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Lexus ES 350 Real World MPG

tds1tds1 Posts: 74
edited September 2014 in Lexus
To the early buyers: What kind of real world MPG are you getting?


  • neuroguyneuroguy Posts: 34
    In just city driving, the dash read-out on MPG has been telling me between 20 and 21. I consider this pretty darn good considering the city EPA spec is 21:
    ES 350 Specifications
  • cleblanccleblanc Posts: 45
    I do mostly highway driving (but a lot of traffic sometimes) and have been getting 28 mpg. So I'm happy with that.
  • dp5dp5 Posts: 55
    I'm getting around 20-21.5 mpg average per tank. I do lots of city driving but I do a fair bit of highway driving, too. I have been using premium gasoline. I was expecting/hoping for better mileage. I am usually a pretty sedate driver but I may be enjoying the acceleration too much. I'm sure that will slow down as the newness wears off. What are you guys seeing in mpg?
  • iycrraiycrra Posts: 24
    My wife and I alternate the cars. I'm not sure how her driving habbits are. But we live in LA. Traffic is well needless to say...

    City to freeway driving. 65% to 35%. But I'm pleasantly surprised with the MPG. I get avg around 25-26. Better than my old 4-clynd '99 Honda accord.

    Currently I'm using 91 octane. I'm giving it a break-in period of 1,000 miles. After that, I'm going with 89 octane. My salesman said, 89 should be fine.
  • scmanscman Posts: 9
    Have had the car less than a week, and on the first tank of gas (from the dealer)the Average MPG (according to the little digital read out) is 24.6 MPG. I drive the freeways in L.A. which are seldom free-flowing.....
  • mldj98mldj98 Posts: 378
    This is my first MPG results: using 91 octane

    25 mile one way commute to work
    60/40 city/highway stop and go traffic along with some long stretches of open roadway....45-50 mph along those open stretches.
    AC used more in the afternoon than morning, this is Central Florida.....yesterday 97 degrees, huge humidity!

    Traveled 212.7 miles (using trip reading)
    7.486 gallons = 28.413 mpg
    This is actual mileage.....figured the old fashion way.
    I think my "tank average" reading on the gage cluster was pretty close to reading the same number.
    I only have 300 miles on the odometer.... just bought it last week so this was my full first week of commuting to work....
    If this keeps up....I'm impressed!
  • fredvhfredvh Posts: 854
    What does the owner's manual say about recommended fuel for the 2007 ES350?
  • fram_dudefram_dude Posts: 7
    owners manual says 91 or higher octane rating. i have driven 170 miles till now...getting 23-24 city, state road (not interstate) combo driving in the boston area. seems good to me.
    anyone with octane ratings please post your experiences with 89. is it ok with 89 any technical info might be good. does mixing or changing
  • fredvhfredvh Posts: 854
    I have only a thousand miles on my 2006 but I plan on using mid-grade. A little further down the road I will try premium and see if it makes a difference. I would be interested to hear from other owners and see what their experiences are. From reading Edmunds, a lot of owners are using regular(87).
  • briguy5briguy5 Posts: 4
    I live in a Chicago suburb and got 21.7 MPG on my first tank which was 100% city driving.
  • zekeman1zekeman1 Posts: 422
    Have ~1100 miles on my 350; first tank was premium and all the rest have been regular (87). Getting consistently 25.6 mpg highway/city, but mostly city. I'm pleased.
  • fram_dudefram_dude Posts: 7
    i went by the book (91 or higher) and put 93, does not look like its helping much. i have a feeling that the car is behaving a bit different (for worse) than with the initial tank of gas that came with the delivery. i asked the dealer he said they put midgrade when the deliver the cars. i am going back to midgrade after this and see if the car behaves better.
  • rocketdanrocketdan Posts: 28
    I just picked up my ES350 and drove from the west coast of FL to the east coast, using a combination of interstates and two-lane roads, with 10% city streets. It was common to be cruising at 70 - 80 MPH, always with the air on. The 191-mile trip back averaged 29.8 mpg using 91 octane. I plan to switch to 89, then 87, which is what I did on my '97 Avalon. That car also called for 91, but I have 148K miles on it with 87 octane and no problems. I don't anticipate a problem with 87 in the ES.
  • sammyssammys Posts: 30
    I've always used 89 (mid-grade/plus) in my '04 ES and I plan on doing the same with my new '07 ES. Are people saying that even using 87 (regular) is ok and there is no experience of knocking or other problems?

    I had always thought, perhaps incorrectly, that even if you could use the lower grade fuels you would burn more of it and hence need more frequent fuel stops. I guess this would mean lower mpg, etc. Is this faulty thinking?

  • psychdocpsychdoc Posts: 147
    ...Just thought I'd give all you guys and gals a little update on what this incredible engine/transmission combo is capable of.

    I gassed up and immediately got on the highway and drove straight for about 45 miles at a fairly steady 65-70mph with the climate control shut down (it was 68°). When I got off the highway and rolled up to the first light the "tank ave." told me I had done 34.2mpg !!!

    About a mile later after a bit of stop and go traffic it was still reading 33.3!

    The way I figure it, this incredibly efficient power plant, with its VERY healthy 272hp on tap is giving me over 50% better gas mileage than I was getting from my '02 ES 300 (good for only about 23/16mpg in real life driving).

    I'm a bit surprised that the almost incomprehensible efficiancy of this engine doesn't get more press. It's really unbelievable. And, let me tell you, when you need the power and you put your foot into the accelerator, this thing is a rocket ship!

    Heck, the way I figure it I'm still "only" paying the equivalent of about $2.25/gallon.
  • savonsavon Posts: 3
    I drove 130 miles on freeway with cruise control on at 68-70 miles per hour with air conditioning on 20-30% of time. "tank ave" was reading 36.9mpg. I took the same road on the way back with air conditioning on 50% of time, "tank ave." 35.2mpg. I filled the tank with 91 octane before I started my trip. It is very impressive for 6 cylinder car. I drive mostly surface streets and during rush hours on freeway in so. calif. my ave. mpg hasn't been better than 22mpg. I have the car for 6 weeks and I am not sure it will hold the same mpg one-two years from now. Any way, I am still impressed with 36.9mpg.
  • rocketdanrocketdan Posts: 28
    Right after getting my ES, I drove from the west coast of Fl to the east coast, about 190 miles. The MPG was 29.8 while going 75-80 MPH with the air on continuously. My next tank (89 oct.) is being burned off in rush hour traffic. We have had bad thunderstorms and lots of stop-and-go in commuting. I'm still geting 24.5 MPG. This compares to 22 MPG in the same traffic with my '97 Avalon 3.0 liter 192 Hp engine. I am very pleased. My next tank will be 87 octane, which I always used in the Avalon.
  • Today, I drove on a 400 mile trip at an average speed of 64 mph (with AC full blast 100% of the time) and averaged 33 mpg! I am very impressed with the combination of efficiency, power, and refinement of ES 350 engine.
  • oldman26oldman26 Posts: 10
    Just completed a 2845 mile trip to TN. 50% on interstates at 75-80 mph, about 25% on two lane country roads, up and down through hills, and about 25% town driving in moderate traffic. Computer indicated 28.9 mph but when caculated (after writing down gallons used each time) actual mileage was 28.71 mpg which I consider to be excellent.
  • rphwackrphwack Posts: 21
    I just completed a trip from NYC to Rochester NY. With 11 bowling balls in the trunk I got 26.9 mpg combined city/hwy. On the way back with just highway driving in the rain I got 32.9 mpg. It's amazing that the car only goes up to 2000 rpm at 70 miles per hour.
  • tdohtdoh Posts: 298
    I reckon gearing would have something to do with that (2k rpm at 70 mph)... ;)
  • dreyfusdreyfus Posts: 24
    After 3000 miles my around-town driving is consistently 26 mpg. My first long trip (10 hours at 72 mph cruise control with AC) returned 33 mpg.

    I've found the trip meter takes at least 45 minutes of driving before it will settle down to give a consistent and accurate reading.

    BTW, these mileage figures are based on dividing the number of miles driven by the number of gallons used, not by relying on the car's mpg readings. In my ES350 the car mpg readings are usually within 1 mpg of what I calculate.
  • I've just over 4,000 miles on my ES350 and have run half those miles with 92 octane and half with 87 octane. I've discerned no difference in performance, mileage, nor engine sounds between the two grades of gas.

    This topic is beat to death on all the auto forums and I doubt anyone actually converts from one opinion to another (it's bad - it's good, it's stupid - it's smart) despite all the discussion. This is simply my experience.
  • I've been getting 26 & 33 mpg with the air conditioning on pretty much all the time.

    Now that we've had some cooler weather here in NC, I'm finding my mileage without AC to be 1.5 mpg better.

    87 or 91 octane doesn't make a difference.
  • Just took my ES on it's first road trip. The last tankful at 70-80 MPH logged 33.6 mpg on the car's readout.
  • normalnormal Posts: 19
    I have about 500 miles on my ES 350, virtually no highway miles yet and my cars computer is registering around 16.5 mpg, is anyone else getting a similar reading. I really like the car, but to this point the mileage is not what I expected.
  • ray_h1ray_h1 Posts: 1,134
    I'm not a Lexus ES 350 owner, but let me tell you my story. Nearly four years ago I bought an '03 Hyundai Sonata with the puny 2.7L 170 hp. V6 motor. (You have a nearly 100 hp advantage over me.). According to my sales contract, my new car had a paltry 15 miles registered on the odometer (and that was after I put eight miles on the car during a test drive). The EPA rated that engine with its 4-sp A/T at 19 mpg city/27 mpg highway. My first tank netted me 14+ mpg combined. At 500 miles my combined mileage had increased to 17. At 5,000 miles my combined had increased to just under 22. (Please tell me you see a pattern here. ;)) Now at over 22,200 miles, my combined is at just under 25. (urban crawl really skews results - when you're sitting at a red light, you're getting ZERO mpg) On a freeway run to Las Vegas from San Bernardino and back (about 480 miles), held to 70 mph on cruise control, and with A/C blasting away (some like it cold...) I average an honest 30+ mpg. In short, your motor is still running-in no matter what your owner's manual states. Your fuel mileage will improve as the motor's and tranny's sliding parts finish seating against their bearings or other contact parts to their most free-running alignments.
  • normalnormal Posts: 19
    Thank you for the response, I really do need to drive this car more, it is a month old and is just at 500 miles. I'm going to St. Louis :)
  • I drove from Los Angeles to Dallas and got from 31-34 mpg. Very pleased. I drove at speeds from 70-80 with the air on most of the time.
  • I just got my ES350 and took it from San Diego to Phoenix and back with highway speeds of 80-90 (mostly cruise control) and a small amount of city driving. Outside temp was 90-100 and MPG averaged 26.
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