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Suzuki Esteem Wagon



  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    I would take the gas cap off and reinstall it, making sure that it clicks 3 times. On most newer cars, the check engine light will turn itself off within the next few days if the gas cap was the problem. Some cars require the dealer to reset the light before it will turn off. I would take it to the dealer regardless since you just bought it and the light shouldn't be on. You can rest easy somewhat in that the light staying on is better then if it was blinking. When the light stays on, that indicates an emission problem. When the light blinks, that indicates a much more serious problem that requires attention immediately.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    The most common ailments for the check engine light are the oxygen sensor, a loose or cracked gas cap, and the EGR valve. You shouldn't be too concerned about it unless your engine performance or fuel economy has been affected.
  • I am having the same problem. I saw your reply and I tried checking the exhaust flow. The output seemed to be reduced when the engine was reeved over when it was idling. Would this be the Converter or the EGR valve?
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    If your car refuses to go over a certain speed (usually 45 mph or so), feels badly strained, and the exhaust flow out of the tailpipe doesn't increase when the engine is revved, you have a plugged up catalytic converter. Since your flow actually reduced when the engine was revved, I'd say its the converter. These things are made out of a honeycomb ceramic that is very fragile. They degrade with age and mileage. If you ever had a loud rattling coming from under the car and then one day it just stopped, that was a piece of the ceramic that broke off and has now jammed itself in a direction that restricts the exhaust flow. Or if the engine has ever been run hot, the exhaust can actually melt the ceramic, thus restricting the number of holes the exhaust can flow out through. I've had both problems happen to me on two different cars.

    The EGR valve normally just causes bad running conditions in general. The car may stall, stumble, idle rough, and acceleration is reduced, but it won't keep you from being able to achieve highway speeds. With a bad converter, the engine runs smoothly, it just feels like it has no power because it can't exhale.
  • glenn98glenn98 Posts: 2
    I have spent almost $2000 with PCM problems. My first PCM died in the summer and then 5 months later that PCM died. While getting the PCM replaced the last time the mechanic had to try two PCMs to find one that worked! Is this a typical problem? How likely is it that the car is causing the PCMs to fail?
  • glenn98glenn98 Posts: 2
    Does anyone know where the relay for the turn signals are located on a 1998 Esteem? I tried to use the turn signals but they would just stay on and not blink. I get the same thing with the hazard switch. I looked at all the lights and they do come on.
  • according to wiring diagram book it's to left of steering wheel under dash the bigger far left one for hazard / turn signal
  • devinedevine Posts: 1
    Does your Esteem burn oil? I love my 2001 Esteem, I bought it used with 74,500 miles on it, one month ago. At the time I purchased it, the oil was full. I have driven about 1,000 miles in that time, mostly running all over town every day and I have used two quarts of oil. I am concerned that this may signal a problem with the engine, but a friend of mine told me that because the engine is small and has to work at a higher rpm, it may burn more oil than a bigger engine would. I'm not a mechanic, so any information would help. Thanks.
  • chrisducatichrisducati Posts: 394
    No your car should use no oil between oil changes. Our Esteem has 267000 miles on it. It still uses no oil between 3000 mile changes. The only oil related problem we have had is a small leak at the oil sending unit but that is just a dime sized drop of oil on the driveway every now and again. I hope you got a warranty. Never buy a car with out one. Sounds as if this car did not have it's oil changed very often. Suzuki's are not known for oil usage. Check to see if it is leaking. Is there oil under the car and on the driveway? A quart every 500 miles is high and if it is leaking it should really show.
  • csandstecsandste Posts: 1,866
    Disagree since the loss ratio on the average extended warranty is only about 25%, and that's with cars without the longer factory warranty that Suzuki has. Having a lemon isn't like letting your house burn or getting cancer--it's a nasty but not life wrecking event. If a commercial insurer offered a product that gave you a quarter back on every dollar the president would be in jail.

    Some insurers offer mechanical policies that while still expensive are at least regulated and offer major coverage for much less $$$.
  • chrisducatichrisducati Posts: 394
    To buy a well used car with out some sort of warranty from the seller is foolish. Look at this poor person who just bought this car a month a go and the engine is going to have some serious work done on it if not replaced entirely :sick: . After living thru several horror stories with American cars I would never ever buy a car without a warranty. The last new car I bought, part of the deal was that the dealer thru in an extended full bumper to bumper 100.000 mile warranty . I think that was about 900 bucks. I didn't have to pay extra for it but I would in a heart beat if I had to.
  • csandstecsandste Posts: 1,866
    especially given the abuse that some leasers inflict.
  • has anyone experienced having to replace the wiring harness in the hatchback part of the wagon....i been having electrical problems starting with my rear wipers not going thru the stopped wherever you turn it off on the dome lights would flicker then my rear power locks went dead.....and my reverse lights went out....all in one toyota service said the parts would have to be made in japan and ive been waiting since mar.9,2005 they said it wont be here till june because of this golden week thing in japan that the workers dont work .......this is just way too long....but they said i cant do anything but wait.....japan is the only place in the world to get this part....u would think they would have parts......but i guess not....guess i just bought the wrong car.....!!!!!!!!
  • 5port5port Posts: 395
    My friend, owner of a 2001 Esteem sedan with 55K miles told me his engine seized while he was driving the car saturday night. He has always used Mobil 1. His first sign was a ticking the day before when the car was hot. The next day he said the car just lost power while driving and when he tries to start it metal to metal sounds come from the car. Engine just barely turns over. He dropped the car off at the dealer and is waiting for the verdict but he sure its seized.

    He bought the car two weeks before Suzuki went with the longer warranty. His warranty was 3/36. I will add that he takes no mercy on a car and has always driven that way. Nothing I say can change that. Redline, late name it.
    Any chance that the dealer will take mercy on him and pick up part of the tab for engine replacement? BTW this is his second Suzuki from that dealer.

    I will keep the list informed when he hears from the dealer.
  • 5port5port Posts: 395
    Dealer called back and told my friend they discovered that his bearing had spun on cylinder #3. Dealer offered to install a used engine from a 2002 Esteem with 25K miles on it for $2800. My friend is going for it. Replaced engine will have a 6 month warranty.
  • enerjyenerjy Posts: 1
    I'm thinking about trading my old car for a 1998 Esteem GLX Wagon with 59K miles on it. Please advice if I should go ahaed with it or not. The guy sells cars from auctions. I need a car with good gas mileage and enough space for family. THe other wagons out there are too expensive. Help me make this decision? Also, if I can get some pros and cons about this car, that'll be a big help towards making my decision.

    Happy Zuking and thanks
  • airdale1airdale1 Posts: 1
    hi about soft suspension and creeky to ...mine, 1999 glx wagon 1.8l has been creeking like an old horse buggy since day one...they say it's the rubber padding in the strut assembly....nothing they could do...i had and old 12 years old jetta before this, never had a single creek out of that babe....i've got 98,0000 km on this wgn now ...needed new torsion bar links (front and back) surprise....450.$ to replace....75 $ per unit at the back and 35$ per unit at the front and 2 hours to replace ...highway robbery from dealership ! now don't even think to replace the struts if you live in canada...dealership part price for same old crapy softies: 250.$ per strut and 230.$ for top and bottom assembly, plus one hour labour (60.$) per side: total -+ 500.$ per side...and don't forget our wonderful servives and sale taxes can a kyb gr2 strut in the usa selling for 52.$ us, per unit jump in canada to 250.$ ( i guess canadian dealership honesty and fair trade concept is an oxymoron).....oh yes the rough running in cold humid weather/ that almost stalling feeling for a second ....well the dealership couldn't fix that either....what works for me ( i told them it was the onboard computer...but no ! it would be to much to try and fix (especially during warranty period, even dough the 1998 model had a call back on this problem) ....when it happens, i pull off to the side of the road, turn the engine off and count to 10 and restart the's every time...this is an obc default reset,.,,but don't say this to any dealership they will laugh you out of there shop (defence strategy 01). Beside these little pet peeves i like the is frustrating if not enraging trying to purchase replacement car won't be a suzuki , but that's not for an other 4 years and by then maybe the only thing i will be able to afford will be a donkey....the more i think of it the more i like it...all wheel drive, ride and park almost anywhere where some kind of leafy stuff grows...makes the snobiest blondes smile back at you.... ;) oh well things to look forward to.....
  • zenoahzenoah Posts: 2
    :sick: When am turning the switch to ignite the engine (esteem GL 1.6) the starter wont turn and I can clearly hear the solenoid movement. (The starter is new and properly connected )

    But the big problem is, I dont have 1/2 time a clear 12v to properly activate the solenoid. Some time he start some time he not.

    When I put the tester on the solenoid wire (when connected) during am starting, the voltage drop to 6 -8 v. If he's not connected I have 12v from wire. So what make the voltage drop ??If I jump it whit 12v right from battery he start each time. The starter is good but 12v suck.

    If am using 12v from key switch to solenoid, the starter work great but I can start the engine when am on drive or reverse so this is not the solution and the cpu dont realy like it (many error message).

    So the problem must be between the key switch and starter. I tried to follow the wire from the switch through the dash but its to crazy

    So if u have any idea guy's, ill take all suggestion.
  • evenstevenevensteven Posts: 8
    Does anyone know if the 2.0L Aerio engine will fit in a Suzuki Esteem? I just bought a 2002 Aerio engine and tranny. I am going to try to stick it in my 99 GLX.
    It will be awsome if it works. The 2.0L looks almost exactly like the 1.8L so I am guessing it will work. I called Suzuki and the could not tell me. I also called the corporate people and they said I would have to call the factory in Japan. If it does fit I will be selling my 1.6L which runs like new with 72,000 miles on it. I had my manual tranmission go out on me. I found out how expensive it was for the transmission and thought (screw it, Ill just get a whole new engine).
  • spooner11spooner11 Posts: 1
    the dealer is saying it is from a build up of oil and varnish sludge that resulted in a timing chain to brake, ruining the engine. We bought this car used 12/03 with 43,000 miles and have put on 10,000 miles since, changing the oil every 3-4000 miles. We bought an extended warranty, but they are refusing to cover this because they say that it is not a result of faulty workmanship, but a buildup. I asked if there was anything that we could have done to prevent this and they said no. Has this happened to anyone else? It seems pretty ridiculous to have that much build up at only 53,000 miles and for an engine to crap out. Do you think suzuki will cover anyof this?
  • I'm looking to buy a used 2002 Suzuki Esteem with around 31,000 miles from a dealer (for around $5700). I saw that the front tyres need replacing (tread wear). Is this normal? Thanks.
  • evenstevenevensteven Posts: 8
    All front wheel drive cars will ware the front tires down really fast, because they have to turn the car and move the car at the same time. If there is uneven ware the alignment might be off. If the car is a 1.6L and a manual transmission, make sure the transmission doesnt make any noise. The automatics are very common so they are not so expensive. But the manual tranmissions are very rare and expensive. The Esteem is a very reliable car other than that.
  • Thank you for the advice. This one is a manual transmission, so I need to be more cautious. I will have it checked by an independent mechanic. Thanks again, and any further advice is appreciated.
  • challchall Posts: 1
    We recently purchased a used 2001 Suzuki Esteem Wagon. We are having electrical problems (we figure originating around the hatch closure) but affecting interior lights etc.
    We have been trying to find a manual for this Suzuki in order to make repairs easier. Usually you can get a manual for most cars at Canadian Tire but one does not seem to exist for the Suzuki Wagon. My husband did find one on-line but at the hefty price of $300.00 (US). Does anyone know if a reasonably priced manual does exist?
  • chaser1972chaser1972 Posts: 2
    I have a 2000 glx wagon 1.8 auto, and I average a little better than what youre getting-- about 20-22city and 26-28 highway. The sticker estimates are almost impossible to duplicate, as the EPA has a VERY precise testing method(they never take traffic, hills acceleration into account. I was getting much worse mileage until i changed my spark plugs and air filter. I hope this helps
  • chaser1972chaser1972 Posts: 2
    I had a check engine issue. It came on, stayed on for a while, and i noticed a dip in gas mileage. But it ran great until the day it wouldnt start. this was at 120k miles. I changed the plugs(they were the originals :blush: ) and the air filter and this cleared the check engine light
  • liyanliyan Posts: 1
    Hi, there:
    I just got my Suzuki esteem wagon (2001) by a private selling two week ago. Yesterday I found the check engine light was on during my driving. and I tried open the fuel cap and close it several times, but warning light was still on. I thought the problem was just your's. did you solve this problem with your car. If you did, could you please share with me ?
    Thanks a lot!
  • I have an '02 GLX wagon. Use it for courier + delivery work. Carries flowers, parcels, auto parts. Lots of cargo area. And I stuff it with lots of weight too. Run it roughshod over gravel through truck yards and driveway curbs. Lock & unlock the doors 50 x daily. Starter gets a workout too. Now has 193,000 km. Only service I've done? Brakes of course. Tires once. 1 brake light bulb. Bottom line, these are pretty reliable cars. This week the a/c stopped working. I need to get it looked at, but before I do....anyone had any a/c problems? Solutions?
  • i have a 2002 glx wagon...been 3 months since brought in....japan had to make a new harness for he hatch...electrical problems...rear lights out... lights flickering....hope this doesnt happen again !!!
  • radiokenradioken Posts: 8
    I am also getting about the same mileage 23 city and 27 highway. I bought the car in February with 42,000 miles, it's been tuned, new plugs, air filter PCV valve. Mileage has gone up 1 or 2 MPG now that the weather's warmer, but it may drop if I use the A/C. Anyway, I was hoping for the 30+ MPG my old Tracer got.
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