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Jaguar X-Type Prices Paid and Buying Experiences

aironrjaironrj Posts: 1
edited March 2014 in Jaguar
Im looking at purchasing a 2004 3.0 X Type. Not looking to upgrade much just the package to have both power front d/p seats ($800). What price should I be shooting for?


  • I recently found out that Jaguar is giving dealers $5500 back on 2.5's and $5K back on 3.0's. I've been quoted prices as low as $22K on the 2.5 and $29K on the 3.0
  • Is the $5500 still good for October?
  • Yes... it's been continued. My folks just picked up a 3.0 with heated seats and metallic paint for $28400 and a very fair value on their trade. 2.5's with the 5-speed are getting tough to come by but the $5500 is still good.

    I'm kinda surprised this didn't make the "Top 10 Screamin' Deals on '04 Models" article... not many premium brands you can pick up with AWD and this level of standard equipment for this kind of money.
  • Totally agree. I picked up a 2.5X a week ago with metallic paint for less than $23K.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,077
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  • heelntoe .... I am looking for a 3.0 x-type (same spec as yours) but an struggling with the local dealers who are holding out for 15% margins. Who do you recommend ?
  • Not sure where you are mwlacey but... both (whoo hoo...) dealers in the Western PA area were more than willing to start at $7000 off MSRP for 3.0s. Depending on options... that's 3% plus. My folks got $7000 off MSRP and a very good trade-in value.

    After my folks bought one, my sister also expressed interst but she's in the Gettysburg area so I called dealers in Harrisburg and Frederick, MD. $550 over invoice -$5500 on the 2.5 was not too hard to come by... I've heard that dealers in the Baltimore/DC area are eager to sell at similar markup.

    If you're in GA or TN, it may be worth your while to make the trip. If you're in WA or NV, may not...

    Jaguar hasn't made a stinkin' dime for Ford since they bought them in what... 1994, 1996? They're getting out of F1 (even selling off engine supplier Cosworth) and shutting down excess capacity. Anybody can score a deal right now because of over-supply and the ghosts of reliability problems...
  • marisamarisa Posts: 1
    I recently bought a 2003 Jaguar 2.5 X-type with 14k miles from a Budget car and sales dealer. When I went to close the deal I found out they did not have an owner's manual and they only had one key. Since it makes me nervous to have just one key I called the only Jaguar dealer in Las Vegas. I was told it costs $90 for a key plus the cost of programming it or about $300 total. A set of owner's manuals is $195. Budget has promised to get the manuals but not another key. Do you know of any other less pricey options to obtain a second key?
    By the way, I paid 23,600 for the car. It is automatic with sunroof/split rear seat and driver power seat. Nice metallic paint too. I thought I was getting a good deal, what do you think?
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 25,736
    hate to break it to you, Marisa, but a brand new '04 can be had for only $3k more with the current incentives ($2700 if you consider you'd get more than one key with a new one). But, if you are happy with the car, don't sweat it, enjoy it.

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  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    Except you would not be likely to find a 2.5 automatic. Also a dealer had told me that none of their incentives applied to 2.5 automatic so that he could actually sell 3.0 cheaper than 2.5 automatic.

    However, a new 3.0 would probably been about only $4k more. But in our case, the wood steering wheel on that model eliminates any interest in a 3.0 ...who thinks that a wood steering wheel is better than leather, I just don't "get" that feature. (we did not like the ride with the low profile tires on the 3.0)

    Those incentives expired Sept 30, btw.
  • For information to other Buyers. Recent (10/04) purchase X-Type 3.0, X1 Premium Pck/w memory, heated seat, and reverse park $29800. Best of Luck on Your Purchase. So far very good car and fun to drive.
  • Jeffyscott,

    I have a 2.5 with the all leather steering wheel. However, I think the wood on the 3.0 looks pretty cool. Do the low profile tires on the 3.0 give you less clearance in snow? I was of the mind that the 17" wheels give you more snow clearance than the 16" wheels. I took advantage of the $5500 discount but now I see it is up to $6000. I see that they increased the price on the 2005s by $1,000 - probably due to the increase in the price of oil.

    -- SnowJag
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    Looks are one thing, feel is another...sweaty palms on a wood wheel is not a good feeling :-). My wife is the one who wants one of these cars and she did not like feel of the wood at all. I did not drive it myself, but I am sure I would much prefer the feel of leather.

    There would be no difference in ground clearance, the larger wheels just mean lower profile tires. The outside diameter of the tire would be the same with the 17 inch as it is with 16 inch.

    Price increase is probably because of the exchange rate. Also they added height adjustment feature to the standard passenger seat and reduced the cost to add automatic trans to the 2.5. I think for a 2.5 auto the net increase in list is like $600.
  • A leather steering wheel cover would be an easy and inexpensive "fix" to an adversion to a wood one!
  • No discount from the factory, I work at Jaguar Dealership in Birmingham, Alabama. But we are very eagered to sell??????
  • I hate to be a spoiler - but the fantastic prices quoted by buyers on this board do not reflect what the Kelly Blue Book indicates. Does this mean the KBB is not accurate or up to date?
    I'm curious to know what kind of discounts (if any) are available on a brand new car, ordered custom from the factory.
  • vwvw1vwvw1 Posts: 18
    Just bought 04 with PP, reverse & heated seats for $28,200. MSRP was $36,652
  • did youbuy your 3.0 xtype if not i have one for you???? GREAT DEAL?
  • did you buy your 3.0 X-type if not i have one for you???? GREAT DEAL?
  • What do you have? I have looked at my local (Nashville) dealership and they have about 14 in stock. What kind of pricing for a base 04 3.0 (just as a point of reference to the numbers they are giving me here)
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,077
    cgoode is welcome to provide general pricing info; however, we have a really strict policy against soliciting, and posting dealership inventory is pretty much a no-no.


    We don't want to get cgoode in trouble!



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  • I just got an e-mail from jaguar about a $500 gift certificate to one of the two above mentioned retailers.


    Any thoughts on what an out of the door purchase on a 2004 X-Type 3.0 (Base) is running? My wife just completed her MBA and I am considering a grad/X-mas gift.
  • I have just purchased a new 2004 X-Type, 2.5 Manual. As you know, the deal was just impossible to pass. They still have a few left at Howard Orloff dealership in Chicago. I couldn't get a Mazda6 or Honda Accord for that price. So far I only have 78 miles on the odometer, so it is difficult to make any statements, but although some Ford underskin is showing through this cat, the driver definitely feels like he/she is driving a luxury vehicle. It is put together very well, no rattles and it is in fact very quiet. The manual will take some time to get used to, as my last car was automatic, but even with 2.5 engine, it has a healthy acceleration.
  • Congratulations on the new Jag. I also have a 2004 X 2.5 Manual and I also could not pass up the deal. I was already driving a manual shift so that was not a change for me. I have become more impressed with the handling after driving over two thousand miles. I am not sure if it is due to a great suspension or if that is how all wheel drive (AWD) cars handle. I can take a sharp turn fast and the grip is solid and I don't hear the slightest tire squeal.


    I have been looking for the new X-type wagon at the dealership but I haven't seen one yet. I wonder if there is a delay. My dealership provides free car washes every other Saturday so I always take a peek in the showroom.


    Axiomlover, are you going to wait until 10K miles before you change your oil? -- SnowJag
  • kernickkernick Posts: 4,072
    I'll be changing my oil at 5K; and I'm only letting it go that long because I saw the capacity was high - 6qt.
  • I have had my X-Type for one week now and with 250 miles on the odometer, I am loving the car more and more. I know what you mean by great cornering, Snowjag, I am getting a kick out of taking 90-degree turns at 35mph. It is absolutely awesome! The Continental tires are great, too, I haven't been able to break traction, yet, even on wet surface. It is amazing, how people react to a Jaguar owner. They immediately assume I make a lot of money since I can afford a Jag. Little do they know for how much I was able to buy it. I have been driving it under 3500 rpm as suggested in the manual during the break-in period, so I will save some performance tests for later. Just as I expected, I have pretty much gotten used to the manual shifting and it is becoming a second nature. The clutch spring could be a little less stiff, but I like the way the clutch engages.

    I have seen the wagon and I think it looks really good, although it is loosing the typical Jag look at the rear. The one wagon I saw had a sticker price of $38,500.

    Snowjag, as far as oil change is concerned, I will definitely wait at least until 5,500 miles. The 3,000-mile oil changes help the oil companies get rich, but even non-synthetic oil does not deteriorate until about 6,000 miles (Consumer Reports magazine did an extensive study on this using New York taxi cabs). I grew up in Europe where customary oil changes are performed every 6,000 miles and the engines still run great at 150,000 miles. The Jaguar-recommended 10,000-mile oil change is a bit longish in my opinion, unless you use full synthetic. Does anybody know what kind of oil Jaguar puts in the new engines? They recommend Castrol 5W-30, but that oil looks "too yellow" and feels too slippery for Castrol. It has a different smell, too.


  • cgoodecgoode Posts: 4
    sorry kirstie, did not know that. It will not happen again. But we do have very good prices on all vehicles.
  • yoreet1yoreet1 Posts: 10
    To all Jaguar drivers:

    Will appreciate your help on pinpointing great deal on 3.0 X-type wagon lease in NJ /NY/PA area.
  • Honestly, I don't think you will be able to find any great deals on the wagon, not just yet. Some dealerships haven't even gotten them in, yet, and others only have one or two on the lot. The one wagon at a Chicago dealer had a sticker price of over $38K and they said they wouldn't discount it at this point - too early in the year. But, if you get a good deal, let the rest of us know!
  • paul179paul179 Posts: 10
    What kind of deal can I expect on an '05 X-type sport in terms of $$$ off MSRP?


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