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Lexus ES 350 Real World MPG



  • Any wind noise from your driver's side window at those speed?
  • ray_h1ray_h1 Posts: 1,134
    )) "Are people saying that even using 87 (regular) is ok and there is no experience of knocking or other problems? ... I had always thought, perhaps incorrectly, that even if you could use the lower grade fuels you would burn more of it and hence need more frequent fuel stops." ((

    The 3.5L V6 engine used in the '07 Camry is exactly the same engine used in the '06 ES 350. Both "versions" use knock sensor transducers (piezo-electric microphones which pick up the first hints of "knocking/pinging" before human hearing can distinguish such) screwed into the cylinder banks to feed the information to the engine control computer to tailor the ignition advance tuning on the fly. But the EX 350's engine is rated to 4 hp more. Why the difference? The EX 350's recommendation to use 91 pump octane vs. the Camry's recommendation to use 87 pump octane. Next time you're due for a fill-up, pump half a tank of 87 octane regular grade gasoline in. You'll know within several miles whether your engine has any increased tendency to "ping" - it probably won't. But, if your engine does ping (and a few miles will NOT cause engine damage), then pump the remaining tank volume with 91 octane premium gasoline - the combo will net you a tankful of your customarily used 89 octane. No harm, no foul. If, as I suspect, your engine remains as characteristically quiet as previously with mid-grade 89 octane gasoline, it's doubtfull you'll ever miss the extra two horsepower that the mid-grade fuel delivers. Whatever fuel economy difference you note will A) be more theoretical than real, B) be more because of the route you choose than the octane rating you selected, and C) certainly be insufficient to justify the extra dime per gallon at the pump.
  • dreyfusdreyfus Posts: 24
    Yes, that's exactly what we're saying.

    I've noticed no difference whatsoever between 87 & 93 octane fuel after thousands of miles of driving on both. Same power. Same engine sounds. Same gas mileage.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    to the more appropriate general ES 350 discussion.
  • If you look in your owner's manual, it tells you that 91 octane rated unleaded gas is recommneded. However, that same paragraph also tells you that you can use 87 octane gas if 91 is not available. This should give all of us a hint that it can run on either type of gas without any limitations or warranty issues.
  • ray_h1ray_h1 Posts: 1,134
    )) " can use 87 octane gas if 91 is not available. ... can run on either type of gas without any limitations or warranty issues." ((

    Good information - thanks for sharing. The same displacement engine used in the 2007 Camry V6 models is rated at 4 hp. less on its recommended 87 octane unleaded regular. It follows that operating an ES 350 on 87 octane would likely result in similar hp. to that of the Camry. Realistically, how important is an additional 4 hp when the Camry is already rated at 268 hp.? Or to rephrase, is an additional 4 hp. really worth 20 cents/gallon extra at the pump? That drop from using regular unleaded is only a 1.47% reduction from the 272 hp rating of the ES 350. The detergent additives in gasoline are federally regulated at the same minimum level regardless of octane rating. "Top Tier" gasolines carry a higher minimum level - again equally spec'd per "Top Tier" standards across all octane grades among gasoline brands agrreing to adhere to the "Top Tier" standards and who pay the price of certification for bragging rights.
  • Two adults and two children under 11 and a lot of food, water and heavy luggage from San Francisco to Las Vegas: 100% freeway; heat has been on to maintain interior temperature to 65; The car's read out mileage is 30.2 mpg.

    Currently, my 90% city (short stop and go avenues) and 10% highway mileage is 24.6 mpg.
  • My new ES350 gives about 23miles/gallon. The driving is mostly on freeway. This is with the mixed driving on the first tank I got it filled from the dealership when bought the car. The display shows 40miles/hr as average speed. So far looks ok. I read on this post folks reporting 27 to 30 miles/gallon with the new car without breaking period of 1000miles.

    I am not sure about the type of the gas filled from dealership, but would think its to be premium. So far not worried about the lower mileage wondering when would I get the improvement. The car has about 350miles on it.

  • That's what you get in a mixed driving, 23-24 miles/gallon. 30 m/g is on freeway.
  • I have 1000 miles on my ES350. I am doing approx 70% highway and 30% city. My avg is 23.5 miles/gallon with 93 octane gas. The tank avg reading is not accurate. It was showing 25. I guess it takes time to adjust itself. On the highway it seems I am getting 31mpg i.e., as per the trip computer. So far I have not gone on a long road trip to get a realistic number.

    It would have been nice if there was an overall avg speed reading. The avg speed gets reset every time you turn the vehicle ON/OFF. In my BMW I had the overall avg speed reading which I would reset every time I fill gas. So if my avg speed was 25 mph then I knew for that gas tank I did more city driving and less highway driving. And if it was 45-50mph then I knew I did more highway driving and it would explain the variation in the avg mpg from tank to tank.
  • dubldocdubldoc Posts: 15
    I now have 8k miles on my 350, and drive 60/40 highway/city.
    I'm sorry to say that it's rare anyone passes me on my daily 100 mi roundtrip commute. I get overall 26 mpg driving hard (avg 80-85mph in mountainous freeway),frequently hit 90-100, have been to 125... I dont see much differance with reg vs premium.
  • Has anyone gone over 400miles in a single tank? Had 350miles on mine when I filled her up and got in 16 gallons. Guess I had 2 gallons left and that would mean I'd go empty when I hit 394 miles doing 22mpg. My 1996 Camry V6 is doing the same mileage as my ES 350. Heard it gets better as I get more miles on it cause I've got less than a thousand miles on the odometer.
  • jaspalbjaspalb Posts: 84
    Yes, I have gone 450 miles on a single tank. It was mostly highway driving in somewhat hilly areas. Display showed tank average as 33.5 MPG, better than claimed.
  • 150mphclub150mphclub Posts: 316
    Why are you wasting your $$$ on 93 octane? You are running the same engine as the V6 Camry and Avalon, both of which get 31+ highway on 87 octane.
  • tammy10tammy10 Posts: 15
    I drive more freeway than city but there's construction on my route, so I am sitting or crawling for at least 30 minutes/15 miles out of 50 every day.

    Otherwise, I'm doing 55-70 mph.

    I live in Florida but seldom use the air.
  • dunde71dunde71 Posts: 33
    When I posted that artcle, my vehicle was new and I wanted to get numbers for 93 octane. So I filled up a few tanks with it. Now I am using 89 and I am getting 27mpg mixed driving (70% hwy/30%city) and 31mpg on hwy. I guess the increase in mixed mpg is because it has warmed up now and I have over 3K miles on the car. Back in Feb it was about 0-10 degrees in upstate NY and the car was new.

    Anyway, even if you use 87 or 93, for 18,000 miles a year (10,000 mixed and 8,000 pure hwy i.e., long trips), the difference is only $200 extra in gas. This car is $40K. $200 extra a year isnt going to break anybody's wallet who is buying a $40K car.
  • Had the car for 3 weeks. For the second tankfill, got 25mpg in 50/50 hwy/city combo driving. I am impressed, for a car this size and power to get this kind of mpg.
  • cyearycyeary Posts: 2
    Have had my ES350 '07 for 4 weeks. My first tank was used 30% F wy (LA)/70% City and got 18.5mpg. My second tank has been 100% City - 70 miles so far - and computer says 15.5 mpg average.

    I am not a lead foot so what gives?????

    Needless to say, after reading all the glowing mileage reviews, I am VERY disappointed.
    :mad: :cry: :lemon:
  • prazpraz Posts: 163
    I went on three trips in the last two month and the mileage is as follows:

    Phoenix-Grand Canyon-Phoenix(moderate uphill and downhill)-30.5 miles/gallon
    Phoenix-LA-Phoenix(flat road)-31.5miles/gallon
    Phoenix-Las Vegas-Phoenix(lot of uphill and downhill)-29 miles/gallon

    These trips were with frequent stops and avg 80 miles/hr speed and on couple of occasions going above 100 miles/hr to pass another vehicle. Hope this helps.
  • WIth over 6,500 miles on the clock, my 2008 ES 350 has averaged a carefully calculated 26.3 miles per U.S. gallon. The three worst fillups, which included a lot of stop-and-go city driving, averaged 20.7 miles per U.S. gallon and the best three fillups, which were exclusively Interstate driving, averaged 32.6 miles per U.S. gallon.
  • dubldocdubldoc Posts: 15
    Just to update my earlier post, I now have 24K miles on my car, about 60% in town,40% Hwy, and my overall mileage is 25.7 since the day I bought the car (and I drive pretty hard)... so I'm pretty happy. Haven't had to replace a single item other than oil and filters. I do recommend a K+N air filter for better breathing and a couple more HP. While I'd like another 30HP (am considering a chip), I've had the car up to 135mph with only 4000rpm... still had room to go... but didnt want to tempt fate further. I did just replace my Michelin MXV's with Falken ZE 912 Z rated 235/50's... about 3/4" shorter, slightly stiffer ride, but, oh god, do they hold the road!
    Somehow, an Avalon just doesnt compare in excitement and style. :shades:
  • phili1263phili1263 Posts: 1
    I am considering buying either a 2008 or 2009 ES350.
    The Lexus's salesman told me that the owners' manual says you need 91 octane gasoline.
    He said I could use regular unleaded gas on one fill up of gas and switch to the 91 octane gas on the next fill up of gas.
    My question is has anyone used regular unleaded gas instead of the 91 octane and didn't have any performance problems with their ES350?
  • nyeaglenyeagle Posts: 14
    Any significant changes in the ES from 08 to 09?
  • johnymackjohnymack Posts: 18
    I have a 2007 ES350 with 11,000 miles and have been using 87 octane from the first time I have ever filled the first tank. I cannot tell any different and the car runs great with plenty of power. I absolutely love this car. My previous car was an E320 Benz and I drove that car for 5-years putting in 91 octane the whole time, right before I sold it I switched to 87 octane and was surprised to find out there was no difference. I was pissed that I wasted all that extra money for nothing buying 91 octane.
    When I bought my ES I asked the same question to the sales guy and he told me that his parents put 87 octane in their Lexus and have had no problems. I would not switch back and forth; I would pick one and stay with it. Same thing with oil, pick one brand and stay with that brand.
  • tango19tango19 Posts: 4
    There won't be any announcements about 2009 changes in the ES until closer to fall. As with changes to the 08 models, don't expect much.
  • Now that my '08 ES-350 has passed the 20,000 mile mark, here are the carefully kept figures on gas mileage. After 73 fillups, the average is 27.4 miles per US gallon from a mix of probably about 50% highway, 20% urban and 30% rural driving. The best 10 fillups averaged 32.6 mpg (highway) and the 10 worst fillups averaged 21.2 mpg (urban). All of the above was on 91 octane or higher fuel. I'm pretty light-footed, but my wife (Lady Leadfoot) has been the major driver of this car.
  • msj09msj09 Posts: 31
    Purchased in February 2010. I drive about 85% Hiway (rolling hills though and some occasional stop and go)/15% city. My speed on the highway is usually in the mid-seventies. I have gotten anywhere from 25.5 to 29 mpg per tank. The usual is about 27.5mpg. The mpg indicator on the car is ALWAYS high....anywhere from 0.5 to 1.8mpg higher than calculated.
  • I was amazed by the great gas mileage of our 2007 ES350. Amazed that is, until one day my fill up happened to take exactly 10.0 gallons. When I changed to the Trip odometer to reset it, my lifetime habit, I noticed that the trip computer's displayed TANK MPG did not match. Trip odometer/10 should have matched the TANK MPG, but it was quite a bit lower; some 13% that day. After that I began to check it at each fillup. The difference varied, but the average true mileage was 11% lower than displayed tank mpg.

    That got me thinking about how my speedometer reads higher than my GPS and how that would almost certainly be reflected in the odometer. My speedometer reads 60mph when the GPS says it's doing 58.5mph. 58.5 is 2.5% lower than 60, which means that I really only went 97.5 miles when the odometer says I went 100. Correcting for both errors, I have to reduce the mpg displayed by my trip computer by 13.5% (11 + 2.5). The long and short of it is If my trip computer displays 30mpg my true mpg is just under 26mpg. 28mpg is really 24.2, 25mpg is 21.6, and 22 is 19.9.

    A downward correction of 13.5% from displayed mpg to actual is a 15.6% overstatement from actual to displayed mpg, which is a BIG overstatement. If the speedometer overstated my speed that much it would read almost 70mph when I was really doing 60mph.

    Considering Toyota's proven ability to make the other components in its cars more precisely than anyone else in the world, I have trouble believing such an error IN THEIR FAVOR is a mistake. Fuel injection systems calculate precisely how much to inject under various conditions. Doing the math to figure a accurate mpg should be easy. So why is it wrong?
  • I google into this thread for why is MPG inflated in the trip computer. I also own a Toyota 4runner with 17" tires, they told me the trip computer is calculate using the oem 16" tires. But my Lexus is stock with 18" tires, so why is the trip computer MPG is wrong?

    I share the same concern as tuneguys and other in the Lexus/Toyota forum. Not only your speedometer is wrong, your odometer mileage is inflated also. Which mean if you lease a Toyota for 48,000 mile you are getting 3% less miles on your lease.
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