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Infiniti FX45 Infiniti FX35



  • fxgirlfxgirl Member Posts: 8
    Just wanted to let you know that I also have 2 small children, and a dalmatian! Honestly you would have no problem with 2 car seats/boosters, a passenger and luggage in the FX. In fact everyone comments on how huge it is! Granted you will lose some cargo room from the Pathfinder, but it's mostly in width at the TOP of the vehicle because of the way the FX slopes down.

    So now the question is...do you want to be practical?!?

    P.S. I'm only 33 and want to have a fun car! Pathy was nice but not exciting to say the least! My new FX35 is a very welcome change!
  • revkarevka Member Posts: 1,750
    Also, keep in mind, your local dealer may be willing to match prices you've been quoted from dealers else where. To get your best price, try using the Shopping Tools in our New Vehicle Pricing Guide. Select your model and trim level, then click on "continue" to see a list of all the dealers in the area you select. From there you can use one form to email all the dealers....

    Good luck, and Happy shopping! ;-)
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  • fxgirlfxgirl Member Posts: 8
    I thought they would match prices too - especially from dealers within driving distance.

    In NE Ohio, the two local Infiniti dealers were NOT matching any prices, in fact they were very unaccomodating and actually said that (regarding my offers from other dealers) "when that deal doesn't work out, come back to us and we'll sell you a car!"

    Maybe other dealers will match pricing, but certainly not the two Infiniti dealers where I am!
  • bibofxbibofx Member Posts: 2
    DOES anyone considered a staggered wheel fitment , one similar to the bmw 4.6is for the infiniti....i think it will look great i am thinking about it 265/50-20 front and 295/45-20 rear.
  • crikeycrikey Member Posts: 1,041
    So now the question is...do you want to be practical?!?

    Well, I'd like to think that buying the FX is practical. And to some extent, buying the FX is financially and emotionally practical for me.
    Financially Practical: It's cheaper for me to buy the FX than the MDX.

    Emotionally practical: I save a lot of stress trying to haggle with Acura dealers versus no haggling with Infiniti dealers due to having NVPP benefits.

    Based on my experience, it seems Infiniti dealers are more willing to work with you than Acura dealers.

    So, I save money and stress -- quite practical, don't you think?

    BTW, did you trade-in your Pathfinder? If you don't mind me asking, how much did you get for it?
  • fxgirlfxgirl Member Posts: 8
    I was just kidding about if you want to be practical! I was actually referring to your last post when you said "But for practicality, the MDX wins." (Referring to the cargo space). However, you brought up some very good points on the practicality of the FX! I definitely would (and did) go FX!

    I didn't trade my Pathfinder as it was leased so I can't help you there.

    Also, since you can go through VPP, you can't lose!
  • 2001frisco2001frisco Member Posts: 4
    I'm here in Dallas and test drove a FX35 about a month ago. The dealer said that they were not offering the VPP yet, but would be shortly. I told him to call me when they would offer it on a fX35 with the Tech package. He emailed me last week saying they were now offering the VPP price, but not on any FXs with the Tech package. I guess everyone wants the Tech package
  • clpurnellclpurnell Member Posts: 1,083
    Try grubbs as I understand they offer it on all fx's
  • crikeycrikey Member Posts: 1,041
    From the GM of Grubbs Infiniti...

    March is the end of Infiniti's fiscal year and they are loading us all up with inventory so that it is out of theirs on 4-1. This happens every year and we are overstocked for a short period of time. Why do you think March is always their best month of the year?

    If we take this individual's word for it, this is apparently the best time to buy an Infiniti.
  • crikeycrikey Member Posts: 1,041
    I kinda figured you were kidding. :)

    IMO though, the practical usefulness of the MDX is better than the FX. But this practicality comes at a hefty price -- $1500 less in trade-in value, and with my deal, $1200 off MSRP or $2338 over invoice. And the incentive to this practicality are smug Acura dealerships.
  • cdingcding Member Posts: 27
    Depends on how often you use those features. I have a 2003 MDX. While the second row is really wide, the mid seat of it is very uncomfortable. Why design a wide car that has enough space for 3 people in the second row and wasted it with an uncomfortable seat ?(I didn't sit there when i test drove my car). Second, I seldom use the 3 rd(never so far) so I wish I can have more leg room for 2nd row.
    The nagging noise from brake calibres is another story...
  • sclui56sclui56 Member Posts: 5
    Thanks to those who referred me to the various sites for the pricing info. Just p/u a Diamond Graphite/Brick, tech package, roof rails, cargo cover for 49,500 before tax & lic. Was going to try for 49,000, but ended up the dealer threw in their life-time free service (supposed to be $500) instead.

    MSRP $52,740, so $3,240 off. This was bought in Van Nuys FWIW.
  • fx35driverfx35driver Member Posts: 11
    About 3 weeks ago i leased an FX35 AWD w/Sport Pkg and cargo prot., MSRP: $40215, -$2000 discount, $495 acq. fee, so cap. cost was $38710. Term is 39 months, 15k miles/yr, money factor of .00205 (buy rate, supposedly), 52% r.v., payment is $578/month plus tax.

    Ride is rough (my wife complains about it), but that's price you pay for the handling. Rear seat width is less than our Toyota Highlander, and more difficult to remove children and child seat due to intrusive rear wheel well. But the engine, transmission, and handling is awesome...i love it.
  • fernandojsofernandojso Member Posts: 3
    Finally i decided. I drove the FX35 last saturday and today i tested the 45 with tech package and the car is a beast. I need directions as the salesman told me they can't give any discount on it. Anyone knows what's the price for Canada? they asked me CND $67,000 and $1,250 for 48 months 18,000 km/year no trade in and 0 down.
  • crikeycrikey Member Posts: 1,041
    True, it depends on how one uses the practical usable cargo space. And I agree, the 2nd row middle seat is uncomfortable, but you should try the one in the Honda Pilot EX. Now that's uncomfortable.

    And movable 2nd row, much like the XC90's, would be ideal in the MDX. It gives more legroom to the 2nd row if 3rd row is not in use and vice versa.
  • peteri44peteri44 Member Posts: 15
    As her lease is up in 100 days, my wife opted to custom order an FX35 in Laser Red/Graphite w/Tech and cargo cover ($45715 MSRP). In Chicago area, deals are hard to come by. There's a glut of FX's (probably 150 in the area) but there's a big variety of models (45 v 35) and all package combos. No red/graphite 35 with tech in Illinois.

    I wanted her to hold out for the Touareg but she didn't want a "VW." We also drove the GX470, the XC90 and the RX300 (they're giving those away). My wife liked the looks and the sounds of the FX. We got $1500 off sticker. Knowing what the holdback is and the invoice - $41015, I wasn't thrilled with the deal.

    Car should arrive in 90 days which works well. We'll buy this time v lease. I have to admit--it dopesn't look like anything else out there (except maybe the Murano).
  • crikeycrikey Member Posts: 1,041
    I took delivery of an Ivory Pearl FX35 AWD with Premium Package, Roof Rails, Cargo Protector, and Splash Guards yesterday afternoon for VPP pricing of $35,933.39 + TTL.

    The dealership where I bought it from, Orlando Infiniti, was quite pleasant to deal with and I had no problems or negative surprises while taking delivery. And they were willing to work with me to make the deal happen. I would say that it was the best vehicle delivery experience I have ever had. Those Infiniti dealerships do know customer service and professionalism.

    I did not rack up a lot of miles yesterday since it was already late in the day. But on the slow drive home, I did notice that other cars did not want to pass me. I guess they were checking out the FX since I normally drive faster and vehicles flash on by. So for future buyers, beware of the attention that you're going to get. :)

    I'll report back on anything unusual that I notice about the FX.
  • blckthreeblckthree Member Posts: 153
    Enjoy your FX, and get used to the looks and questions and stares. Be especially careful of the onlookers on the highways who are paying more attention to your FX than their own lane and drift your way! I have had to move quickly a couple of times to keep from getting run into by the awe struck motorist who was watching my FX and not the road!
  • clpurnellclpurnell Member Posts: 1,083
    Congrats!!!!!!!!! I knew you would make the right choice :) Hopefully I will be joining the party soon myself :)
  • oldmanriveroldmanriver Member Posts: 2
    my wife is interested in an fx35awd and the dc/baltimore area dealers not only don't show vast entusiasm for dealing but also express considerable skepticism about prices described from Grubbs in Texas and Dublin in Ohio. Interestingly Dublin acknowledges 3k under msrp but says it was one-time special customer kinda thing..i'd be grateful for input re pricing others have received..i know its a new and desirable vehicle but economic circumstances seem as though they would be coducive to a deal thanks
  • fx35driverfx35driver Member Posts: 11
    For an FX35 AWD w/Sport package, I paid $2000 below MSRP at Harper Infiniti in Knoxville, TN after negotiating..my initial offer was about $4500 below MSRP. Prebul Infiniti in Chattanooga, TN and Dick Smith Infiniti in Columbia, SC both immediately offered about $1500 below MSRP, but i never negotiated with these last two, so probably could have gotten lower.
  • vyacheslav_13vyacheslav_13 Member Posts: 2
    after purchasing my fx 2 weeks ago, the sales consultant told me EXACTLY how i should fill out the survey i would receive later on in the mail. he told me i should fill in all "excellent"s and "yes"es.
    I have since received the survey and don't feel that i need to give all excellent ratings. I had a pretty bad experience at the dealership, seeing many scams thrown at me in a period of 5 1/2 hours. I was treated very unprofessionally and downright rudely at times.
    Aren't there laws against this type of fraud?
    I know it's just a survey, but it's still quite unethical at best.
    If i give them a bad survey, will it come back to haunt me or should i just forget it?
    please advise!!!
    anyone with similar experiences?
  • crikeycrikey Member Posts: 1,041
    Thanks for the warning, I'll watch for those rubber neckers. I haven't had time to fully enjoy the FX since I don't drive it to work. It's my wife's SUV. :)
  • dklaneckydklanecky Member Posts: 559
    How about making a photo copy of it, filling it out the way you think it should be and faxing it over to the dealership with a cover letter explaining your quandry in how they want you to fill it out and how you actually feel you were treated?

    The best thing you can do is take the survey back to the dealership and talk to them about how you feel you should fill it out (as compared to how they want you to fill it out.)

    You'll get more positive attention than you can even imagine, and probably some free accessories for filling it out "the right way".

    Those surveys are the tool used to measure the dealer's performance. They are VERY IMPORTANT to the dealer.

    Negative surveys are like the plague to an import dealer, particularly Nissan and Infiniti name plates.

    Good luck with however you decide to proceed.
  • crikeycrikey Member Posts: 1,041
    Thanks. I hope you will be joining the FX family soon. ;)

    My choice basically boiled down to who was able to get me the best deal and Infiniti came through. The FX was already below invoice due to VPP and the only ? was the trade-in. And they worked with me on my trade-in to make it a really attractive deal.

    Acura was not pleasant to deal with -- minimal discounts on the MDX to start with and the trade-in was lousy. I even tried to accommodate them by having CarMax take the car but with the full sales tax on the MDX to be paid, it wasn't cost-beneficial to me. In addition, I would not have had the following features on the MDX Premium that the FX had:

    - HID
    - Side-curtain airbags
    - Brake Assist
    - Bose System with 6-CD Changer
    - 10,000 more miles on warranty
    - 18" wheels

    Not to mention 20 more horsepower and 20 ft/lbs more of torque. And the FX is actually a Japanese vehicle made in Japan.

    This is not to say that the MDX is a bad vehicle, it's actually exceptionally good. I just couldn't accept losing that much money/features if a similar, if not better option, was available. So, the FX was the logical and practical choice.
  • crikeycrikey Member Posts: 1,041
    dklanecky's advice is very good.

    You kinda have the dealership/salesperson in a corner. The survey was explained to me by my salesperson, who was very pleasant to deal with. Anything other than 'Excellent' is no good. Two questions are key to them: 11 and 20 -- they want us to say 'Extremely Satisfied' (which I am). If you are not satisfied, let it be known to them. Like dklanecky mentioned, you might receive some pretty good perks.
  • fx35driverfx35driver Member Posts: 11
    So ya'll are suggesting that its ok for the dealer to treat the customer badly as long as the dealership throws in a few goodies as a bribe for lying on the survey?

    vyacheslav_13 said that he had a bad experience at the dealership and didn't like the way that they did business...he should be honest on the survey so that there will be pressure from Infiniti for the dealership to change its ways. For a bad rating to come back to haunt you, they'd have to blacklist you in their computer system, and i find it hard to believe that would happen, but i don't know.

    5 1/2 hours? That outrageous! That's also why i do all of my negotiating by phone. When i bought my FX35 from Harper Infiniti (Knoxville, TN) i wasn't inside the dealership for more than about 15 minutes because the dealing was all done via phone (i've bought my last 4 cars this way...2 Infinitis, 1 Toyota, 1 Ford). They had the FX35 gassed up and waiting for me at the front door when i arrived. I'll have no problem giving them "Excellents".
  • crikeycrikey Member Posts: 1,041
    This would be on a case-by-case basis. If one has been mistreated badly and no amount of goodies would do to make one happy, then by all means, don't give the favourable survey.

    If the salesperson was downright rude to one and even dictated the method in which the survey was to be filled in, then I don't think they deserve the 'Excellent'.

    However, dklanecky's advice is good if one wants to give the dealership a chance to correct their actions. That is, if one wants to give them that chance.
  • dbrooks1dbrooks1 Member Posts: 1
    I purchased a black w/brick interior FX35 last week...I love it thus far. I'm married...37 yrs old w/2 children...this is exactly what I needed. The car has enough room to be "practical" while still being "fun" to drive. My experience w/the dealership (Infiniti of Monclair, just outside of LA,CA) was fantastic. I called ahead...got a price...faxed in a credit app...spent only 1 1/2 hrs at the dealership. I got the FX35 RWD Sport package for $2978 under the sticker price...you gotta love that. The salesperson even FedEx'ed a plant to my house yesterday just to say "thanks".
  • revkarevka Member Posts: 1,750
    and anyone else I may have missed - Congratulations, and thanks for sharing the details of your purchase. We look forward to hearing more about your FX's.... Happy motoring! ;-)

    To fernandojso- "Anyone knows what's the price for Canada?"

    I did a quick search and came across this archived discussion which you may find helpful: Canadian Car Buying. In particular read posts #3 and #31 for information on how to find Canadian pricing. Others here may have more to add on Infiniti FX35 pricing in Canada.

    Good luck, and please keep us posted on your purchase. ;-)

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  • doc64doc64 Member Posts: 2
    Took delivery on a silver/graphite FX35 w/sport on 3/14. Test drives on LSD here in Chicago really helped cinch decision to go with the sport package. While the V-8 sounds good and does have more pep, I didn't think that the cost/power trade-off made all that much sense in the end.

    I came out of a 2001 RX300 (hand me down now to daughter for college car) which was extremely dependable and pleasant to drive but just not very much fun. I had been torn from wanting to go back to Audi (of all the cars I have owned my own personal favorite was my 1993 90CS Quattro Sport) but I also like the vision on freeways from SUV. The FX35 is an excellent compromise for me.

    As to other matters:

    There is an S4 in the household as well. You cannot compare that tiny (especially backseat) rocket to the FX 35 (better would be to compare S4 to G35 though this would be pretty unfair to the G35). More apt comparison is FX 35 to allroad which has better interior (other than cupholders, no one can beat Audi in this area) and is probably more capable off road but doesn't have the performance or "fun factor" of the FX35. I should also note that every Audi I have owned (and we loved everyone of them) came complete with its own gnome in the eletrical system at some point.

    Salesperson apparently misinstalled cargo net on my car (vertical). Better configuration is flat attached to four posts.

    Agree on the pressure from dealer to give highest rating on survey. It feels a little peculiar especially trying to compare the very good treatment from the Infiniti dealer with the absolute highest experience we got when we bought that Lexus.

    The car itself has been a real blast so far. I wasn't sure about drawing attention from the unique look but all comments have been very positive.
  • oldmanriveroldmanriver Member Posts: 2
    Subsequent to my inquiry about pricing, I had a nice talk with Dublin Infiniti and I believe I will fly there and pick one up for 3k under msrp..will advise in this adventure
  • reldimreldim Member Posts: 7
    I test drove an FX35 with premium package this past weekend - the ride and control of this SUV was amazing. I have some concerns about the absence of body side mouldings - have any owners found this has resulted in unwanted dings in the door panels? My sales person told me these may be added next year. Thanks.
  • fx35driverfx35driver Member Posts: 11
    My '94 Q45 had no side mouldings and i drove it for 7 years with no significant door dings. I just try not to park in tight spaces (but i didn't specifically try to park in outlying spaces). I wouldn't let the fear of door dings keep me from owning a car as fun to drive as the FX.
  • gen64gen64 Member Posts: 5
    Body side moldings could be installed at dealers. I was quoted at $250 for Body side moldings.
    Also I was quoted at $48,677 for FX45 with tech. package, rooof rails and mud guards. I requested price over Internet and then spoke with somebody from Infiniti dealership over the phone. This price was given with out any negotiations from my side. I am in NYC
  • dc661dc661 Member Posts: 71
    Would you mind saying which NY dealer quoted you? I'm thinking about a 45 w/ tech package too and I'm in NYC as well. Thanks.
  • crikeycrikey Member Posts: 1,041
    Nissan has lowered the discount rate from 3.58% to 1.65% effective today, April 1, 2003. If you ordered a vehicle and have not taken delivery and Plan to buy it via VPP, the discount is now 1.65%. Good thing I bought mine last week, and saved quite a bit of money!
  • reldimreldim Member Posts: 7
    I am anxiously awating the new April lease rates for the FX35/45 from Infiniti Financial Services to see if they are more attractive than the March numbers (which seemed a bit high). Has anyone received those numbers yet -- residuals, money factors, etc, for the variuos lease terms? A good lease rate may speed my purchase along! Thanks.
  • 2004fx352004fx35 Member Posts: 3
    I just took a test drive in the FX35 Premium Package (which is exactly what I want) and I can't explain how impressed I am!! The overall ride,seat comfort, styling, stares and SOUND really put me over the edge. I am looking to purchase one this summer and was wondering if anyone knew the answers to the following three questions:
    1) When is the 2004 models going to be available?
    2) What changes (if any) are they making?
    3) Where did you hear/see this information? (include websites if possible)

    Thanks in advance!
    -NJ future owner-
  • reldimreldim Member Posts: 7
    From my information, the 2004 model goes into production in June - will hit the showroom approximately 90 days later. The only announced change from the 2003 model is a height-adjustable passenger seat. There has been some talk of pricing the navigation system as a stand alone option, but so far it bundled with the technology package only.
  • jeffmust2jeffmust2 Member Posts: 811
    My wife won't even look at a new FX35 because the Nav is not available with the softer (standard) suspension.

    On the other hand, she'll order a new RX330 to replace her RX300 sight unseen because the Nav is available with the regular suspension.

    When one has large dogs in the back, and they usually stand up with their heads thru the windows, a stiff suspension is NOT the road to happiness.

    Infiniti, WAKE UP and smell the coffee - offer the Nav system as an option with the regular suspension and not part of a $9k package.

    Not all buyers for a $40k sale are Boy Racers no matter how cool the FX looks whipping around curves in the TV commercials.
  • slummyjslummyj Member Posts: 57
    I went to my local Infinity dealer last night to try the FX35 and G35. After driving both, it is hard to decide what I like better. The G35 is of course more agile and smaller feeling. The FX35 is really more fun to drive, unique styling, and has a better choice of exterior and interior colors. I would get the Sport Package...for some strange reason it is required with some colors. I certainly did not find it hard riding, and I have never before driven anything but a regular car. The G35 did not seem that different than my Passat GLX, except more power. After reading these posts, I may wait for the 2004 since I did find the passenger seat a little low.
  • carnaughtcarnaught Member Posts: 3,498
    You'll have to learn how to properly spell the name of the car before ya buy one......remember, Infiniti (not Infinity)....:^).
  • psb1013psb1013 Member Posts: 92
    Just bought a FX45 w/Tech Package a couple weeks ago and already put in about 1500 miles on it! I got the Diamond Graphite exterior w/Tan leather--neat combo! Traded in my BMW X5 3.0--the FX45 absolutely kills it (in every category)! For about $50K, there's nothing out there that can even come close to matching the style, awesome power and features of the FX45. Everywhere I go, people are staring at it (esp. other SUV owners!). I love blowing away those pesky X5 4.4 owners...hehe. I definately recommend getting the Tech Package--it's expensive but definately worth it and really adds to the overall driving enjoyment. A small wish list: adjustable suspension (yes, the ride is stiff but at least it's well-controlled), full 340 H.P.--it's the same Q engine, but why only 315?, body side moldings--to prevent door dings. Otherwise, the FX45 is the TOTAL PACKAGE!
  • revkarevka Member Posts: 1,750
    and congrats on your new vehicles! We look forward to hearing all about your FX experiences.... Happy motoring!

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  • pf01pf01 Member Posts: 35
    It was explained in the March, 03 Car and Driver that FX45 does not have a real dual exhaust system like the Q45 and M45. In other words, the FX45 has a fake dual exhaust system. I really think Infiniti should have made FX45 their flagship instead of the Q/M45 pair.
  • shoeflypieshoeflypie Member Posts: 5
    Has anyone gotten a decent lease deal on a FX35 lately? I am looking for something in the 500-600 range with minimal down and 12k miles. I haven't been able to get a dealer to give me an idea despite being a current infiniti owner.
  • reldimreldim Member Posts: 7
    A local dealer in Atlanta has been advertising an FX35 with premium pkg for $399 a month on a 60 month lease with $995 down, no acquisition fee or security deposit. Sounds low - wonder if they find a way to upsell? Overall, I've heard that a few dealers are now doing a 39 month lease with $1,500 down for $465 + tax (note: getting this rate takes a bit of work - the starting negotiation is much, much higher, but the inventory seems to be piling up due to recent world events and now with GM's 6 years 0% financing offer it's only going to get worse). Has anyone else seen decent lease deals?
  • clpurnellclpurnell Member Posts: 1,083
    A premium awd fx35 should be leasable for about 575 over 36mo 12k per. it would go down to 537 if you stretch it out to 4yrs. These are pre tax number. The numbers I used are below.

    MSRP 38850
    Cap Cost 36850
    Acq fee 495
    mf 36/48 .00210/.00200
    RV 36/48 54/43
    Down Payment = 0
    First and security due plus ttl

    I have a spreadsheet where you can plug and chug number if you want it just shoot me an e-mail

    This should be an easilly attainable payment.
  • fxgirlfxgirl Member Posts: 8
    Ten days ago, I leased an AWD FX35 with Premium and cargo protector (MSRP $38,915). For 39 months/15,000 per year, with $1,000 down, my payments are $542 per month including Ohio sales tax which is calculated in all up front. The tax part of that payment is approximately $50. So, the payment without tax would be around $492. Also, I paid no security deposit. Title/plates/document fees were $100 total, which I paid up front. This vehicle was brand new, not a demo. I really did my homework and negotiated a sweet deal - if you want any more details, you can e-mail me. Hope this helps!
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