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Scion xB: Problems & Solutions

calgalcalgal Member Posts: 2
Have a 2006 xb- great car! Have only one problem so far. The brakes squeak while reversing out of my driveway in the morning. Anyone have this same problem?


  • bluphoenixxsibluphoenixxsi Member Posts: 2
    My wife just bought a 2006 scion xb. She has the exzact same problem and that is all that is wrong. She asked the scion dealer the next day and they told her it is a break in period type item. They told her that a couple of times backing up they will stop squeaking. I dont know how true that is but that is the answer that she got from the dealer.
  • bluphoenixxsibluphoenixxsi Member Posts: 2
    I am looking to help my wife customize her 2006scion xb, but we are having a hard time finding the one of a kind and newest custom parts for the 2006 scion xb. If anyone has sites to look at please let me know. Thanks
  • scootertrashscootertrash Member Posts: 698
    I guess if they are for sale on someone's website, they wouldn't be one-of-a-kind.
    What kind of parts are you rerferring to?
  • runninonerunninone Member Posts: 2
    I signed a purchase order for 2006 Xb, dealer says it will take 20-30 days to reach dealership in Eastern PA. I ordered a Black automatic with little accessories. Is this typical?
  • jimw0238jimw0238 Member Posts: 65
    i live in palm springs, ca area. xb's are being bought before they even get off the delivery truck, so i'm not suprised. i have seen articles stating that toyota is going to limit how many xb's are allowed to be sold in the U.S for 06'. grab one quick!
    i bought mine a week ago as it rolled off the truck and wasn't even prep'd yet. dealer told me that someone had backed out of their deposit. it had only two miles on it. their loss my gain! :shades:
    also, pretty much everything i have found on private distributors pages (aftermarket parts) is being sold by sellers on ebay. that's where i have gotten most of my goodies, some are even being listed on ebay by toyota dealerships!
  • brycarbrycar Member Posts: 10
    I think those scions arnt made very good there cheapy and they have a crapy motor in it 108 hp man i could blow that little peace of crap off the line with my gmc 6.0 with 345hp
  • jimw0238jimw0238 Member Posts: 65
    sounds like this person is not a scion fan and got lost and turned to the wrong forum..........
    get that person a map to the expensive gmc forum quick! :surprise:
    perhaps there they can brag about all those ponies and great gas mileage! :P
  • tundradudetundradude Member Posts: 588
    One day about a month ago, I ran into a similar person that was just ticked that I was driving a box. He was in a GMC truck. He made sure he sped up at all times like his ego was having issues. The funny thing was that he was paying so much attention to keeping in front of me, he did not pay attention to the stopped cars in front of him. Luckily no one got hurt, but he destroyed some grass on the side of the road.
  • scootertrashscootertrash Member Posts: 698
    That story reminded me of a compliment I seem to have received.

    My wife was with some of her friends, and they started talking about cars. One of her friends mentioned that she thought guys who drive big trucks are trying to compensate for "other shortcomings" they have.
    One of the other ladies asked my wife if the opposite is true since I drive a Scion.
  • jimw0238jimw0238 Member Posts: 65
    did you see where i had mentioned about the cool "boxster" emblems that i found on ebay??
    they are originally made for a porsche boxster, but they look really cool on my box. folks call it a box -so i labeled it "the boxster"!
    funniest part is when people now ask, "what is that box?"
    i reply, "didn't you see the emblems........it's a boxster!" :shades:
  • jhaynes1jhaynes1 Member Posts: 1
    has anyone heard of any new colors for 2006 besides salsa red replacing black cherry? Does anyone know what the limited production color will be or the price? Have you heard that after November 1st all XB's will have steering wheel audio controls?
  • jimw0238jimw0238 Member Posts: 65
    mine is a 2006, it is "thunder cloud" (smoked silver). have not heard about audio controls, but did hear that toyota was going to limit the number of xb's for 2006 in united states.
  • brazucabrazuca Member Posts: 95
    I've been to a few dealers here in the Midwest and so far I could not find any different color ... if you check the Scion Website you will get the same colors as 2005.

    Do you think the new colors will be arriving soon in the dealers ?

    Has anyone seen a xB in the camo color ? Does it look good ?
  • jimw0238jimw0238 Member Posts: 65
    haven't seen any new camos around here, but i do know that most folks here are putting down deposits before they even roll off the delivery trucks- ie, none on the lots......... :surprise:
  • jamesgangjamesgang Member Posts: 47
    Camo looks good if you like it. ;) I like mine!!!!
    It works too. I've hit, in the road, one grouse and one fox so far. Hoping not to zero :surprise: in on deer.
  • brazucabrazuca Member Posts: 95
    Hi Jamesgang....your Camo is automatic or manual ? Any pros & cons in the transmission option ? What about your experience with gas mileage ?

    I saw a few pics of the Camo (auto trader.com) and really liked it.
  • jamesgangjamesgang Member Posts: 47
    My 05 is an auto with 24,000 miles. I get berated for reporting mileage - but since you asked - my lowest tank was 35.4mpg, and my best just a tick over 40. I'd say 37-38 is pretty consistent and accurate. Mind you, I drive with the goal of reaching 40mpg with every tank. That is, slow and easy - no city and minimal highway if possible.
    I buy the auto tranny because of how much time I spend in the car.
    Considering its a $15,000 compact car, I have no complaints.

    The Camo in real life is like a 'foggy forest green' That's how I describe it anyway.
  • mnikosmnikos Member Posts: 31
    My 2006 xB is the black cherry pearl. I had heard it was to be discontinued for 06, but obviously it wasn't (at least on August 1 when I bought mine). I have seen a couple of the camo xBs here in the desert, and they are sharp. It's a great color that isn't commonly seen around here. Like the other dark colors (mine included), I'm sure it will show dirt pretty readily.
  • brycarbrycar Member Posts: 10
    i think later on u will have problems
  • brazucabrazuca Member Posts: 95
    Thanks everybody for the replies. I've made the decision. It's going to be a xB automatic either Camo or Thundercloud. I test drove both and really enjoyed the manual transmission, but the automatic had so nice shifts and enough pick up for me on the highway that I'll go that way. We also have a 18 months old son and my wife prefers automatic, which makes easier to reach things and the baby in the car seat if necessary.
    I'm right now checking dealers to see if I can find the car. :)
  • kma13kma13 Member Posts: 1
    My XB started having a bad smell (sulphur smell) about a month ago, I called the dealer in town and was told that I got bad gas, and to try other places to get gas and call back in a few weeks if it does not stop..well it is still there and was told this time winter gas has a sulphur smell, and there is nothing that can be done about it. I have never heard of this before nor have had this trouble before and would like to know if anyone else is having the same trouble. :sick:
  • jimw0238jimw0238 Member Posts: 65
    did you check that filter (for fresh air intake)located behind the glove box?
    maybe something got in or on it........ :confuse:
  • orangescionorangescion Member Posts: 1
    Long story very short. I went out to my car yesterday and I had about 1 inch of standing water in the floorboard of the passengerside of my car. I brought it to the dealer thinking that it was my sunroof. It turns out that it is my windshield which was replaced about a month ago. Has anyone else had this happen? It is all under warrantee, but can I ever get the water completely out of there? Any ideas?
  • spotdogspotdog Member Posts: 3
    i own a 2005 xb and yes i have the same problem with mine.it only happens first thing in the mornings.after that i don`t notice any squeak.
  • harleymuharleymu Member Posts: 3
    Hi, does anyone know how to program a 2005 scion xb factory keyless entry remote? I lost mine and bought another, but can't seem to figure out how to program it-the sellar didn't know either. Please help, thanks harleymu
  • scootertrashscootertrash Member Posts: 698
    Yes, you take that remote you bought on eBay in with you when you get your "free" oil change at the dealer and say "This remote does not work"
  • snailspacersnailspacer Member Posts: 4
    If possible, I'd run an electric cord out to the leaky vehicle and put a small electric heater in it. Alternately, you could pull the floor mat, bring it indoors and dry it.
  • tmaystmays Member Posts: 5
    After waiting for one month to take delivery of my new black xb I get to the dealership tonight and the entire hood has a defect. I first thought it was where it had been washed then noticed it was over the entire hood. The dealer said they would try to wet sand or completely strip and repaint. I asked for a replacement hood. Waiting for a call in the a.m. Any thoughts on this. Has anyone encountered this. How is the company as far as standing behind the product?
  • tundradudetundradude Member Posts: 588
    Scion (or Toyota) will make you happy.
  • scootertrashscootertrash Member Posts: 698
    How would a "replacement hood" address a paint issue?
  • trsdavetrsdave Member Posts: 1
    If you want to see a cool camo green scion go to onlineshowoff.com and check mine out. here is the link let me know what you think.http://www.onlineshowoff.com

    look for themastereditor my member name :shades:
  • harleymuharleymu Member Posts: 3
    Hi, Thank you, but I was really looking for more exact directions. Nevertheless, I will try your suggestions. Again, thanks for your response
  • scootertrashscootertrash Member Posts: 698
    Did you do a Google search for "Program Toyota Remote" ?
  • harleymuharleymu Member Posts: 3
    Hi Scootertrash, Again, thanks for your help-I'm going to try your suggestion-will let you know if I have joy.
  • tmaystmays Member Posts: 5
    a replacement hood hopefully would not have paint defects. Would you want your new Scion to have a hood with paint defects?
  • scootertrashscootertrash Member Posts: 698
    A new hood comes unpainted.
    Rather than disassembling and changing body panels on your new car why not repaint the factory hood?
  • scootertrashscootertrash Member Posts: 698
    Here are instructions for programming the lock remotes:
    Programming the xB keyless entry system
  • tmaystmays Member Posts: 5
    Scion is sending a factory painted replacement hood, and you scootertrash have apparently not dealt much with repainted car parts.
  • scootertrashscootertrash Member Posts: 698
  • tmaystmays Member Posts: 5
    Scion and my dealership have both been very helpful and have solved all problems. Things have hopefully worked out for the best. There were multiple problems with this whole transaction too many to bother typing. I feel it has all been worked out and feel it is a great company.
  • skinny66skinny66 Member Posts: 1
    On our 06 xB we have already had some damage to the very bottom panel of the bumpers, and the low hang is always scraping on some curb or other obstruction that "normal" car clearance allows. I understand that those lower panels may be solely cosmetic, and that removal would be easy, and wouldn't expose any unsightly or otherwise protected areas. To repair the damage may mean a new panel, and paint totaling $250-$300. I'd prefer to do without the panels, if that's a viable option. Any comments. Thanks, Bill
  • tmaystmays Member Posts: 5
    Does anyone have the ipod radio and if so any problems connecting? Any helpful hints?
  • mnikosmnikos Member Posts: 31
    I had the iPod Pioneer radio installed in my 2006 xB in August. No problem connecting; the jack where the cable plugs in is in the floor near the gear shift. It comes with a short cable (about 18") that plugs into the floor and then into the bottom of the iPod. One issue is that the cable is too short to allow the iPod to be stored in the armrest, it has to sit on the floor in the little tray next to the parking brake. I've tried for months with no success to find either a longer cable or an iPod extension cable. Connecting is easy; when you plug in the iPod and push the 'accessory' button on the radio the iPod can be controlled from the radio's knobs. If you store all of your music on your iPod like I do (about 2500 songs so far) it makes it kind of a chore to 'scroll' through all the albums to find what you want to play. I've also found the actual selector knob is a little sensitive; if you tap it to the side instead of straight in, for example, you have to start all over again; there is also a fairly short time when you are selecting before the radio defaults back to the play screen, so it's a little dicey to scroll around when you're driving...if you stop to look at where you're going for more than a few seconds, you have to start over. All in all, it's not a bad system, but not perfect.
  • brazucabrazuca Member Posts: 95
    Hi...I've heard the same question a few days ago at scionlife.com, the reply back was that the radiator will be showing if you do it, therefore, the skirt or lip should stay there IMO.

    I had to repaint my bumper due to a small accident in the snow...I've got a few scratches...$400.00. :mad:

    700 miles now...so far so good.
  • jimw0238jimw0238 Member Posts: 65
    well, worst case scenario you could cut the cord and solder an extension on it!
    you could probably either use a rca cable or a old pair of walkman headphones for the donor wire.........
    food for though.... ;)
  • mnikosmnikos Member Posts: 31
    Thanks, Jim, not a bad idea...if all else fails I may give this a shot.
  • ronald711ronald711 Member Posts: 44
    Yes you cant control the ipod while using it, so if you have the video ipod, forget about playing those types of files through the stereo system.. Ron
  • sheephaulersheephauler Member Posts: 1
    Own a 2006 xB. After going to the car wash or after a hard rain, water is trapped around the upper rims of the standard tail lights and does not drain off. Do I have a gasket missing or installed wrong. My local dealer is not sure of the cause. Has anyone else noticed this problem?
  • jfioresltjfioreslt Member Posts: 10
    Just wondering what happened to some of the other discussions. Haven't been on in a while. When I put "gas mileage" into search, it's like those other discussions never happened. What's up?
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Member Posts: 9,372
    Which discussions are you looking for? Ive just tried searching for "gas mileage" using Search Forums, and "Fuel MPG" with the Browse By Topic tool and came up with a list of discussions that appears to be OK each time.

    Is there a specific one you can't find?
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