Lexus IS 350 and IS 250



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    You "can" use any grade gas and the car will still will work...for example if you're in a small town that only has regular 87 octane.

    The engine will adjust it's timing so it doesn't damage itself...but it will have reduced power. I believe prolonged use (every fill-up for a year for example) will cause some problems though (engine deposit buildup).

    I think it requires 91 Octane...around here Mid is 89 and Super is 93 (there are some 94's too); so I just use the Super.

    I thought Maxima's "recommended" premium as well...

    Gas is expensive no matter what grade :)

    I did a Lexus CPO for my car. It makes the "used" car more expensive than other used cars...but it really did look new...and was cheaper than "new". The CPO warranty really is extensive and I am very impressed with the Lexus Service I've received.

    I'm not certain the CPO Warranty is worth the extra you pay; like life insurance...if you don't see the "pay-off" is it worth it? But I suppose peace of mind is worth something as well.
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    I did look at them and they seem so big. I really wanted a smaller car. The lexus just feels like a better made car to me. I hope it's a good one :) The Lexus' seem to hold their value better than the Infiniti or Maxima. good luck to you!
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    Ivan, Thank you! Yes, the maxima stated for Maximum performance Premium is recommended however the Lexus says I'll to that. Don't want to mess up the engine or void my warranty. I love the new car! It's awesome.
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    A reporter is hoping to interview car-shoppers under 34 years old to learn whether they are interested in the new "near-premium" offerings from Acura, Audi, Buick and Lexus. Thanks for responding to [email protected] by Thursday, March 29, 2012 with your daytime contact info and a sense of whether you think those vehicles are well-suited to you and your peers.
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    I'm a buy and drive forever person, and about to make my first foray into buying on the internet. My last car was a 2001 Toyota Celica GT-S. I've always done well by researching invoice, options etc, adding it up and offering just a bit above that. Seems the advice now is to use the web and get dealers to compete with each other. So, I have a few questions: If I'm determined to buy by internet, do I wait to test drive until I pick my dealership, or is it ethical to just approach a car lot salesperson and ask to test drive, telling them, "I'm not buying today"? Will the internet salesperson give an "out the door" price? Will they go looking for my color and option choices, or do I need to be prepared to compromise? I think the best interest rate, at 1.9%, will be from the dealer, so do you declare you want that rate? I have excellent credit, so hopefully am eligible. Must I give up the option of trading in? I know these are picky questions, but didn't see them covered in the general advice articles. Thanks for any help.
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    I see nothing wrong with going to a dealer just for a test drive. I usually test drive without the intention of buying. I let them know up front that I'm just researching the next vehicle I may be purchasing...that I'm undecided; which you are until you drive them all. I do it when I know I won't have a large amount of lunch time.

    I wouldn't ask for an out the door price. I'd keep everything separate, trade-in, sale price, taxes, etc. It keeps it simple and then there are no surprises.

    I think you'd be able to negotiate a better price with one on the lot so I'd search their online inventory first. I've had a dealer get me a car...they "traded" with another dealer and then charged $250 to have it transferred (from another city). I'm not hung up on color, but if you are, and you're going to keep it 11 years I'd at least make sure you're happy with it.

    Frequently dealers will show a percentage discount or a cash amount. My credit union offers 2.49 for 72 mo. So when I put the numbers down it usually is better at my credit union than the dealer. Sometimes they don't offer rebates with their low interest...or try to leverage that into an MSRP deal. Plus from a personal perspective I don't like car salesman being my banker.

    Every single time I've traded any vehicle in I'm always insulted...I shouldn't be (it's not personal)...but I am :) I'd go to CarMax first to see how badly they gauge you (their quote is good for 1 week)...then if you had time I'd do an autotrader/craigs, etc. for a few weeks pricing similar to other vehicles in your area.

    I'd try that first...sometimes they really stick it to you.
    I recently took my 06 IS 350 to CarMax; great car, but I have knee problems in both knees and need something more upright (like a chair). My car was a CPO, everything perfect, tires less than 1 year, new battery, all work done at Lexus. All the tiny things taken care of (auto-dimming rear view mirror, etc) I checked out their inventory first to find vehicles like mine with similar miles...they offered me $9K less than they were selling them at. I said no thanks and walked out. I've read online that some people get fantastic deals when selling to CarMax...didn't work out that way for me.
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    Thanks, Ivan. I appreciate your insights. I don't think Lexus is offering any rebates, but you're right that the price may be better if I have my own financing. My credit union is offering 2.9%, so I need to look around to see if anyone else will match the dealer's 1.9%.
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    Hi all, I am currently looking for a 2012 is250. Could anyone tell me what package will be available in the market? and what could be the fair OTD price?
    I know that there's a navi package and F sport package. please advise.
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    Just leased a new 350. When I am driving on the highway, an orange ring appears around the speedometer gauge. What does that mean??
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    It's in the book...It's an indicator that you can adjust (left side of the steering wheel).

    You can set it for speed and for RPM' I have my speed set for 80. It lights up the speedometer section when I go over 80. You can also set the RPM to light up when you go over a certain RPM...e.g 5000.
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    Thanks Ivan! I haven't read the books yet! They are HUGE! Since you are so knowledgeable, I have another question you might know the answer to. When I get out of the car and lock the doors, the headlights stay on for a minute. When I unlock the doors, they don't come on at all. Can that be changed?
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    I'm not side mirror lights turn on when unlocking...

    I think if it's an option your Lexus dealer will have to re-program your key-fob default commands.
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