FX, I'm also very curious about the VW Touareg. I have not driven an X5 yet, I would love to hear someones thoughts on the X5 vs. FX.
  • monet5monet5 Posts: 32
    I checked the FX45 out last night at a local dealership. No test drive as it was late and I wanted to get home. Couple comments:

    1) Its smaller than I thought. Its actually 2-3" shorter than my A6. I think the 20" wheel and aggressive stance give it a large appearance.

    2) Seeing it from the front and rear live is a treat. I conveys a strong sense of presence.

    3) My dealer had 10 (35s and 45s) in stock which surprised me. I thought they would be taking orders hand over fist.

    4) Sat Radio (XM or Sirius) is not available yet per the dealer. Is that true?

    5) Disappointed by the interior. Coming from the A6 which is very friendly in the inside, the FX is sterile. I also don't like the seat controls on the top of the seat. Either I will be hitting that moving around or I'll be playing with my seat in traffic.

    6) Loved the manual adjustable Xenon lights. Also like the fact that the rear seats can recline.

    7) Lastly, I almost pulled the trigger, but I'm concerned around reliability the first year out. Anyone have thoughts on that?
  • Don't worry about the reliability,infiniti's are more reliable than Audi,BMW.
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,041
    I don't understand Infinities low resale value either. My TL-S is a year older and has double the mileage of my wife's G35 but it's worth more!! I know this because I've been checking on the values in case I decide to trade one in on a FX45 or similar vehicle.
    I think Nissan suffers from being perceived as the 3rd best Japanese manufacturer eventhough I feel that their products are equal if not better than Honda's or Toyota's. I think that due to this perception, it seems that Nissan is more likely to discount their products than Honda or Toyota. Also, Honda does not have fleet sales, e.g. for car rental companies and Toyota, I believe, does this in limited numbers. Nissan, however, does a lot of fleet sales. I actually look for Nissans when I rent a car since I know they will be the best vehicles in the lot.

    Regarding the G35, in the U.S., Kelly Blue Book (KBB) has announced a forecast of 10 vehicles that would hold their value better in the next 10 years. The Infiniti G35 was one of the 10. I hope this holds true since I think that the G35 is a better car than the TL-S (not meaning to start a G35 vs. TL-S discussion here).
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,041
    Don't worry about the reliability,infiniti's are more reliable than Audi,BMW.

    I wholeheartedly agree!
  • sunilbsunilb Posts: 407
    It'll take a while for Nissan/Infiniti to turn around their low resale value problem. Due to many years of poor design (aesthetics) and deep discounting... it could take them several years for the seeds of their latest efforts to bear fruit. Goshn [sp?] seems to have a plan and is executing it quite well!

    Personally, I'm a big fan of the models that N/I is turning out (even if they are using one engine in 80% of their vehicles ;)

    Now, the question--
    The wife wants a SUV-type vehicle (e.g., Lexus RX), I want a sportier car (G35 coupe)... is the solution [compromise] to get the FX, or is better to get one of our cars now and then save up for the other car?

    Definitely a personal call, but I'd be interested in hearing other people's opinions.
    (We did test drive a FX35 and liked it quite a bit-- it didn't exhibit any body roll! The only things I didn't like were the lack of a manual transmission, and the 3.5 engine seemed like it wasn't the best for this size [weight] of a vehicle)
  • If the FX35 is sporty enough for you, I say go for it. However, if you really want the G35 coupe, I'd say wait and get what you really want -pricing will get better by then anyway. Now, if you wife LIKES the FX and you can still get your G35 in a reasonable time frame, that's not a bad solution either. In case you didn't know, a new RX is on the way.
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,041
    For those of you lucky enough to work for an employer that participates in the Nissan Vehicle Purchase Plan, the FX35/45 is eligible. Here is an example of approximately how much an FX35 AWD would cost via VPP purchase:

    Vehicle Description Invoice Price
    2003 Infiniti FX35 4dr All-wheel Drive Base 32,616.00
    Premium Package 2,240.00
    Sport Package 1,121.00
    Roof Rails 259.00
    Cross-Bars 191.00

    Total of Options 3,811.00
    Total of Base Vehicle and Options 36,427.00

    Total of Base Vehicle and Options 36,427.00
    Nissan Vehicle Purchase Plan Discount (3.58%) (1,304.09)
    Subtotal (Dealer Net Price) 35,122.91
    Dealer Delivery Fee (2.5%) 878.07
    Selling Price after NVPP 36,000.99
    Destination Charge 545.00
    Final Cost to Customer 36,545.99

    MSRP:$40,665 -- a difference of $4,119.01.
  • Crikey, is the VPP discount rate the same for all cars? I'm thinking of getting the FX35 w/ Tech package.
  • When I bought my last car, I opted for black leather instead of "Cinnamon" which is similar to the Brick color in the FX45. I wanted to consider the DG/brick combo on an FX45 this time. The willow is nice, but will get too dirty and the black is black.

    I saw Brick for the first time yesterday and I have some concerns - I only peered through a window, however. The "grain" looked contrived. Is it as "fake" looking as it appeared through the window? If a car is cheap, that's ok, but this is supposed to be a luxury vehicle. I'm not sure it looks natural enough. Also, while I like the brick leather, I could do without the orange plastic and carpets.

    And the final you think it will affect resale further? If I get this vehicle and figure out that I'm not a big fan, I don't want to take a further bath because I chose an unpopular color.

    Anyone have additional thoughts on this?
  • I test drove the FX35 with sport package(20" wheels & sports suspension) yesterday. Very impressive. I put a refundable deposit down on it yesterday with delivery mid March. I was(still am) leaning toward a RX330 but the FX35 had the options & color I wanted(Laser red exterior/brick & black leather interior). I guess there are pros & cons to both. I have been a loyal Toyota owner for 15 years. I love the reliability and was wondering how Infiniti rates. Another good problem, I can get the Infiniti below invoice with the VVP(vechicle purchase program) through my company. I will be saving over $4,000!!! Not quite sure what to do. I'm sure I'll never get a RX330 for $36,000. I wish the Infiniti got a little gas milage(16/22).
  • Actually, I like the brick color. As you said, the willow will get dirty and I swore I'd never get another black interior. It is hot in the summer and it shows every bit of lint, dust, etc. I guess that only leaves brick. I think the liquid copper exterior is more trendy then the brick interior. IMO.
  • monet5monet5 Posts: 32
    I finally had a test drive Saturday - FX35 w/ Tech. I'm going to go against the norm here and post some <slightly> negative comments:

    1) Style - I like it. My girlfriend did not. Her comment was harsh in saying it looked like a PT Cruiser on steroids. My concern is will I love the style in 12 months or will I get tried of it. Its certainly different.

    2) Interior - The seats had a good snug feel, but thought that the dials, gauges and switches felt cheap. Infiniti needs to look at MB, Audi and BMW for the tacit feel that controls need to give. I would prefer wood trim over the aluminum, but that's just personal preference.

    3) Ride - Its was rough. While I understand I'm driving a sports car in SUV clothing, many models in this range offer adjustable suspensions. Infiniti should also because simply driving around town in stop and go is tiring. Don't get me wrong when I hit the in ramp and punched it the car didn't sway at all. It was a great feeling, but the Lexus RX330 will have adjustable suspension and for this price Infiniti should also - at least on the FX45.

    4) I looked at the FX45 and I think Infiniti needs to do something to distinguish the 45 from the 35 w/ sport. I'm not sure that the $5K - $7K difference is worth it for just ~40hp.

    5) What is with the manual adjustments for the Xenon lights? Everything else in this price range has auto-leveling.

    Net:Net - I'm still interested, but want to want until the RX330 comes out.
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,041
    The VPP discount rate is 4.3% for Nissan vehicles and 3.58% for Infiniti vehicles. Both carry a 2.5% dealer fee. I've bought one vehicle via VPP and it was the best and most painless car purchase that I ever did.
  • rcf8000rcf8000 Posts: 619
    It would be nice if the FX45 offerred adjustable firmness on the suspension. This RX330 doesn't offer this, though. It offers adjustable HEIGHT, not firmness.
  • Took a test drive in a FX-35, Tech Pkg. First impression coming out of the dealer lot on to bumpy street was a lot of jittery movement, ala the X5 when I test drove it. Smoothed out pretty good once we got past the bumpy road. Others have commented on the jittery suspension, I agree.

    Nice resonant sound from the exhaust, good tactile feedback from front wheels, steering nicely weighted, maybe a tad heavy...need more time behind wheel (like a year or two...I hope). Had enough room for our needs, drop the seats if I need more.

    Front seats very comfortable, pretty supportive, nice adjustments, and I happen to like the top mounted controls second to only the MB door mounted ones. Back seats fairly comfortable, but much better than current SUVs(RX, ML X5 etc). One note: Using the driver's auto seat entry feature (moves the seat back) reduced the rear seat leg room drastically for anyone sitting back there. So, let your rear driver passenger out FIRST before pulling the key - otherwise crushed knees :-( (Asked salesman why there was no rear legroom, he didn't have a clue that the seat had moved back, gave every excuse - just didn't know- smuck)

    FX-35 V6 seemed responsive and had what seemed like a fair amount of power (again compared to similarly equipped ML and RX, mabye NOT X5). Didn't want to drive the FX45, out of my price range and drooling looks pretty silly on a 50+ year old guys with a beard! Limited body roll, very firm (maybe a little too much, time will tell). Low step in, great for my 5'1" wife who we stranded in an H2 at the last auto show).

    I'm a gadget freak, so there seemed like lots of stuff to keep me busy pushing twisting etc, radio/stereo sounded very nice, Bose always a trusted name in audio, and the front mounted 6 disk unit much more convenient than trunk mounted versions. Sat radio option not ready yet, April they tell me, and I'm assuming it is just a plug in when available. There is a SAT button on radio already (display says NO SAT when pushed).

    This is NOT your soccer mom's SUV, and that is one of the most appealing things I like. We are empty nesters, grown kid, but need more than a sedan for weekend errands, Home Depot runs, etc. Other car MB convertible, so we need a 4 place car/SUV for Saturday night dinner with another couple, and this fits the bill to a "T". I was not happy with the image of an RX, or a MB-ML and the X5 was out of my price range. I think this is exactly what I wanted. Still want to see VW Toureg, but have already eliminated the Volvo - underpowered, soccer mom image. Thought I might have to buy two vehicles, sports sedan and SUV, but the FX appears to have satisfied both needs.

    Also, not impressed with residual numbers posted here. Might have to lease just to be sure I don't get hurt (I hate leases). X5 (3.0) back a few months had a 62% residual on a 36 month lease, very impressive (MB ML was the same). FX residual makes me very nervous!

    So to set the record straight, the Murano is built on the Altima chassis, the FX on the FM (350Z, G35 etc) chassis. Sorry, BIG difference.

    I'm going to find another dealer to take a test drive, need more time behind the wheel with different types of roads, speed etc. Also need to get wife's blessing (I'm not stupid, just cautious)and her input on color. I like the silver with black.

    I think sweet spot: FX-35, Sport Pkg, probably a 35K vehicle? What have other paid (if you don't mind saying).
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