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I read this somewhere and thought it may be worth using.

I have a copy of the July 25 Performance Press -- the BG Assembly plant newspaper. In an article titled "Construction Updates" there is a run-down of things done during the "July Shutdown" (this is a yearly planned company-wide shutdown for construction, maintenance, and cost-savings).

In the fourth paragraph it says: "Also, a new frame rack handler and material canopy was constructed on the south side of the building next to the body docks. This enclosure will handle the racks and fork transfer for the new Z06 frame."

Everyone is talking looks and HP, but if you know C5, you know how significant the frame is to the integrity of the car.

Draw your own conclusions!!!


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    Rumor is the base C6 in MY '05 will be 400HP
    and the new C6-Z06 will be 500HP. Engines are
    rumored to be the 6.0L LS2 and 6.4L LS7

    The base C6 will be unveiled at the Jan '04 N.A.
    auto show. It won't start being built until late
    June '04.
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    Sometime last year, I was sitting on my computer looking at my car magazine while online at Edmunds, and looked at a spy picture of the 2005 Chevrolet Corvette. Then I looked at a picture of the 'concept' 2004-2005 Ford Mustang. I thought not, but many people were convinced to buy one when they went to the New York Auto Show. I'm afraid that Chevrolet is losing there grip. Ford's new slogan is saying a lot. That is why I think Chevrolet should update the Corvette's engine from the 405 on the Z06 to 505 horsepower and make sure it outruns the Viper, Mustang, and hopefully make it a lot faster than the GT coming soon from Ford. If it doesn't, they should probably make a 5.0l V-10 producing 525-600 hp/525- 650 tq to just make sure that no one has the guts to do this kind of stuff. Make sure the next gen. Corvette looks like a modern Stingray. People said it is supposed to be released at the North American Intl. Auto Show next year, but I'm not so sure about that. The Corvette was supposed to take a vacation for the year of 2004, but it looks like the 2004 Commemorative Edition is coming.

    Hmmm.. Looks like I got a big story on my hands... but we will have to figure out what happens... and it won't be anytime in the next 2 months..
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    Mark LaNeve, Cadillac General Manager was a guest on Autoline Detroit today and said the XLR will be a different kind of car from the new Corvette. The 75k price will be Caddy powers house that will appeal to the Hollywood type of players. I have to assume to new C6 is going up 5k in base price if this is true.

    2004 Cadillac XLR | OVERVIEW

    Cadillac is really trying to set itself apart form the competition with its new hard-edged styling theme and the new XLR is no exception. This two-seat luxury sport convertible, with a retractable hardtop, is based off the all new Corvette C6 platform and will be made in the same assembly plant as the 'Vette in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

    Cadillac strove to put the XLR at the head of its class. Aluminum suspension parts, aluminum cockpit, and composite exterior panels along with an all new 4.6L Northstar V8 give the XLR the best power to weight ratio in its class, above the Mercedes-Benz SL 500 and Lexus SC 430. On top of that it gets just as good if not better fuel economy.

    Even though the Cadillac and the Mercedes-Benz have very similar options the base price of the Cadillac is $12,000 cheaper. Although, the Lexus is thirteen grand cheaper than the XLR it doesn't have the same level of technology.

    A sample of that technology includes Magnetic Ride Control, which uses electro-magnetic rheology to control the stiffness of the shocks. It can react so quickly that at 60 m.p.h the suspension damping can change for every inch of the road the car travels.

    And with the XLR you'll never have to pull out your car keys again. A transponder in the key fob lets the car know you want to get in and go. Just walk up to it, touch a pad on the door and it opens. The same goes for starting it up. Just touch the ignition button on the dash to fire up the engine.

    But it's the interior of the car that really sets the level of luxury on the XLR. There are real eucalyptus wood and aluminum accents on the dash and doors. But the gauges seem to have a bland, flat look to them even though Cadillac called upon luxury Italian designer Bvlgari to design them.

    There's no question the XLR does not look like anything in the market right now. So for anyone who wants a high-tech, luxury sports coupe that stands apart from the crowd, the Cadillac XLR provides a very viable alternative.
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    We have already found out the 2004 Cadillac XLR will have the 2005 Chevrolet Corvette's bodyframe, which obviously means that hints a shape for the next-gen Vette. Will that mean that it will have kind of the same shape, or the same type of alluminum?

    What are your ideas? Right now; I'm clueless.
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    but about a week ago, GM did release a photo showing the front of the 05 Vette. The car in the photo was covered with a car bra-lik covering.

    The shape is similar to the current Vette. The 05 will have fixed lights, however.

    I am really curious about the rear. The main thing I do not like about the current Vette is its oversized tail. Maybe GM can put the seats a little higher as well.
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    Does anyone know how to put pictures in your messages because i have spy pictures of the corvette and try to explain it as simple as you can.
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    I've always figured that the new Vette would look a lot like a more rounded, curvy and Jaguar-esque rendition of the current NSX, while keeping the existing Vette front and rear fascias largely intact.
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    I checked out this link and was impressed by C5's performance for the $$.

    GM should just give the Z06 C6 one good supercharger and it with the same small block and it would be the undisputed king of the Hill. For a small V8 to race with AMG55, Murcielago, Viper and the likes is not a small achievement.

    With a super Charger on this car, Even The Mighty 911 Turbo S and the Venom spitting Viper would be toast.

    The Vette is an impressive car. That sort of performance comes up of $100 K.

    Note that The Mosler MT900 Photon Uses a tweaked Z06 350-cube LS6 small-block V-8 making 435 horsepower

    The Cobra was out of its Venom

    In the Z06 League, its the Numbers not the Planks of wood and Cow hides that count

    I can hardly wait for the XLR V series. M Series Bimmers and AMG will be history
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    A new spyshot of the fixed headlamps has popped up, and these are supposed to be very accurate:

    In other news, the Z06 C6 will get 3-valve makeover for the 6.3L pushrod engine, making over 500 HP! The base Corvette will get a 7.0L version of the same engine making well over 400 HP. GM will also put the 3-valve technology in all it's High Value engines (Malibu). Reg should be happy ;)!
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    well, like I said before, if GM's other pushrod engines got the same attention and level of engineering as the Corvette motors......then I'm fine with it.

    But they don't so....

    In any event I am sure the newest Corvettes will kick some major tail.

    What I don't care for here is that the 05 vette doesn't look any different. It would be nice for it to be more unique.

    Hope the new interior and dash are nice too.
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    Our family doctor owns a '99 Vette. He's been itching to trade it in for a new one. I'll suggest that he wait for the Z06 C6, which will have 500 horses to smoke any Vipers and other competitors.
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    I saw the picture of the head lamps, thanks for the info. Theo2709.
    But these head lamps look awful. I hope it's not too late for Chevy to come to its senses & change back to the flip-up headlights.

    I suppose GM isn't building the previously rumored 700 hp Corvette Tigershark, the 700 hp Cadillac Cien and or the 1000 hp Cadillac Sixteen? Anyone know???

    If not I agree with everyone else the C6 needs to eat Vipers for lunch. A supercharger or a Calloway twin turbo version would be nice.
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    why is GM still using pushrod technolgy??

    haven't they heard of DOHC, VVT, OR SOMETHING MORE ADVANCED!?!

    i kno sum of there cars have cam engines, but they're not as powerful as the competition b/c in order to even come CLOSE to the competition's hp rating, GM has to bump up the displacements causing poorer city mpg

    i, honestly, have not been a great fan of Corvettes due to their cheap-feeling interior and old-tech pushrod engines..but i think they are one of the, if not the most, sexiest cars in the world!

    well, Corvettes will have much tougher competition after 2005 when the Universally-Acclaimed R36/V36 Nissan Skyline GTR V-Spec comes out with its VQ-Series Engine: 3.5Liter 24Valve V6 Variable Valve Timing/Variable Induction System Twin-Turbo 4WD <or AWD> producing 400HP through a 6spd manual..cant wait fer that match!
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    VVT technology. The Vette has among the higher mpg ratings of any performance car.

    The Z06 Vette will be over 500 hp. There won't even be a match. The Skyline will be destroyed.
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    I'm not sure if that photo was 100% accurate. But, from my view, it is currently okay. What I've heard is the 2006 model will have a 500 hp giving Dodge, and Ford a run for their money. Currently sources like say that it will have that horsepower. The standard models are expected to have 450 hp.
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    Taken from the Novemeber issue of Automotive Design and Production Magazine:

    "When Chevrolet rolls out the 6th gen Corvette at the North American Inter. Auto Show in January, the Gen 4 V8 will have a reported 405 hp, the same as the current Z06. Insiders at both GM and suppliers say the Z06 will have an even 500 hp, but will not be the most powerful Corvette. That prize will belong to the limited production ZL1 which is producing 625 hp in production trim. The Gen4 has thinner bore walls, stronger bulkheads, and retains the cast-in-place iron cylinder liners. The casting process includes a mechanically induced rapid chilling of the bulkheads to promote swift directional solidification of the aluminum and a fine grain structure , both of which improve dimensional stability. A composite barrel crank core replaces the current segmented barrel design, again for tighter and more consistant bore dimensions. The cores are screwed and glued together, the aluminum is pumped in rather than poured, and all the oil galleries are drilled and machined."

    Take that Viper and GT!
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    That level of hp in a two seater streetable car is somewhat difficult to grasp.

    What will be left for the aftermarket people?
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    Pushrods were developed after OHC.
    So that would make them more modern.
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    In another bomb"shell", pics of the C6 body have popped up:

    I would just post the pics, but I don't want any copyright issues. Ford went nuts over those insider Mustang photos.

    Back to the topic of the C6, I think it looks pretty good, but I don't know if it says "Corvette". We'll see in January.
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    actually, again ur wrong...

    cars in the 50s through 70s had pushrods...OHC became popular in the mid80s and were constantly update
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    the first OHC was used in the 1920s. Whether or not it was used in the 50s through the 70s does not mean the technology did not exist.
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    Has anyone heard whether GM will start using a manumatic transmission in the new C6?
  • regfootballregfootball Member Posts: 2,166
    looks good
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    What logic1 said is correct.

    I'll reiterate, OHC was developed before pushrods.

    Pushrods are cheaper that's why they are so ubiquitous, and you why thought OHC was newer technology.
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    The Corvette has done it again. Of course, the body doesn't perfectly reveal the car, but those pictures revealed what may be the front and back of the Corvette. I love the new Corvette and can't wait for the 2005 to arrive. I have been a fan since the departure of the Camaro.... Even though still hoping to get a new Camaro, I love the Corvette. Let the spirit of GM sport vehicles live on!
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    Apparently there are three different shells flying around the GM proving grounds, so the final version could be a little different. Also, those pictures were taken in late July. However, it is very close to the final version.

    The person who took and posted those pics is going to get severely punished and probably fired. Ford did the same with those Mustang pics.
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    Many say that the design is horrible. I agree that the person who revealed those pictures should be "severely punished and probably fired" like you said, but GM shouldn't change the design because of that. I didn't point it out in my last post, but those pics look the previous ones we saw behind a GM spokesperson speaking.
    I have seen another one of the three and I am dissatisfied with it, but now this one is wonderful. I think the Corvette shall live on if GM uses this bodyframe.
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    Did you guys notice in the front view how almost vertical the greenhouse is?
    In past designs the side windows have curved in towards the driver's head more.
  • theo2709theo2709 Member Posts: 476

    Lookin' good. These were taken by somebody while they were doing a commercial.
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    that is one fine-looking automobile. can't wait for the next few model years, as i'm looking forward to seeing the new vette, the ford gt, the new mustang cobra, and hopefully a new dodge charger r/t and camaro ss in the showroom and on the street. happy days are here again!
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    Definitely has a smaller back end than the C5.

    Hard to get a handle for overall dimensions as the background does not allow for much perspective.
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    So imagine this thing with 625HP flying at you. Yikes!
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    Looks kind of viper-ish. Maybe I am old-fashioned, but I prefer the C5. Guess I will have to see what the spec sheet looks like (for starters, what is the power to weight ratio) before getting excited. At this point, I am glad I got an '03.
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    pics are gone!

    somebody's gonna lose their job.
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    If Kristie says it is ok, I will try to upload here. I fear there may be copyright issues, as I have no idea whose photo it is.

    Otherwise, if anyone wants a jpg via e-mail, leave your address and I will see what I can do.
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    I think it is Ferrari Modena looking. Especially the front fenders.

    Those pics aren't copyrighted.

    But I don't think we are supposed to post pics from a forum.
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    Yeah they were taken by someone who lived across the street from where they were shooting a commercial. He posted the original jpeg files straight from his camera.
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    I would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to post these websites for us to see them. The purpose of me creating this board was because I wanted to see spy pictures. I love the Corvette, and I'd like to see spy pictures of them before anyone else.

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    that dude is gonna make a LOT of money selling those photos.....good job dude.....lets hope the GM posse doesn't plug him first.
  • regfootballregfootball Member Posts: 2,166
    that Vette is SWEEEEETTTTTTT. ME WANT.

    (pushrods and all :) )

    ok daring photographers....can we get interior shots?
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    If it had been me, I would have called up every car mag in the World and sold them exclusive rights. They were probably worth 100K, or more.
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    You can't really upload someone else's pictures. The management kinda frowns on that. If there's any way you can locate the original, you can link to it. Sorry!

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    I did not think I should, so I waited for an opinion. Theo fortunately is proving quite the web sleuth and linked more photos for us.

    You gotta love those little digital hand helds. An average Joe on the street has managed to best a lot of car paparrazi.
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    why that thing wasn't under a tarp......some guy at GM lost his job...

    or, was he undercover and knew he was gonna do it?
  • theo2709theo2709 Member Posts: 476
    The fellow who posted the pics had this to say:

    "Chevy shot part of the new C6 TV comercial behind my house on sunday and I went down and got a few pics on my way to get my morning coffee. Sorry but I didnt manage to get any pics of the very front , it was up on a trailer. Again, it is real, and all the Chevy guys were there with the film crews and stuff."

    Why they filmed it in a crowded city without a tarp and covered trailer is beyond me.

    P.S. the originial pics are down because he far exceeded the bandwidth limit for his site. He said he was transfering several gigabytes per hour!
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    Looks good, but it does have the same side treatment as the Viper. Still appears to be a looker though.

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    All: What is the latest release date - rumor or official GM statement?
    - Ray
    Liking the photos of the dark red C6 - particularly the new rear end treatment . . .
    2022 X3 M40i
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    Theo: Only three days after you, The Car Connection finally found the pictures. Har, har.
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