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Toyota Tacoma Stereo/Audio



  • memomemo Posts: 2
    Has anyone tried the PA10-Toy? It's supposed to controll your iPod through the CD changer controls and has an extra AUX. Also, will I still be able to listen to my CDs or am I screwed with that? THX
  • will the DF-TOY work with tacoma stereos that are single cd/am/fm???
  • memomemo Posts: 2
    Just in case anybody's interested I did some research and found out that you can still use your CD player. You're supposed to press the CD button to toggle between fucntions. I went with the USA Spec PA10-Toy because you have an extra AUX port along with a connection that charges and controls your iPod with the stereo buttons. It's a lot pricier but the functions are worth it.
  • Any body have any input about how to installed two 6" JL Audio Subs?
    I trade my 2003 MR-2 for a Tacoma 2005, and want to use these subs. Have any body have installed the 6X9 MB Quart comp in the front doors? Have also 4300 JL Audio that would like to use in this truck.
    Full of questions, need guidance.
  • Can anyone tell me how to bypass the factory amp so I can wire up my pioneer N2 deck( my double cab came with the premium jbl system) Best Buy said they would charge me $60 to do it. Also where is it located and how do I remove the panels to get to the speakers without breaking any door clips.
  • As usual, pb2's got it right again!! Taco tunes has the stuff!! That dash kit looks like a good match and the speaker mounts are a must...I'm thinkin a Sirius equipped head unit(brand to be determined) w/ a MacIntosh amp and maybe the High-end Infinity's for the speaker upgrade. That should sound pretty good!!
  • bjw1bjw1 Posts: 152
    hi, i got a clarion head unit that comes with sirius equiped just had to buy the tuner and activate, i bought the head unit for $400, there are some lower, just thought i would drop a line because i have everything installed.
  • My question is simple. Given the stock stereo wiring, what will i need to hook up my amp?

    Ill need the usual wiring available, ie. Remote wire/RCA jacks bla bla.

    And where do you guys suggest is the best place to run the power wire through?
  • bjw1bjw1 Posts: 152
    I had my amp connected to my stock stereo untill dash kit came out, but you will need a hi-low converter, the usual amp wiring for stock stereo, and the wiring goes underneath the carpet to the back where i assume you will put the amp, the wiring then goes to stereo unit, then through firewall to battery, did not install myself but in a nutshell thats it, maybe someone that actually installed theirs wil help
  • There is a big rubber grommet where most of the stock wires are going through the fire wall. You can use a razor blade to cut a slit in part of the grommet and slide your power cable through. If you are having trouble getting the wire to feed through the grommet, get a small metal pipe (I use a piece of an old wind chime) and stick the stiff pipe through the grommet, then stick the wire through the pipe. Once the wire is through the pipe, just pull the pipe out and down the wire til you get the pipe off of the end of the wire.
  • So what brand or model of HI/Low converter would you recomend?
  • bjw1bjw1 Posts: 152
    i am sorry but cant remember what brand its was but you can find the almost every store that sells car audio equipment, this allows for the rca adaptors that are required for the amp.
  • Ok, thanks for the help.
  • pb2themaxpb2themax Posts: 471
    Some of the lower priced amps usually have speaker wire (aka Speaker Level Inputs) as well as RCA inputs. This might save you a little $, and make the install look and sound cleaner, since it is built into the amp. Look for this feature when you are amp shopping.

    This MTX amp has speaker level inputs built in.
  • cirykciryk Posts: 1
    I have the same problem. Trying to install aftermarket HU in my 2005 Tacoma w/JBL system. I can't find a harness to integrate with the factory amp. Any suggestions?
  • I was able to get it all working and got it wired up all good. It sounds great. I wired it up through the speaker wires directly. I just spliced them. :D

    FYI if you need the stock wiring guide for the Tacoma, go to It helped me out a lot and was very easy...
  • I'm interested in installing the Eclipse avn2454 in my 05 tacoma.... I heard that eclipse is the company that makes the stereos for toyota and that the original harness plugs right in the stereo... Can anybody clear that up for me?
  • pb2themaxpb2themax Posts: 471
    Yeah, I'm pretty sure that you heard correctly.
  • Has anyone noticed how crappy this clock is? You cant see it in the light at ALL unless you cover it up with your hand... Any one know if there is a way to change the lighting from orange to something like blue?
  • Hey guys. After doing some research I ran into this device made by JL. Its called the JL clean sweep and it can be found here...

    Looks like it retails for about 300-400 bucks. Considering what this does for you it is worth it.

    It will keep you using your factory unit with the sound quality of an aftermarket stereo. I know a lot of people would be interested in keeping their stock head unit. this will allow you to do so!

  • rocklarockla Posts: 12
    Anybody tried playing a mp3 cd in there cd player that the Tacoma 2006 comes with? mine does not see the mp3 format. Help! :)
  • I have tried an MP3 disk but to no Avail. I have the 06 Tacoma Sport DC. I just bought the 6 Disk in dash Stereo on e-bay. I am hoping this will work with the MP3's. If not I will get the JL Clean Sweep so i can hook up my subs and amps and an external device of my choice... MP3 Player...

    I dont know why Car Manufactures dont have this as Mass Market yet. It should be available on every CD Player.

  • None of the stock '05-06 Tacoma head units play MP3s, not even the JBL as far as I know. You will have to either replace the stock head unit (requires an ugly dash kit) or add a PIE adapter (USA SPEC Part: DF-TOY is what I use for my XM and MP3 player) to add AUX input to the stock head unit for attaching an MP3 player.
  • I absolutely agree, it is ridiculous that the manufacturers haven't cought on yet. The fact that the JBL system doesn't have MP3 capability is a total let down.
  • I have yet to purchase a Tacoma but I will this week.
    I have read many of the posts.

    Question - should I get the Toyota stock single cd player, Toyota 6CD changer, or the JBL 6CD changer? - for flexibility and sound quality.

    I understand that a mp3 disc won't work but will probably just go for the ipod interface. From what I can tell there are at least 2 products that will do this.

    I had a sequoia for 3 years with a jbl 6cd changer - hated it - sounded muddy to me. But I can't be too picky because at least during a test drive the Toyota single cd player sounded fine...

    I just want my son to be able to play his tunes in his ipod.

    Thanks for any responses.
  • I just purchased a Kenwood KSC-SW1 Powered Subwoofer from ebay and I am interested in connecting it to the stock head unit of my 05 Tacoma.

    As far as wiring it goes, does anyone know of a wiring harness that would suit my needs? In researching this, I have found a T-Harness 60-1761 link that is for 1987 models and UP, but 1987 was a long time ago and I am not sure if it is compatible with the 2005 head.

    Any info on the harness or the overall project in general would be appreciated. Thanks!
  • According the the Kenwood website, that powered subwoofer will accept RCAs OR high level speaker inputs. All you have to do is tap into a set of speaker wires behind the radio and hook them up to the high level inputs. No need for a RCA converter. You're in luck.

    Click on my name and send me an e-mail if you need instructions on how to remove the stock radio, so you can get to the wires.

    :) :)
  • I am going to install an aftermarket deck and speakers to my 05 Tacoma. I have a couple wiring harness adapters that I need to hook power up to; one for an Ipod and the other for a XM MyFi unit. How should I go about hooking up the power for these units? Through the power line for the deck? Using the aux from the fuse box?
    I also will be swapping out the factory speakers. Any ideas for what material to use when making the adapters? I pulled the access cab door panels off and made some with 3/4" plywood. I would imagine there is better material to use. The hole in the access door accepted a 5x7 Cerwin Vega speaker.
    Also, for anyone interested, the "Pro-fit" mounting bracket works great for the XM MyFi installation. Easy to install after popping out the climate control panel.

  • taco tunes shows some nice spacers. i havent used them yet, but looks good.
  • thought this might be helpful for some. i came accross this while scouring for a sub box which would fit the double cab. it should hopefully answer some ???'s

    p.s. i still havent found a clean sub box for the d/c
    any suggestions?
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