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And to start, here's some Saab 9-3X information from Edmunds' coverage of the 2002 Detroit Auto Show.


What do you think?

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    "The 9-3X is powered by an all-aluminum-alloy, 2.8-liter V6, which features double overhead camshafts, four valves per cylinder and variable valve timing, and makes 280 horsepower."

    Read the full story here: Saab 9-3X, Offroading Saab Style. Thanks for your comments!

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    I rarely like redesigns and Saab is no different. But then Massachusetts will probably call it a high theft vehicle when the rest of the country rates it low.
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    As an empty-nester whose 18-year old will inherit the '99 Saab 9-3, the 9X will be my/our next car. Ideal for cross country touring, stopping at well-researched bed 'n breakfasts over long distances, I will retire with one of these whether my wife likes it or not.

    The 9-3X will be a slightly higher, heavier, more powerful, slightly bigger variant of the 9x with AWD. I feel at this time I won't need this variant.

    If I sound like a Saab person, I am. Saabs have the second highest resale to former customer rate of any EU-North American cars after Porsche. There are reasons for this. Design integrity has a lot to do with it. The 9-x/9-3x have design integrity in spades. Saab people are excited and well they should be. Saab is doing all GM's chassis and new engine work in the EU.
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    You sound like you are well informed... what is the latest you have heard on 9-3X production?

    I have been told best case 18 months from now, perhaps two years, perhaps not at all, etc.

    Apparently 9-X will also be producted but at a later time.
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    Just read in an Edmund's test drive of the 9-3 Linear that a "9X AWD will be avialbale for delivery year end 2003." Anybody have any additional information?
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