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Toyota Tacoma Stereo/Audio



  • ogre01ogre01 Posts: 15
    Wow, that's some righteous worksmanship. Jason is one hell of a craftsman. Would he be looking for a new roommate? ;)
  • I replaced the stock 32" antenna with a black 21" antenna. I wanted one that was about the same height as the top of the cab. The 21" is a couple inches taller than the cab. I looks pretty good, IMO.

    Free Image Hosting at

    Here is where I got it. - - eplacement+Antenna

    This antenna is pretty beefy, and would not be a good choice if you take your truck through automatic car washes, which I like to call the Swirl-O-Matics. I always wash my vehicles by hand. ;)
  • Here's the best place to get a Scosche Double-Din dash kit.

    The Scosche kit is much better looking than the American International kit.
  • Yeah, he is pretty talented. You should see his '69 vet that he is restoring and modifying. Maybe I will post some pictures of it when he is done.
  • I just bought an '06 Tacoma and am thinking about upgrading the speakers. Was wondering if you could forward me the link detailing how to take off the door panels, etc. Any tips on speakers and a installing a new stereo is appreciated. Thanks.
  • csteegecsteege Posts: 1 is a great site for this.
  • pb2themaxpb2themax Posts: 471
    Check this for info on how to remove the door panels and replace the speakers.
  • Does anyone know any ideas if any on how to install JL audio 10" subs in the back of a Toyota Tacoma ext cab without using up all the space
  • Is the 06 regular cab pre wired for rear speakers? The standard set up is 4 speaks--2 highs and 2 door.
  • tacobramtacobram Posts: 1
    I am in love with my new Tacoma. My days of decks, Amps and expensive speaker systems are over. But I think the audio should still sound decent. My experience is that the fm mode pushes very little power. However in the cd mode there is a significant boost where the sound actually is pleasant for a stock system. I am upset that there is no AUX inputs. I am an XM/MP3 fan and the fm modulator does nothing to please me. Now concerning the PA10-TOY or other, I have the 6 cd changer in my '06. Does anyone know how this will be effected? There is an extra unused interface on the rear of the deck ( i think abt 10 or 12 pins). Is this what I use? I am thinking the PA10 takes the place of what would be an extra external cd changer. Does it work the same way where I will still have access to the 6 cd's. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.
  • johnm_10johnm_10 Posts: 2
    I bought a Scosche dash kit and it looks like crap. The mold has lines in it, some of the edges are dented, and some of the paint is oversprayed making it look blistered. I called them up using the 800# on the front of the bag and they refused to warranty it. They said where I bought it from "wasn't an authorized dealer" and that I should go get it from bestbuy or cardomain. They gave me a bogus bestbuy sku number (I looked it up right with the guy on the phone) and I know they don't carry it because I just went there.

    Dash kit: poor
    service: extra poor

    I won't ever buy something of theirs again.

    I told them I would post pics on the internet, but they didn't care. So here are pics of the kit, sorry for the quality, it's hard to get the camera that close to something and have the pic clear. (Click icon for larger pic, click again for full size)

    Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at
  • pekosrobpekosrob Posts: 25
    so wait, i thought it was supposed to be the best one out there. so customer service sucks, but the thing doesn't work at all? i want to get the double din one... i'm still working on saving the money (and the IVA-W200 still hasn't even come out yet).
  • I was wondering if I upgrade my stereo system to a Pioneer AVIC D2, will I loose the keyless entry feature of my trucks? The factory stereo will have to come out I suppose...?

  • wooddorkerwooddorker Posts: 300
    "so wait, i thought it was supposed to be the best one out there. so customer service sucks, but the thing doesn't work at all?"

    Unfortunately, it appears that the original poster of the complaint was a hit and run, as he never answered the question of what the seller did to help him out.

    Some points that may bear on Scosche's "bad" customer service.

    - Auction and online sites, especially eBay have created a whole new market for "sideways" gray-market retail. Many of the items sold through this channel are either defective, "stripped", or used.

    - In most cases, an "authorized" retailer accepts the customer service responsibility as part of his agreement with the supplier. The costs of this are part of the standard retail markup. In the case of a defective product, many manufacturers and wholesalers will replace the part to the retailer, and expect the retailer to destroy the defective item. Many suppliers don't want the defective item back. Unscrupulous retailers (or individual employees) send the bad part out the back door at a fire sale price, via eBay or a garage business site, because they didn't pay anything for it. These businesses typically don't pay taxes, either.

    - Many wholesalers and manufacturers are not set up with standard "customer service" departments, as their cost structure doesn't support one. The customer service is handled and funded by the retailer, as I outlined above. The higher price of the "official" retailer is not usually extra pocket lining for the retailer, but something that covers a real cost of doing business. Many folks without business experience either are unaware of this fact, or they choose to ignore it.

    - Many eBay users are so afraid of receiving retaliatory negative feedback, that they won't post negative feedback even when the deal went sour.

    - The gray-market issue has gotten serious enough that companies like Garmin have actually placed statements on their site: warning customers that they may not be supported if they don't buy the item from an genuine dealer.

    The bottom line is that there is value dealing with a "real" retailer (and some ARE online!, like Crutchfield). Otherwise, we have to be prepared to suck it up if the seller stiffs us. Once upon a time, more manufacturers would have fixed the problem, but the problem is now so big, they often can no longer afford to!

    I wish he would have posted the SELLER'S name!

    You payz your money, and takes your chances... ;)
  • budolbudol Posts: 1
    I wanted to know if anyone has the directions to remove the stock deck from my 2006 Tacoma?

  • pekosrobpekosrob Posts: 25
    So I'm expecting my Alpine IVA-W200 double din DVD player to come in tomorrow, and I just bought a Sirius satellite receiver. Anyone have any idea how to route the cable from the antenna from the outside rear of the cab to the inside? Also, any suggestions where to put the receiver box?? No room inside the glove compartment, although it may be possible to remove the glove compartment and install it behind it. My friend said to try opening up the third brake light and route the wire through there... Any suggestions would be great!
  • pb2themaxpb2themax Posts: 471
    I am happy with my Scosche dash kit. It looks perfect and is pretty solid. I added some glue where the side mounts attach, but it wasn't really necessary.

    I really like my Eclipse AVN6600 too. All the stock wiring just plugs right in. No wiring harness adapters.

    I ran the Sirius and GPS antennas out through the 3rd brake light and on top of the roof. Then I sealed around the brake light with black silicone adhesive. Works awesome. I love the Sirius and GPS. Watching DVDs is cool too.

    Image Hosted by
  • wooddorkerwooddorker Posts: 300
    "I really like my Eclipse AVN6600 too. All the stock wiring just plugs right in. "

    Do the steering wheel controls work?

  • pb2themaxpb2themax Posts: 471
    I don't have the steering wheel controls on my truck, but yes they do plug in, and work perfectly. I've talked to other guys that have an Eclipse with stock steering wheel controls.

    The reason that everything plugs right in is because the company that makes Eclipse is also the company that designs Toyota's stock radios. Fujitsu-Ten
  • havokhavok Posts: 18
    Hey, post some pix after your install. I want the same system too along with a rear monitor, the GPS module, and a backup camera.
    Are you going to use the Scosche DD kit?

    I'm just scared someone's going to steal mine right after I get it.
  • pb2themaxpb2themax Posts: 471
    I would certainly get a security system before you get an DVD/Nav head unit.

    I ran my Sirius and GPS antenna cables through the 3rd brake light. I pulled the headliner down, then I cut the sealant foam from the outside and pushed the connectors through. Then ran the wires down the passenger side. There's lots of room above the glove box to mount a satelite radio reciever. After I was done I sealed up the the 3rd brake light with black RTV Silicone adhesive.

    For the GPS you'll have to tap into a few wires. The backup wire can be found in a bundle of wires under the door sill trim on the drivers side. The VSS (Speed Sensor) wire can be found behind the glove box going into the CPU. It's a thin purple wire with a white stripe. It's in the second plug from the bottom. As for the brake wire, I just connected it to the radios ground wire, so that the head unit will think that I have the brake applied, and then it will let the DVD player play all the time. Otherwise you can only watch a DVD when the truck is parked.
  • mobert78mobert78 Posts: 1
    I neet to remove the center console in my 2006 tacoma. Anyone have any tips to do so? It's a manual and I need to remove the whole thing from below the dash to the flip-top console. Thanks.
  • pb2themaxpb2themax Posts: 471
    I assume that the process is similar to how I took out the console in my auto trans 05 taco. Pull off the silver trim/cupholder peice around the shifter, then undo the two screws that hold the console to the shifter. Then pull up the carpet in the bottom of the console/armrest. Take out those two 10mm bolts. Then you just pull the whole thing back and up at the same time, toward the rear window. It has clips that hold it in the front, but they just pop loose when you jerk on it. That's it.
  • rlbtacomarlbtacoma Posts: 5
    Hey pb2themax,
    how good is the gps on that system? Looking to get one now! Just need some feed back.
    Thanks, and nice truck!!! :)
  • pb2themaxpb2themax Posts: 471
    It's great. It seems to be accurate within about 20 feet. It's not annoying or very hard to operate, at least for me. You can turn the guidance voice off, or on, and control the volume of her voice. It gives you plenty of warning on upcoming turns. It quickly finds a new route, if you need to bypass the planned route. It will show where all the local gas stations, ATMs, hotels, restaurants are. And it will show you their phone numbers too, in case you want to call ahead and reserve seats at a restaurant or a room in a hotel.

    You can have the GPS going on while you are watching a DVD or CD or whatever. You can easily switch back and forth between the GPS and the DVD screen. When a turn is coming up, the sound will mute in the speaker by the driver and then the ladies voice will tell you what you need to do. It doesn't interupt the whole sound system, just the speakers by the driver, which is nice.

    It will also do a split screen and show you the next several steps of your route, not just the next road.

    You can do the fastest route, highway only, scenic route, no toll roads. You can easily add any extra stop-offs, like amusement parks, museums, nature parks, etc.

    I really recommend the Eclipse AVN-6600.
  • jlv1204jlv1204 Posts: 1
    2006 Tacoma factory 6 speaker set-up, not the JBL system. The standard poor quaility Toyota set-up. Can not believe the low end speakers, magnet is about the size of a coke bottle top. The Toyota web site out lines the arrangement of the JBL speaker system in the Tacomas. It shows 2 tweeters upper front doors, two sub's lower front doors and 2 full range rear doors with an amp and sub back seat.
    Question is, does the factory speaker system follow the same arrangement as the JBL. Are the front door speakers subs or are they standard full range speakers. Looking for the proper replacement speaker set-up. Anticipate using the taco spacers and accesories for the speaker upgrade. taco mentions replacing the 4 speaker with full range 3-ways front and rear. I further anticpate replacing the factory door tweeters with the JBL version to prevent any major fabrication issues. They have to be better than the factory version. Intresting taco does not offer any accessories to replace the tweeters.

    Any info would be great.
  • pb2themaxpb2themax Posts: 471
    The stock speaker magnets are small because they are high strength neodymium magnets. But I still agree that they are weak.

    The stock sound system in a double cab or access cab has: A tweeter and 6x9 in the front door. The rear door has a 6.5". If you have the JBL system then there will be an amplifier and a single 8" subwoofer behind the rear seat on the passenger side. I've heard it, and it's not that impressive. You would be better off by not getting the JBL system and then add an aftermarket sound system.

    I replace the so-called stock tweeters with B&G high-end home audio ribbon tweeters. I replaced the stock 6x9s with Dayton Audio RS180 7" woofers in all 4 doors.

    The crossover is mounted on the door temporarily. I will soon switch to an Active speaker arrangement (no passive crossovers).
    Image Hosted by
  • autacoautaco Posts: 1
    I just bought an 06 double cab with the JBL system. I want to replace the head unit with a pioneer avic Z1 with navigation. I wanted to avoid pulling the truck all aprt to change speakers and all sorts of things. Now I hear that the jbl amplifier is turned on by a data line and that it will not work with an aftermarket radio. The local audio shop wants to bypass the amp that they don't even know where it is, install some great big amp, cut plastic behind the rear seat, and install all new speakers. I hope this is not the answer. I like the JBL sound and want to do minimal alterations to the truck. I know I'm not the first person with this problem, so somebody please help.....
  • pb2themaxpb2themax Posts: 471
    The amp is built into the sub enclosure behind the seat. I'm not sure about the other issues the the JBL stuff.
  • ish6ish6 Posts: 2
    Hey guys. I just bought a 2005 Tacoma. It had an after market dash kit with after market CD player. I want the factory dash kit and CD player. I'm willing to trade someone my after market dash kit and CD player for the factory dash kit.
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