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Pontiac Vibe Prices Paid and Buying Experience



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    hillflahillfla Member Posts: 90
    Well, last Sat I purchased my new Moonstone-colored Vibe. Here's the info:
    power group
    moon and tunes
    side airbags
    monotone paint

    hot button = $1000
    conquest = $1000
    bonus cash = $1000 (I brought my own financing so I got the extra cash instead)
    military = $500
    GM card = $228

    I paid $18800 out the door - that was for the vehicle only (here in Missouri we have to take our title to the license office and pay taxes and tags ourselves).
    It turned out to be about $250 over invoice, due to an "advertising fee" that I could not negotiate away, plus they had to go get the car from a town about 90 miles from here. They waived the dealer $99 processing fee.

    Overall I feel I got a decent deal. I could have done a little better but I hate to haggle and this offer means I pay less than $350 a month so that makes me plenty happy!
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    bluewolfbluewolf Member Posts: 101
    Anybody seeing great deals out of this promotion? Is $1000 Hotbutton still going?

    Edmunds just shows $1000 customer cash. Wondering if I can get GM Employee Pricing minus these incentives.

    The hard part is finding one with side airbags, almost nonexistent around here.
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    maximummaximum Member Posts: 1
    I bought a 2005 Vibe with the "Employee discount for everyone" promotion. They also gave $2,000 in rebates/incentives on top of that. I looked up the TMV pricing for the same car with all the same options (plus I got window tinting and pin stripes) and found we paid almost $2K less than the TMV. :)

    Too bad the buying experience wasn't as nice as the price. The dealership tried to get us to sign a contract for more than the agreed price (twice) and then tried to get us to pay extra for the tinting and pin striping, even though it was supposed to be included. Then they lied about the mileage on the odometer -- we didn't notice before taking possession. :mad: Then they had the nerve to ask us to only check "completely satisfied" on the questions of their customer survey. :confuse:

    Moral of the story: Say away from Midway Auto in Phoenix, AZ!
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    gdinmichgdinmich Member Posts: 1
    Just priced a 2005 Vibe. Dealer quoted employee price less a $1,000 rebate.

    Since this is end of year, one would think there would be some additonal end of year price reductions. It seems you could have actually gotten this car cheaper in March timeframe because of all the addional rebates.
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    boatsboats Member Posts: 19
    and added a "conquest" rebate of $1000... FWD, auto base Vibe with leather, power group, monotone, antilock brakes... sticker $20,940... purchased for $16,949 plus TT&L/doc fee

    seems like a good deal, dealer thru in window tint. Worked with Phillips Mazda in So. Cal. - very easy-going/low pressure... I'm happy with my purchase!
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    civic4civic4 Member Posts: 33
    My concerns are;

    1) Hearing about the paint job quality of the Vibe.

    2) We want AWD but it seems the engine offered with this feature should have more pick up and go than the base model, albeit, it would take away from the gas mileage we have noticed is above average with this model.

    3) We like the looks of the Vibe and it is a Toyota through and through as evident by it's stellar marks in Consumers' reports reliabilityratings and I believe it is even a recommended car in its class., But as stated before, is it worth going with the Matrix considering the problems with the exterior paint job quality?

    4)We would like the leather option, but I do not see heated seats, an option very nice to have with leather, especially in the North East US.

    5)Every automobile gets a change every now and then, I would expect there will be a big change in engine and styling with the Vibe and Matrix comming up soon, as they have not really evolved much from their first introduction, how far away are we from such a major change?

    6) What gas mileage can I truthfully expect from the Vibe w/ AWD? Is it close or accurate as its sticker information?

    Thanks in advance to anyone who takes a stab at my concerns. Also, what would you think would be a good negotiated price for the following vehicle?


    4.24 AXLE RATIO
    TOTAL OPTIONS: $3,785.00
    TOTAL VEHICLE & OPTIONS: $24,240.00

    TOTAL VEHICLE PRICE*: $24,800.00
    Items featured below are included at NO EXTRA CHARGE in the standard vehicle price shown above.
    *** MECHANICAL ***

    *** SAFETY & SECURITY ***

    *** EXTERIOR ***

    *** INTERIOR ***

    Thanks Again
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    mycatsammycatsam Member Posts: 2
    We looked at a Pontiac Vibe today.

    It was base model, FWD, with automatic transmission and the power group value package. It did not have the monotone package. It is a two-tone.

    The dealer quoted us a price of:

    $19,390.00, then an employee discount of $1,773.85, which dropped the price down to $17,616.15.

    Then he took off $1,000 for the cash rebate, $1,000 for the conquest rebate, and an additional $200 discount, to bring the price down to $15,416.15 (before tax and title fees).

    I am wondering if this is a good deal.

    Thanks for any help anyone can give us. It has been awhile since we bought a new car.

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    hillflahillfla Member Posts: 90
    I own a 2005 Vibe AWD, monotone paint, moons and tunes and power options. (no leather seats). I live in St Louis and I've had it since Apr and there is just over 4000 miles on it, so let me give you my inital thoughts and observations.

    1) I have been tracking the mileage religiously. My average to date is 26.5 mpg. I've had a high of 28.8 and a low of 23.6 (per tank mileage). I drive about 50/50 city/highway. Seeing as how it is a new car and I can only expect the mileage to get better as the engine breaks in - I am very impressed with the mileage. I love not paying over $20 a tank to fill up! (although with the price hike that has gone up some!). The tank is very small, I usually only put about 10 gallons to fill it back to full when it hits empty.

    2) I think the vehicle has plenty of power as well. Yes, merging on to freeways you have to mash the pedal to the floor and make the Vibe downshift, but once it does that I can usually get the car up to about 50-55 mph before my merge lane ends. I've had four adults in the car and the pickup was not noticably depreciated. I love driving this car around town, its small enough to fit in about any parking spot and it is nimble on the streets.

    3) I have not had any paint problems but then this car is only 4 months old. I plan on waxing often and keeping it clean especially in winter with the snow and salt.

    I hope my observations help you. It's still a new car so I don't have much info to give you but I don't think you would be unhappy with the AWD. And to me the peace of mind is much worth it.

    Happy shopping!
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    goodvibrationsgoodvibrations Member Posts: 14
    I can't speak to the price as I live in Canada but I think you well be very happy with the vehicle. I have not heard anything up here about paint peeling problems. I purchased the base model with a automatic and power package. I did not bother with the all wheel drive as it is not true all wheel drive. With a good set of winter tires fwd will do just fine, and less things to go wrong. Vibes don't come with heated seats so you may want to rethink the leather seats. Leather can be awfully cold in the winter.
    With respect to gas mileage the AWD should be almost as good as the FWD model and mine seems to be living up to the advertised ratings. AWD Vibes only use AWD when it detects slipping, otherwise it is just running like a FWD model, except it is a little heavier. If you want true all wheel drive in this price range you might want to consider a subaru.
    I don't think the Vibe is due for a model change for a couple of years based on the sites I've visited.
    All and all it is a great little wagon, you won't be disappointed :)
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    nortsr1nortsr1 Member Posts: 1,060
    The employee discount porice, less the $1000.00 rebate, less the $1000.00 conquest incentive is about the best anyone can do...you might be able to get it for less...but...I doubt it....there is not much dealer profit on the Vibe. You can also use your GM points if you have any!!!!
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    mokesmithmokesmith Member Posts: 5
    Is 117 correct? What is the basis for your statement that there's not much profit on the Vibe?
    It seems like many of the posters are getting about the same deal, the employee discount price minus the $1000 rebate minus the $1000 conquest incentive if you own a non-GM car.
    But what is the source of the employee discount price? Is it all from the manufacturer or does the dealer eat some of the discount off sticker price?
    If the employee discount price does come from the manufacturer alone, the dealer still gets a healthy profit - the difference between sticker and invoice, which is over $1000, plus their markup on all their options, plus their "holdback," which the manufacturer refunds to the dealer at the end of the quarter or year.
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    woody777woody777 Member Posts: 3
    vibe prices are inflated to make room for "rebates etc". when theyre running specials it seems you can get 3500 to 5000 off plus whatever gm points you may have, though in ill. 1000 seems to be the max to use though have said it depends on gm card.some states try to add an advertising fee of 400 so beware of that. it really all comes down to supply and demand. if your area has low supply you may have to pay more.be smart ask for alot off you may get lucky.happy hunting.
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    nortsr1nortsr1 Member Posts: 1,060
    The GM Employee price is "LESS" than the invoice price...and then...subtract the rebate and the Conquest incentive. How much more do you expect???. On the GM employee pricing "from the manufacturer", the dealer gets a FLAT FEE from the manufacturer for that particular sale.
    I will repeat..."The employee discount price comes direct from the manufacturer and if you are are in any doubt at all....it is at the righthand (near the bottom) of the invoice which I am certain any GM dealer will show you. If the dealer wants to give you part of his GM fee (which I doubt)...than go for it and good luck.
    I am in no way connected with GM...but... the dealer is entitled to some profit.!!!!
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    rock12rock12 Member Posts: 2
    The 2005 base Vibe I bought had a sticker price of $21,405.00. The selling price after GMS pricing (employee discount), $1000 customer cash, and the $1000 conquest non-GM product trade-in allowance was $17, 349.05. That was of course before tax, tag, and doc fee. The $17, 349.05 was about $200 more than the base price, and I got the power group value package (pwr windows, cruise, programmable keyless remote), moon and tunes (sunroof, 200 watt stereo with subwoofer), auto trans, aluminum 16" mags, and XM radio essentially for that $200. I am somewhat stunned that anyone would think they should be able to do any better. The GMS was about $500 below the invoice price, and then another $2000 came off of that. The only way they could have done any better was to not charge me a doc fee, but since I thought this was their only real profit I didn't balk. The only other profit they are making on these is holdback, and it is not appropriate to try and negotiate that into a deal, and I don't think anyone will let you. I am usually happy when I can buy for $300 to $500 over the invoice. To be able to buy for $2500 below invoice is a no brainer if you like the vehicle. The salesmen hate the GMS pricing because it makes all of these sales a minimum $100 deal to them. Don't worry about them though, they will take someone to the cleaners on your trade-in. If you are looking to buy a Vibe, now is the time!
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    mokesmithmokesmith Member Posts: 5
    I certainly agree that a dealer is entitled to make their profit and i didn't mean to be obtuse or sound greedy in my post above (#118); I'm just trying to figure out how much the dealer retains on each vehicle and make an offer based on that. There are some posters who have got deals far cheaper than the GM employee price minus the $1000 customer cash minus the $1000 conquest bonus (see #86 & #97, for example). That, of course, demonstrates that it can be done, but that may be the result of incentives in place at the time they bought. It looks like the only one to report going under that level since the GM employee pricing deal began is #114. Anyone else out there have a report?
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    nortsr1nortsr1 Member Posts: 1,060
    mokesmith: instead of wondering how low they will go....why don't you go make an offer!!!!! Are you interested in purchasing a Vibe?????? There are no other incentives other than the $!000.00 rebate and the $1000.00 Conquest rebate.... PERIOD!!!!, and as I posted before...if you think you can get some of the actual dealer profit after Employee pricing and anothetr $2000.00 below that for the incentives...then go for it...instead of wandering about it!!!!
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    mjh7550mjh7550 Member Posts: 5
    Hi. Can you look in your owners manual and see if I can tow this vehicle 4 wheels down ? The dealer said No but I didn't see him look at a manual and it may only be his opinion. I would like to tow this AWD behind my RV. Thank you.
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    Kirstie_HKirstie_H Administrator Posts: 11,150
    Hi Mike,
    Since this is the pricing discussion, you're more likely to get feedback from those who currently own the car in our regular Pontiac Vibe discussion, where owners can be found.

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    mjh7550mjh7550 Member Posts: 5
    Thanks . Did it.
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    eilroseilros Member Posts: 35
    I just bought a GM Certified Satellite 2004 Vibe with 20,300 miles, automatic, alloys, ABS, monotone package, power package and cargo mat for $12,900 today. It seems to be a decent deal. I guess I'll know for sure in a few months. I pick it up on Friday and will try to post more after driving it all weekend.

    <img src=http://www.carbase.com/pic/OKOBOJI/538917_629557_640.jpg
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    nortsr1nortsr1 Member Posts: 1,060
    What type of warranty or extended guarantee does the "Certified" give you???
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    eilroseilros Member Posts: 35
    It basically gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling!! :)


    What is GM Certified?
    It's the reliability of new and the affordability of used.

    Body Points/Highlights:

    110+ Point Inspection
    Everything from the exhaust system to cup holders is inspected and reconditioned, if necessary. If the vehicle doesn't pass, we don't certify it. Period.

    Road Test:
    1. Check Vehicle History
    2. Check for Open Safety Campaigns
    3. Owner's Manual/Warranty Booklet
    4. Seat Belts/Retractors/Air Bags
    5. Mirrors
    6. Indicator Light/Gauges/Warning Tones
    7. Engine Start/Idle
    8. Engine Operation/Performance/Acceleration
    9. Shifting/Automatic/Manual
    10. Anti-Skid/Traction Control
    11. Braking/Anti-Lock Braking System
    12. Steering/Alignment
    13. Body/Chassis Integrity
    14. Transfer Case
    15. Cruise Control
    16. Windshield Wipers/Washers
    17. Speedometer/Odometer
    18. Tilt-Wheel/Telescoping
    19. Sound System
    20. Heater/Air Conditioning
    21. Horn

    22. Key(s)/Key Fob/Remote Start
    23. Rear Defogger
    24. Luggage Compartment
    25. Convertible Top/Boot Cover
    26. Interior Lights
    27. Exterior Lights
    28. Doors/Door Locks
    29. Weather Stripping
    30. Seats/Child Safety Seats & Mountings
    31. Fuel Door/Trunk/Hood/Hatch Release
    32. Windows/Power/Swing-Out
    33. Alarm/Telephone
    34. Power Outlet(s)/Cigarette Lighter
    35. Parking Brake
    36. Sun/Moon Roof
    37. Options/Accessories
    38. ONSTAR

    Under Hood:
    39. Visual
    40. Electrical System/Battery/Starter
    41. Engine Cooling/Radiator/Fan/Fan Clutch
    42. Power Steering System
    43. Brake System
    44. Ignition System
    45. Fuel System
    46. Vacuum System
    47. A/C Compressor/Drive Belt
    48. Belts/Serpentine

    Under Vehicle:
    49. Visual
    50. Frame
    51. Exhaust System
    52. Brake Pads/Shoes
    53. Calipers/Rotors/Drums
    54. Brake Hydraulics
    55. Tires
    56. Wheels
    57. Shock Absorbers/Struts
    58. Springs/Sway Bars
    59. Control Arms
    60. Steering/Linkage
    61. Engine/Transmission/Transfer Case & Mounting
    62. Driveline/Driveshaft/Axles/Universal Joints
    63. Axles/Differentials
    64. Gear/Rack & Pinion
    65. Parking Brake Cable

    66. Under Hood
    67. Front Bumper
    68. Grille
    69. Hood
    70. Left Front Fender
    71. Left Front Door
    72. Left Rear Door
    73. Left Rear Fender
    74. Trunk Lid/Truck Bed/Bedliner
    75. Rear Bumper
    76. Right Rear Fender
    77. Right Rear Door
    78. Right Front Door
    79. Right Front Fender
    80. Roof
    81. Glass
    82. Wheels/Wheelcovers/Trim Rings/Center Caps

    83. Instrument Panel
    84. Clock/Timer
    85. Driver/Passenger Seats/Head Rests
    86. Driver Door
    87. Front Passenger Door
    88. Front Carpet & Floor Mats
    89. Console/Compartment Lid - Front & Rear
    90. Rear Seat/Head Rests
    91. Left Rear Door/Quarter Trim
    92. Right Rear Door/Quarter Trim
    93. Rear Carpet & Mats
    94. Headliner/Overhead Console
    95. Luggage Compartment/Cargo Area
    96. Package Tray

    97. Lube/Oil/Filter
    98. Inspect/Clean Air Filter
    99. Inspect/Change Other Items
    100. Inspect/Top-off Fluids
    101. Tire Pressure
    102. Emission/diagnostic Trouble Codes
    103. Fuel Level

    Interior Detailing:
    104. Clean Instrument Panel, etc.
    105. Vacuum and Clean Carpets/Trunk/etc.
    106. Clean Glass Surfaces
    107. Clean Headliner/Seats/Interior Cloth Trim

    Exerior Detailing:
    108. Clean Engine/Compartment
    109. Recondition/Touch-Up Minor Surface Scratches
    110. Remove Tar & Road Oil
    111. Wash/Wax
    112. Clean/Detail Wheels/Wheel Covers/Tires

    24-Hour Roadside Assistance
    We'll help change a flat tire, fill a gas tank and help get you moving again. Around the clock and around the country, your GM Certified Used Vehicle comes with helping hands.

    3-Day/150-Mile Satisfaction Guarantee
    Take a few days and a few miles to get comfortable with your new GM Certified Used Vehicle. If you're not sure, bring it back.

    Market-Based Pricing
    Dealers price GM Certified Used Vehicles based on their determination of current market value. The price is posted clearly on the window sticker. No games. Just honest value for your money.

    Comprehensive Limited Warranty
    A 3-month/3,000-mile limited warranty protects you beginning the minute you leave our lot. It's not just protection for your car, but for your peace of mind. See your dealer for details.

    Built and Backed by GM
    GM Certified Used Vehicles are 2000 or newer, with less than 60,000 miles. They're available at select GM dealers. They're vehicles that met our tough standards when we first built them. Now they have to again, or they won't be Certified.

    The GM family of vehicles also includes Certified Pre-Owned Cadillac, Saab Certified Pre-Owned, and Used Cars from Saturn.
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    kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 239,572

    GM certified only comes with a 3 month, 3000 mile warranty?


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    ruin92ruin92 Member Posts: 3
    Just wanted to make sure I'm prepared. The amount that I've been quoted is the same as in post #121. It sounds like there is really no room for negotiation from that price (which I think is a very fair price, I just want to make sure I am not missing anything). Is there anything else that I have to be aware of or watch for tonight when going over the paper work (fees that shouldn't be there, etc)? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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    nortsr1nortsr1 Member Posts: 1,060
    The only thing #121 did not state was the amount of the "doc fee". If you are in the same State and County (taxes) as #121, I certainly think the price is right!!!! Approx. $500.00 below invoice and then another $2000.00 off on incentives. Don't forget to take your title of a non-GM vehicle to get that Conquest rebate. Now if you are tradeing in a vehicle....that's another whole ball-game!!!!
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    franckofrancko Member Posts: 1
    We just sold our gas guzzling 2003 Acura MDX last night and paid half of what we got for a new 2005 Vibe which will get twice the MPG. Nice symmetry in those numbers!

    2005 Vibe base model, auto, power package, side airbags and anti-lock brakes. Sticker was $20,660; we paid $16,500. As many have posted here, we like the look of the Vibe better and we couldn't get the Matrix with these options without buying other options we don't want. We got Moonstone which almost makes the cladding look monotone.

    Pick it up tomorrow. Takin' the dog to the beach!
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    dawsoncdawsonc Member Posts: 9
    looking at a 2005 vibe. sticker price is $21,905.00
    http://www.pontiac.com/ws/nvlWindowSticker.pg?makeId=002&year=2005&modelId=85&postalCode=3- 0269&pvc=240&mmc=2SL26&VIN=5Y2SL638X5Z479227&GMS=junebug&isGMFF=true&isbp=true&originating- Brand=DIVISIONAL

    They told me about the employee pricing (alas, forgot the amount).. when I pressed them with offers from other dealers, they offered $1000 rebate and $1000 because I own a chevy.

    now I went, shopped around... did my research.
    info on it from the sites...
    Kelly blue book site:
    New Car Blue Book Value $19718 , Invoice $20327 , MSRP $20905
    (that is with only one $1000 rebate plugged in, other wasnt offered.. and the emplyee pricing selection seemd to make no adjustment..

    from Edmunds site: TMV $19,134 Invoice $20,106, MSRP $21,655
    (that is without any rebates applied on the edmiunds site. QUESTION - do i take the TMV and then figure in the empoloyee pricing rebate and other rebates??

    Okay... so on the pontiac site I clicked the link for employee pricing and got $18,779.05 ....I figured I now take my $2000 from the 2 rebates off, getting 16,779. I called them and my offer to them was 16,500 walking out the door, (they take a little more off and cover any taxes/fees) QUESTION - is that a good offer, did I lowballl to much? I would then apply my GM card points of $2156, trade in my car with a shot transmission ($500?) and put $800 down.

    Okay so they call me back and say they are about 3 thousand away from my price. this raises a few questions I wanted to ask you guys.

    1st - they said their employee pricing ended up with a price a thousand higher than the employee discount the pontiac site gave me. they said that was because the website was already taking into account the additional 1000 rebate.

    Thats a red flag to me that there are 2 different emplyee pricing calculations.QUESTION - is what they are saying true?

    Second, thye said that taxes would be calculated before the rebates are applied. Question - is this true? is it was for them to pocket more coin.. or just the laws of the land?

    end result - they said walking out the door, before figurin in my trade and GM card, would be 19,000+.... is that a good deal? its close to what the edmunds/KBB sites suggested, but I dont know if their prices are before or after applicable rebates..

    thanks for the read and the replies guys... trying to be smart on this purchase, and have to stay within a certain budget to make it work.

    - Christopher
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    nortsr1nortsr1 Member Posts: 1,060
    The employee pricing includes the $1000.00 rebate...not the conquest incentive (as you have to show owners title to a NON GM vehicle to get that incentive.If you get that incentive, then you are at the rock bottom price of $17,779.05.
    They are NOT going to cover the tax,tags and doc fee!!!! Yes, most all States require the tax to be taken BEFORE the REBATES or INCENTIVES. If your State charges 6%...then you would pay tax on the $19,779.05 (that's the actual selling price before the rebates and incentive) and that would come to approx. another $$1,186.00 plus whatever the tag and title fee is.
    Your "out the door price" would be approx. $18,965 PLUS the tag and title fee. So that is very near the $19,000.00 they quoted you.
    You offered them $16,500.."OUT THE DOOR" There is NO WAY they will sell you that VIBE for that price unless the dealer intends to go out of business!!!!
    Now the one thing you didn't tell us is how many GM points you have, because you can subtract that from the total I gave you...but I would have to have the number of points (or dollars) you have coming?????????> and secondly....you didn't tell us how much thay are giving you for your Trade-in???That gets subtracted from the $19,779.05 aand then the tax is computed....so I can't give you the actual info you want...but from what I have told you, then perhaps you can do the math. Sounds to me as though...from the $19,000 dollar price that they gave you is fair as long as you can still subtract the trade-in and GM card points from that figure of approx. $19,000.00.
    I am very surprised they are offering you the $1000.00 Conquest incentive....as that is actually to be given for NON GM vehicles and you stated that you are trading in a Chevrolet????
    Hope this helps. Let's face it, the Employee Discount price, less another $2000.00 from that is a very good, fair price.
    By the way, I am not a dealer or salesman...jus an old retired copper. Where the dealer ususually tries to "GET YA" is to low ball the trade-in.
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    dawsoncdawsonc Member Posts: 9
    thank you for the quick response.
    I didnt mean to lowball them, I have just read on these forums of some people who get a car listed at 21000+ for 16000+

    I was a little confused as I thought the cost would be invoice plus 3% for a good deal, but the employee pricing on some cars went below invoice. at any rate, thanks for the great informative reply.

    to answer the questions (and request a recalculation)

    I have 2156 GM Dollars.

    the car I am going to trade in, I am not sure of the value for trade... it is a 2 door 1995 cavalier, it has a slight dent in the front (covered with the bra) some coffee stains on the interior, and a transmission that is shot (which is why I am car shopping)... I can still drive it.. but just barely.

    I also own a jeep wrangler.. perhaps that is the vehicle they are going to use for the conquest option.
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    nortsr1nortsr1 Member Posts: 1,060
    As long as you can show ownership to a non-GM vehicle (in this case, yes, the Jeep), you will be eligible for the $1000.00 Conquest incentive.
    Take the $2,156.00 off of the approx. $19,000 quoted out the door price and also subtract ant trade-in monies that they allow you and you will get roughly the price. The taxes will be slightly less, because the trade-in is subtracted from the #18,779.05 and then the tax is computed. For example: if they allow you $500.00 trade for your Cavalier)( :( and that is a guess on my part) ....you would roughly end up "out the door" for about $16.344.00 .
    Also, remember, with some GMCards, you are only eligible for a $1000.00 credit. You can call the number on the back of your GM Card to find out what amount you are eligible......
    Hope this helps...and please post back after you make the deal and give us a complete rundown of the final figures...selling price , rebates, trade-in amount, taxes, atgs,title fees, etc.
    Good luck and hope you get many safe miles with your forthcoming Vibe!!!!!!
    If you email me (my email is listed) I can hook you up with a very good, very active Pontiac Vibe discussion website.
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    nortsr1nortsr1 Member Posts: 1,060
    purchase the Vibe? We are all awaiting some sort of answer????
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    mokesmithmokesmith Member Posts: 5
    I had to go to Idaho (from Portland, OR) to get the package and color I wanted:
    2005 Vibe, Base FWD, Moonstone, Automatic, Power Package, Moon & Tunes. List MSRP 20230, GM employee price: 16338 (with $1000 customer cash & $1000 conquest bonus).
    Price paid: $16119. (Dealer is "no haggle," but this price is $219 lower than GM employee price for total of $16119). (plus $149 doc fee plus title). They are also reimbursing me for my flight from Portland to Boise. Edmunds Rules of the Road says we can name the dealer, and I can recommend this one: Edmark in Nampa, ID.

    Finally, here's a quote from an article on a different automotive site about the pricing structure of the GM Employee discount:
    "Under the program, GM pays dealers 5 percent of a vehicle's sticker price. That includes GM's traditional 3 percent holdback. By contrast, dealers previously were allowed a discount of 8 to 11 percent of a vehicle's sticker, including the holdback allowance. Then they negotiated with the customer to hold onto as much of that spread as possible."
    So it appears that with a $20000 Vibe, a dealer makes about $1000 (5%) charging the GM employee price (but they apparently have to wait a few months to get the "holdback" portion of that $1000).
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    nortsr1nortsr1 Member Posts: 1,060
    Congrats on the Vibe. You made out very well. As far as the dealer holdback portion of your statement: I believe the longer a new vehicle is on the dealers lot, the dealer has to pay interest every month or whenever to the insttitution that has his vehicles financed and that eats up a lot of that holdback. The longer a vehicle "sits" on his or her lot, the less of the holdback thay recieve.
    I might be wrong on that...but...I "think" that is correct!
    Anyway, thanks for informing us of your great deal and please continue to post in the "Pontiac Vibe" discussion and let us know how everything is working out.,
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    cougarvibecougarvibe Member Posts: 1
    Okay, here was how my deal worked out:

    2005 AWD Moonstone w/mono package, Moon & Tunes, Power Group & Aluminum Wheels.

    MSRP w/Options & Delivery = $23,470.00
    GM Employee Discount (which includes $1,000 customer cash) = $20,258.08
    Minus Conquest Bonus = $1,000.00

    Total w/incentives = $19,258.00

    I was able to get an additional $500.00 on my trade too just by vising three different Pontiac dealers over the weekend, getting appraisals from all three, and then working each one until someone relented. Luckily, all three had the same Vibe w/options that I wanted...and thus, it wasn't too difficult to find someone to give me a little extra for a trade-in.

    Out the door price (not including tax/licensing) = $18,758.00

    Considering how quickly I was able to get this done (not including time spent on online research), I'm pretty happy with the whole experience.
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    blackvibeblackvibe Member Posts: 4
    I got my 2005 base vibe a month and half ago. With auto, moon & tone, power package, 16-in aluminum wheels and monotone package. The MSRP is around $20996, after the GM employee price and rebates. The final price is $16996 + $16 title fee + (2.5% tax in Albertville of Alabama) + $0 processing fee. The out of door price is around $17453. Only two weeks later, add a cargo net package for $50 and the higher center console armrest from Toyota on line parts for $75. The car is running great, the only regret is to have moon roof option.
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    nortsr1nortsr1 Member Posts: 1,060
    console armrest.....Will you please post the website that you ordered the center armrest from!!!! Either that or Email it to me...My email address is listed...just click onto my nortsr1...Thankyou.
    I can also reccomend a good Vibe discussion group if you email me.
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    jstant01jstant01 Member Posts: 65
    OK - I am one of those wierd people who do not stress over price paid, get the invoice, etc. Every car I have bought was a case of going to the dealership, looking it over, taking it on a test drive, and buying it - usually in the same day. Fortunately, I've never had a dealer that has tried to "screw" me - as far as I can tell. So here's how the recent Vibe purchase went.

    I started out looking on the Internet for what I wanted. I know I wanted the 5 speed, which was hard to find with ABS. I figured I could go without ABS if I had to, since my current car (2000 Ford Contour) didn't have it, and even though we get lots of snow and ice here (mid-Michigan), I've never had a problem.

    The first dealer I found had two possibilities. So, I went to the dealer that night after work, test drove the Vibe, loved it, and bought it. Here's how the deal went down:

    2005 Base Vibe - Salsa, Power Package, Alloy Wheels - MSRP was $19,455. I paid $16,445 after Employee Discount and $1000 rebate. Then, another $1000 came off for Conquest Rebate. They also gave me $2000 for my Ford, which amazed me since it had 110,000 miles on it, and isn't a terribly popular vehicle. Final price was $13,445 plus tax, title, etc. I also had about $1200 left on my Ford loan (gotta love negative equity), which was rolled in. I felt very good about it overall.

    The dealership is wonderful - #1 in customer satisfaction in Michigan. I have been so impressed with the whole experience thus far, including the first trip to service for a free oil change. This is something I'm not used to, since the Ford dealership was TERRIBLE when it came to customer service. So far, I love my Vibe. I bought it end of June, and have a bit over 5,000 miles on it already. I've taken 3 long trips, plus my daily commute to work. I'm only 5'10, but I weigh about 350 pounds, so I'm a BIG guy. This car has the most room of any car I've owned - especially in the back seat. On some of the long trips, I've gone back there and let my brother drive because it's so roomy and comfortable in the back seat.

    So, I probably could have done better price-wise if I tried to negotiate, but I wasn't interested in taking the time to do that. I'm happy with what I paid, and had a totally stress-free experience!
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    nortsr1nortsr1 Member Posts: 1,060
    get a great deal. It is VERY HARD to get much lower than the employee price and also $2000.00 more off of that price for rebates. Congrats...Enjoy your Vibe!!!
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    blackvibeblackvibe Member Posts: 4
    Just got vibe back from my dealer for fixing the moon roof problem. It took them 9 days and my three trips. I finally got chance to replace the armrest. It only took me 5 minutes to do so and the color matched exactly which is graphite

    The armrest Parts #: 58905-02210-B1
    Description: DOOR SUB-ASSY, CONSO
    NET: $69.43
    Freight: $7.11
    Total: $76.54

    Here is the web site: http://www.toyotapart.com/
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    nortsr1nortsr1 Member Posts: 1,060
    O.K. Thanks for the part number and info.....
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    woody777woody777 Member Posts: 3
    my opinion is you could probably get approx 4000 off. plus whatever gm points your card limits.wherever i go in illinois this seems like a standard discount.i think all rebates come after taxes just like with other non automotive rebates.these opinions are for 2005 vibes.
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    tawneycattawneycat Member Posts: 114
    Hey, I am new. I noticed my 05 I am getting has hard low rest. Is this one padded and is it worth the money.
    Also, are they all the same color plastic as cloth comes in light and dark...
    Light is slate and dark is graphite.

    Please advise on advantages of buying this toyota part
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    blackvibeblackvibe Member Posts: 4
    Hi Tawney,
    To me it worth every penny I spend because I am 6&#146;3&#146;&#146;. The old armrest is useless to me because it is too low. If I rest my arm on it for long period of time, sometime it hurts my shoulder.

    It's not padded. It is same hard plastic as old one but give me an extra little compartment which is between the cover and center storage. That is why it is higher and wider than the old one. People usually put insurance information in that compartment. The armrest I bought is as same as 2005 Toyota matrix (That is why you can buy it from Toyota parts center). It is also similar with 2003 and 2004 Vibe armrest. Unfortunately, Pontiac decide to redesign the armrest in 2005 to save some money (That&#146;s why you cannot buy the parts from Pontiac parts center)

    My car interior color is graphite and parts number I post early on is also graphite which matches exactly with the interior color of my car. I do not know if they have other colors other than graphite.
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    inkyofokinkyofok Member Posts: 62
    Thanks for the information

    Not sure why they spent time and money to make the armrest lower! Just a little padding would have been nice. I may just go see one for myself to be sure.

    I bought the last 05 5 speed in a 5 state area. $4400 off with all employee nonsense and rebates and GM card money ($300). The dealer refused to give me the $500 military discount as the VIBE was excluded from that.

    Anyhow, seems like a decent ride.

    Tawney (my wife and myself have edmunds accounts so different user names)
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    nortsr1nortsr1 Member Posts: 1,060
    a 2005 or 2006 Vibe lately? I know trthe 2005 stock is pretty well sold out and there are no incentives on the 2006's. Anybody????
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    alyson72alyson72 Member Posts: 1
    Hi .. I am taking the plundge and trading in my 04 Acura TL for a Vibe Front wheel drive. The vibe just seems so much more practical -- I have a dog who is with me most of the time ... and the TL only takes premium gass.

    Here is the deal: What do you think?

    2005 - Vibe Base with 3K miles (dealer trade in -)
    6-CD changer
    price --- $15,000

    (I know the dealer pretty well) ---- is it better to just get a new one with all the incentives?

    Also -- has anyone tried the Pioneer GPS- DVD in dash system in their vibe?
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    nortsr1nortsr1 Member Posts: 1,060
    In order to tell you if you are getting a good deal or not...You have to provide complete info as to your vehicle.
    Moon and tunes??? Monotone package??? Power package???? any other options... and then go to the Edmunds new car section...price out exactly what you are buying...and...that way you will see the MSRP and Invoice prices and then you will have to also go to the GM site and see what the employee price would have been when the first owner puchased it ( or easier way) if the dealer sold the car originally...ask him to show you the original sale and compare same to your potential sale.....Just from looking at what info you gave, the 6CD changer and OnStar are worth extra bucks. If you don"t need OnStar, then you are paying for something not needed, although I believe you do not have to subscribe to it.
    The power pack and monotone pack are also worth more and most units have come thru that way????
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    nortsr1nortsr1 Member Posts: 1,060
    Has anyone that has purchased the 2006 Vibe know if you are able to use the $1000.00 Conquest incentive towards same? Also, have you gotten any discounts at all???
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    nortsr1nortsr1 Member Posts: 1,060
    I just checked the GM Regional incentive site (Southeast) and they have a $500.00 rebate or 1.9% financing and yet there is no incentives for the 2005's?????
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    firebxfirebx Member Posts: 4
    As of today they conquest rebate is not applicable on the 06 model vibes. I would think that they will soon have to put some incentives out there if they want to sell any.
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