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Honda Fit Wheels and Tires



  • harrys1harrys1 Posts: 12
    Before you disable your TPMS, or fail to put wheels on fitted with TPMS sensors, you might want to consult with your insurance company. Mine told me that should I be unlucky enough to have an accident where low tire pressure or a blown tire was implicated, that I would have culpability and my insurance coverage would be in question. They said that the insurance I was paying for was predicated on all the safety devices being kept operable. It wasn't worth taking the risk for the around $300 for 4 sensors and an Ateq Quickset, so I can reprogram the computer for the sensor changes. The Quickset will work for any Asian car I might buy in the future as well. So now I have peace of mind and no TPMS lamp to worry about.
  • mslklrmslklr Posts: 1
    I don't think you are going to have any problem if you. bought the HFP wheels
  • I suggest ditching that odd ball Honda supplied tire and changing to either a 195 55 15 or a 185 60 15 which are both common sizes and MUCH CHEAPER to buy than the stock tires. Both tires should fit the Fit, but check with a local tire shop to make sure. The stock tire supplied by Honda is hard to find purposely: Honda wants you back to the dealer to buy the expensive replacements. Tirerack lists 22 tires in the 195 size and 26 in the185 size.
  • So I have a 2008 Fit Sport came with 195/55-15 very very hard to find can I run 205-50-15 on this car with the sport rims thanks Thurst
  • They may fit the rims okay but may not have enough clearance without rubbing. I would take it to a reputable tire shop and ask them to check to see if there's enough room in the wheel well for those 205's.
  • I'm thinking of buying a Fit Sport this week so I've been researching the winter tire question. From what I'm reading here, it sounds like I should invest in a second set of 15" wheels for good winter tires. I'm planning to let my local Tire Warehouse do the tires changes so I'm wondering if I should pop for another set of 4 tire pressure sensors for ($144 at Tire Rack) or if I should ask Tire Warehouse to move the sensors on the OEM 16" wheels to the 15" winter wheel/mounts. Is it easy to move these sensors back and forth or am I asking for trouble if I don't get a second set installed by Tire Rack? Also, Tire Rack wants to sell me a TPM Reset Tool ($135) along with the sensors. Do I need the reset tool if I'm letting a shop do the changes? If I buy wheels + tires + sensors + reset tool from Tire Rack it all adds up to ... OMG ... $990 (with shipping). :(
  • bobpendbobpend Posts: 4
    I live in Western New York and use my Fit Sport with the factory tires all winter long, never have any trouble getting around. I use 2nd with the Auto to pull away from a bad
    street condition and caution when breaking. You may want to try driving the Fit and see for your self how it handles before spending $990. Great B class!
  • 1g2b1g2b Posts: 3
    Hi Fit freaks, This is my first post and I'm trying to revive this old thread. I bought a 09 Fit Sport back in fall 2008 also. And I just discovered I have the same issue as fithopeful.
    I just took the car in to the dealer for it's second scheduled service interval at 14,200 miles. Tire rotations were done both times, first at 7,000 mi. The tread depth measurements both times show that the front tires wear 2/32 per 7,000 mi. while the back tires are wearing 4/32 over the same distance. Had they not been rotated the REAR tires would be worn to replacement (2/32) at 14K mi. I am a very moderate driver, usually trying to coax good gas milage from the car and average 36-37 with a high of 43.
    I took the car back to the dealer who put the car on the alignment rack and found left rear toe-in to be 3.5mm; outside the 0 to 2.5mm spec. The tires are feathered on the outsides. Despite these conditions the handling is fine and the car tracks straight with no vibration or other indication of a problem so this all was surprising.
    The rub is that the rear suspension is not adjustable. The dealer offered to pay for an aftermarket shim kit to bring it into spec if I paid $150 for installation. I called American Honda Customer Service who took down my story and assigned a case number. A rep called back and said Honda could not endorse aftermarket fixes and had no recommendation. He said there was no way to prove when this mis-alignment took place. I said the service records and no recollection of road damage strongly indicate it was delivered out of spec. He ask for a week to fully investigate and talk to the dealer before a final determination... the tone was generally "forget any help here"... and that's were it lies now.
    I really hate the thought of replacing an otherwise fine little vehicle (with many non recoverable accessories) or get involved in a legal battle, but after 20 years of loyal and happy Honda ownership I am Pissed. So, anybody else out there with abnormal tire wear on the rear? Stand up and be counted!
    I will be watching for replies.... Thanks.
  • pippa22pippa22 Posts: 1

    Yes, I have uneven tire wear. My husband and I have a 2008 fit with nearly 30k on it. I'm nearly certain we've had the tires rotated at each oil change, unless the place didn't actually do it....

    I had MAJOR issues this winter in the snow, but thought it was really just how the car handled (we moved to a much snowier region and this was the first time I had had it in "real" snow).

    Silly me didn't really think too much about needing new tiers. I thought I probably could use some "snow tires", but these are not in the budget. Nobody had mentioned uneven wear or LOTS of wear when we had taken it in for tire rotations/oil changes, and my husband and I not being "car people" didn't take a close look.

    Well, if you stand to the side of the car and look, it looks like there is still some tread. But when you really look over the "center" of the tires, some of the tires are nearly bald except for the 2 big grooves that run around the entire tire! They are not all the same.

    I have also noticed recently that my car is pulling right, so I definitely do have an issue, but it hasn't always been that way and these tires had to have been bad for quite a while.

    My dad (not a car person, but definitely more so than me!) was perplexed about the very uneven wear.

    So...what to do? I am planning on taking it into a dealer for the 30k check up and was on here researching tires, sinc I obviously need new ones. Glad to see I'm not the only one with the issue....
  • capriracercapriracer Somewhere in the USPosts: 855

    First, you need to get an alignment. It's obvious from your description that the alignment has been off the entire life of the vehicle.

    But do NOT go to the dealer for this. Find a shop that specializes in alignments - the 4 wheel kind. If they don't recommend 4 wheel alignment, find another shop. It might be expensive, but it will fix all the problems except for one: the tires themselves.

    They be trash! Get new ones. Doesn't matter which you do first, although many tire shops also do alignments.
  • 1g2b1g2b Posts: 3
    Pippa22, here's a link to my same post and follow up on another Fit site. If your 08 is still under warranty I'd press the dealer, especially if serviced by them also.
    link title Good luck!
  • maui4maui4 Posts: 2
    I am currently shopping for tires after owning my car for a year and a half. Gee, I must be getting old, but I remember when tires had a 40,000 mile warranty. My car is about half that mileage.

    Does anyone have any suggestions? Do 195-50-15 and 195-50-16 tires really work with this vehicle?

    I can only find two tires the suggested 185/55R16 size in the world. Is this legal to make people search for tires like this? It seems that it is a monopoly type of situation.

    Any help would be welcome. I do not plan on changing tires out once a year, that is simply ridiculous.
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 7,741
    ...except with tires it's rotation, rotation, rotation... and don't forget proper pressure.

    I feel your pain on the tire size. It's even more fun if it's REALLY not a common size, because then they don't make a lot of them and the costs start to climb too beyond having a lack of choice

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  • 1g2b1g2b Posts: 3
    I just noticed Bridgestone has new Potenza G019 all season sport tires in 185/55/16. They have a higher wear rating than either of the stock tires, and I believe come with a 40K warrantee. Check your alignment. My rear was out and wearing tires twice as fast as the front. You may have a similar issue.
  • maui4maui4 Posts: 2
    Thanks for the info. I went ahead and ordered the Bridgestone but I was told that the warranty is 50,000.

    As a side note I called Honda and filed a complaint. They in turn gave me Dunlap's telephone number. Let me tell you Dunlap is zero in the customer service department. The woman at Dunlap told me I could only go to one of their service centers to have the treadware looked at. Then I would have to buy Dunlap tires if they say the wear is bad. My response was that I had only 25k on these which came with the car and I would NEVER buy a vehicle with Dunlap tires on it again.

    I guess I will chalk it down as an experience to not have again. Live and learn!
  • thalv3thalv3 Posts: 2
    We bought my daughter a 2009 Fit Sport in February of this year. She has the Bridgestone tires on it. She's driven it for 6K miles now and has had 2 tires blow out with 2 weeks. In the first instance, she was driving, the tire light came on, and the rear tire blew out within seconds (2 weeks after she went to the dealer for her first oil change and tire rotation). There was no apparent problems with the tire. Honda charged me $150 for a new tire, completely inspected the other tires, assured me it was safe, and said they'd report the problem to Bridgestone, who would call me. I've never heard from Bridgestone. Now, two weeks later almost to the day, she had another one of the original tires blow out. This time, there was no warning light and she was lucky to keep control of the vehicle.

    Anyone else having similar problems?
  • capriracercapriracer Somewhere in the USPosts: 855
    In all likelihood, the first "blowout" was a puncture that was run on until the tire was destroyed.

    The second one might be the same thing - or it might be something different. But in either case, the vast majority of these are just simple "hazards of the roads" aggravated by inexperienced drivers.

    So the first step would be to make sure your daughter knows how to check the tire pressure and that she does it regularly - monthly!
  • I have had more flat tires with my 2009 Honda Fit Sport than I did in my previous vehicle during the 10 years I owned it. I HATE these tires. I will never get them again. I'm just looking for a different alternative - a tire that is more readily available in case a replacement is needed, and something a little sturdier and beefier, but that won't mess up the speedometer or rub.
  • kagedudekagedude Posts: 407
    edited June 2010
    My 2007 Honda Fit Sport went 60k miles on its original stock tires when I replaced it with the Dunlop Signature Touring tire because it had a 60k mile threadlife warranty. The new tires has now run 48k miles with lots of thread left. 108k miles of problem free driving! Yay Fit! I have no complaints. I actually stopped a few inches from hitting a minivan last winter. Icy hill. Whew. I didn't notice any mpg changes as well - an important factor for me when changing tires.
  • thalv3thalv3 Posts: 2
    If you are having any problems with Fit tires and safety, will you please report them to the NHTSA? In our case, Honda is refusing to admit there are any problems with these tires because they have no formal complaints filed, but as I cruise through various websites, I see constant complaints about blow outs, bubbles in tires, and sudden loss of pressure without visible damage. While this is an economy vehicle, they should be safe to drive under normal, real life conditions. Honda won't know there is possibly a problem unless it is reported through an impartial government agency.
  • With less than 3000 miles on a new Honda Fit sport model, we have already had one blowout, and now a bubble has appeared on the driver's side front tire. The dealer, over the phone, says they see 7-8 of them a day and they are caused by potholes. Odd that none of the other cars we have had for years in Omaha have had this issue. These tires must be much more fragile -- not quite comforting, eh? :)

    Calling Honda customer service resulted in them suggested us calling Bridgestone direct, which I did. They put us in contact with a local factory store so we could take the tire in and have them inspect to see if it's road hazard damage or a defect, so we will see what happens.

    Between the front windshield crack and now two tires needing replaced in the first few months of having this car, it sure is turning out to be expensive luck :-(
  • r2wjaxr2wjax Posts: 2
    edited July 2010
    I too... have a "bubble" in my brand new, under 3000 mile Hondo Fit Sport, right
    front, 185/55/R16 Bridgestone tire!

    I'm really upset at Coggin Honda of St. Augustine and Coggin on Atlantic in Jacksonville because they are essentially turning their back on the problem.
    It's come down to it's my problem and Bridgestones... They did mention, after
    I "complained" they were not being responsive and therefore I am now extremely dissatisfied with their level of "customer service"... that I needed to register my
    car under "Nitro"... at a website listed's suppose to be in one of the books I got with the car but I can't find it yet... nor can I find anything on the web...and they
    "may" be able to reimburse me up to $150 (replacement tires at TiresPlus are $116)
    but apparently I'm stuck with the same brand.

    Any one heard of that?

    It's really disconcerting at this piont... Honda's "attitude" that is. And if Bridgestone and Firestone are somehow connected... it's "Déjà vu all over again"
    becuase I remember a very similar situation in the 70's with the "Firestone 500" line
    of tires and total lack of concern until forced to respond about a "manufacturing defect" in the tires... only then did they offer to replace them at cost minus tire wear (usage) for same or similar tires... I did'nt take them up on it then and will "never" buy another Firestone tire...
  • Hello all

    My 2010 Fit Sport came with Dunlop tires... Have they always used 2-3 different tire brands for the same model or do you think Honda started using Dunlop after the bridgestone debacle ?
  • sarbear565sarbear565 Posts: 1
    edited July 2010
    I have a 2009 Honda Fit Sport. I've owned the car 1.5 years and have had two tire blowouts and a cracked windshield. I have the Bridgetones, and both times it was incredibly difficult to locate the tires, and also very expensive to replace them. One cost $230 by itself, and both times I used different auto shops. The dealer, (which I do not use for service or reapairs,) told me when I bought the car that I had to have "special" tires. I was so desperate both times to replace the tires, as I live and work between only major highways, that I paid the ridiculous price. The tow truck operator told me to find out if there was a different, less expensive, yet safe tire that could be put on the Honda Fit. Right now the model number I have is: 185/55R16. As you can tell I know little about cars, and I literally feel like I am being"taken for a ride" here. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!
  • My 2010 Fit Sport uses Dunlop 185/55 R16 tires. Upon searching - these all season high performance tires were listed for $ 82.00 each. Hope this helps !
  • r2wjaxr2wjax Posts: 2
    I found TiresPlus has Bridgestone for $166 each, and there is a new Bridgestone coming out... the "Potenza" for $106 each, and they are "rated" at 50,000 miles.
    I got the "Road Hazard Warranty" with this one... and it was 10% of the price or about $11 per tire. Don't see another brand on the horizon. Also, I asked them if they would check and see if there were any customer complaints about these tires... which they replied no. And I asked if there was any indication what caused the bubble in my tire, with less than 3000 miles on it... same answer... I'm complaining!!! But who's listening???
  • I own a 2007 Fit Sport. Put 52,000 miles on original tires, but only got 20,000 on second set. The rear, especially left, was wearing on inside unevenly. The tires were rotated 3X during that time, mostly highway driving. Tire shop suggested it might be mechanical. Took it to Honda for alignment and inspection, and they told me rear left wouldn't come within normal range on alignment. Said it was because the rear beam was bent and needed to be replaced. That was hard to believe since I've never had an accident or hit anything. Took it to 2 other mechanics. We looked it over and couldn't find any bend or other problem. I don't know why Honda would say this except that may be the only way they think will fix the problem. Their fix would cost me $1,200. Seems excessive, especially after talking with another mechanic who encountered the same problem recently and the new beam and spindle did not fix the alignment problem.
    I put 195/55R-15's on this time. These are mfg. recommended. Last time I put on 205/50R-15. Don't know if this will make any difference. I'm going to rotate every oil change, balance every other oil change, and frequently check tire pressure as recommended by mechanic. We'll see if these things make any difference but still doesn't explain why car won't align properly on left rear.
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 7,741
    Might not have been one big impact, but a series of repeated small impacts that did the bending. Any time I show a bit of unusual tire wear faster than I expect it (no such thing as a "perfect" alignment) I go to 5,000 mile rotations instead of 6,000 miles. Then I start keeping a really close eye on the wear and looking for mechanical issues

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  • keg5keg5 Posts: 1
    Hi - can someone please help me? I see lots of discussions around tire sizes etc. and maybe there isn't a good answer. The 2009 comes with 185/55/16 Dunlop Sport 7000 tires which after 28,000 miles are down to the wear bars. I desperately need new tires and want to get all season with decent mileage rating. Problem is I'm very limited in choices if I stay with the 185/55/16. I see where people have gone to 205/50/16 but I need to know
    1) how is snow handling( I live in upstate NY),
    2) snow builds up in the wheel wells now with the 185s - there isn't much clearance so will the 205 size make this worse
    3) Do I really need to worry about the speedometer and fuel mileage getting off that much?
    4) what tires have 2009 Fit sport owners used and are happy with.

    My local dealer has said I can go to the 205 size but other than that they haven't been much help. Tires they suggested were Nokian eNTYRRE and Toyo Extenza - when I asked them about mileage they said there were worse than what I haev. So, that wasn't much help.

    A local tire store suggested the following in the 205/50/16 range
    Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max
    Nexen CP641
    Dunlop Signature
    Dunlop Fierce Instinct

    I'm almost ready to call Honda to see if I can get anyone there to help me. Heavy rain today and I had to drive real slow due to hydroplaning. : (

  • Living in upstate NY sounds like you would need snow tires--you can get Bridgestone Blizzaks in the original 185/55/16 size. they are rated very well. Not sure what would be best for all season replacements though,
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