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Scion xB: Problems & Solutions



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    whirleydvwhirleydv Member Posts: 3
    They fixed the car.... gave it back to us... we had for 2 days. Took it down to have a custom alarm installed pulling out of the driveway the car wanted to go straight instead of turning right again... which was the same direction it would not turn the first time. Called the dealer... took it back down. They looked at it and said they had to call Corporate... as there is not even a mark on the tires... that they installed the first time. After shaking the wheel you can turn it... it's just very difficult like there is no power steering. Corp wont be here until July 10th. I called my insurance company... and they have called in a CRASH Team saying they have reports across the country... so both teams will be present when they take the car apart....well see.
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    aathertonaatherton Member Posts: 617
    "... the car wanted to go straight instead of turning right again... ... Called the dealer... took it back down... After shaking the wheel you can turn it... it's just very difficult like there is no power steering... insurance company... called in a CRASH Team saying they have reports across the country..."

    It does sound like an intermittent power steering problem, either with the pump pressure or the rack jamming. Comes intermittently, can only be cured by shaking the wheel, didn't happen when the dealer could experience it, could happen any time, reports across the country - well, I will be watching for it in my xB and be ready to shake the wheel!
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    aathertonaatherton Member Posts: 617
    I put a post on the steering problem on ScionLife.com. There are many thousands of readers there. The problem has not been mentioned there previously.
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    cocteau3cocteau3 Member Posts: 8
    Does anyone else have a rattle in their passenger, or other door? It seems to be related to air pressure when the window(s) are down. Seems to come from near the lock, but is not related to the door lock. Lowering the passenger window several inches, followed by other windows opening causes the noise. My dealer can't seem to figure it out. With the A/C on, and windows up, it rarely happens. Thus, I think it's related to the window mechanism and the wind pressure on the glass. Only one of four doors does this. :confuse:
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    buzz69buzz69 Member Posts: 1
    TRanmission seems to be slipping. Dealer said there is a problem between the headlights and computer. He said these are a different headlight than is standard, but that's how I bought it from the dealer. Anyone ever heard of this or is this just bull. Car is still under warranty - do you think they will change the headlights under warranty, especially since I did not order the different healights. Thanks for your help
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    aathertonaatherton Member Posts: 617
    What is the year, model and mileage of this car? It sounds like you bought the car used from the dealer.

    If it's clutch slippage in a manual transmission, it is not covered by the warranty. Some people have problems with clutch slip beginning as soon as 5,000 miles, ending with replacement at 15-30,000 miles. Others never have a problem, and one Echo owner with the same clutch reported over 250,000 miles. Those who have problems slip the clutch for fast starts, upshift under power, and downshift to slow the car. Often they also have added quck or short shifters, and report problems with the feel of transmission and the life of the 2nd gear synchronizer. If your car was bought used and had such a previous owner, this could account for your clutch slippage.

    In an automatic transmission, slippage ought to be covered by the warranty.

    Perhaps the previous owner installed aftermarket headlights, and could have put in the wrong headlights or perhaps did something with the wiring that caused a problem with the electrical system. This would not be a warranty item. But the dealer should have corrected the problem before they sold the car to you, and I think they ought to correct it now. Here are the common aftermarket upgrade bulbs:
    9003ST Silverstar Halogen
    9003XV XtraVision Halogen
    9003CB Cool Blue Halogen

    I would be very careful about buying a used xB, as so many of them have had questionable "mods", performed by unqualified owners or mechanics, and have been driven hard.
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    pearl21pearl21 Member Posts: 4
    i have experienced this problem twice. my scion xb is only 2 years old & 3 months. the pin to the left has literally unhinged loose. initially i thought it was something i thought was not replaced after the light bulb was replaced above the back liscense plate. i was wrong. the bulb replacement didn't impact this back hatch latch panel. the mechanic glued & reinforced this back door hatch latch panel with fiberglass. he sent me back to the dealership. my car just went off warranty.

    additionally, i've experienced almost all the other issues expressed on this site: bumpers, 2 cracks on the windshield, paint issues/cracks, dings, the windows rattling when they're open & a knocking sound when I put my manual tranny in reverse.

    any solutions, fixes or ideas?
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    aathertonaatherton Member Posts: 617
    What problem have you experienced twice? Where is the loose "pin"? What was the problem with the hatch vs the license plate bulb? Comments are not clear.

    Where is the knocking sound in reverse? If under the hood, could that be from a loose or broken upper engine mount allowing the engine to move too much in reverse? The engine rocks in opposite directions under power in 1st and Reverse. Open the hood, put the handbrake on, put the gearbox in reverse, and apply the clutch off and on while someone looks and listens under the hood. Maybe they see what is touching what.
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    pearl21pearl21 Member Posts: 4
    the back hatch latch is attached by 3 pins. first is to the left of the handle to open the hatch door. the other 2 are to the right of it. the first two pins literally unhinged twice. any advice on this?

    as for the knocking in reverse, it only happens in reverse. i am certain the upper engine mount isn't lose or broken. i will test your suggestion.
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    aathertonaatherton Member Posts: 617
    "... the back hatch latch is attached by 3 pins... the first two pins literally unhinged twice..."

    I have not removed my latch or looked at the trunk side to see what is holding it. Are the "pins" really hinged? Or are they plastic expanding-screw fasteners as used so many other places on the car? By unhinged, do just mean the pins pulled out from their holes?

    If they just pulled out, and the same pins pulled out twice, they were probably ruined at the first pull-out. I would buy fresh fasteners.

    Before I understood how my 3 grille fasterners worked, I unsuccessfully tried to pry them out. They continued to work OK, but just in case, I bought new fasteners - a couple dollars each.
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    PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Member Posts: 9,372
    You probably have noticed the new discussions appearing all over the forums. What's happening is that we are closing general, everything in one pile discussions like this, and creating smaller discussions that focus on specific aspects of the vehicle.

    So now here in the Scion xB Group you'll find:

    New Scion xB Owners - Give Us Your Report
    Scion xB Test Drive - What Did You Think?
    Scion xB Safety & Crash Test Results
    Scion xB: Audio & Entertainment Questions
    Scion xB: Accessories & Modifications
    Changes You'd Like To See in the Scion xB
    Scion xB Tire/Wheel Questions
    Scion Xb Engine Problems

    to name a few of the discussions that have been created.

    When you are ready to post, please check the discussion list on the main Scion xB Group page to find the appropriate discussion to post in. If it seems that a discussion doesn't exist for your question or comment, feel free to create a new discussion. If it's a duplicate of an existing one, we can deal with that as we go along.

    Thanks for your understanding and help in making this group a great resource for xB owners and enthusiasts!
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    sturgeonandysturgeonandy Member Posts: 1

    anyone ever run across this--replaced my alternater on 06 scion now no heater fan, radio, brake lights, dash lights, and wont shift out of park!!!! help me please

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