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I know the Lexus SC 400 is a beautiful car. I know it's a sweet ride. What I want to know is whether it is a smart idea to buy a '92 SC 400 with 70,000 miles on it. The asking price is $17,900, and I'm prepared to spend the money, but only if I can expect several years of service out of the car. Does anyone have any good or bad experience with an "older" Lexus? Thanks!


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    Great car, but the price is full retail you realize, yes?
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    I know that 17,900 is more than retail. According to Edmunds, the retail is more like 17,200.

    I'd probably offer 16,500 or 17,000, unless you have knowledge that used Lexus dealers are willing to negotiate even more.

    I'm still worried about shelling out more cash for maintenance and mechanical repairs.
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    Well, every used car is a risk, and every used car is sold for a reason; hopefully, in this car's case, it was just that the people got tired of it. Millions in advertising are spent to convince people to do just that...get rid of a perfectly good car.

    About all you can do is give it a thorough going-over. Statistically, the odds are on your side with a used Lexus, but there's always some that aren't good cars. You'll never have a certainty here.

    The car has a good reliability record. About the worst thing you can say about them is that the quality of the leather isn't good (but you would notice that by now) and that they aren't much fun to drive.
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    I have owned a '92 SC400 for many years now. It has 120,000+ miles on it and I still have to look at the tachometer to tell that its running when I'm at a stoplight. I wouldn't trade this car for anything else on the market right now, including the SC430 (What an eyesore!).
    This is the most magnificent automobile I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. It holds the road like it was on rails. No squealing tires on the tightest turns. Not a rattle in all the time I've had it. In addition, I still get compliments on it even after all this time.
    I keep the car garaged for the winter and only drive it in good weather. My only concern is that I eventually might have trouble finding replacement parts for it.
    No offers for this car, please! The only way I'll give it up is upon my death or if I loose it in an accident.
    Perhaps I'm not the only one that feels this way about this car since I never see any of them available for sale, in my area at least.
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    I own a 98sc400, it is my second one, I had a 93/sc400 before. I got this one new. Does any one know of a good after market exhaust system??
    I was thinking of the new SC430, but I may save that money for a new house. Japanese cars can sound good. I lived in Germany for 6 years driving a Porsche for 3 of those.Here in The USA, my 93 Infiniti J30 had a good sound, silent until you stepped on the gas. I have the Borla rear's on at the moment and they are only okay. Help ,please
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    i own a 1992 lexus sc 400. i am looking for alot of things for it right now. but my most concern at the moment is a front spoiler. i had wrecked my car a few nights ago. i hydro planed comming onto the freeway and lost control and ended up hitting the inclined mud wall i am looking for a after market spoiler so if anyone as any info i would truly apreciate it mike

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    Hi Mike,

    Are you thinking that the front spoiler would improve your front end stability? Not sure if that's what you meant by telling us about the accident (sorry to hear about that).

    Anyway, a front spoiler won't help, as most street cars don't go fast enough for spoilers front or rear to have any effect whatsoever.

    Hydroplaning is a tire problem, either because of tread design and sometimes if the tires are wider than stock.
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    can anyone tell me what the primary differences are between the 97 & 98 SC 400? What is the Horsepower of these two cars?
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    I bought a 1991 LS-400 in 1994 with 50k for 25k
    I have had no majir problems with the car although
    i will never take it to a Lexus dealer
  • blumrlnblumrln Member Posts: 11
    I bought a 1991 LS-400 in 1994 with 50k for 25k
    I have had no major problems with the car although
    I will never take it to a nexus dealer
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    i just bought a used lexus sc400 with 86,000 for $12500 not even a week ago. the car is wonderful
    i was a lil concern about buying a car almost 10 years old but the lexus runs like it's new
    i just got a speeding ticket tonight becaues i didn't know how fast i was going
    i'm not used to it's powerful engine yet
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    the newer lexus has 290 horsepower and the older one has 250
    0-60 mph is about 6.2 and 6.6
    .4 second difference
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    I've owned an SC400 for 6 years and 120K miles; it has been extremely reliable. The only two problems that have developed are (1) the headlights fog up and (2) the neon light on the speedometer died. Both problems are standard, but expensive to fix. And, contrary to the host above, I think it's fun to drive, particularly on long cruises or in the mountains, where you can pass motorhomes like they're standing still. If you buy an older one, your biggest headache will be finding a shop for major service and a few repairs (even Lexi need spark plugs and timing belts). Lexus service departments are notoriously bad.
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    My 95 SC400 has just hit 85,000 miles, and other then routine maintnance I have not had a single problem until this month. The heater will ONLY blow hot air when the car is contantly moving, such as on the highway- when you stop, the air blows cold? I have a shadow behind the 40mph mark on the dash- like a light burned out. Does anyone have experience with this? The only thing I do not like about Lexus is their repair dept.
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    Any information on problems encountered, maintenance and repair costs on a 96 Lexus SC300 with 26000 miles. What is a consumer appropriate price?
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    I have 103,000 miles on my '92. By far, most reliable and trouble free car I've ever owned in 34 years. Cost of maintenance per mile is very low, even using the high cost Lexus dealership service dept. Last month had to replace A/C compressor, $1667. At about 90K, needed power steering pump. Most other maintenance has been minor. Still handles, rides and looks like new and gets 19 mpg in city. I still get compliments on the street, people can't believe it's almost 9 years old. If I had to get a new one, I'd try to find a 2000, don't like the 2001 SC 430 design.
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    I bought a 93 LS400 four years ago and it has over 90,000 miles on it now. No problems, just routine maintenances done by the Lexus Service Department. I am satisfy with the Lexus Service Department in my area. The service charges are high for this type of vechicle but the service personnel are courteous and of course the 'free'
    rental Lexus while your are vehicle is in service. Although a non-Lexus service shop will charge less than the Lexus service, I still trust a service shop that works on Lexus vehicles on a daily basis.
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    I have purchased a 1996 SC 400 and would like to purchase new tires for the car. Does anyone have any recommendations for tires with good handling and traction?
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    I am on my third set of Bridgestone Potenza S02 Pole Positions on a 94 SC400 - don't confuse these with the plain Potenza S02. The Pole Position variant utilizes a two-layer tread for better performance as the tread wears (it is also standard equipment on Porsche Turbo). The tread pattern is designed for wet or dry track so folks worried about hydroplaning - this is the tire for you. Expensive though - if you've got a friend or local gas station that can mount for you, mail order might be the cheapest path. Otherwise you're looking at $1000 every 25,000 miles. These tires together with the TRACS and ABS have probably saved my life a few times.
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    failed within a period of 6 months at around 35k miles. The first one was under warranty, the second wasn't. Lexus agreed to pay labor for the second one. Now there is an annoying vibration sound from the dash board when I slow down to a stop and the rattle coming from under the car when taking off in cold weather. Can anyone offer any tip. I Definitely don't want to take it a dealer for these minor things. thx
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    I bought a 95 SC400 used. It only has 27000 miles on it. I really love this car, but I have started to notice a slight hesitation when I start going after a complete stop. If I step down on the gas hard,it doesn't do this. I have had it to the Lexus dealer, and they tell me everything is "normal" on the computer. I had a friend (mechanic) take a look. He found, and cleaned, a real dirty throttle box? Helped a bit, but still bugs me. Does anybody else know what I'm talking about here? Any suggestions?
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    I also have a 95 sc400 which has been great, but I notice the exact same thing with the hesitation.
    The car seems to have most of it's power over 40mph, I also notice it cruising at lower speeds, if you do not hit the gas hard enough you get some sort of hesitation like it is confused which gear to go into. I have not consulted with anyone on this, one thing I have tried is a fuel injector cleaner/gas additive
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    I just purchased a 1995 Lexus SC400 with 82,000 miles. Although I am very pleased
    with the overall performance, I too noticed the hesitation or stumbling when moving
    from a standstill. I also had the throttle box cleaned with only modest, if any, improvement.
    Does anyone have any ideas?
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    I just recently purchased a 1998 SC400 and I have not noticed any hesitation when moving from a standstill.

    This is such a wonderful car.
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    I just purchased a 95 SC 400 with 31k miles, I've noticed the same hesitation when I start going from a complete stop, it seems to be an intermittent problem. It only exists when I ease into the gas but it goes unnoticed when I step into the pedal hard. I took the car to the local Lexus dealer, originally they could not find the problem. Then they noticed that there was water in the spark plug cylinders, apparently from the dealer steam cleaning the engine prior to my purchase. Well, this stopped the hesitation for about a day or two and I'm now scheduled to take the car back to them this weekend. I will keep you posted on what they discover..... But if anyone else has had this problem, please let us know what measures they took to fix the problem. Based on the previous comments it seems like this may be a problem on the 95 model only? No matter what, I still love this car!!! The handling, power, comfort....I'll be back I have to go for a Drive.......
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